QlikView in Public Health Care

Experiences Landstinget Blekinge

Leif Fransson
Department of Planning and Statistics and - prior - Department of Clinical Physiology


Landstinget Blekinge in the South of Sweden.
Blekinge ‹ 150.501 inhabitants ‹ uses 3.4 bilj SEK (0.36 bilj €) ‹ ~5000 employees ‹ ~4200 computers


000 visits/year ‹ Dental Care: ~61.000 visits/year ‹ Institutional Care: ~25.000 visits/year ‹ Psych. Care: ~66.Health Care ‹ Primary Health Care (GP’s): ~205.000 visits/year ‹ Non Institutional Care:~160.000 treatments/year 5/15/2007 .

use QlikView to gain increased visibility into its operations to: Shorten waiting times for patients dramatically by monitoring inflow/outflow patterns .1 million by analyzing prescription patterns Economy: deliver annual budget surplus by assessing economic indicators Comply with government regulations by delivering key patient metrics 5/15/2007 .finding bottlenecks Increase operational efficiencies by benchmarking against other hospitals Improve treatment recommendations by analyzing survival expectancy data Reduce medical costs by 5% or $1.QlikView & Health Care Blekinge Hospital.

text files.the opposite of static cubes ‹ Easy and fast screening of large amounts of data ‹ Handling multiple data sources ( Excel. Organization and Treatments/Examinations) Some words about using QlikView and Qlikview Server: ‹ Low costs in the end (you create solutions yourself without any consulting firm !) ‹ Easy to learn and due to that. data bases) ‹ Creating statistical reports and distribution on internal or external web ‹ Easy analysing of data from high to low level (drill down to details) ‹ Improving Health Information. Where and How (Time. short ”take off” (if you’re familiar with the data) ‹ Ad hoc . Insight and Knowledge 5/15/2007 .Some Statements and Keywords Keywords creating a Data Warehouse: When.

g.for everyone ‹ this is decided by County Council Management (very important!) ‹ Presenting all the statistics on the internal web site. survival studies or surveys of different kinds and much more) 5/15/2007 .one tool (QlikView with Qlikview server) .State of the Art in Blekinge ‹ One data source (Data Warehouse) .consumption (Defined Daily Doses. covering ‹ Production ‹ Economics ‹ Drugs . DDD) and costs ‹ Personnel ‹ Other reports (e.

Our Experience using QlikView ‹ A broad knowledge gives rise and triggers to: ‹participation ‹operational efficiency ‹improve quality ‹ideas ‹acceptance QlikView on the web •easy to learn •easy to build and maintain •easy to use •ad hoc •no costs for consulting Leading to effects such as: •Reduced costs •Increased efficiency •Motivated employees 5/15/2007 .

Examples ‹Flow ‹Economy ‹Drugs ‹Statistical methods 5/15/2007 .

Admission Notes Inflow of admission notes ’INFLOW’ Percent ’OUTFLOW’ 5/15/2007 .Examples .

Bottlenecks Delays could depend on ‹ Administration (blue) ‹ Care unit (red) ‹ Patient (green) ‹ Medical reasons (yellow) Details 5/15/2007 .Examples .

Orthopaedic surgeon Hips 5/15/2007 .Examples .Trends Trends and seasonal fluctuations Orthopaedic surgeon Knees.

Political Edicts Political Edict 90 + 90 days 5/15/2007 .Examples .

Economy Overview: Managing Director (designed by himself ) 5/15/2007 .Examples .

Managing Director Administrations 5/15/2007 .Economy Overview.Examples .

Reduction nearly 10 millions SEK in 1½ year (1.Drugs expenses. Pharmacy 5/15/2007 . Moving Average Administrations The trends of increasing costs of drugs was stopped due to the fact that we started to show this graph on our internal web.06 million Euro €).Examples . That started a discussion of how to reduce costs.

The committee creates and maintains a list of recommended drugs 5/15/2007 .using QlikView and Qlikview server .Examples . Local Committee for Drug Management By visualizing the drug prescriptions .decreasing costs without jeopardizing the medical effect.Drugs expenses. Results: better aim at our goal .we gain a very deep and broad knowledge of how drugs are prescribed.

Examples .Drugs expenses.55 SEK/DDD otherwise 6. Local Committee for Drug Management Difference in cost : If by the list the costs = 1.03 SEK/DDD 5/15/2007 .

Drugs expenses.Examples . Municipal Differences Difference in prescriptions between municipals due to characteristics of the inhabitants but mostly due to the doctor 5/15/2007 .

Survival Kaplan-Meier Survival Analysis.Examples . Median: 306 days No surgery.5 days 5/15/2007 . Median: 96. Student’s t-test Surgery: Yes Surgery: No Surgery.

Survival (K-M) Stadium IA.Examples .IB With Helicobacts Stadium III.IV Without Helicobacts 5/15/2007 .

CI. t-test.ANOVA. adjusting for age and more Stroke All methods are verified by SPSS 5/15/2007 .Examples .

CI. adjusting for age and more Health Score & Drugs Health score Nbr of Drugs 5/15/2007 . t-test.ANOVA.Examples .

Examples .Surveys Public Health. mental and social health 5/15/2007 . influenced by age: medical.

influenced by location: confidence limits (95%) If < 25 yo 5/15/2007 .Surveys Public Health.Examples .

Benchmarking Differences in health between countys Number of visits vs expenses 5/15/2007 .Examples .

‹ A broad knowledge gives rise to: ‹ participation ‹ understanding ‹ ideas QlikView on the web •easy to learn •easy to build/maintain •easy to use •ad hoc •no costs for consulting Leading to effects such as: •Reduced costs •Increased effiency •Motivated employees •New knowledge Thank You for Listening. 5/15/2007 .Summary.

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