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Technical Report Topic Ideas any major: technology management issues in technical writing or communications multi-cultural/multinational issues competition

for consumers professional problem professional code of ethics implementing an ombudsman program product liability on site security--data, people or materials workplace violence outsourcing new overtime regulations accounting: inventory systems pension/ stock option problems corporate contributions to political parties executive compensation prevention of accounting fraud risk analysis agriculture: land use management genetically altered plants control of crown gall in ornamental plants methods of crop estimation/pricing/futures bioterrorism in crops architecture: options in environmental or natural disaster proof structures (floods, fires, earthquakes, etc.) landscape designs for different environments (drought, boggy, etc.) solar heating or cooling designs lighting systems for large structures restoration methods for old and/or historic buildings aviation: wind shear problems and solutions pilot retirement or retention issues

training and safety procedures global positioning systems runway incursion solutions aircraft fatigue competing materials for aircraft structures screening/security issues options in aircraft for corporate use small airport management biology/pre-med liability insurance/malpractice reform options in diagnosis or treatment medicare/medicaid issues wellness education physician education and training medical school curriculum updates--patient communication, grief training, etc. biomedical engineering: options in treatment/rehabilitation artificial joints or prosthetics (foot joints, etc.) competing tests (Pap, prostate, etc.) or treatment options materials options synthetic polymers for artificial hearts competing equipment (MRIs, etc.) methods of feeding patients with physical impairment business: personnel issues crisis management product failure and/or liability business data storage systems accountability/consumer confidence issues chemical engineering: waste control or disposal systems synthetic technologies desulfurication of coal disposal of PCBs flue gas clean up civil engineering: options in structures (bridges, road surfaces, types of roofs or roofing systems)

types of water treatment systems security design and retrofitting issues (terrorism or fire, etc.) energy usage /environmental impact computer information systems: network security systems ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) preparing students for a technological world computer or system virus prevention limiting computer access computer science: CD-Rom data retrieval systems language for artificial intelligence speech recognition intelligence gathering systems espionage in the industry safeguarding national security construction technologies: competing structures materials options safety issues radon control methods solar heating or cooling systems dietetics/nutrition: nutrition programs for the school competing nutrition plans (for weight loss, diabetes management, pregnancy, athletes, etc.) childhood obesity prevention workplace programs education: innovations in teaching options available within curricula evaluation or accountability procedures teacher recruitment and retention self esteem theory in the classroom drug or alternative treatments for ADD or ADHD students funding for education methods of math education

critical thinking versus content issues arts education programs electrical engineering: telecommunication options fiber optic solutions voice recognition systems power grid structure updates or options laser technology English methods of teaching literature communication skills or resources for the workplace literacy programs for a community environmental science: alternative energy sources industrial retrofitting for environmental reasons educating the public/ or in the schools industry/environmental alliances or pilot programs finance: insider trading prevention strategies savings plans for the middle class bank merger regulations mutual funds/pension funds accountability corporate liability in financial documents/transactions fitness/wellness: methods of testing for steroids or (other drugs) competing equipment for health club injury prevention training programs measurement of blood oxygen levels forestry: forest fire prevention techniques prescribed burning problem/solution human resource management: flexible benefits packages recruitment policies

retention policies lifelong learning options journalism: diversity in reporting ethics in the newsroom reporting sensitive/classified materials or news leaks marketing product placement product or company branding company image makeovers mechanical engineering: composite uses in automobile designs non-metallic engine components competing fuel technologies security design innovations waste heat recovery robotics nursing: nurse burnout and retention changing role of technology managed care changes nationwide registry / tracking system for nurses dismissed due to suspected wrongful death pre-veterinary : biological terrorism euthanasia issues methods of controlling illnesses methods of increasing productivity in herds vaccination issues psychology: employee testing options in assistance programs profiling technologies/success rates speech pathology: competing technologies of hearing assistance/speech recognition systems

competing assistance programs competing technological innovations