S I BITE: THE VAMPIRE SOCIAL CLUB Chapter 1: Matinee Please also note that the name on the far left (Italicized, Bold and Underlined) refers to who's point of view it is. SPIKE I went for a stroll that night. I didn’t notice that it was really breezy until I spotted people rubbing their hands together and lacing their arms on themselves. Besides, how could I know right? It wasn’t like I could really feel anything… Everything was pitch-black. If it weren’t for the pumpkin lanterns and luminous decorations each house obtained, people would probably bump into each other. The shade of black and orange covered every house in the city as I walked down the misty trail of Bridgedale… There were only fractions of light guiding my way towards the park. The icy wind that blew became my only guide and companion. But, it didn’t matter much to me. My eyes could practically see through the dark. I grinned at that thought. But what made me grin more were the smell of chocolate covered candies and the hustle and bustle of children in different get-ups. I’m quite amazed on how these people put-up with such sugar-high beings and the… sigh… never ending, “Trick or Treat?” greetings. I wasn’t always the type who smiles at the sight of cute kids passing by, chugging themselves with candy but I can’t help but feel a slight demeanor of happiness. Time to time, I find myself intertwining paths with a group of teens with their freshly painted faces in their rented costumes of pirates and whatever animal they could make fun of. Some, would even dress like the ghouls of the night and make surprise appearances for their friends. The variety of circus folk filled the streets with glee. No doubt now, it’s Halloween. I thought. My God, this day continues to haunt me. “Oomph!” I halted. A sleek haired kid wearing a sort of Dracula costume complete with white foundation and black eye bags matched with this crooked but pointed smile and his crimson cape covering his tux bumped into me. He fell flat on the ground as his tiny body collided to a… rock. “Whoa, you alright kiddo?” I asked. I crouched and offered assistance to the boy. When I offered my hand, he did nothing but gaze into the statue like being. I couldn’t blame him. I guess he caught a good glimpse of my face. “Hey, you alright?” I broke his silence. “Uh-huh.” He nodded. “I think you should stand up now, need some help?” I cocked a brow. He waved his head in disagreement, “Dracula!” He jumped right up and waved his cape in front me, kind of adorable for a 4 year old. This made me laugh. “Doesn’t need assistance!” He continued and let out his fake fangs. “Huh.” I patted his hair. “Not bad, Kid.”

“Justin!” a high-pitched voice of a woman ascended in time. The worry in the woman’s voice was very prevalent, I could tell at once that she was his mother. The woman came running with what I could only guess as a bag of change of clothes for her son. Gotta hide! I took that as my cue to leave. “Mommy!” He turned to her etching a rather confused face. He was turning his head and eyeing the position where I stood. Could he have been looking for me? “I’ve been looking for you! Don’t scare me like that!” She said in worry as she frowned and hugged him. “Don’t worry mommy, I’m alright!” She sighed, “Let’s go. It’s getting late.” “Wait!” He tugged on his mom, “I want you to meet my friend!” Friend? Sorry kiddo. The boy’s remark made his mom quite alarmed, “Friend? Who’re you talking about?” Her voice rose in suspicion. She took a deep breath and held the hand of her son. He pointed to the direction where I had stood earlier. His mother didn’t bother to turn and continued to hold him tight. “Mr. Vampire!” Justin quickly let loose from his mother’s grip and jumped up and down to stress a point. He even pointed out his teeth in comparison to his claims. “Huh? I don’t like your joke Justin. Let’s go.” She said, shaking her head. The boy refused not to be believed. He was rather whiney and a bit annoyed that he was being doubted that he yanked his mother up to where we first conversed, “But he was there!” He paused to look around but found me missing still, “Mr. Vampire?” He said in a rather confused tone. “You’re the only Mr. Vampire here silly. Come on now.” Oh, but she was wrong. Then again, I couldn’t let her know that right? So, yeah, I hid. I know that one look at me could frighten her. It didn’t matter that it was Halloween but she’d mistake me for some crazed junkie; Spiky black hair, pale skin, black lines in the face, not to mention my ‘killer smile.’ My get-up of a red leather trench coat, black jeans and Victorian gloves was just an added bonus. Don’t ask. The Zorro mask in my pocket has been bothering for the past hour. I can’t believe we agreed to play in such occasion. Riiiiing! Sigh… Now what? Click! I quickly pressed the answer button on my phone. The ringing was getting quite annoying. “Yes?” I answered. “I’ll be there when I get there… hey, you’re the one who forced me into this. Besides Romeo, we’re not on until 9. It’s just 8. All right. We just rehearsed 3 hours ago… Fine. See you there.” I ended the call just as soon as my manager, on the other end of the line calmed his tone. “Rehearse? Me?” I darted across the park and made my way to the city fountain. “Maybe… just a little.” Finally made it and at a normal pace too. It’s kinda hard to keep up with the humans, way too slow. “Huh, I guess people are jetting towards the Stadia. I never knew the Halloween Ball was such a big thing for the people here.” I said aloud.

I took the chance to survey the condition of the night sky next to the marble chess piece statues scattered at the park’s center. I paused next to the Knight and let my eyes trail upwards the beautiful Crescent. I shut my eyes and listened to my surroundings. I heard the footsteps and voices of the people attending the Ball even though they were at least 5 blocks away and then I thought, “This is going to be a long night.” I dug in to my left pocket and retrieved my silver chain necklace. There were 3 charms that dangled, a cross, a crown and a key with a garnet at its core. I raised the 3rd charm and aligned it with the haze. My eyes closed, “So, that song huh?” I murmured. My necklace contains this minute aura that emits light whenever the song that I plan to sing is right for the performance. It was specifically given to me by my manager’s consul to which I will elaborate as we go on… I gave my pendant a fast peck and hung it on my neck. Then, just like any vampire of my kind, my eye color reverted to its original state… My body felt like fire. I took one last deep breath. It was show time.

ROSE The band was already playing. Everyone’s dressed All in their Sunday best The shadows bathed in pink and black Moonlight sets in, the conductor takes center stage And the people start to sway (start to sway) And the band plays on “So, what do you think?” a mischievous voice interrupted my deliria. “What?” I could barely hear his voice under the screaming crowd. The Stadia was jam-packed! “I said, what do you think?” I just rolled my eyes.

“Aw, C’mon Rose, it’s just this one night! Besides, what’re you complaining about? I’m the one in the Mad Hatter costume.” I smacked him, “You know Vince, and we could always trade costumes.” I teased. “No thank you Alice! C’mon, loosen up. I can see a hint of amusement in that face,” I brushed his fingers away, “Fine! Even though, I don’t know half the people around here, I guess I can manage. But, the next time you ask your best friend to be your date, give me a heads up will ya?” We’re gonna dance the sun away Tonight, we’re gonna dance the sun away They’re spinning around and around again They turn and hold hands With their hands they send He bowed in mockery, “As you command! As long as you admit that I’m the most handsome guy here.” That made my brow rise; I took a minute to examine Vincent. His green suit hugged his toned body well that it even became a good enough distraction from his dorky clover shaped top hat. His plum colored eyes and bronze hair shone so smoothly as he his head jerked sideways. He gave me a grin as he waited for my answer. “Hmm…” I looked at him one more time from head to toe then raised my shoulders with a sigh, “Fine.” He gave me wink then he spoke, “M’lady.” He offered to escort me towards the center of the ballroom. The music plays, the ghosts fly over the stage And they awake and dance with everyone A masquerade in full swing, into the night The right they all sing Save us And now the light is gone So close our eyes And let’s begin Wow, Vince got toned up! I could feel his… Wait! Gross moment there. He’s your best friend Rose, BEST FRIEND! I gave myself a mental slap then nodded. To make things less awkward as he was already feeling my tension, he held out his hand and asked, “You wanna dance?” “Uh, can you?” My brows furrowed. “Oh Rose, you have little faith in me. Just try.”He grabbed my hand and then glided the both of us to the center as the music turned up. “No use asking me, you’re dragging me already!” I let out my tongue and just went with him, and then we started dancing. I didn’t talk though. “Come on.” His brows were raised, “You’re enjoying aren’t you?” “Well, I do like the music playing.” I said in reply. “You should! That’s Pandora out there! “His eyes popped out as if to emphasize that he was among the biggest fans of the band. “Pandora?” My brows weaved together. The music turned up as the vocalist counted in a raspy voice, “1, 2, 3 go!” “No time to explain! Let’s go upfront!”

He literally dragged me towards the stage. I was quite embarrassed when two pirates glared at us for stealing their position. Is this band really all that? We’re gonna dance the sun away Tonight, we’re gonna dance the sun away They’re spinning around and around again They turn and hold hands With their hands they send “Wooh!” Vince was clapping, jumping and screaming at the same time. “Come on! Join me!” “No thanks.” I kindly declined, but that didn’t stop him. He actually made me jump and soon after, I myself, couldn’t resist but go crazy. Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! They’ll all dance in this holiday In a moonlight ballroom Let the symphony fly An invitation to sing one more time We’re gonna dance the sun away Tonight, we’re gonna dance the sun away It was amazing; I hadn’t had much fun since my last concert that was 3 years ago! The music was great, the crowd was reasonable, the band was awesome. Some girls even squealed when the lead vocalist, reached out for their hands. Couldn’t blame them, in addition to his damn sexy voice, there was something in his persona that I couldn’t point my finger into. It was as if, I was drawn to him. Like, he was calling out to me personally… Everything about his presence, his voice, his eyes… they were piercing right through my skin… And I didn’t even know why… or how? They’re spinning around and around again They turn and hold hands With their hands they send The last guitar solo was a blast, I don’t even regret coming to this ball now. Heck, I’d wanna come over every Halloween just for this! The cheer from the oozing crowd made each member of Pandora etch a satisfied smile. The roar for more was broken when the vocalist finally spoke, “Thank you. Thirsting for more ladies and gents?” He grinned. “We love you Spike!” a vampire-trio interrupted his speech, which made him laugh and wink at them. Groupies, I thought. “Before anything else, we’d all like to thank Kingston High’s faculty for inviting us to play for such a grand occasion.” Pandora’s main man was giving his speech. I could tell that he was a bit exhilarated from his performance. “So Kingston High and all inhabitants of Bridgedale, give it up for yourselves.” Everyone rose to cheer harder, even Vince! “For without all of you here, then, I’d probably still be broke! Happy Halloween! Peace!” And with that said, the crowd laughed and watched as the band went down the stage. “Aww, don’t be sad Rosey, they’ll come back.” “Shut up Vince, you’re the host right? You’re up!” I pushed him to go up the stage. That damn Vince, toying with me like that. Humph. Though I wanted to see the band play some more, I just had to wait. Vince signaled me to sit at his assigned table and wait for him. There seemed to have been some complications for the Fireworks show after the ball. So, there I was, alone.

That alone did not bother me. What bothered me the most were the taunts that the“Three Musketeers” were giving me. The one who played Porthos kept on winking at me. The other 2, Athos and Aramis were talking about me saying, ‘”Dude! Is that really V’s best friend? I never knew that she was a hot brunette! I mean…” The guy paused and bit his lip trying to hold a whistle,”…look at her!” “And have you seen those green eyes? I betcha she’s hiding a lot more under that mask and costume!” I don’t know if I should take those as compliments or insults, either way, it made me, uneasy… “Uh…” The mic screeched as Vince grabbed it from the stand set-up on the stage. Ow! What’s up with the mic? Vince? “Sorry, uhm, we’re having some technical difficulties but please rest assured that the Pyro watchamacallit will continue as planned Everyone sighed in relief. “In the meantime. Let’s step it down a notch and play some slow music. Now’s your time ladies and gents, the teachers are out back! Who knows? Some of you might even get to dance with a member from Pandora!” He gave one final smirk and left. That Vince! How could he? Did he forget that he was the only guy that I knew here? 3rd Person POV Meanwhile, back stage… “Huh? It’s really loud out there.” The bassist, Pax, peeked outside the back stage. “Aww, great!” their Manager cupped his head in frustration. “What is it Vergil?” Pax asked. Vergil was the eldest among them, making him the most eligible for the part. His brown hair was very sleek. The spectacles that he wore covered his blue-green eyes. And most importantly, he was the only one who refused to wear a costume. Trance, the drummer interrupted, “It would seem that the host announced that we would be joining their little gala.” Gloria, the band’s lone femme looked ecstatic as she heard the announcement,“Really? I’d love to!” “I don’t mind either. I’ll join in since Gloria will too.” Twilight, the lead guitarist enthused. “And you?” He turned to Spike to which he earned a less happy reply, “Whatever, let’s get this over with.” “My. My, some one seems a bit thirsty…” Twlight shot back with a menacing smile. “Mind your business Twi.” Spike said in a cold tone. There was a moment of silence after the front-runner spoke and the rest of the band took the time to prepare for their fan meeting. Which, to Spike’s great surprise would be one of the most influential meetings of his life. ROSE It’s been nearly 15 minutes since Vince’s announcement and so far, 3 songs have played. I’ve noticed that some band members are actually joining in. Since I had nothing productive to do, I grabbed the chance to make a clear observation of each. There was this one guy, the Drummer named Trance. I could say that he was about 5 foot 7. He wasn’t bad looking, but from my observations, he’d come last in the hottie list; Messy blond hair, blue eyes… Typical American-boy with 2 piercings on his left ear. “Hey there, I’m Trance.”

From where I was standing and observing the Drummer, I cold tell from his tone and appearance that he was anice person. He was actually the first to approach a table of friends and introduce him self. Then after, another member, the Keyboardist, followed him. “The name’s Gloria.” A blondie with red streaks in her hair. I couldn’t quite figure out her costume unlike Trance’s which was, if I were correct, a mad scientist. Hers seemed like a… punk? Oh, no costume. Just a mask I guess… She had the same set of eyes, deep blue. That’s when I concluded that they must be siblings. I turned to the opposite side of the room, “Oohhh, Twilight, your such a suck-up!” “I couldn’t agree more!” A group of girls circled around the infamous lead guitarist if Pandora. He caressed the face of one, “You have no idea.” If one word could describe this guy, I’d say that he’s SEDUCTIVE. I mean look at that long and shiny silver hair and opal-eyes… It was a good thing that he lifted his mask… Seductive… That was the word. The man was only wearing a leather jacket for Pete’s sake! Who could resist looking at those pecks! Heck, I didn’t even bother to figure out what he was dressed as. “Alright, show’s over!” Show’s over? NO! Oooh…. It’s that stupid manager Vergil was it? “Sorry chief, just sharing my blessings…” Twi winked at the Marie Antoinette look alike. I mentally slapped myself and realized that Vergil came in the nick of time to stop Twi from making out with 3 girls that he just met. “Rock stars…” I rolled my eyes and mumbled. Minutes have already passed and who knows how many songs have played already and still no sign of Spike and Vincent. I was starting to get bored and lonely. “I wonder what happened to the musketeers?” Finally, they were gone. “Hello there.” A playful voice sprang from my back. Looks like I spoke too soon. “Would you like to dance with one of us?” Porthos asked. I bit my lip. “Or maybe, all of us?” Okay, Aramis’ last statement and expression disgusted me. “Thanks but I’ll pass…” I quickly rose and tried to excuse myself. “Wait.” Athos blocked my way, “Jake Larson never gets shot down. Especially from some damn girl from Wonderland!” Whoa, I upset him? His expression was priceless. “Ooh, I’m scared.” “Oh you just didn’t…” I tried to walk away but they, just wouldn’t budge. Jake gripped my arm alarmingly tight. “Let go of me!” I demanded, trying to get loose. Jake clenched his fist and raised it upward. He looked at me very intently with such raged eyes as I tried to get away, his hand was nearly 3 feet away when… “Hey!” Another voice ascended, but whose was it?

I don’t exactly know what happened but for a moment, I think I felt the wind speed through us… “What the…?” Someone caught Jake’s hand in time. . I was surprised to see the embodiment of my rescuer. At first, I thought it was Vince, I never thought that it would be… him. “Is there a problem?” My rescuer spoke. “Damn!” Jake let go of my arm, “No. We’re done.” “Sounds about right.” Spike released his grip and pointed towards the exit. “After you…” “Tch… You got lucky…” He gave me a final glare. The three fled and as for me, I was just there, staring at this beautiful creature. “You okay now?” “Huh?” He cocked a brow. “Oh…” I cleared my throat, “Yeah, thanks…” “Very well…” For about a minute, we just stood at the center staring at each other. Well, maybe it was just me My very own Phantom Don Juan came to my rescue… “I should, go now…” He took a fast glance at me and turned away. “I…” I shook my head and grabbed his arm. But as I soon as I was about to speak, the music turned up. Dear, I fear we're facing a problem you love me no longer, I know and maybe there is nothing that I can do to make you do Vince climbed up the stage for another announcement, “Alright, last dance people. Make the best of it!” People started to gather around us, couples mostly. I could even sense blank stares at us, as we stood motionless on the dance floor. Then, he turned and sighed. It was cold… I felt his breath. “Yes?” His spoke in a low but calm voice as his red eyes eyed my neck quite unwillingly. He was waiting for me to respond but I did nothing of the sort and just winced. He ruffled his hair and opened his mouth once more, “I don’t know about you but I don’t really like wasting time so…” He took a step back. His statement infuriated me, was he actually fussing me off? “What?!” I said appalled, “Leave if you must, I must say… If I’m not worth your time, then go back to your stupid rock star lounge at this minute!” I stomped my foot at my last word. He was actually quite shocked and that made me grin. “Ouch!” He replied and gave out a chuckle. He touched the bridge of his nose and gave me an indifferent smile. “What’s so funny? I just asked you to leave?!” “Hey…” He brushed his hair, “I was asking you for a dance…But it seems to me that you have something against my kind… So…” He turned his back and gave me a salute but I halted him. “Wait!” I took hold of his arm, which made him twitch. “Yes?”

Whoa, he’s so muscular, heck, he won’t budge! “Sorry, I over reacted…” “No harm done.” He smirked and faced me once more. “Now, I really do owe you a dance.” I moved my shoulders in surrender. He crossed his arms, “That, you do. I must warn you though, usually people who sing can’t dance.” “I’ll be the judge of that…” Mama tells me I shouldn't bother that I ought to stick to another man a man that surely deserves me but I think you do! So I cry, I pray and I beg He offered his hand and we positioned for our modern waltz… Love me love me say that you love me fool me fool me go on and fool me love me love me pretend that you love me leave me leave me just say that you need me Love me love me say that you love me leave me leave me just say that you need me I can't care 'bout anything but you... Which turned into a rather romantic and fun swing-dance… He even made me dance the way I didn’t know I could! He caught me at the exact moment, made it look so graceful…His movements were very swift, whenever I look at the crowd, It would seem as if we were moving at a faster pace than they do, it’s as if, time stopped for us. And when we finally got into a closed position… “Liar!” “Huh?” “You told me you couldn’t dance!” He snickered, “No, I told you that I’m better vocally…” I rolled my eyes. Lately I have desperately pondered, spent my nights awake and I wonder what I could do have done in another way to make you stay Reason will not lead to solution I will end up lost in confusion I don't care if you really care as long as you don't go “Is that your thing?” “Huh?” “Rolling your eyes.” I gave him a smack on the shoulder, “Shut up! Even though you’re a famous guy around here, I could still hit you.” I let out my tongue. I waited for his defense but he said nothing and just smiled.

The music went on and I was surprised that Mr. Rock Star here still hadn’t made an excuse to leave, although he barely looked at me eye-to-eye and that was when I decided to take a closer look at this Spike Ellis. He had piercing red-apple eyes and ravenous hair. When I let my fingers trace his paper-white skin, It felt very statuesque and the cold feel actually pricked me. I could see under his Zorro mask that he put on heavy black eye make-up. Typical… But what caught my attention most was his endearing smile… Unlike the others who also wore fake fangs, his seemed very authentic and suitable for his character… I dunno… It seemed rather different. I continued to stare at him. “It’s Spike. Spike Ellis.” “Huh?” Oops, I think I might have made a wrong expression. “Oh, Uhm my name is Rose, Rose Daphfene. Nice to meet you” “Pleasure’s all mine. I take it your new here?” I nodded. “I figured.” “What’s that suppose to mean?” I pouted. “Nothing.” He held his laughter, “Don’t worry you’ll get used to Pandoratic sounds.” “Uh… Okay… I don’t know what you just said but, I like your music.” “Well that’s good.” “Is that your thing?” Yeah! My turn! “What is?” “Picking on me.” “You know, even though you’re new here, I’m not afraid to…” He breathed deeply. “What?” I wondered. “Nothing.” Silence… The music was about to end, one last twirl and the dance is over… I don't care if you really care as long as you don't go “Alright people, it’s almost midnight! Look up people and enjoy the show!” A colorful and magnificent display of fireworks cued in… We already stopped dancing but I could still feel his presence at my side… Maybe I will transfer after all… “Spike!” He shifted his gaze for a moment and he caught mine. He took my right hand, “Thanks for the dance…” He gave my hand a kiss, Roxsanne…” I was burning up, I didn’t want to let him go but… “Rose!” Vincent called my name. I’m a bit busy! He barged in the crowd that blocked his way, “Hey, sorry I couldn’t ask you to dance.” The cold touch fleeted away, “It’s fine…” I looked once more at the spot where he once stood. He was gone.

“Rose?” I gave him a smile, “Hey, we’re cool, I had fun.” He sighed in relief, “Thank goodness!” We watched ‘til the end of the fireworks display, I couldn’t erase the brimming smile that I etched in my face… “I hope someone asked you to dance Rose. It would kill me if I left you alone the whole time.” His voice was rather shaky. Little did he know that the best thing that he ever did tonight was to leave me there. If it weren’t for Vince, I wouldn’t have been able to meet him. I sneered, “Oh, you didn’t…” Happy Halloween. AN: This an original story inspired by the songs and the Filipino Band, Chicosci and my favorite band, Muse. All other events, characters etc... leading to similarities of published works, licensed or unlicensed are purely coincidental. The songs Matinee by Chicosci and Lovefool by the Cardigans are borrowed to suit the chapter. Phrases which are Italicized and centered are songs. Please feel free to review. Rantings are very much welcomed, thanks for viewing and enjoy! This is my first fic here so take it easy on me!

-LadyWinchester SDA: Pictures found and borrowed in Yahoo!Images and Photobucket. Thank You to the wonderful artists.

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