Location, Days and Times

The Bank Tower at Oak Cliff is located just a few miles southwest of Downtown Dallas, right off Interstate 35 South. The Tower will be a stop for DFW Historical Bus Tours and Big D Fun Tours among others. Additionally, we are less than a block from the Texas Theater, as well as a few blocks from 10th and Patton where Officer J.D. Tippit was gunned down, and the rooming house where Oswald lived near the intersection of Beckley and Zang. A map of these locations will be available at The Bank Tower. The nationally recognized Bishop Arts District, is few blocks from the Tower has several fine dining establishments as well as unique shops.

Map to Tower

The Bank Tow er at Oak Cliff Presents:

J O H N F. K E N N E D Y

9-11 Sculpture Piece The Bank Tower is also hosting a unique 911 sculpture created by world renown artist James Gallucci. The large piece is on display on the Plaza of the Tower. Known as “The Gates”, it is the single largest piece of 9-11 steel in private hands. Guests are encouraged to view, explore and walk through the gate. The Bank Tower lobby will be open from 9:00 AM-6:00 PM. Mon-Fri. Please contact us if you have a large group and need a special accommodation or tour guide.

400 S. Zang Blvd. Dallas, TX 75208 The Bank Tower at Oak Cliff 214-948-0500 214-948-9300 fax

A Community Remembers

John F. Kennedy Memorabilia
Also on display will be a replica of the rocking chair belonging to President Kennedy. There will also be several other rare pieces that have not seen since 1963. Included will be many pieces of campaign materials, newspapers and other ephemera available for the public to explore

What will be on Display?
The bank lobby will hold a unique exhibition throughout late summer into early December. Among the featured displays will be America Mourns, America Changes, Peaceful Reflection, and finally an art display not ever seen before in Dallas. On display will be an artist proof of the Kennedy bust from the Kennedy Presidential Library by Felix De Weldon. (see above), a portrait of President Kennedy by John Stango, the undisputed leader of the Pop Art movement today. There will also be a multimedia display allowing visitors to relive the events of 1963.

Who can view this unique display?
The exhibition is open to anyone who interested in the 35th President of the United States of America. Unlike most displays this one requires active participation from the viewers. One such example will be the “Where were you” set up to ask viewers to provide their input on four recent tragic events.

Examples of some of the smaller items that will be on display

How Much will it Cost?
Ralph Isenberg, principle owner of the Bank Tower is underwriting the entre cost of the display. The exhibition is open at no cost during business hours to the general public. Throughout the length of the exhibition hundreds of copies of President Kennedy’s timely book “A Nation of Immigrants” will be given away as a special memento.

Kennedy Portrait by John Stango

35th President United States of America

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