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LESSON PLAN Subject Topic Class No of students Type of students Date Time Content Standard Learning Standard : English

: Animals : 1 Al-Biruni : 3 pupils : Slow learner : 01 April 2013 : 60 minutes : 14.1 Recognize animals : 14.1.1 Able to identify various types of animals i. tame animals ii. wild animals Previous knowledge : The pupils know the names of some of the tame animals and wild animals. : By the end of the lesson, the pupils will be able to: 1. Say at least 2 out of 5 the name of tame animals and 2 out of 5 the wild animals correctly. Integrating of subject Integrating of skills Integrated strands Therapy Moral value Creative and Critical Thinking Skills Teaching aids : Music, Visual Art : Listening, speaking and writing : Aesthetics : Listening to music. : Hardworking, loving and caring


: Identifying, Categorizing : Multimedia (Laptop, LCD), puzzles, box, picture cards, work sheet

Questioning . Remarks 1) Puzzles 2) Introducing the topic of the lesson Techniques : Questioning Therapy : psychomotor Aids : puzzles Step 1 Introduction (15 minutes) 1) Introducing the tame and wild animals 1) Teacher shows the picture of animals and plays the sound of the animals using slide (power point). 2) Teacher explains to pupils what are the tame animals and wild animals based from the picture showed. Aids : Multimedia Moral Value : hardworking Therapy: Speaking and Listening Techniques: Explanation. 4) Teacher asks the pupils to say the name of the animals that they heard. 3) Teacher plays the sound of various types of animals.Steps Induction Set (5 minutes) Content Teaching and learning activities 1) Teacher asks the pupils to complete the puzzles. 2) Asking the pupils to guess the names of animals based from the puzzles 3) Teacher relates the activity conducted with the topic of the lesson.

2) Pupils are asked to select the right animal pictures and paste them into the white board in front of the class specified by the sound of the animals. 5) Teachers will guide the pupils who are weak in the task. hardworking Aids : picture cards. Therapy : Psychomotor Moral Values : Independent. 3) Teacher distributes worksheets for the pupils. 4) Pupils are asked to match the picture with the correct answer based from the sound they heard. 5) Teacher will guide the pupils who are weak in completing the task given Aids : Worksheet Moral Value : Hardworking Therapy : Psychomotor . box Step 3 (15 minutes) Evaluation 1) Worksheet (Refer to Appendix 1) 1) Teacher assigns the pupils in individual. 4) Teacher asks the pupils to say the name of the animals that they heard.Step 2 Development (20 minutes ) Activity 1: 1) Classifying picture of animals according to their sounds 1) The teacher provides a box which contains the pictures of tame animals and wild animals that have been mixed.

caring Reflection : ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ . 1) Teacher asks the pupils to Techniques : Questioning. 3) Teacher advices pupils to love and care for the animals.Closure (5 minutes) 1) Recaps the lesson 2) Integrating of value. reflect what is being Explanation taught in the lesson. 2) Teacher discusses with the pupils about the topic today. Moral values : Loving.