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A139646 Stress

1. INTRODUCTION a. Attention-getter Do you know when you get stressed? Let me share with you a picture. Do you know that every 2 seconds, 7 people die of stress related illnesses around the world or 110 million people every single year? b. Reveal topic & Background info As I mentioned just now I’m think you already know the topic that I’m going to talk. It is Stress. Do you know what is stress? Stress is a physical or psychological stimulus that can produce mental tension or physiological reactions that may lead to illness.

c. Preview main points I would like to start with Stage of stress including level of stress, and then how to deal with stress, lastly, Unhealthy ways of coping with stress and stress management. (Linker: And now let’s go to my first point) 2. CONTENT a. Stage of Stress and Level of Stress • ALARM STAGE As you begin to experience a stressful event or perceive something to be stressful psychological changes occur in your body. This experience

That all about stage and level of stress. insomnia. For level of stress can be classified into two. (Linker: And now let’s move on to my second point) . loss of temper. family or co-workers may notice changes in you before you do so it is important to examine their feedback to make sure you do not reach overload. EXAMPLE: Digestive disorders. • EXHAUSTION STAGE During this stage the stressor is not being managed effectively and the body and mind are not able to repair the damage. Your friends. headaches.or perception disrupts your body’s normal balance and immediately your body begins to respond to the stressor(s) as effectively as possible. • RESISTANCE STAGE During this stage your body tries to cope or adapt to the stressors by beginning a process of repairing any damage the stressor has caused. tension. withdrawal. that is Eustress and Distress • EUSTRESS positive stress occurs when your level of stress is high enough to motivate you to move into action to get things accomplished • DISTRESS Distress or negative stress occurs when your level of stress is either too high or too low and your body and/or mind begin to respond negatively to the stressors.

. resistance and exhaustive. it is Distress and Eustress. That is. And there are 2 level of stress. First there are 3 stage of stress that is alarm. (Linker: And now let’s look at my final point) • Unhealthy ways of coping with stress and stress management This is example habit or unhealthy ways of coping stress among the people these days. These coping strategies may temporarily reduce stress. CONCLUSION a. Recap main points: Let me summaries my point just now. Second point is how we can deal with stress and lastly unhealthy ways coping stress and stress management.we should change the way of thinking and lastly change the behavior. Think about the ways you currently manage and cope with stress in your life.• How to Deal with Stress We can handle stress by using stress control or I called it as ABC strategy beside that. but they cause more damage in the long period . There are 6 strategies in order to to manage stress. Next we come to Practicing Stress Management. o Avoid unnecessary stress o Alter the situation o Adapt to the stressor o Accept the things you can’t change o Make time for fun and relaxation o Adopt a healthy lifestyle 3.

it all depends on how you take it. at that particular level. humiliation or infection is detrimental. creative successful work is beneficial." .b. The stress of exhilarating. while that of failure. That is. And from Hans Selye . we work most efficiently and feel good. 1956 :"stress is not necessarily something bad. Memorable Statement: You know that saying “Everything in moderation”?It turns out that each of us has a level of stress that is optimal for us.