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First Regular Sess;on )
I ".
SENATE ..... ,.. V
S. No.
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Transport plays a significant role in spurring economic development and
reducing poverty. Transport is a vital part of most of the activities, goods, and
services required to support and improve people's lives. At the same time,
however, tt also consumes resources and imposes negative side effects. Carbon
monoxide, a lype of toxic gas emitted by cars and other motor vehicles, is targely
responsible for the smog and air pollution in the country as well as respiratory
diseases. headaches and other ailments. The fuel used to run cars and motor
vehicles is costing the Philippines more than One Billion Pesos a day. Our
dependency on imported fossil fuels has a multiplier effect in the prices of or
baslc commodities, goods and ssrvices. The heavy reliance on motor
vehicles/cars promotes an unhealthy as the public has become
sedentary, refusing to walk or bike even short distances. In practically all of the
major cities of lhe country, tl1is IS causing terrtb!e traffic congestion, unnecessary
stress, and even countless accidents resulting in loss of Hfe and limb.
It is high time that we revisit this way of thinking and lifestyle Of else our
€nvironment and health continue to suffer" There has to be a balance that \'ViII
enable people's lransport needs to be met in a way that neither harms them nor
depletes resources. There are different available mobility options that our
government can explore in order to serve our people's changing transport needs,
declog the streets and improve our efficiency as a nation walking. cycling. use r
of public transportation. etc. The government must provide for the creation of a
safe, convenient, inexpensive, collective, efficient. non-congestive,
and healthful locomotion and transportation system for the benefit of the Filipino
This brll seeks to develop sustainable and allemaHve modes of
transportation in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lessen energy
consumptlon, use precious urban area efficiently, reduce time and travel casts as
well as promote an active lifestyle. ~ l mandates the Department of Transportation
and Communication (DOTe) in coordinalion with the National Economic I
Development Authority (NEDA). to develop a plan that will encourage this mode
shift and promote programs and infrastructure that will pave the way for the same.
rn view of the foregoing, approval of this bill is earnestly requesled.
·il ,.Ill -1 ',: :34
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Be it enacled by Or8 Senale and of Representatives of PhilippInes In
Congress as.sembfed,
i SECTION 1. Short Titlel. -TIle Act shall be known as the MSustainable Transportalion
2 Act of 201J.·
4 SECTION 2. Declaration of PoHcies. - In confomlity with the prQvuslons of lhe
5 ConstitlJtion to promote the welfare and social justice in all phases of nationel
6 developm8ol, to protect and advance (he light of the F,lipir1o people to a balanced and
7 healt"'ful ecology in accord wilh 1he rhythm and harmony of nature, and to CO'lserve and
II devBlop the patrimony or lne naHan, the Stale hereby adopts lhe following policies
9 retative lO the transportation system In our country, whe1her public or
11 a.) The State shall promote a shill towards a 6af9, collective, efficient, nan­
12 oongI:lstiva. 011 utlve, and 11 EUjl hful rocornoliot1 <:i nd transportatioo system
13 that includes non-motoliz.ed transpofl;
\4 b.} The State shall increase mobilily options of the ger.eral public and promote tho
15 use of alternative modes of lransportatiQn such as walking, bIking and the ose of
16 public trnnsportatlon;
t7 c.) The Stale shell properly plan 811d establish facilities and infrastructures that will
1g respond lo lhis parao;gm shift ln lhe trnnsportaUon system; and
i 9 d.} The Slate shall establish tts plans and programs in conformity with the o....t:rall
20 national land use plan 9S well as ths local compreheosive land use plans.
22 SEC·nON 3. Definition of Temls. - The- foUo\'ilng shall have tbelf respcclive
23 meanill gs
25 8.) "Bicycle" refers to a dsvicA that a person may ride that is propeUed by IlUman
26 powerand ha:;, two tanden'l wheeIs at Ieas! one of whic.h is moro fu,] n 14 Ln<:he-s
27 in diameter.
28 b.) "Motor vehicle" means e vehIcle or arty vehicle propellad by any
29 power othBr than muscular power. The teJn1 does no1 include an electric brcyc!e.
30 c.) transportation" means a shared transporlation servLOO wnich is
31 avail able ror use by the genera' PubHc. The se lnclude buses, 1m m5. traillS, rapld
32 transit and ferries.
.n d.) WalkwaysM means ci paved path tor pedeshians alongside streets,
34 e,) transport" means allY mealls of transport with low impact 00 the
35 environment. accessible, safe, environment.friendly. and affordable. It inr:1udes
36 walking and CYcling, lranslt orienled de",elopment, green ..... ehtctes. carpooling,
1 and. buirding Of protecting urbarl tnmspon systems are fuel-efficient, spacew
2 saving and promote healthy lifestyles.
3 f.) 'Travel demand management" (TOM) means a set oi tools to offer people better
4 travel Infonnatlon and opportunities and help people choO$e to reduce their need
5 to especially by car,
1 SECTION if. Sustainable Transport Action Plan. - The Department 01 Transportatlon
8 and Communtcation (DOTe), in coordination with the National Economic Dtlvelopment
9 Authority (NEDA). shan come up wilh a Sustainable Transport Adion Plan which aims to
10 prov[de a roadmap for n1:ltional and 10Ql1 tfSrLSportat!on systC"-m to be adhered lo at all
11 levels thfOUgholit the country. The Sus.talnable Transport Aclton PJan shall inc!lJde
12 slrategi&$ ret1ahl19 to park.o9, Dublic b'ansport. cycling. walkins liInd transport
1J infrastructure, and will set Ollt the actions required to achieve the mod£> shift target over
14 a certairl period of time as identified by DOTe and NEDA.
\ 6 SECTION 5. InstsJJittion of Walk'r'/,]ys. - Adequate sidewalk aJeas must be maintaine<t
17 on <111 roads a3 wslkways to allow safe pedestrian passage and fOr sale and
18 convenient usa af wheelchairs. strollers and slmila; instruments. For and
19 secvndary roads., there shall be allonoo three: (3) meters for the side\l/3ll<;s, If lhare is. 1"10
20 space allocated for such and the implementation will prove difficult, in lieu thereof, an
21 elevated foatbrldg e must be- ; ed, This shall be provided by the tocal govamment
n unit (LGU) concemed within six (8) months from the effectivity of this Act,
24 SECTION (,. PCJbJic TrsnsportaUon. .- The DOTC shRII provide guidelines lhal will
25 pmmate a Sh ,n tQwardSpubltc transpoftalicn as a primary OplLIJn to lhe !;IerLe ral
26 public, within twelVe (12) months from the effectivity of this Act. 8etter public
:17 transportatloll initiaUves be- sludied and implemenled in effort reduoo 11'1e
28 impacl of the decUning oil economy on OIjr env1ronmem and financial marke1s as we'l as
29 help reduce energy costs, and even u(oan poverty,
31 SECTION,. Commiss;onjng of a UBus ROJpid Transit (BRT) System." The
32 Department of Transportation art<.l Communication {DOTe} s.hall, within twelve (12)
33 monlhs from the ctfecUvfty Qr this Act, come up wtth a study commissioning the crealion
34 of a Bus Repid Transit System which will organIze buses into ooe efficienl tong-dislarloo
35 transpof1ation system with coordinated schedules, rates. and pIck-Up and drop­
36 off poinlS. The LGU and the private sedor, Including but liot limited to mall owners end
)7 bus companies. can be tapped in order put up or U5e existing 6uch as pBr',..;S,
38 parking lots, and bus depots that will sarve as large CQl1ective transportation teOll;nals
39 where people can park their cars and bikes and tol\e the buses to ihelr destinations,
I SECTION a. Establi3hmenl of a Wa(8r Ferry System. - As much as the
42 nalfonal agencies and water regulatory bodies in charge of a water body led by lhe
43 Departmenl of and Natural Resourcss (OENR). rn coordination with tne
44 DOTe, shall exprore the e5tablishmcnt of a ferry system in navigable bodies of w'alsr
4) whtch may 'o€ operated by the satd atJlhority or bldded out to a € contractQr. The
<'16 possibility of interconnecting said watefways stnt1\ also b£> considered,
48 SECTION Travel Demand Management Programs. - The DOTe, in coordLnatton
49 with the Department of Labor an.d Empfoyment (DOLE), Deparlment of Education
50 (DepEd), Deparlment of Trade and IMustl)' (OTl) and one representative each from the
51 civU society. transport sector tile youth, sht'll1 COrns up with guidelines on travel
52 demand programs that wn! reduce the volume of cars and molorize<l
:53 transport in the roads 036 well as enhance and encourage students and to use
54 the public transport systern. These shall include. is not limited la, the following:
5(, e.) carpool, vanpool, or car-share projects:
51 b.) congestion pricing measures;
c.) programs promole telecommuting;
2 d.) flexib!B VlOrl< schedules, or sateltilc work center:;;;
3 e.) program for government employees; and
4 f.) Intelligent tfansportation systems or other 0peralional improvements that Jre
5 certified by lhe 0 epar1mBnt or Environmen\ aI1d NaluraI Resource5 (O[ NR) to
6 reduce greenhouse emissions.
8 This sl1 all be co mpleted Within t\velve (12) mO:'lth8 fro m lhe effeetJvity of lois Act
10 SECTION m. Designation of Bike Lanes. - A portion of lhe roadway or highway shall
11 be designated as lanes" by the. LGU having jurisdiction over such rQ;;Ioway or
12 highway, in cOordination wM the D8partment of PUblic Wor1<s and Highways (DPWH},
13 w;lhin six (6) months from the effeclivjty of this Act
15 The designated bike lanes shall be for the preferential or exclusive USA of
16 The sa bike lanoes Shall not be ob Souucted by a parked 0 r ndi n9 mctor Ve11 itle or 0 kher
17 stationary object. The bike ranes shall be by sJriping with signing or
18 striping wilh pavement markings.
19 SECTION". Provision of Bfcycle Parking Spaces and Bike Racks. - Bicycle
20 parl<:ing spar;es !:lind rac\(s are hereby required lo be provlde<l by owners of
7.1 establishments U1 al are:
22 a.) For non-residential use with gross floor area larger Ulan 7.500 square feet;
23 b.) Multipre-family d.....eltings When 12 or more ar8 providerf on a lot;
24 c.} Public parking lot5.
25 The DOTC shall esrablish guidelines 00 the minimum supply of bicycle parking spaces
26 in build;n!3S and olher faciliti85. taking into consideration the population of the short-tano
27 01 'ong-lerm dwellers ,n 1he area, within slx (6) monU15 from the effectwlty of lhis Act.
29 - The DOTe, In coordination wi1h the DPWH and the LGUs
}O concerned. shall csrry cut an inveslment program lhat will encourage a mode shift to
J l sustainable transport within communltics by and
J2 optfons 10 bicycle and watk for routine travel, and ror other purposes. This shan be
J) compleled within twelve (12) monlhs frornlhe effectivity of this Act
JS SECTlON lEdlJcatJon and ResQarcfl Programs. - The DOTe shall conduct studies
36 and researches, and eventually supply Information to the car-owning and -riding public.
J 7 as well 85 commulers 0 n aSpeels ot SJJ $ta inable lransport th at are IC1fNely new. It sl'1 all
38 also provide techn;c:al assistance and othar resources 10 govemmet1t agen¢ies and
39 private sector involved in the transport 5y$tem.
41 SECTION liT. Financing. - The DOTC, in coordination \'Jilh DENR, explore
42 the possibility of lfceesslng a growing range of funds in order to be
43 able to ass;s\ in the funding of public transport systems and le.ss polloting
44 energy Public-private partnerships shall also be encoura.ged in the
45 d(;'Yolopment o11ranspoltOllion improvemenh.
47 SECTIO(\} IS. Implementing Agency. .- The DOTe shall be the maio
48 agency for III is. Act.
50 SECTlON f". Separabiflly Clauso. - Should any provlslon herein be subsequently
.5} declared invalid or unconslillltionBl. lhe same shall not affect lhB validity or the
52 of the other provisions nor so declared.
1 SECT10N n. Repcaffng Clause, - An laws, presidenlial devrees, execulive orders.
2 rules andregulation8, otl1er issuances, and parts th ereof. which are inwnsisten1 wit h
) tI1e provisions of h . s ACl, are hereby repealed and modified acconiingly.
"5 SECTION 'Ig. cffectivJly. - Thfs Act shall take effect flnaen (15) dal,p's after publication
6 in a ~ leasl (2) newspapers of general qr.-;ulalioll
8 Approved,

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