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Atmospheric pressure is called as----------- pressure Gauge Barometric When the pressure of fluid measure with respect to local atmosphericGauge pressure as reference pressure is Atmospheric called as-------- pressure Simple manometers are used to measure Pressure difference between two points Pressure at a point Piezometers can measure pressure only Absolute Atmospheric ----- is a type of mechanical gauges Bourdon tube gauge Diaphragm gauge The pressure due to column of 0.2 m of Hg(13.6) is ------- kpa 2.72 12.36 When fluid comes in contact with plane or curved surface the force exerted Center byof the pressure fluid on surface is called Center as of buoyancy When fluid is at rest the total pressure acts -----to the surface Parallel Inclined The point at which total pressure acts is called Center of buoyancy Metacenter The magnitude of TP is on plane surface is independent of Angle Type of fluid Magnitude of TP is *A*x *l* x Following statement is true CP is always above CG for the lamina CP and Cg are always at the same point for lamina When h = x the angle of lamina in dgree is 45 90 When h =x +Ig/(A*x ) the angle of lamina is 30 60 Pressure diagram is Used to find TP and CP on plane surface Graphical representation of variation of pressure Pressure diagram can be drawn for-------- surface Horizontal Vertical Unit of CP is N/m2 N/m If body>Fluid the body will Start rising Remainany where inside liquid Is called principle of floatation W>F W<F If the body is given slight angular displacement after which it comes back Stable to iots original position then it isNeutral said to be in-------position For Submerged body CG is below CB it is inn ----------Equilibrium Stable Neutral If CG coincide with CB for submerged body then it is in----------equilibrium Stable Neutral Equation of metacentric height GM is BM+BG BM*BG In equation of metacentric height BM represents BM=V/I BM=V+I ---------Is equation of metacentric height w1*tan/W*X w1*X/ W*Tan The SI unit of kinematic viscosity ( ) is m2/s kg/m-s For a Newtonian fluid Shear stress is proportional to shear Rate strain of shear stress is proportional to shear strain A substance that deforms continuously by applications of smallest shear Fluid force is solid The unit for pressure Newton Pascal The symbol for mass density Specific weight of water at 20oC is 9810kg/m3 9810N/ m3 Force acts to hold two separate bodies together is termed as adhesive cohesive

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It is the measure of resistance to shearing motion viscosity surface tension The ratio of dynamic viscosity to mass density is termed as kinematic viscosity Dynamic viscosity It measures the elasticity in fluid Compressibility Viscosity __________ is one of the causes of the upward flow of water in the soil surface and in plants tension viscosity The unit of pressure one bar is 1 Pascal kilo Pascal When the pressure measured above atmospheric pressure it is called Absolute pressure static pressure Calculate the density of petrol of specific gravity 0.7 700kg/m3 0.7x13.6 Pressure on liquid is equal to or less than vapour pressure , the liquid starts flowing boiling The volume of fluid flowing across the section per second is discharge velocity It is a product of mass density and gravitational acceleration mass density specific weight When fluid mechanics is applied to fluid at rest is Fluid statics fluid dynamics The unit for energy Newton Pascal One pascal is N/m2 N/mm2 A Newtonian fluid is defined as the fluid which incompressible and non-viscous obeys Newtons law of viscosity Specific weight of mercury is 13.6kg/m3 13600N/ m3 In CGS system unit of kinematic viscosity is poise stokes The ratio of volume to mass of the fluid is termed as compressibility specific volume The compressibility of the fluid is the reciprocal of density viscosity In capillary rise the angle of contact between mercury and glass tube is0o 128 o The motion of fluid particle may be described by which of the followinglagrengian method method eulerian method On which of the following method the observer concentrates on a points lagrengian in the fluid method system eulerian method Normal acceleration in fluid flow situation exist only when the flow is unsteady the flow is two dimensional In a steady flow the velocity does not change from place to place at a given point does not change with time The flow in a pipe whose value is being opened or closed gradually in a example steady flow of unsteady flow The type of flow in which the velocity at any given time dose not changed steady withflow respect to is called compressible flow Flow in a pipe where average from flow parameters are considered fortwo analysis dimensional is an example flow of rotational incompressible flow in flow The flow in river during the period of heavy rain fall is steady, non uniform and three dimensional steady, uniform and two dimensional Flow between parallel plates of infinite extent is an example of one dimensional flow two dimensional flow If the flow is irrotational and steady is known as non uniform flow one dimensional flow High velocity flow in conduit of large size known as laminar flow turbulent flow If the reynolds number is more than 2000 the flow in pipe is laminar flow turbulent flow The path flowed by fluid particle in motion is called as steam line path line A-----is an imaginary line within the flow so that the tangent at any point steam ion itline indicates the velocity at point path line

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Stream line is one in which stream function does not in change which the flow cannot cross the bounding surface ------is a curve which gives an instantaneous picture of location of fluid particle steam line which have passed through path a given line point In fluid mechanics the continuity equation is a mathematical statement conservation embodying principle of momentum of conservation of mass An irrorotation flow is one in which the stream line of flow are curvedthe andfluid closely dose spaced not rotate as it moves along In fluid kinematics--------velocity and acceleration at point are pressure studied distribution of fluid can be found Velocity is function of ----space time If v is velocity vector at any point p(x,y) tangential to steam line and u and tan= v are u/v component of v along x and tan=v/u y direction then--------Stream tube is bounded by stream line hence velocity has no component parellel ---------to the stream line normal

if at any point in flowing fluid various characteristic(velocity, pressure do unsteady not change with respect to timeuniform is called------------ flow When the various fluid particle moves in layers with one layer sliding over turbulent another layer the flow is called steady as---------flow ----is an example of laminar flow flow of oil in bearing flow of blood in veins Smok from chimney, smok from silencer of behicle flow in natural stream turbulent are example of -------flow steady If 2000< Re< 4000 the flow is -------steady laminar Flow in open channel is example of------two dimensional three dimensional The mass of fluid flowing through the section of pipe per unit time is A*V * A*V Discharge is given by--------* A*V *V Differential manometers are used for measuring Velocity at a point in a fluid Pressure at a point in a fluid When the fluid is at rest the shear stress is Maximum Zero If the velocity, in a fluid flow does not changes with respect to length of Steady direction flow of flow, it is called Uniform flow If the density of a fluid in constant from point to point in a flow region it Steady is called flow Incompressible flow If the fluid particles moving in a zig zag way, the flow is called Unsteady Non- uniform The dimension of surface tension is ML-1 L2T-1 Decrease in temperature, in general, results in An increase in viscosities of both gases A decrease and liquids in the viscosities of both liquids and gases Surface tension is due to Viscous forces Cohesion What is the pressure difference between inside and outside of a droplet 2What / d is the pressure difference between 4 / d inside and outside of a dropletof water? Which Property of mercury is the main reason for use in barometers? High Density Negligible Capillary effect At the interface of a liquid and gas at rest, the pressure is: Higher on the concave side compared Higher to that on the onconvex the convex side side compared to that on the co Which one of the following sets of conditions clearly apply to an ideal fluid? Viscous and compressible Non-viscous and incompressible

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Absolute None of the above Barometric Absolute All of the above Gauge Both a and b None of the above Pressure at a point Gauge All of the above Gauge Bellows gauges All of above All of above 26.68 14.67 26.68 Buoyant force Total pressure Total pressure Perpendicular None of the above Perpendicular Center of pressure None of the above Center of pressure Area of surface All of the above Angle *g* ` *g*A* *g*A* CG is always above CG for All the of lamina the above CG is always above CG for the lamina 60 0 0 45 90 90 Constructed by plotting intensity All of the of above pressure at different All of the point above Inclined All of the above All of the above m kgf/cm2 m Sink All above Sink W=F All of above W=F Unstable None of above Stable Unstable None of above Stable Unstable None of the above Neutral BG/BM None of above None of above BM=I-V BM=I/V BM=I/V W*tan/ w1*X W*X/ w1*tan w1*X/W*Tan m/s2 m3/s2 m2/s (c) Shear stress is proportional Rate of toshear rate of stress shear is strain proportional to rate of shear strain both a & b none of the above Fluid Joule none of the above Pascal 9.81kg/m3 all the above 9810N/ m3 visocity surface tension adhesive

both a & b capillary rise viscosity both A & B none of the above kinematic viscosity Pressure none the above Compressibility Capillarity vapour pressure Capillarity 100kpa 1000kpa 1 Pascal vacuum pressure gauge pressure gauge pressure 0.7/1000 none of the above 700kg/m3 evaporating none of the above boiling accelaration all the above discharge specific volume specific gravity specific weight both(a)&(b) none of the above Fluid statics Joule None of the above Joule KN/m2 KN/mm2 N/m2 is highly viscous compressible and non-viscous obeys Newtons law of viscosity 136kg/m3 all the above 13.6kg/m3 mach number all the above stokes Specific weight none of the above none of the above bulk modulus none the above bulk modulus 60 o none of the above 128 o both a and b none of the above both a and b any of the above none of the above eulerian method the stream lines are straight the and stream parallel lines are curved the flow is two dimensional may change its direction but none the ofmagnitude the above remain at unchanged a given point does not change with time rotational flow compressible flow unsteady flow uniform flow rotational flow uniform flow one dimensional flow three dimensional flow one dimensional flow unsteady uniform and three unsteady dimensional non uniform and unsteady three dimensional non uniform and three dimensional three dimensional flow compressible flow two dimensional flow potential flow none of the above potential flow either of the above none of the above turbulent flow transitional flow none of the above turbulent flow streak line none of the above path line streak line none of the above steam line

which has constant area none throughout of the above its length so that in which velocity theremains flow cannot constant cross the bounding surface streak line none of the above streak line conservation of energy none of the above conservation of mass the net rotation of fluid particles none of about the above their mass the center netremains rotationzero of fluid particles about their mass center remains zero forces acting on fluid can all be of found the above all of the above space and time none of the above space and time tan= u*v tan= u+v tan=v/u a and b none of the above normal rotational steady unsteady laminar compressible laminar flow of liquid in porous medium all of the above all of the above laminar rotational turbulent turbulent transitional transitional one dimensional all of the above three dimensional *V none of the above * A*V * A A*V A*V Difference of pressure between None of two thepoints above Difference of pressure between two points Unpredictable None of the above Zero Incompressible flow Rotational flow Uniform flow Uniform flow Rotational flow Steady flow Turbulent Incompressible Turbulent ML-1T1 MT-2 ML-1 An increase in the viscosity A decrease of liquidsin and the a viscosity decrease An of in increase liquids that ofand gases in the an increase viscosityin of that liquids of gases and a decrease in that of gases Adhesion The difference between adhesive Cohesion and cohesive forces 8/d 12 / d 4/d Very Low vapour Pressure Low compressibility Very Low vapour Pressure Equal to both sides Equal to surface tension divided Higher by onradius the concave of curvature side compared on both sides. to that on the convex side Non-viscous and compressible Viscous and incompressible Non-viscous and incompressible