"The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.

" - William James Allow me to introduce myself as an Mechanical Engineering graduate from India. The above quotation is very much pertinent to goal of my life, as I aspire to pursue Msc in Advance Mechanical Engineering . There are three different specializations in this program but, I have selected Masters in Mechanical Track because it is advance knowledge of my previous degree and I can perform better by doing the course mentioned above. The Master in the Leeds allows engineering graduates to update their knowledge and learn additional areas to those taken in their first degree. The program targets at intelligently satisfying the energy needs of complex modern societies achieving economic and environmental sustainability. The choice of a major for graduate study is an important decision in one's life. This decision in my case is not made in a day or a week, but it is backed by a passion to learn and contribute to the research in new forms of energy generation and distribution- their integration in the existing social and economic structure. Four years of engineering education at Sharda University Greater Noida, has transformed my desire of being an accomplished engineer into a passion to be at the forefront of research and innovation. The breadth of undergraduate syllabi content has exposed me to panoply of courses providing a strong conceptual understanding of the same. All through the course of my studies, I have strived to maintain an approach of expanding independent effort in all my endeavors. Learning in various ways and sharing my knowledge with others has been most worthwhile experience. Why United Kingdom? U.K. and other countries forming the European Union is I think the biggest advantage that one could have as a student as all of Europe is at one's disposal for research, job opportunities and we all know about the fact that Europe is one of the most favored destinations for research. So instead of limited to one country I can easily explore options in any European country ranging from researching work, presenting papers, exploring internship options or looking for a job in the industrial sector all at the same time I study in Netherland, it will also be greatly supported by the already available mobility scheme offered at EMEM programme. Why University of Leeds? I have selected University of Leeds as the place for me to continue with my education because I found that the Graduate program in European Mechanical Master suited my needs perfectly. I found that the researches carried out at University of Leeds are outstanding, especially in Mechanical department to be very impressive. I feel that to be associated with this group for my masters would stand me in good stead for my future career. I am also impressed by the past projects and the ongoing projects by the EWEM associated partners. These are much superior to those of past & ongoing projects in India. There is one more thing which attracts me towards University of Leeds is the Participating universities in EWEM programme. Studying at the partner universities, which are well known for their world class

I am sure that University of Leeds is the perfect place for my graduate studies and I am confident that with my knowledge and teamwork which I learnt from my previous institute I will make a positive contribution to ongoing research work at TU Delft. making me more confident and knowledgeable citizen of the world with a much broader prospective Taking all these factors into account. making me a well. I'll be exposed to new people. places. challenges an experience like this will remain with me for life.research and education in terms of wind energy. thus. ideas. European or Indian. The international work environment that I will be able to experience at University of Leeds and other EWEM programme participating universities helps in the making of an adaptive professional which I think will not only enable me to tackle global problems and cultural issues much effectively than others but also make me adapt to any kind of workplace be it industrial or academic research. would enrich my overall experience. .rounded professional.

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