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Tuesday, August 6, will be the first Youth Prayer Breakfast at Betty’s.

We will meet as usual around 6:45 AM and have the students to school on time. I am looking forward to being with our youth. I am looking for a few good men. A wheelchair ramp needs to be built. The supplies are ready and the plans are drawn. All I need are the men with the knowhow. Call me to let me know if you can help. The time will be arranged. We are enjoying a week of vacation and will be back in the office on Monday, 29th. My thanks to those who are filling in for me while I am away. Calvin Brownhill preached on Wednesday evening, Jerry Pollock led the prayer time and Eldon Eckard will be preaching for me on the 28th. Thank you! There will be a called business meeting, Wednesday July 31 to receive Nominating Committee Report and conclude business of Conference of June 19.

Sunday July 21, 2013 Budget Receipts $10,757.75 Budget Needs To Date $501,468.00 Budget Receipts YTD $474,711.42 Receipts Under Budget By $27,756.58 Bible Study 319 WEDNESDAY FAMILY NIGHT July 31 Spaghetti Green Salad Garlic Bread Dessert

Sunday, July 28 Early Worship 8:30 AM Bible Study 9:45 AM Morning Worship 11:00 AM Discovery Bible Study 6:15 PM Evening Worship 6:30 PM Reception for Stewards 7:30 PM Tuesday, July 30 Men’s Prayer Breakfast 7:00 AM Wednesday, July 31 Student Ministry 6:00 PM Family Supper 6:00 PM Children Activities 6:45 PM Prayer Meeting 7:00 PM Chancel Choir 7:45 PM

EXTENDED SESSION July 28 Darren & Tammy Deal, Kim Burrell, Traci Poppell, Bucky & LeAnn Buchanan, Krystal Hiers, Peyton Burrell. WE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS BY BAPTISM Dawson Cottles 3007 Lake Douglas Rd. BY LETTER Sam, Vontae, Peyton, Abbe Jones 701 S Sims St . Stephanie Coker 138 Martin School Rd.

A Fare-Well Reception for the Stewards will be Sunday, July 28 in the Fellowship Hall immediately following the Evening Worship

First Baptist

July 24, 2013

We will begin sending the Builder via e-mail the week of July 31. If you wish to continue receiving via USPS mail, please call Church Office by July 31. If you prefer to receive by email and have not signed up, please call the Church Office. If we have not heard from you by that time you will no longer be receiving the Builder.

Pastor Rev. Paul Medley Minister of Music Rev. Art Bruce Director of Children Stacey Sweitzer

soon to be 1st Grade. let’s sing in the evening worship service on Sunday. will be recognized on Sunday. The youth group has grown close this summer over Merge Mission Camp. August 7. Meet in the Choir room at 10:45 and get back up to speed! A note of thanks to Tammi Godwin for filling in for me while Dian & I were away for a few days of vacation visiting friends and family down in Florida. introduce your family to your child's Sunday School teacher and help me create a email list so I am sure to reach you with all that is happening in our Preschool and Children's Ministries. Jack! 6:45 pm August 11 Kindergarten Recognition. in the 11 AM service. Thanks to Sonia Brownhill for playing piano for the Wednesday Prayer time. Art . Bring a friend and wear your green Saints Alive shirt and khaki pants/skirt. We are blessed to have such gifted musicians to assist us in our absence. Forms can be found on the church website at www. This upbeat medley surely lifts up the Lord in praise and worship. Join our Facebook Group! Stay up to date on events. Simply hover over "Mininistries" on the top menu bar. As the summer comes to an end. at 6:45 pm. I hope every one has an awesome school year and First Baptist Youth Group will always be in my prayers. 11 am We have had a blast this summer traveling on all our trips and being able to experience everything from spreading the Gospel and love of Christ in Haiti to sharing the same things to the children in Memphis. Be sure to include your email address! Promotion Sunday: August 4th Attention 5th Grade Parents: We will have a special recognition during the 11 am service for the upcoming 6th grade class. August 11 during the 11 am service. and Chaos trips. School's Back and it's time to celebrate! There will be snacks. Wednesday nights. We’ll look good and sing great for the Lord that evening! Child Registration I am asking every parent to complete a registration form for every child in his/her home. Then hover over "Children on Facebook" and the "Child Registration" option will appear. and are sharing the Gospel with friends at school and maybe even have a few new believers in the group. School's Back.SAINTS ALIVE TO SHARE In preparation for starting another new year of the SAINTS ALIVE CHOIR. BARACA Sunday School Class and 8:30 worship time for Dian. July 28. games and tons of fun! Kindergarten Recognition Sunday Our Kindergarteners. Its been an awesome experience for me to be able to intern this summer and being around the kids and seeing them interact with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.” one of our favorites from the Bill & Gloria Gaither program we did a few short weeks ago. Jack! We'll be having a party on I pray that FBC will continue to love them as Christ would and make them feel welcome in the House of God that we have the pleasure to worship in. I also have loved seeing kids from the Rivers community hanging out with our youth and attending on Sunday and Wednesday services. Tennessee. Nolan Lovering CHANCEL CHOIR Just a summer reminder to the Chancel Choir to join us this Sunday morning as we share LET IT RISE. I hope that while I am in New Orleans I will be able to call back home and hear that the FBC youth group is still a close knit family.fbcbainbridge. Stacey What's Happening: August 4 Promotion Sunday August 7 School's Back. Registration forms will help keep our office records up to date. Gather in the Choir Room at 6:15 that night as we rehearse: “The Longer I Serve Him. see photos and get last minute details by joining FBC Bainbridge Children on Facebook! It's an open group and everyone is invited to join. Thanks For the Awesome summer.