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Abstract: The project titled AUTOMOBILE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is designed using VISUAL BASIC as the front end and MS ACCESS as the back end. An automobile management system is used keep track of the stock, sales and the service details. In the earlier days, people were doing this process manually; Time Sheet will help you eliminate paperwork and reduce the countless hours lost due to tedious tasks such as repetitive data entry, error correction, and waiting for approvals. Automation of such a work helps you to track employee department. EXISTING SYSTEM The present practice involved in the organization contains many drawbacks which is so called bottlenecks of the system. In order to retrieve a particular record many enquiries must be made only through manual involvement and also it takes more time to complete that process. The detail of the customer, employee and supplier services takes longer time to maintain for a long time. At present, they are maintained manually using complain slip, fault slip, notebooks and registers. Those records are saved for many years, which get damaged after sometime.


In the existing practice of recording the customers, employee and supplier details in a paper or register in a manual manner leads to a lot of drawbacks. They are Reports have to be produced manually. Maintaining all information of all customers, employee and supplier payment/receipt details consume a lot of time and space. Maintaining a unique Emp ID for each record is very difficult. Since data has to be maintained as hardcopies, it becomes bulky. Searching and updating for a particular record is very difficult in manual processing. Data redundancy occurs frequently which results in confusion. Paper in the register may get damaged which results in the loss of the particular records.

In the manual process mistakes may occur, which are made carelessly. It may create unnecessary problems and confusions later.

The aim and the benefit for developing the system aroused mainly to overcome the shortcoming of the previous system and to improve upon the system. The main aim of the AUTOMOBILE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is to ensure user friendly and more interactive software to the user. AUTOMOBILE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM brings an easy interesting working environment, more clarity in presenting apt information to the required user. It gives faster access and retrieval of information from the database. The present system gives more security assurance to the database. There is no chance of missing a record. And it is almost nil to errors. It consumes minimum time to work on it. Any type of queries can be resolved using the software. It is very easy to maintain customer, employee and supplier records with the present online system. Comparative analysis is aimed easily using this software. This makes the feedback to be effective to the users.

BENEFITS 1. We can easily maintain all the customer, supplier, employee details 2. Report generation is easier. 3. The Admin can view all the details of customer, supplier and their reports can be viewed. 4. Customer can register the details easily in time consumptions. 5. Monitor the status of the entire at any time and the verification of reports generated by the admin. 6. Less time consuming.

HARDWARE CONFIGURATION The hardware used for the development of the project is:
A Server PC with 3.0 GHz processor Windows 2000/2003 Server 2 GB of RAM PC with a minimum of 512 MB RAM

SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION The software used for the development of the project is:
Visual Basic 6.0 (Development Tool) VB (Coding) M.S Access (Database) Windows XP/2000


Available stock Sales Repair details Customer details Employee details


The stock information gives the complete details of the product by giving the product id. When we enter the product id it displays the product id, product name and the quantity of the product being available. Sales The sales module consists of two sub modules Bill: The bill sub module consists of bill information and the company information. The bill information contains the details of bill number and the date of the bill entered. The company information contains the details of the vehicle id, vehicle name and the price. Sales return: The Sales Return displays the information of the total sales product that is being returned by the customer due to in-satisfaction of the customer. Repair Details: This module is used to save the information about the vehicle received for repairing as repair detail, in-date, delivery date, amount, advance paid, and name of the employee to whom the work is being assigned. It also displays the status of work whether it is completed or the work is being in process. Customer details Customer details consist of information about the customer who is taking services for their company in that particular system. It captures customer code, customer name, address, phone and email. Employee details Using this form, Addition of a new employee details such as Employee name, Address, Phone no, Employee ID, Email-ID etc, Modification of existing employees, Viewing of a particular employee details is possible. In this module we can check the work status of the employee as the number of vehicles sold or the number of vehicle he has repaired as daily basis or monthly basis. Bill Sales return