Marketing Research Project.

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UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Mr. Manoj Kumar Mr.Shahid Akhtar (Faculty of Marketing Research)

SUBMITTED TO: By Dr. D. K. GARG KUMAR (Chairman) IIMT Greater Noida

SUBMITTED Deepak ENR: 6057 Monish khan ENR: 6051


Marketing Research Project.


Market Research is indeed an ancient Art. It has been practiced in one form or the other since the days of Adam and Eve. Its emergence is of relatively recent origin for success of any business and within this relatively short period, it has joined a great deal of importance and stature. I conducted a research on “Choice of Sports Shoes Brand among student”. I have tried to put my best efforts to complete this research on the basis of skill achieved duccuratring studies in the institute. I have put my maximum effort to gain the age data. I take the opportunity to express my gratitude to all of them, who in some or the other way helped me to accomplish this project. The research study can’t be completed without their guidance, assistance inspiration, and co-operation. Mr.Shahid Akhtar (Faculty of marketing Reserch). I particularly owe my gratitude to Dr. D. K. Garg (Chairman)IIMT, Mr. Manoj Kumar and


Marketing Research Project.

I take the opportunity to express my gratitude to all of them, who in some or the other way helped us to accomplish this project. The research study can’t be completed without their guidance, assistance inspiration and co-operation.

Concentration, Dedication and Application are not a full key for achieving any goal. There must be a right way of Guidance, Assistance and Co-operation of peoples for achieving that particular goal. This guidance makes sure that person for success. Many people have given their precious ideas and available time to practice us in completing this project work. We are indebted to all for their excellent ideas and assistance.

I particularly owe our gratitude to Dr.D.K Garg (Chairman),IIMT Gr.Noida and Mr. Manoj Kumar and Mr.Shahid Akhtar (Faculty of Marketing Research). who always been a source of motivation and support to all the students of PGDMM (IIMT).


Marketing Research Project.



It is hereby declare that this project report on “Choice of sports shoes brand among Student” an original work done by Mr. PRINCE KUMAR (ENR-16023) and ANJANI Kr. JHA(ENR16028) on behalf of Ishan Institute of Management and technology, Greater Noida.

It is submitted for partial fulfillment for the requirement of course curriculum of second semester of PGDBM and is an original piece of work done by under the guidance of Mr. Manoj Kumar and Mr.shahid Akhtar(Faculty of Marketing Research).


Find out which factor influence to the people at the time of purchasing sport shoes like QUALITY. JHA (ENR-16028) ________________________ ________________________ RESEARCH OBJECTIVE The research study tends to follow and achieve specific objectives. PRINCE KUMAR (ENR-16023) ANJANI Kr. VARIETY. The objectives of this particular study are:• • • • • To know the personal views of “DELHI. Find out that the most important point considered by people during the time of purchasing the sport shoes. PRICE. To study which factor influences the customer to buy Sports shoes Comparison among various branded sport shoes. DUREBILITY. To find out which promotional tool attract customer most. To find out about advertising role in purchasing of sport shoes. NOIDA and GREATER NOIDA” Student regarding choices of Sport Shoes Brand. and USE IN SPORT OR ANY OTHER. • • 5 .Marketing Research Project.

the smell of fresh glue and new materials. The shoes should be the proper size. the few avid road runners would travel from sporting goods store to sporting goods store. REVIEW OF LITERATURE New shoes have a strong attraction for a lot of runners . 6 ." it wasn't as easy to buy a new pair of running shoes as it is now. In the 1960s. The sole should be carefully checked out for proper traction as that is a necessary quality for a fight. hoping that a new shipment of shoes . the simple pleasure of buying something bright and shiny to replace the current dirtand sweat-encrusted ones . Again. Sports in all its grandeur is a very efficient form of exercising and it has a lot of qualities that cannot be overlooked and these qualities are only honed in by practice and correct discipline. Of course the technique of the sports also matter and it has to be perfected.any shoes . Oversized shoes hamper maneuverability and they can be deadly in the sport where agility is a must.all combine to create this strange enchantment.had arrived. they were disappointed. Small sized shoes will bite and be uncomfortable to the point that they might cut the blood supply to the feet and thus drain out the wrestler. The colours or shapes of the shoes matter as they can be distracting during the match. shipments were irregular at best.Marketing Research Project. Most of the time. it seemed their size would not be available. Back in the "good old days. there are many kinds of soles and a person should always check whether the shoes suit them before the purchase. and when they did arrive.

The price of the shoes is a huge determinant in the actual act of buying the shoes. Our topic is “CHOICE OF SPORTS SHOES BRAND AMONG STUDENT”.Marketing Research Project. the price can be considered an investment and can be carefully adjusted to accommodate the buying of the shoes. There are a lot of internet sites where you can find good youth wrestling shoes at a proper bargain and the shoes can be delivered directly to the house. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Marketing research is all about the Subjectivity and Objectivity. We personally feel that research has helped us knowing about the necessity and the views of student. but to find out the result or outcome of the research we change qualitative datas to quantitative datas with help of scaling. if no other model or make suits you that perfectly. It is easy to deal with a physical body but it is difficult to judge the mind of a person. Brands matter in the sense that they can provide the security required to make a proper decision regarding he shoes and the person can get easy access to feedbacks from other users that would make the decision smoother. We can collect data in two type – Primary data and Secondary data. When we take different opinions and views about a topic.Secondary data is costly and may be outdated or manipulated. We think qustionnaire is the best options to collect the informations from respondents because if there is any doubt created in mind of the respondent. Overpriced shoes will put a dent in the budget. however. it can be cleared at the same time. actually it is a qualitative study where we take different opinions. the views differ from one person to the other. Again we tried to find out the quality and service provided by the sports shoes brand in 7 . Primary data is more beneficial as it is collected by researcher himself throudh observation or filling of questionnaire or through mail or telephonic way.

4. JHA(16023) TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Through this project we came to know about Sports shoes brand. In this project we tried to know the view of different group of Student at different places. Meanwhile. CHAPTER 1 : CHAPTER 2: CHAPTER 3: CHAPTER 4: CHAPTER 5: CHAPTER 6: CHAPTER 7: OVERVIEW OF SUBJECT RESEARCH METHODOLOGY ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION FINDINGS LIMITATION OF STUDY CONCLUSION SUGGESTION AND RECOMMENDATION 8 . current scenario. It was a learning for us as we interacted with the respondents. we did the study we came to know certain interesting points about Sports shoes brand. It has been found that people mainly prefer Reebok and Adidas in Delhi and NCR region.Marketing Research Project. 5. BY: PRINCE KUMAR(ENR-16023) ANJANI KR. 7. Noida & Greater Noida. 3. 2. for this we went to Delhi. 6.

9 .Marketing Research Project. Questionnaire is one the best method to get relevant information although sometime it may be not be fair because it seriously depends upon the mood and being fair of respondents. For this researcher have to analyze the purchasing behavior and consuming tendency of customers/consumers. Product. Price. 9. and promotion. distribution. Application of the statistical tool are required for interpreting consequences. 8. ANNEXURE BIBLIOGRAPHY CHAPTER – 1 OVERVIEW OF THE SUBJECT Business needs certain kind of information in order to be able to satisfy their customer wants and needs to design effective marketing program. Basically they want information regarding target market. Limitations are their with all methods but we are supposed to focus on the experiment that we made. Services. Business is totally dependent upon the sale and goodwill of the product and brand name. One can’t get information sitting idle.

This will be used for academic purpose only.Marketing Research Project. The broad methodologies can be used to answer any research question – experimental research and non-experimental research. The major difference between the two methodologies lies in the control of extraneous variables by the intervention of the investigator in experimental research. and the data collection method and analysis procedures. Marketing research specifies the information required to address these issues. the sampling procedures. (1) RESEARCH DESIGN A research design is defined as the specialization of methods and procedures for acquiring the information needed. It is a plant or organizing framework for doing the study and collecting the 10 . CHAPTER – 2 RESEARCH METHOLOGY Research Methodology includes the overall research procedures. which are followed in the research study. This includes research design. design the method for collecting information manages and implement the data collection process analysis the result and communicate the findings and their implication The objective of this study was to analysis “CHOICE OF SPORTS SHOES PREFERED BY STUDENT”.

before the project is initiated. research instrument. Designing the research plan requires decisions all data source. The investigator already knows a substantial amount about the research problem. data. (b) DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH Descriptive research in contrast to exploratory research is marked by the prior formulation of specific questions. The design of exploratory studies is characterized by a great amount of flexibility and ad-hoc versatility. A) DATA COLLECTION METHOD i) PRIMARY 1) Direct Personal Interview 2) Indirect Personal Interview 11 . There are following three type of research design: (a) Exploratory research (b) Descriptive research (c) Casual studies (a) EXPLORATORY RESEARCH The major purposes of exploratory studies are the identification of problem. research approaches. sampling and contact method. perhaps as a result of an exploratory study. more precise formulation of problems are the formulations of new alternative courses of action. Descriptive research is also cauterized by a preplanned and structured design.Marketing Research Project.

After statistical treatment the primary data loss their original shape and become secondary data. Primary data are in the shape of raw material to which statistical methods are applied for the purpose of analysis and interpretation. (2) DATA COLLECTION : Surveys have become so common in today’s world that the average person seldom questions the idea about the useful information that can be obtained in a particular manner. SECONDARY DATA Secondary data are those which have already been collected by some other persons and which have passed through the statistical machine at least once. Various findings of findings of one of type or another are developed and are usually seen possible after the acceptance.Marketing Research Project. Secondary data are usually in the shape of finished products since they have been treated statistically in some form or the other. 3) Information from respondents ii) SECONDARY a) Published sources 1) Govt. Publication 2) Report Committees and Commissions 3) Private Publication 4) Research institutions 5) Unpublished resources PRIMARY DATA: Primary data are those which are collected for the first time and are thus original in characters. 12 .

Broadly speaking sampling method can be divided into two parts 1) Probability sampling : It is a method of sampling in which the probability of unit being selected is known. The methods of obtaining and collecting data are adopted in accordance with the objective and nature of the research methodology. Findings of one type or another are developed and are usually seen possible after the acceptance. customer and public to the marketer through information.Probability sampling: It is method of sampling in which the probability of a unit being selected is not known. It can be categorized under following subtypes: a) Quota Sampling b) Judgment Sampling c) Convenience Sampling Marketing Research Marketing Research is the function which links the consumer. It can be categorized under following subtypes a) Simple Random Sampling b) Stratified Random Sampling c) Systematic Sampling d) Cluster Sampling e) Multistage Sampling f) Area Sampling 2) Non. the term population or universe means any finite or infinite collection of individuals and sampling means a part of population or a subset from a set of units which is provided by some process or other usually by deliberate selection with the object of investigating the process or set. (3) SAMPLING In statistics.Marketing Research Project. Information used to identity and 13 .

A research plan helps in the organized. and improve understanding of marketing as a process. describes any novel concepts. Designing the research plan requires decisions all data source. It is a plant or organizing framework for doing the study and collection the data. monitor marketing performances. We define the research plan to describe how the research will be carried out. . 14 . include proposed work plan and timeline. define marketing opportunities and problems generate. It also gives details to the specific research methodology and explains why the proposed methods are the best way to accomplish study goals. It gives an overview about the research work. Steps of Marketing Research. Research Plan A research plan can use different methods depending upon the plans and needs. research instrument. research approaches. refine evaluate marketing actions. sampling and contact method.Marketing Research Project. tools or techniques employed. and thoughtful study design. It gives the idea about the proposed plan and conceptual framework ensures that the goals are properly related to the proposed study hypothesis. A research design is defined as the specialization of methods and procedures for acquiring the information needed.

Keeping in mind the research objectives. the research methodology most 15 . Research methodology/ how I did it.. In this study.Marketing Research Project. a questionnaire was formulated and was aimed at questioning the common persons. to meet the above stated objectives. The methodology was decided on the basis of the problem definition..

NOIDA. Sampling Technique: The technique used for the sampling of the respondents was NonProbability sampling. It was difficult to know the specified place in it. appropriate in the present situation seems to be Exploratory and Conclusive. The responses obtained were collected. and Greater NOIDA. tabulated and statistically analyzed and logically interpreted. DATA COLLECTION METHOD:Survey’s have become so common places in today’s world that the average person seldom question the idea that useful information can be obtained in this manner. Sample size: Due to the stated limitations. The face that findings of one type or another are developed and usually seem plausible furthers this acceptance. This questionnaire was framed in such a was framed in such a way to get continue response. the survey was meticulously conducted in the cities of New Delhi. SAMPLING METHOD The sampling method was only survey’s personal interviews.Marketing Research Project. Selection of sample unit: I find that the area which I selected is very vast and wide. And to achieve flexibility by asking certain open ended questions. Sampling Details Sample location/frame: As the study’s objective was to study the consumer attitude and behavior. convenience sampling was used. the study included total respondents were 100 in number. In particular. so I went for convenient sampling. The time constraints and various other factors were also kept in mind while framing the marketing research methodology. 16 .

Questionnaire is usually faster and cheaper than observing interviewer’s have more control over their data gathering activities than do observers. In some cases potential will refuse to take the time to be interview or will refuse to answer some specific question about Income or very personal subjects frequently meet refusals. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION The data was collected through questionnaire and was subsequently classified and tabulated in the excel sheet. The results obtained were interpreted and analyzed subsequently for the possible explanations of the findings. ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION 17 . Probably the greatest advantage of questionnaire method is its versatility almost every problem of marketing research can be approached from the questionnaire stand point. Therefore ideas relative to the problem and the solution can be obtained by asking these people about the problem. The disadvantage of the questionnaire method is Mostly the respondents due to unknown anxiety fail to provide information.Marketing Research Project. A formal list of question is called a Questionnaire. Wherever necessary. the data and results were shown with the help of bar graphs. Every Marketing problem involves people. As a result less time is typically wasted in a questionnaire Study. QUESTIONNARIE:Questionnaire and observation are two basis method of collecting data in marketing research in questioning data is collected by asking the question. Simple tabulations and pie charts and bar graphs were provided as and where applicable and necessary.

Style as well as comfort is key feature for Sports shoes sector.Marketing Research Project. Through this question we find out the respondent interest about Sports Shoes. Q1. 24% respondent think that Nike Sports Shoes is better. 39% respondents prefer Reebok. Adidas and Nike. I would like to know that which brand you prefer most? There are three leading brand in Sports Shoes Sector. 18 . According to respondent information. Which brand do you prefer most? A) Reebok B) Nike C) Adidas D) Any other S ales Any other 8% Adidas 29% Reebok 39% Nike 24% INTERPRETATION: As a researcher. they are Reebok. 29% respondents prefer Adidas.

19 . Which feature you prefer most while purchasing sports shoes? A)Style B)Quality C) Price D) Comfort S ales Style 17% Com fort 41% Qualty 35% Price 7% INTERPRETATION: Features play an important role to purchasing sports shoes. Style and comfort etc. According to 100 respondent customer give Comfort as well as Quality priority while the purchasing of Sports Shoes brand. Thats why 41% respondent wants comfort feature and 35% respondent prefer quality feature. Q2. customer prefer to purchasing sports shoes. I think all three are most preferable brand in sports Sports shoes sector and these brands prefer Quality and comfort.Marketing Research Project. To analysis feature such as Quality. Price.

A) Any Mall B) Nearest market C) Any where S ales 0% Anywhere 26% Any Mall 44% Nearest Market 30% INTERPRETATION: Most of the Student near about 44% preferred to purchase shoes from any Mall. . 20 . According to you what would be the best location for sport shoes outlet? Ans. Q3.Marketing Research Project. Because purchasing anything not only shoes but also clothes is very much easy.

sometime youth purchase sports shoes with their family and its good feeling for the people. A) change in design B) Change in Price C) No changes required D) Style S ales Style 24% Change in design 31% No changes required 16% Chande in price 29% 21 . People want to purchase sports shoes mostly in respective outlay. Q4.Marketing Research Project. it can be provided more variety and quality in their point of view so companies should be establish more outlet as many as possible. If the new design came in sports shoes out let then they definitely purchase sports shoes. Mall have several product. Some time student think that new design as well as new style are available in nearest market(show room). according to Respondent. due to visit mall student also go to sports shoes outlet.What change you want in your sports shoes? Ans.

So.31% respondent(student)wants to change accountings to Fashion and trend. Price play an important role to chose brand that’s why 29% student wants to change in price such as at the time of festival. change in design . Do you think sports shoes are meant for sports only? A) yes B) No C) Can’t say 22 .change in price.Marketing Research Project. INTERPRETATION: According time customer wants to change in feature of the product. Lots of student says that design play an important role to attract the customer. Q5. If we talk about sports shoes then there are some variable such as change in style.

Male as well Female also use sports shoes at the time of morning and evening walking. Q6.Marketing Research Project. That’s why 58% student says that sports shoes are not only for sports only. student also were sports shoes at the time of traveling. party and daily uses. Fashion and trend are totally change. Football. A) Yes B) No C) Can’t say 23 . Generally youth as well as children use sports shoes to playing own sport such as Cricket. Hockey etc. Does the brand ambassador influence your choice while purchasing? Ans. S ales 0% Can't say 9% Yes 33% No 58% INTERPRETATION: Sports shoes are mostly preferred by sports person.

Like what Hitler did their followers tried to copy him and many other examples are their like Ghandhi Jee. Bhagat singh. Is there any effect of advertisement on selection of brand? Ans. A) Yes B) No C) Can’t say 24 . Surprisingly tendency is not new rather it is being into existence since our ancestors time too.They is more practice than previous one. That all about what we observed in suvrvey. They use to apply their tricks upon every big and small aspects of life. Q7.Mass is concerned what his hero does? where he stays? to whom he gives weight age? Apart of this there is also a group of people in the society who is not blind supporter or follower.Marketing Research Project.Dhiru Bhai Ambani etc. S ales 4th Qtr 0% Can't say 15% Yes 45% No 40% INTERPRETATION: The world of glamour is enough to catch attention of the mass (followers). So they show their mercy over starbuzz.

25 . Through Advertisement. Ex-BATA So 35% respondent don’t effect to advertisement to choose Brand. In this questionnaire we ask question regarding effect of advertisement to choose sports shoes brand.Marketing Research Project. Some company believes in quality. 51% respondents says that advertisement really effect to choose new brand. S ales 0% Can't say 14% Yes 51% No 35% INTERPRETATION: Advertisement plays an important role to increase the number of customer. Company also increases the goodwill in market. that’s why they don’t expend money in add.

Marketing Research Project. hockey player.37% respondent says that cricketer should be the brand ambassador. 26 . If people are fan of M. In sports shoes sector. Which one you follow consider most as a Brand ambassador? Ans. That’s why 35% respondent says that the Brand ambassador should football. Some other game such as football.S Dhoni is Brand ambassador of Reebok. because most of the people like cricketer. hockey etc is also like in India.S Dhoni then most of the time consumer gives priority of Reebok shoes because M. Q8. A) Bollywood Stars B) Cricketers C) Other sports men S ales 0% Bollywood 28% Other sports m am 35% Cricketer 37% INTERPRETATION: Brand ambassador play a key role to create awareness about the product.

old people. A) Yes B) No C) Can’t say S ales Can't say 4% 0% Yes 36% No 60% INTERPRETATION: Basically Sports shoes are only for male. ladies. Children.Marketing Research Project. Q9. Do sports shoes only concerned to male? Ans. 27 .Most of the student says that sports shoes are not only for youth. Also using sports shoes. But Now a day’s female are also prefer sports shoes due to comfort .60% student says that sports shoe are not made only for male.

Sometime sales man convience customer to choose shoes or 28 . Q10. Does Outlets or Showrooms or Sale man are able to change your perception or choice? Ans. A) Yes B) No C) It happen some time S ales 0% It happen som e tim e 37% Yes 45% No 18% INTERPRETATION: Outlets or Showrooms or Sale man are able to change the behaviour or perception about the product.Marketing Research Project.

Marketing Research Project.most of time customer attract with showroom goto purchase sports shoes. Which types of shoes are more comfortable? Ans.T Shoes S ales 0% P. Q11.T shoes 14% Leather Shoes 19% Sports Shoes 67% 29 . other product. A) Sport shoes B) Leather shoes C) P.

INTERPRETATION: Most of the rspondents feel more comfortable in sports shoes.Which kind of attribute you consider most? Ans. it is quite ovious to get this kind of response as the sports shoes are mostly light. Leather shoes can’t be worne while running and P. all terrain and can be worne both in athletics and in normal circumstances.Marketing Research Project. Q12.T. shoes are not favoured in normal walking so they are the secong and third most preffered. A) Shoes having lace B) having light weight C) Shoes of high heel 30 .

mainly because it adds to the height of the individual. Q13. A) White B) Brown C)Yellow D)Grey 31 . The second prefernce goes to Shoes having lace as it is more keeps the shoe in proper fit to the feet and the third prefernce are shoeshaving high heel.Which colour of sports shoes you prefer at the time of purchasing? Ans.Marketing Research Project. S ales 0% Shoeshaving heel 15% Shoeshaving lace 34% Having light weight 51% INTERPRETATION: The shoes having light weight is most preffered because it reduces effport while walking and running even.

S ales Gray 19% Yellow 2% White 49% Brown 30% INTERPRETATION: White coloured sports shoes are most preferred because traditionally the sports wear has been of sober colour and white is the best colour in this criteria. Grey is the third favourite because it competes with white and sometimes even taken up as off-white along with to some extent it does not look that dirty as white even after it gets slung in mud. A) Yes B) No C)Can’t say 32 .Marketing Research Project. Do you think Brand really change the buying behaviour of customer? Ans.The second comess is the brown for two reasons firstly it does not look dirty even after dust gets settled on it and secondly its sober also may not be like white but still it look decent in sports wear. Q14.

Specially youth believe that company always wants to maintane quality as well as price of the product.almost 3|4% respondent agree that brand really change the buying behaviour of consumer.because due to these believe company maintane brand image in front of consumer. Q15. S ales 0% Can't say 11% NO 19% Yes 70% INTERPRETATION: Brand really change the purchasing behaviour of consumer. Do you think price strategy effect various income group? Ans.In this reserch.A) Yes B) No C) can’t say 33 .Marketing Research Project.If company brand image is affected through less quality of of product as well as service than consumer will quit that particular brand.

Marketing Research Project.Through this reserch we analysis that .some time company attract some other income group to increase market share through discount .price strategy is depend on income group of the target area. ANALYSIS OF CHI-SUQARE TEST 34 . S ales 0% Can't say 18% No 19% Yes 63% INTERPRETATION: Price strategy is important factor to sale the product.Some time company wants to produce product for specific group of customer.

The greater the value of chi-square. The quantity chi-square test describes the magnitude of discrepancy between theory and observation that is. TABLE OF OBSERVED VALUE: Chi-Square Test The chi-Square test is one of the simplest and most widely used non-parametric tests in statistical work. it means that the observed and expected frequencies completely coincide. If chi-square is zero.(O-E)2/E Where O = Observed frequency E= Expected frequency 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 TOTA L 39 17 44 31 33 45 51 28 36 45 67 34 49 70 63 652 24 35 30 29 58 40 35 37 60 18 19 51 30 19 19 504 29 7 26 16 9 15 14 35 4 37 14 15 2 11 18 252 8 41 0 24 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 19 0 0 92 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 1500 35 . It makes no assumptions about the population being sampled. the greater would be the discrepancy between observed and expected frequencies.Marketing Research Project. The formula for computing chi-square test is :. with the help of chi-square test we can know whether a given discrepancy between theory and observation can be attributed to chance or whether it results from the inadequacy of the theory to fit the observed facts.

4 1.4 43.72 16.49 0.4 43.4 43.46 1.4 43.4 5.Marketing Research Project.05 4.30 8.03 0.4 43.4 43.05 0.4 43.008 3.4 43.05 1.4 -26.4 43.4 43.83 8 36 .4 43. TABLE OF EXPECTED FREQUENCY :Let us take null hypothesis that there is no difference choice of sports shoes brand among student.6 7.4 43.33 5.4 1.6 -15.6 13.6 -9.26 0.26 2. TABLE-A Q.85 66.No O 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 TOTA L 39 17 44 31 33 45 51 28 36 45 67 34 49 70 63 E 43.54 2.4 43.4 (O-E) -4.6 19.4 43.6 (OE)/E 0.4 -7.4 0.44 16.4 -10.6 26.6 -12.

8 10.05 0.6 (O-E) -9.8 16.24 6.2 -1.8 16.6 33.002 0.8 16.34 20.08 91.8 16.2 (OE)/E 8.8 16.4 1.4 26.6 33.6 33.8 16.8 16.6 33.6 33.6 33.8 -2.8 16.95 37 .03 2.6 33.8 (O-E) 12.34 6.17 0.38 0.6 -4.2 -2.28 0.46 0.4 3.12 0.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 TOTA L O 24 35 30 29 58 40 35 37 60 18 19 51 30 19 19 E 33-6 33.8 16.4 -3.6 17.34 66-86 TABLE-C Q.No O 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 TOTA L 29 7 26 16 9 15 14 34 4 37 14 15 2 11 18 E 16.75 24.6 1.85 5.6 33.6 14.6 -14.01 0.46 19.34 9.74 7.6 33.19 13.8 18.4 -3.8 2.28 0.71 6.2 -9.8 20.03 0.6 14.4 -15.Marketing Research Project.74 0.6 33.6 33.8 -5.8 16.8 16.8 16.62 6.94 0.8 16.6 33.2 -12.38 6.19 0.7 9.55 0.8 -0.8 16. TABLE-B Q.8 -1.8 -14.8 1.6 33.4 6.6 14 (OE)/E 2.

1 6-1 6.1 6.9 -6.1 6.1 -6. They are following: Reebok is most preferred brand among youth.square at 1% = 221.square that is 221.1 -6.1 6.1 (OE)/E 0.1 6.9 -6. I have learned many things during the marketing research project.1 6.1 6. Findings The entire project was quite interesting and adventurous.1 52.1 (O-E) 1.Marketing Research Project.1 347. We felt that how to manage time and how to convince to the people.1 6. 38 .1 6.1 -6-1 -6.(4-1) =42 Value of Chi-square at 1% & degree of freedom 42 = 53 Tabulated Chi-square at 1% is 53 which is less than Calculated Chi. TABLE-D Q.1 6.1 -6.9 34.1 6.1 -6.59 199.1 -6.1 6.1 6.1 6.6 6.9 -6.1 6.1 27.28 6.1 6.1 -6. Chi.7143 For tabulated degree of freedom = (s-1).1 17.5 6.1 6. our topic for Marketing Research Project which is “Choice of sports shoes brand among Student”.0 7 Here we get.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 TOTA L O 8 41 0 24 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 19 0 0 E 6.1 6.1 6. Adidas is on second potion because 29%respondent gives their view towards it.1 6.(r-1) = (15-1). Hence Null hypothesis rejected and alternative hypothesis accepted.1 12.1 6.7123.

Limitation of time 39 . We saw during the research project many persons gives good response also. We found that nothing impossible.Marketing Research Project. if we work honestly Limitations In every research work there are some limitations.

and the time constraint restricted him from doing so. we have to limit our work in present form. Some of the respondents were not interested in giving their personal details and some of them were not very cooperative. My sample size was only 100. Limitation on the part of Respondents. The sample area was confined and does not represent the whole mass. CONCLUSION 40 .Marketing Research Project. the researcher had to limit the work in its present form such as he would have like to work on it. Time availability was one of the biggest limitations faced due to shortage of time. Other Limitations Since I didn’t have any previous experience in research work and report writing so it may have lead to discrepancies in the report.

Personal Experience Though I had no previous experience. because of the brand quality.. that’s why maximum player are satisfied and they rank their brand as excellent & good.Nike also have a great reputation in the market. Customers are brand loyal. I have to show my identity cards as well as College permission letter also as I was asking for personal details. Almost all the customer is satisfied with price charged on their brand. they don’t want to switch over the brand if the price of the preferred brand will increase because of the quality of the brand. and some avoided me. According to my point of view. Every person prefers to use discounted brand. that in the sports shoes business Reebok is the major player of this market. I have done a great job. I faced different types of people according to their age. so it was very difficult to expose ourselves in front of them. Sometime it was difficult to tell others that for what purpose I am working.Marketing Research Project. Students prefer light weight sports shoes. Celebrities also influence the sale of a particular brand. It has a great competition with Adidas. so that I got a great experience on this project. tried my level best to expose myself like a professional with calm manner. Many people had good response towards me. Weight is also a factor which can influence the sale of the brand. SUGGESTION 41 . Major Player provides the best quality. Most of the students demand for the additional feature in the product. Almost all the customers are satisfied with their brands. mentality etc. For promotions advertisement create a effect on the selection of the brand. gender. From the above research I came to know. Most popular promotional tool is discount scheme among the customer.

According to my report.Marketing Research Project. My advice to the major player of market like Reebok and Adidas is that they have to introduce the product differentiation on regular basis. Anexure 42 . and invest in the advertisement of the product and use the celebrities for the advertisement campaigning & produce the product which have less weight . They try to provide the additional features to the customer in the reasonable . I want to suggest brand Nike & Adidas and other players of the sport shoe industry that they have to pay attention to the quality and the Comfort of the product.

SINGH AJAY RAWAT HARSHVARDH AN RAJIV KUMAR RAKESH KUMAR VIVEK KUMAR ANWAR PAWAN CHAUDHARY RAJU SINGH UJJAWAL SHARMA PRASHANT KUMAR VISHU KUMAR Phone no 0991107612 2 0874598806 6 0991100209 0 0852706957 4 0941232666 9 0808373525 1 0875588257 0 0987329635 7 0990525782 1 0112849464 5 0955532399 2 0999048668 6 0999951919 0 0971763938 3 0995398571 9 0991197399 8 0956082108 2 Q 1 A A C B C A A A C C C C A C A C A Q 2 B B C A A A C C C C A B C B C A A Q 3 C B B A C A A B B A A B C C A C C Q 4 C C A B A C C A C C C C C C C C C Q5 C A D D A B C C D B C C A B A D D Q 6 D C B B B B A B C A A A C A C B D Q 7 A A B B A C C B A A B C C B A C B Q 8 B A B A B C B C C D B D B B C B C Q9 C B C B C B C A B B A A A A A A A Q1 0 A A B C B C B C C B B B C B A A B Q1 1 C A D B C D C A A C B B B C D A A Q1 2 C A B B A C A B B A B A C A C C B Q1 3 A B C A B A C A A A C B A A A C A Q1 4 B A B C A A A B A C B A A A C B A Q1 5 B B A B B A A A B A A B A C C C A 43 . Sn o 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Name of respondent CHANDAN JHA SHUBHAM AGRAWAL AMIT NAGAR VIKASH KR. SHARMA DEEPAK CHANDAN JITU KR.Marketing Research Project. 44 ----------------------------------------- By: Philip ---------------------.-.Marketing Research Project.By: Harper and .By: G C Beri (Page no 45-67. 81-209) -----------------------------------. 18 19 20 SURENDRA SINGH KISHORE JAIN KUNDAN KR.HISARI 0955487612 8 0931044810 3 0999072293 4 C C A B A A B B B B A A A B A A A B B B B B A A C C A C A A A A C C A BIBLIOGRAPHY The lists of reference for the purpose of completing this marketing project are as given below: BOOKS: Marketing Management Kotler Marketing Research Marketing Research Boyd Internet:www.

com WORD OF THANKS At last we thank all those who have directly or indirectly helped us to conduct the survey and complete this project Research 45 . www. We will also like to thank all the readers who would have study this project. We request the readers to let us know the mistakes we have committed.

Marketing Research Project. 46 .

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