APRIL 2013

RM65b HexMix
- 6: XLR and 1/4” Inputs - 1/4” Ins may be configured as Inserts - Mono Send, Stereo Return FX Loop - EACH CHANNEL FEATURES - Input Trim, Monitor and FX Send - Pan control - Treble and Bass control

RM67 Mic/Line Mixer
- Three XLR balanced Mic/Line Inputs - Tone controls on Mic Inputs - Four stereo Source Inputs - Individual Phantom Power switches - Remote Volume jack - Bass and Treble controls for Sources - Master Volume control

RM82 Mixer
-Eight XLR Mic Inputs -Eight 1/4” jacks configurable as: Line Input, Direct Out, or Insert - Individual 48 Volt Phantom Power - Trim control on each channel - XLR Output configurable as either Mic or Line level

RM83T Transformer Mic Mixer
-Eight XLR Mic Inputs - Individual 48 Volt Phantom Power - Transformer balanced input for each channel - XLR Output configurable as either Mic or Line level

RM424 Switchable Four Zone Mixer
- 2: XLR Mic Inputs w/Phantom Power - 3: RCA Source Inputs - 4: XLR balanced Outputs - Pluggable Remote Volume - Switchable Automatic Talkover

RM64 Four Zone Mixer
- 2: XLR Mic Inputs w/Phantom Power - 4: RCA Source Inputs - 4: XLR balanced Outputs - 4: 1/4” Remote Volume jacks - Switchable Automatic Talkover

Mic Tone Controls .MIXERS RM68 Zone Wolf 2 Zone Mixer .Mic or Line Balanced XLR outputs .Dual Output for connection to computer input .XLR Mic Input w/Trim control .Mic Inserts for Effects Processing .Balance and Aux Send.Pad. Level.RCA Phono Input with ground post and RIAA equalization MP222 Studio Pro . on each channel MX153 MixMate . 1 XLR Mic Input .3 XLR inputs w/Phantom Power . Phase and Low Cut For each channel .Pan control on the Mic channel .Talkover on Mic 1 to Assigned Zone RM69 MixMate 3 .Clip indication on each channel .Priority ducking on Mic One and Source Three .Three stereo Source inputs .2: XLR Mic Inputs w/Phantom Power .XLR Mic Input On Front and Back .Tone controls for each Mic input .4: individual 1/4” Stereo Inputs . Line Mixer .+48VDC Phantom Power .5mm) Stereo Line Input .Instrument Input .Balanced 1/4” TRS Outputs .Microphone Input .Bass and Treble controls for the Source Inputs .Bass & Treble Control on each Zone .Balanced 1/4” TRS Stereo Outputs .RCA and 1/8” (3.TRS Stereo Headphone Output .2: 1/4” TRS Stereo Outputs .2 XLR Mic Inputs with Phantom Power .Mono/Stereo Unbalanced Output MX122 MiniMix Pro .RCA Tape Inputs and Outputs .6: Assignable RCA Inputs .Aux Send and Stereo Returns .9 Stereo Inputs.Headphone / Auxiliary Outputs GCi404 Audio Mixer / Sound Card Interface .4: Stereo RCA Source Inputs .+12VDC Phantom Power .Balanced XLR Outputs RM219 10 Ch.Balance control on 1/4” channels .

churches.Mic or Line output level . The MX42 is a passive stereo resistance mixer that will attenuate the volume of each channel to one output. court rooms. Ideal for mixing hot line level signals. MX28 MiniMix VI -3: Stereo 1/4” Stereo Inputs . It will also work in reverse. schools.1/8” and RCA line level signals . The MX22s mixes a 1/8”line level signal with an RCA signal such as a cassette or CD player.RCA In/Out and 1/4” TRS Output .MIXERS cont. board rooms.Mixes 4 Stereo signals . VP29 Phono Preamp . It’s circuitry is designed not only to provide the RIAA equalization curve.Individual controls for each channel .RIAA Equalization .Mixes 4 Stereo signals .1/8” Headphone Output . The MX310 is ideal for many applications.True Stereo 1/4” unbalanced Outputs . or restaurants where up to three RCA source signals need to be mixed with a microphone.5mm) .Pan control for each channel The VP29 is a simple yet integral part of the vintage home audio enthusiast. but smooth and quiet operation.Stereo Outputs . Phantom Power and LowCut filters for each channel. clubs..Individual controls for each channel The MX28 is for mixing up to three stereo line signals.12 VDC Phantom power .Dual RCA Stereo output . MX41b Stereo 4 Ch Mixer . class rooms.Four channels total . This makes the MX22s perfect for small aerobics studios. MX51s MiniMix II -1: XLR Mic input with phantom -1: 1/8” Input signals -3: RCA Input signals . It will also work in reverse. Ideal for mixing hot line level signals.Balanced XLR output ..RCA Jacks for inputs and outputs MX22s MiniMix . etc.Compact design The MX41b is a passive stereo resistance mixer that will attenuate the volume of each channel to one output. The MX51s is ideal for small aerobics studios.Two Headphone Outs (1/4” and 3. Any keyboard player not wanting to carry around a bulky rack mixer will find the MX28 the perfect solution.AC adapter included .Stereo Outputs . passively distributing a single stereo signal to four stereo outputs.Mono RCA Line-Level Output The MX310 mixes three Mic Inputs to a single XLR output that is switchable from Mic or Line level.100Hz Low cut filters . MX310 3 Ch Mic Mixer .Individual controls for each channel . passively distributing a single stereo signal to four stereo outputs. or wherever compact and portable mixing is required.1/4” and 1/8” TRS Jacks for inputs and outputs MX42 Stereo 4 Ch Mixer .

+/.XLR. quiet operation .15 band stereo (REQ315) .Adjustable Hi/Low Shelving Filters .Compact Stereo EQ .Adjustable Hi/Low Shelving Filters . 1/4” and RCA Inputs and Outputs . XLR and RCA Inputs and Outputs .12 dB boost/cut REQ131 31 Band . or 12 dB REQ315 15 Band stereo Graphic EQ EQ210 Stereo 10-Band Precision Equalizer .EQUALIZERS RPQ160b 4 band parametric EQ .+/.1/4”.Clean.12 dB boost/cut REQ215 Stereo 15 Band REQ313 31Band Graphic EQ Constant Q Graphic Equalizers . 1/4” and RCA Inputs and Outputs .XLR.31 band mono (REQ313) .Standard ISO Frequency Centers .Switchable slider range.RCA and 1/8” Inputs and Outputs . 6 dB.

Transformer-balanced XLR Outputs .Level controls .Auxiliary 3. 1 kHz setup Tone .Level and Pan controls .2 Mic Inputs .BATTERY POWERED MIXERS . The MX422 is our top of the line Professional ENG/Field mixer.4: XLR Inputs with Phantom Power .5mm Input MX36 Cam-Mix . MX422 FIELD MIXER MX 410 FIELD MIXER .3.Canvas case included The MX410 Field Mixer is a four channel professional ENG microphone mixer designed and engineered with the audio professional in mind.Headphone Output .4: XLR Inputs with 48V Phantom Power .+18VDC Phantom Power .18 VDC Phantom Power .L C R Switches for each Channel . The discriminating sound professional will be pleased to have so many options and features in a high end mixer.Headphone Output . Each channel features a low cut filter switch and 48 solid volts of phantom power.2: Mic Inputs . The MX410 is the perfect field mixer when ease of use is a top prioity.Back-up battery. Limiter.5mm Stereo Output .Slate tone Mic.Transformer-balanced XLR Outputs .1/8” Stereo Aux. but you need all the features of a real ENG/Field mixer.Canvas case included The MX422 Field Mixer is a four channel professional ENG microphone mixer designed and engineered with the audio professional in mind.100 Hz Low Cut filters . Each channel features a Left Center Right switch and phantom power.5mm Stereo Headphone Output . In .Mic/Line Switch for each XLR Input .9V Battery or AC adapter operation .1/4” Stereo Monitor In and Aux.. MX34c LiveMix . In . VU Meters .Pan control on each channel .3.

and it’s compact size allows for convenient mounting.+12 VDC Phantom Power . provide that capability with clean. The SX45 is a unique stereo frequency dividing processor designed for install or sound reinforcement applications requiring stereo operation.Mono Sub Output .1/4” and 1/8” TRS stereo outputs . SIGNAL PROCESSORS .For line and instrument level signals . The compression is very smooth. court rooms.2.2.100Hz Low cut filters . and transformer isolation make these units ideal for the video application as well as.Stereo RCA Outputs . stereo XLR outputs . and the MX124 with four Mic Ins. Low-Cut filters.Battery operation -Stereo RCA Input -XLR Mic Input -1/4” Mono Instrument/Line Input -1/8” (3.Screwdriver adjustable output level controls .9V Battery operation MX44s MiniMix IV The MX44s is an active line mixer.XLR Mic and 1/4” Line Inputs . and the gate is a must for noise elimination.Stereo XLR to RCA and vice-versa .50Hz .Transformer balanced. Bass players.Handy shoulder strap mounts MX54s ProMix Plus MX124 ProMix IV Professional as well as home video enthusiasts often need a simple. class rooms. the MX56c is the ideal solution. It’s perfect for any small club or restaurant. and vice-versa. MX56c MiniMix A/V Wherever you need to mix a microphone with a variety of stereo line signals. . and vice-versa.May be used as a balanced line level control by connecting the RCAs together .1/4” and 1/8” Headphone Outs .4: 1/4” and 1/8” TRS stereo inputs .5kHz range Very often a need arises for a simple single input. mobile.+12 VDC Phantom Power .18 VDC Phantom power . An inline stereo level potentiometer for each channel provides the ability to fine-tune the signal amounts.Mono 2-Way crossover .Stereo XLR to RCA and vice-versa . and Duck Release time . Plus.EACH UNIT FEATURES: . An in line stereo level potentiometer for each channel provides the ability to fine-tune the signal amounts. board rooms. . yet high quality way to mix microphones into their camera.24 dB/Octave roll off . DU30b Mic Preamp Audio Ducker CL151 GLC Gate Compressor/Limiter .Alternate Stereo RCA Input SX45 Stereo Crossover .0 for connection to a computer MB15b ProMatch Stereo Converter The MB15b ProMatch converts unbalanced stereo consumer-level signals to balanced professional-level signals. Duck Depth. the additional feature-set of Phantom Power. . soft-knee compression and noise reduction .Paging Mic Preamp w/Level control .50Hz .USB 2. perfect for mixing instruments or any other stereo line source to a stereo input expecting to see a +4 dB or line level input signal. SX21 Crossover .5kHz range MB35 ProMatch USBStereo Converter The MB35 ProMatch USB converts unbalanced stereo consumer-level signals to balanced professional-level signals.Smooth. combo bands and small public address systems are just a few applications for the SX21. The CL151 is a unique compressor/limiter/gate in that it adds the benefit of a microphone preamp on the XLR input. and “ducks” it under any signal present at the Mic Input. and quiet microphone preamps. two output crossover.Side Chain for detector circuit access The DU30b takes any program material present at the RCA Line Inputs. It features all RCA inputs and outputs. The MX54s with three Mic Ins.Converts headphone levels to balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA .5mm) TRS Stereo Line Input .Variable Sensitivity.12 dB/Octave roll off . or wherever compact and portable mixing is required.

or a stereo 1/8” (3. plus a transformer isolated. RCA unbal Ins / Outs .Isolation transformer DB24 Stereo D/I The DB24 offers two channels of the popular Rolls direct interface circuitry . .Attenuator Switch .4: XLR jacks.5mm) input.Electronic Crossover .Ground Lift for “hum” reduction . soft-knee compression The MP13 is the ideal single-mic board room solution. DB25b Direct Box .. .Smooth.Dual 1/4” jacks for signal passthrough MS20c Splitter/ Combiner Isolator The MS20c is a multi-purpose splitter/ combiner and signal isolation box. . MP13 Mini Mic Preamp SL33b Stereo Program The SL33b automatically controls the levels of commercial / consumer audio signals.5mm) TRS jack .XLR and 1/4” Outs .Variable Input Attenuation DB14b A/V Presenter The DB14b is a specialty direct box that takes two individual RCA inputs.Clip Indication .Stereo or Mono Direct Box .ROLLS SCE Processing .Stereo 1/8”.XLR and 1/8” Ins .Stereo Patch / Direct Box . 2 male . In a compact rugged steel chassis.Attenuator switch for connection to line level or speaker level signals . and a crisp full frequency sound. DIRECT INTERFACES . With special attention paid to sound clarity the RP221 processes the sound with Rolls proprietary Spectrum Correction Encoding circuitry. etc. the MP13 fits in.Ground Lift switch .Stereo signal Level adjustment RP221 Bottom Feeder Modern DJ and karaoke applications want all the low end thump-and-bump and crisp high-end they can get. Wherever you need one mic preamp with clean phantom power. providing clean signal splitting or combining.Male and Female XLR jacks . Made in USA. and feeds the outputs with a variable crossover for complete control over the final sound. .Transformer isolated XLR Outputs . DB225 ProfessionalDirect Box . Perfect for laptop audio/video presentations.Automatic dynamics processing .Stereo 1/8” RCA Inputs .Transformer isolated XLR Output The DB225 takes a high impedance signal to low impedance via shielded transformer balancing. 2 female. and sends them to separate RCA output jacks. Since there is no audio level standard for consumer audio.+24 VDC Phantom Power . computer speakers.Ground Lift for “hum” reduction . Dual 1/4” and Dual RCA Inputs .1/8” balanced.Uses standard 12 to 48 Volts DC Phantom Power .Dual 1/4” jacks for signal passthrough ADB2 Active Direct Box The ADB2 is an active direct box with superior frequency response suitable for recording applications.AC Adapter included SLC19 Stereo Level Control T h e S L C 19 i s a s i mp l e device designed to control stereo line-level audio signals such as those connected to powered speakers. The unit isolates signal paths reducing buzz and hum. . The DB25b takes a high impedance signal to low impedance via shielded transformer balancing.Ground Lift for “hum” reduction .Attenuator control . summed-tomono XLR Output.1: 1/8” ( one compact and rugged chassis.XLR and 1/4” TRS Ins and Outs .Subsonic Synthesizer . the SL33b keeps the levels maintained for Limiter a more comfortable listening environment.

Individual direct inputs to mix a separate stereo signal with the main input signal . but with a switch to make the MM11 Pro “push to talk” or “push to mute” DB227 Podcast-Pro RDB104 Quad Active Direct Box . RCA stereo inputs . Connect one end to your mic.Conver ts unbalanced signals to balanced .Switchable mixing for quick operation . The MS111 has a second switch for mute or active of the mic. passive device used to isolate signal paths and help eliminate ground loop problems from audio systems.Passive. . Connect one end to your mic.C Selector: Switches A.Passive.Requires no power .Switch for configuring .XLR.1/4” and 3. quiet headphone amplification .10 channels of clean.Input Level control . Constructed from heavy steel. Like the standard MM11.Mixes one XLR microphone and a source signal to a single XLR microphone level output .Momentarily mutes a balanced XLR signal . the other to you mixer.B. requires no power . and when the time arrives just press the button and the mic is muted. requires no power MM11 MIC MUTE The MM11 is a mic mute with a momentary button that can be activated by hand or with your foot.1/4” headphone outputs on the back panel of the RA102 RA62c 6-Channel Headphone Amplifier .Push to talk or Push to mute . -Common Jacks: 1/8” Tip-Ring-Sleeve jack and RCA for input/output and pass-through connections. -A.C jacks to the Common jack(s) one at a time. quiet headphone amplification .Momentarily mutes a balanced XLR signal .Passive unit does not require a power source so it can be used anywhere . MS111 MicSwitch The MS111 is a mic mute with a latching button. and when you need an active mic press the button in and you are live.1/4” and RCA Ins and Outs HE18 Buzz Off The HE18 is a simple.6 channels of clean.Four channels of active impedance matching .Passive.Single source level control for proper attenuation of the source inputs MM11 PRO MIC MUTE The MM11 Pro is a mic mute with a momentary button that can be activated by hand or with your foot.5mm headphone outs . One setting the mic is live when in. -A. .Switch able 30 dB Pad HEADPHONE AMPLIFIERS RA102 10-Channel Headphone Amplifier .B.DIRECT INTERFACES . it will last.Eliminates ground loop buzz and hum . and the other the mic is off when in.Latching Mute Switching of balanced XLR signals .B.C Jacks: Three 1/8”Tip-Ring-Sleev jacks and RCA for input/output connections. the other to you mixer. requires no power SS32 MINI ROUTE SIGNAL SWITCH .

HEADPHONE AMPLIFIERS RA53b 5-Channel Headphone Amplifier .1/4” Line/Power Output .Link I/O for connecting two RA53b units HA243 Studio 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier .Four individual stereo channels .1/4” and 1/8” (3.5 mm) TRS Outputs HV6 Headphone Volume Attenuator -The HV6 is not a headphone amp it is a passive headphone volume attenuator .5 1/4” and 3.Individual Level controls .XLR Mic and RCA Line Inputs .1/4” and 1/8” (3.5 mm) TRS Outputs HA43 Pro 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier .Individual Level controls .PS27s Power Supply included .A-B switch for each channel .Individual Level controls .5mm) TRS Outputs .1/8” (3.1/8” (3.Up to 7 Watt output power .Plug your headphone level signal into the HV6 and you can attenuate the volume of your hedphones with the HV6 .1/4” and 3.1/4” and Stereo XLR input (special XLR to 1/4” cable is included) HA204 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier .5mm Outputs .5mm Outputs to your headphones .1/4” Mono input .Battery powered or (Rolls PS27s optional) AMPLIFIERS PA71 MicroMix .TRS Inserts on three channels .PS27s Power Supply included .12 VDC Phantom Power for Mic In .Four individual stereo channels .1/4” and RCA Stereo Inputs .5mm) TRS Input .

85 Watts RMS per output (8 Ohm) .Spring-loaded output terminals .Front-panel heat sinking RA2100b 70 Volt Power Amplifier .200 Watts RMS bridged (8 Ohms) -1 Second turn-on delay RA235 Power Amplifier .Bridgeable -20 Watts Stereo/40 Watts Bridge .Screw Terminal and RCA inputs .85 Watts RMS per output (8 Ohm) .1 Second turn-on delay RA170 70 Volt Amplifier .100 Watts RMS per output (4 Ohm) .Protected output stage .70 Watts of clean amplification into 70V system .Screw Terminal Outputs .AMPLIFIERS RA200 Power Amplifier .Front-panel heat sinking PA202 Mini Power Amp .200 Watts RMS bridged into 8 Ohms or 70V .1/4” and RCA inputs .Class D Design .35 Watts per output (8 Ohms only) .100 Watts per output (4 Ohm) .Spring-loaded output terminals .

3 Line Inputs (2 Stereo RCA inputs) and (1 3.+12 VDC Phantom Power .2 XLR balanced Mic Inputs .Class D Design .5mm stereo input) .Bass and Treble controls .2 Separate output zones (A.Class D Design .MA2152:100 Watts RMS/Ch.5mm) Input .Push Terminal Speaker Outputs .MA2355: 35 Watts stereo (8 Ohms) .3 Stereo RCA Source Inputs .Paging priority on one Mic input .XLR Mic input with Phamtom Power . 4 Ohms 70 Watts RMS/ch.Mono/Stereo Operation (Except the MA1705.B or both) .Front panel 1/8” (3. Mono 70V only) . 8 Ohms MA1705 MA66 2 Zone Mixer/Power Amp 20+20 watt .4 Stereo RCA inputs and 1: 3.Jukebox priority on one Source input .MA1705: 70 Volt / 70 Watt .Protected outputs MA251 Mixer/ Power Amp 5+5 watt MA252 Mixer/ Power Amp 20+20 watt .Protected output stage .Tone controls for the Mic Inputs AMP SPECIFICATIONS .5mm stereo input (parallel to CH4) .MIXER / AMPLIFIERS MA2152 MA2355 EACH MIXER FEATURES: .2 Mic inputs .

Push Terminal Speaker Outputs POWERED SPEAKER MONITOR HR155 Rack Mount Speaker Monitor .RCA and 1/8” Inputs .8 balanced outputs with level controls .All Metal Steel Chassis DISTRIBUTION AMPLIFIERS RA163 Distribution Amplifier .8 Total outputs with level controls .4 Stereo RCA inputs and 1: 3.1/8” Stereo Input On Front .4 Total stereo outputs with level controls .XLR balanced Inputs and Outputs RA63b Distribution Amplifier .Included Power Supply .5mm stereo input (parallel to CH4) .Class D Design .MA254 Mixer/ Power Amp 5+5 watt MA255 Mixer/ Power Amp 20+20 watt .Screw terminal Inputs and Outputs DA134 RCA Distribution Amplifier .Protected output stage .Strong output for driving 600 Ohm loads .RCA stereo outputs .Line Level XLR and RCA Inputs .

to your audio system.5 mm) Outputs .Repeat All. restaurant or night club where quick access to your program material is necessary.Headphone. and RCA Outs . 44. RMS270 HR Series Rack Tray HOUSES ANY COMBINATION OF TWO OF THE THREE HR MODULES • HR78 AM/FM TUNER • HR72 CD / MP3 PLAYER • HR155 Also will house the MX153 Mixer or MP322 MP323 Bracket The MP322 conveniently adapts your standard memory storage devices. and Shuffle play .Auto search up and down .Remote control included HR31 BRACKETS for rackmounting all HR series units.Retains presets when power off . like USB thumb/flash drives and SD/MMC cards with MP3 files.RDS Data Compatible .Auto search up and down .Track programming .SIGNAL SOURCES RS80 AM/FM Quartz Digital PLL Synthesized .Output Level control . .FM stereo or mono operation HR78 AM/FM Digital Tuner HR72 CD/ MP3/SD/ MMC/USB Player .SD Card slot . . 12 FM and 6 AM . Sold Seperatly.Output Level control HR73 MP3 Recorder .Standard 1U space EIA rack chassis .RCA and 1/8" (3.P l ays s t a n d a rd C D s a s we l l a s M P 3 files .Digital Record to MP3 compression .5 mm) Outputs . It’s ideal for a church. READS USB FLASH DRIVES OR SD/MMC MEMORY CARDS CONTAINING MP3 FILES MP322 HiFi Card Reader MP3 Player • MP3 PLAYER • BUILT-IN 5-SETTING EQUALIZER • REMOTE CONTROL INCLUDED • Windows XP/2000/ME and Mac OS9 • Optional MP323 Rack Mount Bracket avail.RCA and 1/8" (3.Large LCD digital display .128 Kbps.Stereo RCA Outputs Optional HR271 Panel for covering one side of the RMS270 Rack Tray.18 presets. One. XLR.1 kHz CD quality audio .

10 dB Pad for calibration .Tests 1/4”.Easy-to-read LED indication -Single 9V battery powered MO2020 Test Oscillator The MO2020 provides a compact way to get a line-level test signal into any audio device.Pull-down resistors and capacitors for RPB486 Phantom Hex DC isolation PB23 Mic Power I . compact “pocket” design . As with most of the Rolls products.Utilize switching regulators for stable voltage performance . XLR.Utilize switching regulators for stable voltage performance .5 and 9 volt batteries . 1 kHz audio tone out one side for wiring and audio equipment phase testing . RCA. the power supply is included with the unit.1/4” sine and square wave outputs .+48 volt phantom power TESTING DEVICES .48 Volts of clean phantom power . 1/8” (3. RJ11 (Telephone). Full audio frequency range in both sine and square wave outputs are available. . This pocket sized tool is a must for all sound professionals.Tests 9 different types of cables .+48 volt phantom power The PB224 is the same unit as the PB223 but the PB224 will operate on 9 volt batteries.20 Hz to 20 kHz range CS1000 Cable Scanner The CS1000 is more than just a cable tester.1/4” TRS Outputs . BT301 Battery Tester The BT301 quickly and easily tests all AA.Powers two microphones .Small compact design . . PB223 Mic Power II .Sends a balanced.Powers six condenser microphones . as well as the included PS27s power supply.Tests all 1. RCA and XLR cables .Operates on two 9V batteries .High frequency power supply .5mm). . It tests NINE different types of cable ends. banana. and coin/button cell batteries as well as 9 volt batteries.Powers a single microphone . PB224 Mic Power IIb . 5 or 7-pin MIDI. The Rolls PB series of phantom power adapters each supply +48 volts of clean DC power to your favorite condenser microphones. C.PHANTOM POWER SUPPLIES The RPB486 phantom power supply powers up to 6 condenser microphones with 48 volts of ultra clean phantom power. RCA and XLR cables. it also tests phantom power voltage and phase.Sleek. .Utilize switching regulators for stable voltage performance -+48 volt phantom power The PB223 has the same design as the PB23 just with 2 channels.Accurate. AAA. 1/4”.Tests audio combinations of the above .Powers two microphones . and RJ45 (Ethernet and CAT 5). Speak-On. easy-to-read meter CT1 Pro Cable Detective The CT1 Pro is an inexpensive and compact cable tester for anyone needing to test 1/4”. D. The outputs are 1/4” Tip-Ring-Sleeve balanced for easy connection to a digital multitrack recorder. They utilize a proprietary high frequency power supply to greatly reduce noise and ensure voltage stability. as well as cable phasing (polarity).

Mic pass-through for mixer connection.Included Rolls PS27s AC adapter.Power Amp loop through . hardwired to pass phantom power . With the attenuation settings you can get the proper amount of headphone level with a wide range of input levels. . hardwired to pass phantom power . The PM57 allows connection directly to a powered line making it perfect for anyone wanting to replace a wedge monitor with headphones. but it can be powered by the included power supply or with a 9 volt battery. and with the optional “Y” adapter up to eight. PM55 Personal Monitor Amplifier . PM50s Personal Monitor Amplifier . The PM50s is has a stereo or mono line level monitor input that can be mixed exactly to the required level with your mic.Power Amp loop through . You now can have you own truly personal monitor mix at you finger tips. .Stereo balanced Instrument DI Outs The PS16 will power and supply signal to up to four of the PM50s.XLR Mic Input w/pass-through . PM55.Individual Level controls .No external power or batteries required. The mic signal is not altered at all in the pass through of the PM50s.1/4” input accepts stereo line levels .1/4” TRS stereo Instrument Input . The PM351 is the ultimate personal monitor problem solver.1/4” input accepts stereo line levels . The PM55 is the same unit as the PM50s. The power is provided on the ring of the jack. The PM series units must operate in mono.Attenuation Switch . or PM351 units directly.No external power or batteries required.1/4” TRS ster/mon Monitor Input . . The PM52 allows connection directly to a powered line making it perfect for anyone wanting to replace a wedge monitor with headphones. YS19 Stereo “Y” Adapter PS16 Monitor Power Center The YS16 is a “Y” adapter that is mentioned in the PS16 description to connect up to eight PM series units to one PS16.Conver ts speaker level signals to headphone level.Mono/Stereo mode . PM57 Headphone Tap . PM52 Headphone Tap .PM55 operates on 9V battery or PS27s AC adapter. It’s designed for the musician needing to mix an instrument with their microphone and the main monitor mix.1/4” and 1/8” headphone outputs Mix your microphone with a main monitor for a perfect mix that you control. PM351 Personal Monitor System . .All mix to 1/4” and 1/8” Outs .PERSONAL MONITORS Mix your microphone with a main monitor for a perfect mix that you control.Mic pass-through for mixer connection.Conver ts speaker level signals to headphone level.Mono/Stereo mode .

HA540 Class A Headphone Amplifier . The VP-series provides not only the required RIAA equalization to properly re-equalize the material from the record.Calibrated metering switchable in the circuit path .Solid state I/O buffering only .Side Chain The RP533 uses all the powerful circuitry included in other popular Bellari rack-mounts. RP562 Tube Sonic Exciter • Tube Gain Circuitry • Restores signal clarity and definition • 1/4” and XLR Ins and Outs • Calibrated VU metering The HA540 is a Pure Class A single channel headphone amplifier with 1/4” and 1/8” (3. Nashville. The unit is ideal for any recording situation.VP530 AND VP130 ARE AVAILABLE ONLY THRU MUSIC HALL DISTRIBUTION VP530 Tube USB phono Preamp All Tube Circuitry RIAA Equalization Headphone / Stereo Line Output Individual Output Level Controls Rumble Filter VP130 Tube Phono Preamp If you’ve been dreaming of recording all your old records onto your computer. Each process. However. and New York.5mm Outputs . RP583 Tube Compressor/ Limiter . it does so utilizing the naturally warming and musical characteristics of tube circuitry.RP520 features VU meters Our most popular tube mic preamp.1/4” and 3. then to CD . can be individually bypassed. through the use of tube circuitry.Phase Reversal .here’s the device to connect to your turntable.High and Low level separate inputs THE HA540.Pure Class A Circuit . It has been included on several album credits and is present in most major studios in LA.XLR and 1/4 Inputs and Outputs . except the preamp.Optical gain reduction . the RP583 yields a warmer more natural sounding compression.PROFESSIONAL TUBE PRODUCTS . in a single channel unit. instruments.Side Chain for direct access to the compressor’s detector The Bellari RP562 is a single rack space sonic exciter. warm up any digital mix. RP533 Tube Multi-Processor . It has the smooth yet punchy characteristics that drive vocal tracks to the front.5mm) headphone outputs.TUBE: MIC PREAMP / COMPRESSOR / SONIC EXCITER . and yields up to 6 dB more gain before feedback for the live user. The pristine sound is achieved by running the tubes at a high 250 volt plate voltage.30 dB Input and Output Padding .Transformer balanced input . but proves most effective in natural. warm sound .Versatile compression range .1/4” and XLR inputs and outputs . all with warm and inviting sounds. lively tube sound .Smooth. The RP533 is ideal for vocals. designed for professional audio/ sound studio applications. .Smooth. pleasant signal conditioning for the digital recording medium. or any application where signal pre amplification and dynamics processing is required.+48 Volt Phantom Power . RP520 Tube Microphone Preamp The RP583 utilizes a true threshold detector circuit like most of todays solid state compressors.+48 Volt Phantom Power .1/4” and XLR inputs and outputs .

C Switches: Mechanical latching switches PI9 PhonePatch II . Made of vinyl coated steel. The ABC904 is a stereo switching device that will switch up to three signals (A. as well as other items The Rolls URT5 is a universal rack tray and like the name applies it has been designed to mount various items in a rack. The PI9 does not work with phone systems only a POTS line (plain old telephone system).Uses standard telephone cords .2 standard RJ11 telephone jacks .12VDC BNC connector for optional lights The Rolls RPM26 is a single rack space power distribution unit supplying 9 total switched AC power outlets.C) to one output. URT5 Universal Rack Tray .Operates on 1-128 or 0-127 . You will know when they are active by the LED indicators on each channel. The ABC904 is made from very thick powder coated steel that will last in any application. The switches are very high quality. The PI9 is for recording or broadcast of telephone conversations. and MIDI song pointer information on any of the 16 MIDI channels.Three segment LED display . The MIDIBUDDY slso features MIDI sharing and operates via MIDI phantom power which eliminates the need for the “wall-wart” power supply.Save your settings from tampering The Rolls R103 is a security cover made specifically for our rack products.Midi in and out .Uses 8 total remote buttons .Fi r s t c o n t e s t a n t t o “r i n g .JOIN jack for connecting two units together.B. with optional join cable .i n” b l o c k s out other contestants .Brilliant White LED lighting w/Dimmer .Start and Stop functions .5mm) GS76R Game Show .B.Various mounting holes and hole shapes for mounting Rolls produc ts.C Jacks: Three 1/4” Tip-RingSleev jacks -A.B. Set your levels and don’t worry that they will be changed.Nine total AC outlets . MP128 MIDIBUDDY ABC904 SIGNAL SWITCH -Common Jacks: Two 1/4” Tip-RingSleeve jacks -A. Made of powder coated steel. RPM26 Rack Power .CLEVER DEVICES . Eight outlets are located on the rear panel. R103 Steel Security Panel .Dual RCA. and an 1/8” (3.Included Rolls PS27s power supply The MP128 is a MIDI footcontroller designed to send MIDI program change.Transformer isolation .

The WP37 is a single remote volume control wall plate.6 total grounded AC outlets .Adapts XLR connectors to screw terminals . 2A 220V ADAPTERS A802 British Plug Adapter For use with PS27s or PS15 to convert the plug connection to British standard.For convenient install adaptations 120V ADAPTERS POWER ADAPTERS . It is for use with the Rolls RM64.1/4” TRS Connection . WP37 Wall Plate/Volume XLF112 Female XLR to screw terminal adapter MU118 Digital Multimeter XLM113 Male XLR to screw terminal adapter . Response: Plug: Mylar Cobalt 32 Ohms 50Hz .20kHz 3.Finger-tighten screw .Surge Protector .PS12: 12VAC. 800 mA PS24 -PS24: 24VDC. or PM351 to provide mobile use of those units.Momentary switches: Effect 1 grounds the tip Effect 2 grounds the ring PC3 Power Cord / Wall-wart adapter . PM55.Eliminates taking up more than one power strip outlet when using a “wallwart” power supply BC17 Belt Clip . 800 mA PS91zm .PS15: 15VDC.5mm MSC106 Mic Stand Clamp EB77 Stereo Earbuds The MU118 is a Digital Multimeter with Frequency Measurement function and a Tempature Measurent function. OS10 Outlet Strip / Surge Protector . 400 mA PS15 . 300 mA PS27s PS12 .PS91zm: 9VDC.PS27s: 15VDC. MA66 and RM67.6 foot cord The BC17 attaches to the back of a PM50s.CLEVER DEVICES . PS27sE PS27K PS12E .12-Gauge steel RP8 Two Button Footswitch Cone: Magnet: Impedance: Freq.For mounting small Rolls products onto a microphone stand .

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