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eputy District Attorney Steven Kay believes one member of the Board of Prison Terms panel hearing the appeal from convicted Manson family murderer Leslie VanHouten was sympathetic towards the inmate. Unlike previous hearings, Mr. Kay does not remember the decision for finding Van Houten unsuitable being announced as unanimous. The board has always indicated, "We have a unanimous decision" when finding the inmate unsuitable. Mr. Kay also stated one board member could not look at him and seemed to shy away from personal contact. Kay told author Bill Nelson he had an uncomfortable feeling regarding this board member. It was the same board member who told Mr. Kay there were just too many letters supporting the release of VanHouten to be copied for him. "There is a whole box full" said the board member as he looked down at the box out of view of the television camera. The state is permitted to receive copies of letters of support, usually the letters will be copied for the opposing Deputy District Attorney. He, in return, is obligated to provide the Board of Prison Terms with copies of letters opposing the release of the inmate. The inmate has copies of all letters place in her C File. During a conversation with Nelson, Kay also wondered what that member might have done if the press had not shown up to cover the hearing and if the letter from the LaBianca family had not been written. Kay reminded the media after the hearing that in 1980 VanHouten received one vote for her release date. "Some people say to me, Steve, why don't you just not show up, it is a slam dunk!" Kay does not think so. "I never know, especially with Leslie. She is a model prisoner and she presents herself well. Why, even during her third trial, she flirted with the court recorder - it was a male I might add." uthor Bill Nelson announced today that Charles Manson was moved from the toughest prison in California - Pelican Bay , and returned to Corcoran State Prison on February 5, 1998. Manson was sent to Pelican Bay for Psychological testing after being found with drugs at Corcoran. A law enforcement official, outside the prison, told Nelson when Manson was transferred that the illegal substance was one pound of hash. Manson completed his 90 days testing without incident. The prison official told Nelson they were glad to see him go. They had never seen so much mail for an inmate. While not giving Nelson numbers, the official said it was highly unusual. Telephone calls were placed to Manson from all over the world. England seems to have more interest in Manson now than other countries. Universities, tabloid press, they all called. In the United States one caller from Wisconsin told the prison official that he was holding up a Manson T-shirt, and he indicated he would do anything for Manson. All communications with inmates at Pelican Bay were conducted with a glass barrier. Even the attorneys could only talk to their clients by a telephone while looking at the inmate on the other side of the glass. he now uses the name Sandra Collins and is a resident of Hanford, California. She resides with her live-in roommate, George from Ohio. Sandra, or "Blue" as Manson calls her, is not allowed to enter the prison just ten miles away. George is the contact, approved by the prison, to
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orchestrate the will of Manson on the outside. George and Blue must be ecstatic! Manson has returned. During the time Manson was in Pelican Bay, the house George and Blue live in was painted yellow. Reminiscent of the Manson days, "The Yellow Submarine" - operating just below the awareness of society, one wonders if they will now paint it blue once again. It is in this yellow, or blue, house that George and Sandra operate the web site for Manson. Their computer system was purchased from the local Radio Shack a few years ago. Residents tell us that George and Blue very seldom come outside. Sandra rides her bicycle about six blocks to the post office almost daily to gather the money from people in support of Manson. George can be seen on rare occasions mowing the lawn around the house. Living in vintage hippie style of the 60's, there are old Vw's parked on the property. Both George and Blue like to complain about materialism and decry corruption but neighbors have noticed that like other middle class Americans, the television set can be seen in that front window almost any night. Even Manson has changed from his sermonizing days of preaching no clocks, no calendars, no time keeping. At his last parole hearing, Charlie sported a quite visible watch on his wrist.

Three Strikes: Is Sandra Collins Good Pugh a candidate for the California Three Strikes law? It is hard
to believe, but Blue got herself into a little jam with the local police department in Hanford back in 1992. She committed a misdemeanor by not paying for merchandise at a grocery. The People of the State of California VS. Sandy Collins, represented by PRO PER, DOB 02/20/44. Count 01:PC 484 Theft. The commitment offense was committed on an anniversary date for the Manson family. December 2, 1969 Manson family members in custody. Kasabian surrendered in New Hampshire, Tex Watson was being taken in custody in McKinney, TX. December 2, 1943 is the birth date of chief killer Charles Denton "Tex" Watson. Blue has several arrest in her history, the easy ones to remember are: Credit card fraud at Fallbrook stores the week of the Tate/LaBianca murders; she served fifteen years in Federal prison for threatening business owners; she did this silly little theft in 1992.

Blue Calls Police: Following a segment on Hard Copy, Sandra Good called the Hanford Police
Department complaining about the possibility of Bill Nelson showing up on her property. She railed against Nelson to the black officer for more than ten minutes. She wanted to know what she could do if Nelson "trespassed" on her property and she told the officer "Nelson is evil" and "He could not put a sentence together in a book if his life depended on it". "He lies, all he does is lie, he is evil!"The officer told her that if Nelson, or anyone else shows up, just call the police. Blue asked for the number (which she had just dialed) and the officer told her "try 911". Hard Copy had shown the video tape Nelson took earlier of the George/Blue residence as the location of the Manson web site. Her right to privacy was not violated because Hard Copy did not show the street and address

Manson Read The Book: Manson placed an order for four copies of MANSON BEHIND THE
SCENES in March 1997, and right after he read it, along with Blue and maybe George, a telephone call was placed to Newport Beach by Manson. The two brothers told Nelson that during a conversation, Manson surprised them by asking, "How is Nelson's health?" At about the same time, Bill Nelson began receiving messages with threatening numerology on his pager. We can tell you what the messages were only because Nelson has discontinue his use of the pager. Therefore, no one can duplicate the harassing calls to the pager. There were six in all. The first message was on April 11, 1997. Then, two weeks later, on April 25, 1997 the police department employees of the midnight shift at the Hanford department received damage to their personal cars. Six cars were damaged. The message, on each car on the hood, door, or trunk was "F.Y.666x". The second one was August 28, 1997, a Friday. "9266264725 6." It came at 2:34 p.m. Manson and his clan like to do things on the week end.Another message on Nelson's pager was on November 13,1997, a Full moon on Thursday 456542 at 10:53 a.m. Then a message was made on a Friday, at 9:00 a.m. with just "69" on the pager. That "69" was repeated for the last time at 4:54 p.m. on another day. Nelson has discussed the possibility that Blue made the calls with other Manson experts. Howard Davis, author of The Zodiac/Manson Connection is a Numerology buff and Davis believes they were most likely from the direction of Manson and carried out by one of his disciples. We will leave it up to you Numerology buffs to guess the meaning of the numbers. Perhaps you might want to e-mail us with your decipher. We will not release all messages because of a need to keep some information should there be an arrest.
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Why the Hanford police? Blue had reason to believe the department had assisted Nelson in locating her residence. She was very angry about it and that started her call to the police department about the possibility of Nelson or others trespassing. The attacker knew what they were doing. A butt kit with a sand base was placed against the front door of the department to alert them if an officer was coming outside. Only the police employees cars were damaged. One need not be a rocket scientist to imagine what the F.Y. means. When the police asked Blue about the meaning of 666, she said she had not heard of that before. The public library lost their only copy of Helter Skelter and all other books relating to Satanism were stolen. The police officer found it strange that the theft happened just before the damage. The city leaders denied the claim for damages for the officers. There is a law suit pending.

COURT TV DOCUMENTARY: Author Bill Nelson was hired by Court TV and an independent
producer to consult on an upcoming documentary on the Manson murders.Alice LaBianca, first wife of murdered Leno LaBianca was taped this week (June 1,1998) as well as former police officer Mike McGann of the LAPD. McGann was at the crime scene and was present in the autopsy room for all five victims from the Tate house. Other people projected to appear in the show are Chief Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, Deputy District Attorney Stephen Kay, a former juror on the case, and more. The independent producer is really interested in having Roman Polanski appear. Nelson has sent a fax and left a message with Polanski's agent in Paris. Linda Kasabian is a prime target for participation but the call to one of her brothers by Nelson has not resulted in an interview yet. Nelson had a long conversation with former care taker William Garretson but he declined to appear. He told Nelson that all he wanted to say was written in the book MANSON BEHIND THE SCENES. Dianne Lake, a dear friend of Nelson declined his invitation to appear. Gypsy seems to have gone underground once again. Her Texas connections are no longer reachable by telephone. The pastor,his wife, and her agent have either relocated or chosen to go underground since the book MANSON BEHIND THE SCENES was published. Harold True, former resident on Waverly Drive during the crime period has yielded to an interview request but so far the producer is not interested in his participation. Wanted: Any former Manson family members, or persons who knew them well, please e-mail author Bill Nelson at for a possible on camera interview for Court TV.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY LACKS OPPOSITION: The DA from LA seems to be in agreement with his deputy not opposing the release of Manson family killer Bruce Davis. At the last parole hearing, Davis, housed at the California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo, California received just one year denial. Experts on the Manson murders and the unsolved Zodiac murders believe this would be a most serious mistake if Bruce M. Davis indeed gets his date. His wife, flight attendant for Delta Airlines continues to keep busy soliciting support from pilots, crew, fellow flight attendants, and passengers to impress the Board of Prison Term panel with numerous letters. We must take her efforts serious because at the last hearing for Davis, even a former California Supreme Court Justice wrote a letter stating it would be a grave injustice to keep him locked up any longer.

ACCUSED OF INCITING: Supporters of Leslie VanHouten are accusing Bill Nelson of inciting the
public because he quoted Mr. Kay regarding the possibility that the Board of Prison Terms vote last Thursday may not have been unanimous. The video tape was just checked by this office to determine exactly what was said. "It's going to be a one year denial." Mr. Kay noted this is the only time in his memory that the vote was not stated as unanimous by the board for a Manson family member. The BPT personal are researching the point in question. Regardless of what they say when they call Nelson, there are only three people who know for sure. The transcript will read what was quoted above. The written word is an exact quote of the voice tape for the parole hearing.

STORY DIFFERS: VanHouten told the parole board in her last two hearings she went and got Tex to
help in the bedroom. She said she could not do it. Tex came into the bedroom and executed the

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defenseless Rosemary who was unable to see, with a pillow case over her head and tied around her neck with the cord of a standing lamp. VanHouten claims she looked "Into this empty room/space" and just stood there. Until Tex told her to do something. She stabbed Rosemary "about sixteen times" pointing to her lower back as she spoke to the panel. That story is different than the one recorded in Helter Skelter as spoken to Dianne Lake following the murders. "In interviewing Dianne, I learned a number of things which hadn't come out in her earlier interviews...'And Leslie VanHouten, after admitting to her that she had stabbed someone, had commented that at first she had been reluctant to do so, but then she'd discovered the more you stabbed, the more fun it was". pp297 Hardbound Edition.

ZODIAC SECRETS: Zodiac expert Howard Davis just completed reading two books. He was
surprised to find more hidden secrets of the Zodiac Manson connection. He believes it is the little things that may finally crack the case. Davis expresses disappointment that the different law enforcement agencies still refuse to work together to solve the Zodiac murders.

e-mail SHOOTERS: Issue is taken that Bill Nelson brought a sack of shrimp back to the prison for
Leslie VanHouten or anyone else for that matter, who was hungry. The prison PIO man decided to keep it for himself. It was not Nelson's idea. Nelson did not laugh about it. The officer did. If there is a problem with that, Nelson suggest a letter be sent to the prison with a written complaint. Regarding Nelson telling the PIO to see if Susan wanted to come over to the fence and talk to him, it was a sincere request. Atkins and Nelson have had a good relationship in the past, and Nelson continues to write her on occasion. Susan Atkins requested Nelson come into the facility to see her as under the restraints of a para-legal. That was to protect what was said in confidence. That agreement has not been breached. Even in the chapter on Susan Atkins, Nelson declined to share the conversation with the readers. Were it not for the extreme dislike of husband James Whitehouse for Nelson, Susan and the author would continue to see each other often. Susan has since parted with the attorney who arranged those two meetings in 1992.

HARD COPY: We have learned that producers at Hard Copy are in contact with Ms. VanHouten to try and include her in a segment. With the law now in place that convicted murderers may no longer be interviewed in person, inside the walls of the prison, they must be hoping for the telephone conversation which would air as a voice over while using B-Roll of the parole hearing just completed. FREEDOM ENDORSEMENT: Nelson received a letter saying that he had been seen on Court TV
regarding the release of VanHouten and the writer of the letter stated her agreement with him that it "Is time to let her go". Nelson did state on numerous television shows last Thursday following the parole hearing that he did not see how the BPT could keep her in after thirty years. He is not in agreement with her release because of the motive and brutality of the murders. He expressed the view that with all the drive by shootings today, the continuous release of convicted killers with short sentences, it would be hard not to consider the Manson clan (except for Charlie) to be anything less than political prisoners after thirty years. Mr. Kay maintains Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Tex Watson will never go free. "They were just too involved both nights of the Tate/LaBianca murders."

ATTORNEY OBJECTS: He expresses anger that we claim to receive e-mail shooters and he said he
is "intimately involved" with the case. Objection! You offer not one once of proof on your site to prove you receive unkind e-mail from people. Then, later in his remarks, he says that Mr. Nelson deserves such attacks, "You have been sticking your nose into Manson for years. When you push someone in a corner and he feels threatened,..." This site has been receiving an unusual amount of mail objecting to our news-alert page. Mansonites and killer defenders are outraged this site is available to the world. We see no reason to publish the anti sentiment e-mail to the public. For those of you demanding proof, we ask you to send a self addressed

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envelope with $2.00 processing and we will send you "samples" of the mail. We are pleased to inform you that we receive more positive than negative e-mail. Nelson has a background in talk radio and television. He believes this is even better than talk radio. It accomplishes all the same things - thought stimulation and reaches the world. As a former newspaper publisher, Nelson enjoys communicating with the world and finds technology has advanced so much there is no need of printing bills and circulation limitations.

STALKING IN CALIFORNIA: By Bill Nelson One e-mailer accused me of stalking people when he refereed to my activities in the "little red truck".
California has in acted strict stalking laws, mostly because of the Rebecca Shaffer murder case. The slain actress was gunned down by the berserk Robert Bardo, shot at point blank range at her front door. Bardo had located her with the help of the Department of Motor Vehicles records. Shaffer, incidentally, was a close friend of Lisa Statman. For those of you who have read MANSON BEHIND THE SCENES, you will recall Lisa was the resident of the guest house on the Tate property where I visited her several times. Later, during the trial of the accused killer, I discovered Tex Watson had communicated with Bardo and even written about him in his newsletter. "I did not think I could be forgiven for my sins" wrote Bardo. Tex asked his religious followers to pray for Bardo. He even gave them the address of his lock up location. (Incidentally, Bardo, under the influence of Watson, made a plea bargain to accept life in prison with no possibility of parole, if he could be tried by a judge and not a jury.) That is exactly what Tex Watson wishes he had done during his trial. His judge, sympathetic to Watson and his state of mind proclaimed at the sentencing, "If I had been the tryer of this case I would have found differently." Tex blew his opportunity and received the death penalty. A little more background than perhaps you wanted, but it sets the stage for my remarks. The rules for private investigators and their associates are very clear. Researchers and writers are under the same rules. For me to be able to stake out, watch for movement, or create a timeline of activities of a subject (the person being watched) there has to be a reasonable belief that if the subject were aware, he or she could see me. It is called "subrosa" which meant under the rose bush. Today, you must be in the open. I have staked out the home of Kristin Watson alone, on the street in plain view. I obtained photographs of Kristin and the children. Those photographs have been published around the world. Agencies have employed me because others could not accomplish the assignment. Once, while watching the business and home of Kristin Watson with a television crew, we were amazed that she came outside the house, began walking down the street, pulling her hair back, stretching, and not seeing the white van with the rather large camera hanging out the passenger side window. Two cars on the street, one van, she never knew it. Sitting in a car, alone, watching, may just get you questioned by the police. After all, I report strange activity in my neighborhood and sometimes I go up to the car and ask the driver what he is doing. Often it is a private investigator, or licensee of an investigator watching a subject. It has been a narcotics officer. It has been an insurance investigator. While working for a P.I. I was rousted by two cop cars and asked for identification. I had been sitting in the car for three hours. After that, I tired of the heat in the Riverside desert and I took a lounge chair, set it up by the railroad tracks where I could observe the driveway of the subject. It was a work comp case. Up came the police, I arose from the chair and they asked me for identification. We chatted for a few moments, they ran my plate, asked me what I was doing, and went on their way. One officer asked me who the subject was, I said to him, "You know I can't tell you that, but he lives in that mobile home park, there is his driveway." Usually, the private investigators check in with local law enforcement in advance to tell them what they are doing. I did that often. This is done because you may begin to follow the subject and the police like to know about that. When calls come in from the neighborhood, the switchboard operator simply tells the caller - "We know about it and its OK." The law does not allow you to peak in windows. You may not shoot video or camera over back fences. When the subject comes outside, you may observe, tape, or take photographs of them. Plain view. A stalker will not abide by these rules. That is the difference. You have the right to approach any door you

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like in America, but you must leave when asked to do so. One last observation. The last time I was hired professionally to do a stakeout, it was for a difficult case involving a police officer. Several attempts had been made to catch him on tape doing something the insurance company knew he could not do. I arrived in the community around 6:30 a.m. The first thing I did was to pick my vantage spot. As the day advanced, I made contact with the neighbor immediately to my right. You must do that since that person is the most likely to call the police. You give them a pretext. What did I say for that case? "I am driving that little car today, parked right there and I will be sitting in it for some time today. I am working for an investigation firm and I am watching for a son to come home. He took a really expensive car without permission. It is a really big case, an attorney family, down the street. It is a very ugly divorce, you may have even seen it on TV. Don't worry, it is not one of your neighbors, I am sure you do not know the family." There, I had put the most likely person to call the police at rest. I had the good spot. I could see the house. He could not leave without me seeing him. Period. Sure enough, a rather expensive automobile arrived in the driveway, it was his wife. Soon, the police officer was coming out from the back yard carrying a hose over his shoulder. I zoomed in, I taped him for about 45 minutes. The firm I worked for required me to make a telephone call to the house to identify that the man was indeed home, that it was him I taped, and that I could testify to all of that in court. The man appeared to have been doing something with paint and while sitting there on the sidewalk, cleaning an object, he stood, sat, bent over, and did many things that proved he was not disabled. During the brief phone call I pretended to be a painting contractor. "We are working in your neighborhood and wondered if you would like a bid from us?" I called in the good news. Finally, after several attempts with different investigators, we had him on tape. The police station was called, the Captain wanted to speak with me. I confirmed the officer was on tape. He yelled! "For eight months we have been trying to catch him." I can't believe you did it!" That was my last case I worked. Why? There I was, pointing a camera at a police officer who had the authorization to use deadly force. What would he have thought if he saw the camera pointed at him? A gun? Maybe. I never went to court on that case, but I am sure someone else took credit for taping the officer. Yes, they would have lied. I did not feel the amount of money I was receiving was worth a returned bullet. Check out your community. There is probably someone watching someone. It is investigation, television crew taping, divorce messes or insurance firms suspecting fraud. It is not stalking. There is a difference.

GYPSY CONTACTED: She has gone underground. She is part of the Federal Witness Protection
Program and since MANSON BEHIND THE SCENES was published, she, Janna Hughes, her former pastor and his wife, have all become more difficult to find. But! We have located a former attorney who worked with at least one of them and he has promised to ask Gypsy if she wants to appear on the Court TV Special. We are hopeful she will say yes. KCBS, channel 2 Los Angeles, taped her in 1993. Gypsy later appeared in a tabloid newspaper in a staged peaceful looking kitchen pretending to pour a cup of coffee or tea. Ms. Hughes, the professional agent for Gypsy's book or movie dreams once said that Nelson tried to keep people from working with Gypsy in the media. That was untrue. Gypsy - Make the call.

WATSON CHALLENGE: The keepers of this site are issuing a challenge for Charles Denton "Tex"
Watson to give an interview with the Christian personality of his choice, with questions being submitted from either Dave Peterson, Ed Sanders, Stephen Kay, Howard Davis, or Bill Nelson. The LaBianca family would appreciate submitting questions to this man also. Questions from the viewers of this web site are encouraged to submit their questions about the case as well. Professing a heart of forgiveness, preaching the gospel of redemption, Watson is urged to accommodate our request. No tricks. No agenda. Just questions about things only he knows. This is not unreasonable. We look forward to the response. You who are supporters of Charles, please, encourage him to do the right thing. Please do not respond that we are not to remember the things of the past. That does not fit. Both Atkins and Watson wrote books, sold in

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the Christian community about their past. It is the base of their fame. The apostle Paul talked often about his past. By e-mail, mail, fax, phone, we await.

BPT POLLED - NO RIFT: Today we received confirmation from the Board Of Prison Terms,
there was no rift in the three panel board who ruled Leslie VanHouten unsuitable for parole. A member of the board confirmed this when Bill Nelson asked for a polling of each member last week. That request was made when Mr. Stephen Kay, Deputy District Attorney of Los Angeles representing the People of the State of California, suggested the ruling was not unanimous because the words used by the board did not include "unanimous decision". VanHouten received a 2-1 decision in 1980.

Late afternoon: Kay Responds -By Bill Nelson Stephen Kay called and left a message regarding
the BPT ruling. He is pleased to hear it! He also said he received a telephone call from Harold True. True told Kay what he told me following the parole hearing: "Someone needs to look her in the eye, and tell that crazy broad, I know you, I know what you did and don't try to give us this XXX!" True ought to know the truth. He knew all of them. He partied with them. He and his two roommates refused to allow the crazed VD plagued girls move in with them. True smoked Pot, he was educated and he certainly could not be classified as a right wing, or religious fanatic. Mr. Kay thinks this letter will go a very long way to affecting the chances for Leslie to get a release date. Alice LaBianca expressed relief at the news. With her letter and all the press coverage for the parole hearing, she could not understand how a board member could defect.

Attorney In House: Update from June 3, news alert: Manson family killer Susan "Sexie Sadie"
(her given name in the Manson family - Tex for Watson, Blue for Sandra, Red for Squeaky, and Snake for Dianne Lake) Atkins Whitehouse now has a full fledged attorney at her disposal. James Whitehouse, fifteen years younger husband of Susan, has completed his law degree at Harvard and a guard told Nelson during the parole hearing for Van Houten that James passed the bar. Now maybe he can get a job and earn his own way. Historically, sources tell Nelson James has not held a job, he lives in a one by mobile home left to him by his departed grandmother, and he has lived rather nicely off the good will of a rich medical relative. During a marathon visit between Bill Nelson and Susan Atkins Whitehouse in 1992, Susan told the author "James has never discussed any of this with me." Maybe next time, we will see a rookie attorney husband representing Susan Atkins Whitehouse. Following the two visits, Nelson and Atkins continued a writing correspondence. Nelson likes Susan Atkins as a person and he is thankful for the time he spent with her with the help of Susan's former attorney Deborah. Recently, however, he wrote Susan stating why he believes she should spend the rest of her natural life in prison. Contrary to the expressions of her supporters for release, Nelson and Atkins had no falling out. Once again, Nelson directs those involved in extensive criticism of his work to consider the life of the Apostle Paul. Put in prison, shackled, chained, in desperate conditions, he gave us the written history of the early church He was there unjustly. The Manson family killers are not.

NUMEROLOGY RESPONSE: W e received one code breaking attempt for the messages sent to
Nelson on his pager. It was a different breaking of the code than our experts had found. We are waiting for a response from Howard Davis, the real expert in the Zodiac case and a specialist in Numerology. Manson Read The Book: A previous news alert has been updated. We found some notes as the calls came in that had been misplaced. It changes the numerology.

VANHOUTEN BORN AGAIN? A recent e-mailer indicated VanHouten should be released
because she has served so long, she has expressed remorse, and she is a "believer". This is the first time we have been informed she has gone this direction. (We are not omnipresent so we will not give it as "Breaking News". We do report items as they come to us.) VanHouten has indicated she has joined the ranks of Watson, Atkins, Davis, and Share.

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WEB SITE GETS PRAISED: I just wanted to say what an excellent site you have. Usually when
looking up anything on the Manson family murders all you get are web sites that are pro Manson and the others. I know there seems to be plenty of people who seem to think poor Charlie, he and his followers were railroaded. B***t, excuse my language, but I grew up in a small town outside one of the ranches he lived at in Death Valley and the group used to frequent our community quite a bit in those days. My grandmother and aunt remember them distinctly. They frequented a community swimming pool since they had no other access to bathing facilities. There's no doubt in my mind or the minds of the people still living in that town that Manson and his family were guilty and dangerous. No one set them up or railroaded them into prison. They did a great job themselves. Too many people in my town knew these people and the family was usually not shy about talking about what they did, so when I read about people defending Manson it makes me sick, because they have no idea what they're talking about and it goes to prove Manson is still manipulating even in prison. As for the others who are always trying to win parole I can't say what they feel in their hearts or how rehabilitated they are, but I believe their crime deserves a life sentence and that's just it. No parole. I don't care if they become saints while in prison. These were just too ungodly of crimes to ever let these people out of prison. Thank you for letting me rant. - L. D.

GREAT SITE!!! I can't believe the Susan Atkins web site called the Doves Nest! Talk about creepy
as hell!!!!!! Thanks for a great site! -Jenny

CURIOUS: One thing I am curious about is why Pat Krenwinkel does not go through all these
elaborate attempts to get released. I saw her on some TV show, and thought that she seemed the most reformed, and ironically from the interview it seemed that VanHouten was rather disturbed. I don't think they should be released on principle, and I find it suspicious that they would be so interested in getting released, or at least irritating. But Krenwinkel does seem to have the best developed conscience at this point. (Of course, I only saw this on TV.) - Michael Comment By Bill Nelson - During the time my investigator Ms. Judy Hanson was visiting Pat, she came to believe that of the three women, Pat was the most mature and honest. She told me while visiting Pat, Susan made a fool of herself on numerous occasions. For instance, Susan had no visitors at the time but she came into the visiting room anyway and began bowing and doing a little flirtatious curtsy to the visitors, absent of underwear, just to get attention. Judy said it was really weird. When Susan got to the doorway to leave, she turned and threw every one there a big kiss. The girls always seem to be two against one. In the early days of confinement in that special housing unit built just for them, It was Pat and Leslie against Susan the snitch. Now it is Leslie and Susan with nothing ever said about Pat. My sources say Pat is a loner. Leslie is pleasant, and Susan is a user. A Ms. Linda Mann, from the east coast runs the web site for Susan and Leslie. Leslie denied interest or knowledge about the site during the parole hearing, but the panel listened well and Leslie had to explain herself a little more. It was a delicate moment for Leslie.

HOPE SHE ROTS THERE: She is a murderess and should have been executed, instead of my tax
payers money supporting her in style these years, and the real most irritating thing to me is she has received a master's degree (what is she doing with it? She should be made to use it to teach other prisoner's.) While I have no degree because I was raising 3 lovely daughters and working very hard. This stinks, who cares if she is a model prisoner? She does not deserve to be back in society-murderer, murderer, murderer. - FB

FOUL CLAIMED BY FOLLOWER: "Read the book reviews on your web site???
must think me a fool. Are there any there from people who are NOT regional car salesmen?" -Signed on e-mail: Your Favorite Atheistic Classicist, JW (An ardent supporter for VanHouten.)

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Yes! Not one of the people who wrote book reviews which are posted on this site are regional car salesmen. The only car type person who said anything about MANSON BEHIND THE SCENES was the television sponsor of West Coast Edition.

HATE LETTERS: Deputy District Attorney Stephen Kay reports he has been getting mail from
VanHouten supporters that is disturbing. "There are a lot of crazies out there" said Kay, in a telephone interview with Bill Nelson. They talked about an exciting development on the hearing progress regarding Leslie VanHouten. - Long Beach

PAROLE HEARING OUTRAGE: A person who purchased the video of the VanHouten parole hearing commented, "She was cold, calculating, and manipulating. Leslie played the parole board members like a fiddle and they did not even know they were being finely tuned. She did not even respond to the eloquent letter from Alice LaBianca. One would think that she would have turned to the camera, looked remorseful, teared a little, and expressed sadness for all of the hurt she caused them. Even if it was play acting, she should have responded to that letter. After all, it was the first time the LaBianca family ever spoke out." - A.P. San Francisco DENTISTRY TREAT: Author Bill Nelson was told about a dentistry treatment for VanHouten
while he was on the prison grounds of the California Institution For Women covering the Leslie VanHouten parole hearing. He was shocked as the official told him about taking Leslie VanHouten to Orange County for a dentist visit. One wonders why she was taken to Orange County? Why not Riverside? Why not a local dentist? Who paid for that special treatment? Do convicted killers get to be driven and escorted to medical facilities often? Was she cuffed? We will try and find out more information about Driving Ms. VanHouten. Next time you write a check for an expensive dentist visit think about this one. Talk about needing a sedative.

CREEPY CRAWL AT MURDER HOUSE: Manson family member Catherine "GYPSY" Share
said Manson family members were inside the LaBianca house within two weeks of the murders! This story is included in the chapter about her in Manson Behind The Scenes This information has been given to Stephen Kay and Leslie VanHouten will have to deal with it at her next hearing. Gypsy has been found to have been truthful about her information. Random murders or planned targets?

DOING FINE OUT OF PRISON: Convicted Manson family member Steve Grogan is doing fine,
traveling a lot and is glad to be on the outside. Grogan, convicted for his part in the murder of ranch hand Shorty Shea following the August 16, 1969 Sheriff raid on the ranch, was released when he gave the Sheriff's Department the location for the buried Shorty in exchange for his freedom. Grogan was set free some eight years after the murder. He now lives in the Northern California area. His parents retired and moved from the mobile home park near the Spahn Ranch. They reside in Central California and see Steve on a regular basis. His mother is very proud of his progress.

eading Manson loyalist Sandra Good was angry that Court TV called her residence to request an on camera interview for the up coming special. She began saying she had seen Nelson on the Court TV coverage of the Leslie VanHouten parole hearing. She went on a diatribe of complaints against the author Bill Nelson. It seems to us that Sandra Good should welcome the opportunity to state her case. She has stated the killings were right - yes, even the killing of pregnant Sharon Tate. She has called it a "holy war" and defends it with vigor. On the other hand, Nelson has written two books, and produced two video documentaries. He has said words, or written words in the books. Sandra expresses complete hate for the writer of words, but she defends the murders of blood and death. We are disappointed she lacks the courage to speak her mind on camera where she

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29-01-2010 10:05

News Alert

could say anything. If you are a supporter of Sandra, perhaps you can encourage her to change her mind. This web site will even provide money for her appearance but she must accept this offer very soon. She does not even have to see Nelson personally. y Bill Nelson - eparting from the general point of view of the California Correctional Peace Officer Association individual members, one officer strikes out at me. Signing his e-mail with only his initials, he praises the progress of the inmates involved in the Manson murders, while hating and lacking any understanding of me or my work. Using language and name calling he claims to actually represent one of the victim's family members in this tragic case. He stated my reference to Mr. Kay receiving unkind mail was a lie. He asked that Kay say so in a news conference. He said no one could trust my one sided site. He even told me that no attorney had written me e-mail, that I lied and if I did have copies of that kind of e-mail, I should send it for free to him. I choose not to do so. He attacked the article above PAROLE HEARING OUTRAGE: and said I had invented it, claiming I made it up. I assure you, I did not. If anyone wants to receive copies of the hate file e-mail from Manson convicted killers supporters, let them send the minimum fee of $2.00 plus a SESE as requested. The officer stated that "it is all about money isn't it". A copy of his first communication was forwarded to Mr. Stephen Kay, Deputy D.A. who appears at each of the Manson related hearings. When Alice LaBianca was told of his illogical e-mail she could only respond - "How do these people come up with this stuff?. After several e-mail exchanges I decided to end the pointless messages. I made an offer to publish his remarks, but he failed to respond. I sent him one last communication. Should he decide to give his permission for his e-mail to be published, he shall have to do it on one of those sympathetic web sites for your consumption. He was informed that I will no longer read his e-mail and I shall no longer correspond with him. I do not intend to make this "News Alert" page a gossip column. arly next week we will have a real big news alert for you. Check this page Monday night or early Tuesday. e have been receiving many inquiries about our extensive research files being made available. We are pleased to announce the page is coming together as expected and your orders are proving that you really wanted this access. We appreciate it! Sales Dept.

COP TRIES SUBTERFUGE: But it didn't work. - By Bill Nelson.
The CCPOA officer I wrote about (CCPOA RADICAL) knew I discontinued all communications with him because of his insulting assault on me personally without sound foundation. He used another e-mail address (he is not the first supporter of the Manson family convicts to do so) and began to proclaim more insulting expressions. It only took reading the first line to catch him. Sounds like this cop needs to go stand in a corner. He needs a "time out" and that is what I have given him. Nice try, but this audience does not need his expressions to be informed. There is a difference between being a "coward" as he says, and showing wisdom. The Bible tells us Wisdom is there for the asking.

DEEMER DECLINES: Earl Deemer, retired LAPD Lieutenant who worked the Tate murder case
continues to decline in health. He is now required to stay in bed with medical problems, including the diabetes complication that may result in his feet being amputated. Deemer has been a tremendous help in providing information and files in this case. Should you be inclined to send him a get well greeting, we will be happy to forward it to him. He still has a very gifted and active mind.

WRONG POSITION: By Bill Nelson - W e received an e-mail inquiry about the site run by a Ms.
Linda Mann for the benefit of Susan Atkins and Leslie VanHouten (where is Pat in this?) asking if I believed the statement on that site claiming Susan Atkins did not know where they were going or what

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29-01-2010 10:05

News Alert

they were going to do the night the Tate house was targeted. Answer? No I do not believe it. The Grand Jury report clearly states, in her own words, that Susan knew where they were going and she was prepared to kill whoever was there. The second question was about the Helter Skelter theory for the murders. Answer: Yes. Mr. Bugliosi did not invent the theory of Helter Skelter, he learned about it from eye witnesses. Many people testified about Manson teaching the soon to come black uprising and that Helter Skelter was coming down. "It is time" said Manson, when he sent them out to 10050 Ceilo Drive. When Mr. Bugliosi was contacted by the agent Janna Hughes representing Gypsy, he was told that Gypsy wanted to tell him she lied on the witness stand at the trial and she wanted him to know it. Mr. Bugliosi told Hughes he already knew it - he knew it at trial. Gypsy told Bugliosi she was the front person, at the orders from Manson himself, to start the story the murders were done to get Bobby out of jail. She did not want to be tried for perjury. Mr. Bugliosi assured her the state would not likely file charges for that crime after this many years. Sorry, you late comers to the case. Manson ordered the Tate/LaBianca murders to start the black white war that he thought would have already been started. That is it. That is the truth. That is fact. All this other stuff is incorrect.

WEST COAST EDITION: Critics of Bill Nelson who call him obsessed and lacking any ability to
do anything else but obsess on the Manson case will appreciate the release of tapes of his television shows which were broadcast during 1996. There are approximately twenty tapes, 30 minutes each with interviews about several subjects. We are listing them on the Sales Dept. Page at a selling price of $15.00 each. One viewer who has only seen Nelson on Manson related appearances, read his books, or seen the Sharon Tate The Victim video called to exclaim disbelief! "This is a side of you I have never seen before. Wow!"

THANK YOU: "I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who helped to create this site. These
murders have haunted me since I was a little girl. I was nearly five years old when these murders happened and I still remember how it was then. It is obvious that a lot of time, effort and dedication went into the making of this site. You did a great job. This is the first time I have been able to find accurate information in a very long time. Keep up the good work. I will visit you often." - L.R.

SLEEPING PROBLEMS? "Are you aware that on the Abounding Love (site) you are titled as an
'enemy'?" not directly but anyone who knows the scoop knows that was a reference to you. "...hope you are doing well. glad to see you are constantly adding new information to the web site, I found a home there." "One last question I have is how in the hell do you sleep well at night having Good, Manson, Watson, Fromme (probably) and others hating who you are and what you do? You sure have more nerve and guts than most people do." E.G.

We are so convinced about the value of the book we offer entitled THE ZODIAC MANSON CONNECTION that between now and July 10, 1998 we are giving a free copy of the book to all orders through the sales department of $75.00 or more. This is in honor of the Zodiac victim Darlene

Ferrin, murdered on the July 4th week end, 1969. She was slain at Blue Rock Springs, outside Vallejo, CA. We know Bruce Davis was involved in this murder. We have an eye witness
who saw him at Terry's Restaurant around 10:30 the night of the murder. The witness said, "I never thought I would see this person again." In the book ZODIAC, author Graysmith wrote about the man, seated in a white car in a heated argument with the victim to be. ZODIAC. Sales Dept.

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News Alert

Leno LaBianca was taken from his children when the Manson family butchered him and Rosemary, his wife on that fateful August 10, 1969. He was told not to worry, everything was alright, it was just a robbery. Leno had a birthday in a few days. For one of his daughters, then age thirteen, it began a life of despair and unanswered questions. She loved her father very much. Now, for the first time ever, Louise LaBianca has spoken. Last Sunday afternoon she sat down with a television crew from Court TV and told her story. It was moving! She was shy, and her little girl like innocence showed. The taping was arranged by Bill Nelson and the broadcast should be in August or September. Our suggestion to Court TV yesterday, was why not on the anniversary date? Best of all, Louise made a positive statement she will be going to a future parole hearing. We notified Stephen Kay of that news today. He was thrilled! Said Louise, "I understand Mr. Kay, the Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles has asked for the LaBianca children to come forward. My mother, Alice, wrote the letter to the Board of Prison Terms at Leslie VanHouten's recent parole hearing. She needs my support."

e were very surprised to receive mail from a former Manson family member last night. It
brought a full hour of conversation as the follower of Charlie asked us to call him. Bill Nelson immediately called fellow author and researcher Howard Davis to share some of the items discussed. This morning, Nelson spoke to a source who knew this person in the 1969-72 period. The former follower checks out! To authenticate himself to us, the person gave us the number of a Manson insider back in those days, stating she is a "Christian now" and he corresponds with her often. When Nelson called today to speak with her, the conversation went something like this: "Is this - - - - ?" "Yes." "My name is Bill Nelson, I am an author and I have known Cappy for years" -She interrupted - "Oh Yeah?" "Yes, and I can not tell you where I got your number from, I promised I would not, so unless you beat it out of me, I can't tell you. The gentleman said..." "- - - - - That little - - - - XXX off! She hung up. Nelson called back, by this time the recorder was on. He left a message to assure her he meant her no harm. He told her of the offer to do a show. We expect to talk to the former follower later today. What he had to say was explosive. He did say regarding Bruce Davis. "Sure! I knew in 1970 that Bruce Davis was involved in the ZODIAC murders! He also told us why Marina Habe was murdered. He told us the "truth" about the murder of Zero (which we already knew from research) and he told about Manson family members going to the Tate property after Terry Melcher moved out. His information about Bruce and Tex was solid. He knew a lot about the Scientology murders. : W hen all that Manson family film was being shot during the trial, an undercover cop was among the film crew. A source, not the former follower who e-mailed us, told us today that he knew it. Asking not to be named, he confirmed it. He had been with them on some of the shooting.

-mail was received today responding to a recent news alert by this site. After discussions about the message we decided to answer in a public forum. Why you ask? Because the sender told us not to answer on this page. Who do we believe is the author of the coded message? Blue. The message read: Gentleman, How often we see you defend

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News Alert

the honesty and sincerity of your writing and methods of inquiry. Yet we see today on your news alert that you claim to "have known Cappy for years" in order to gain the confidence of those who might otherwise not desire to communicate with you. Considering that you have had no contact with her for three years, we feel that your methods are, at least in part, dishonest, and moreover, unfair to Cappy. It is our desire that you not respond to this personal criticism publicly. Our wish is that you simply refrain from invoking her name in this unfortunate manner, and instead be honest by explaining that she has cooperated with you for professional interviews several years ago. Cappy had nothing to do with the drafting of this message, and is not, and will not be, informed of it from us. Though we must leave this message anonymously, please rest assured there is absolutely no implication of any repercussion for lack of honoring our request, save another message. Also: our AOL screenname is a North American Indian word we chose sometime ago, and the similarity to the word zodiac is purely coincidental." The AOL address was - Friday June 26, 1998 11:04 AM. Both Howard Davis and Bill Nelson discussed this message and Nelson will respond. By Bill Nelson: I have known Cappy - Cathy Gillies for several years. I first met her in about 1989. We had many talks on the telephone and I even took my wife with me to Trona,California to meet her. She entertained the imposter son of a Manson family member - Ruth Ann Morehouse overnight. He stole things from her. She met a young student named Allen and liked him very much. She met people from KABC Los Angeles when we did the story of the children of the Manson family in 1993. When I went to Death Valley in 1994, she promised to go with me and the others to Barker Ranch and Meyers Ranch. The morning we departed for the several hour drive up to the ranch, Cappy begged off telling me it was a "woman thing" and she "did not feel well, here my son Ein will go with you." Cappy knew George from Ohio and Blue were up at Barker Ranch mending things, replacing rocks that had fallen by the porch of the Barker Ranch, and replacing window seals and frames with new glass. Cappy's son, my son, Allen, and the imposter Julian went up Golar Wash together in my 1979 red Chevrolet van. The VW van belonging to Blue and George was in the drive behind the gate at Barker Ranch. Blue recognized me immediately, but she kept her face hidden from me by pulling down her stocking cap and blue jacket up to cover her face. After returning from Golar Wash, I asked Cappy why she did not tell me Blue was up there. She respoonded that "I could not be seen coming up Golar Wash with you! Blue would have killed me." I think she overstated the reaction of Blue, but I got the message. Sandra never approved of our relationship and I have an interesting cassette recording of Cappy telling me about Sandy wanting her to stop talking with me. Cappy never agreed to go on television, but we remained friends. I respected her decision. Even after Charlie told her to go ahead if she wanted to, she declined the on camera appearance. If I have known Cappy for more than one year, did I mislead when I told Country Sue on the telephone that I had known Cappy for years, she could check me out with her? I did not. The mere fact that I have not spoken to Cappy since the end of 1994, simply means we lost touch when she relocated after the tragic death of T.J. It is a common business practice to identify yourself when making a call to a stranger, and if you have a mutual friend, it helps to state that fact. It builds bridges. It cements friendships. I gives a way for one to be checked out as to the honesty, credibility, and trustworthiness of the caller. That is all I did. Now, as to the similarity of the words Yumiak and zodiac, someone more educated in Indian studies will have to e-mail us and fill in the blanks. As to the message being back handed, I can only say that if I had served Federal Prison time for making threats to cooperate executives, I would be very careful indeed. Don't forget, California is still a three strikes and you are out for 25-life. HERE WERE NO PUNCHES PULLED as the former follower told author Bill Nelson everything during a 90 minute telephone conversation taped with his permission on June 25, 1998. Who killed Ron Hughes? Who killed Marina Habe,and who brought her to the ranch? Who was involved with the Scientology murders of Doreen Gaul and James Sharp? What really happened to Zero in Venice at 28 Club House? Where

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News Alert

was he when the bullet entered his head? Who held the trigger with him? How did they get him to do it? What room did they move him to before calling the police? What part did Bruce Davis play? Who killed the husband of Blue in England? What about Jane Doe 59 found near the spot where Habe was found? - all of this and more, now on a cassette. The person checks out as being truthful. He is believable. Sales Dept.

OK! You got me. I admit it. I confess. After all,
as a former minister, I know confession is good for the soul. What shall we call this? My coming out party or what? You Manson family supporters have been accusing me of writing all of the info on this site. Well - It is true. I put it in third person because it seemed more journalistic, more professional and besides, it takes more insight to do it that way. I do have a lot of people I consult with, take direction from, or seek opinion from about many Manson related stuff. But, I designed, created, maintain, edit, write, and publish all of this site. There, I have said it. One director of many publications encouraged me to do it in third person. It was kind of fun not letting the Manson clan know how many people work on this site. Oh, did I forget to say...I raised the funds, bought the soft ware, and pay for it. Now, for the many people who have been sending e-mail to ask Bill Nelson questions, go ahead and ask. You have me. For the deranged Mansonites, well I can hardly wait to see your remarks about my admission. I have been told, by a reliable source, that as many as a dozen guards inside CIW, that great fenced prison that houses Susan, Pat and Leslie, is the scene of love abounding. Yes! Officers are falling in love with the inmates. In two cases, it even involves female officers. One of them married, has left husband and children for the inmate.


fter many messages from that CCPOA officer written about above, I read the chapter about Susan Atkins again. He had many things to say about what had written. I stand on the record of that writing. It was honest. It was truthful and it was fair. Believe me, there was much more that could have been written. I sent an advance copy of the first few pages of the chapter to Susan. She knew I would not give detailed information about our conversations and I in fact did not. The information for the chapter was gathered from the statements of Susan Atkins during previous parole hearings. If there are problems with the content, well, that is the record. Regarding my writing about husband James - it was correct, important, fair, and corroborated.

PRODUCER NOT INTERESTED: The independent producer working with Court TV is
not interested in hearing from my Manson family follower. That is a missed opportunity. The former Charles Manson groupie is colorful, honest, reliable, and interesting. Besides, he knows a lot of information about unsolved murders. He even clears up some hidden ideas on the Tate murders. How can you do a special on the Manson murders and leave out the only former family member willing to talk. After all, the man was there! My contact called Blue over the week end and tried to get her to go on camera. Sandra Good hung up on him three times. To gain more background information about the informant, I spoke with a reliable Manson buff, as well as Dianne Lake. The Mansonites checked out! "If Sandy (Blue) wanted to start the Manson family all over again, she could do it. All she needs is for Manson to tell her. You have no idea how many young people would respond around the world. There was suppose to be a reunion of the original family last July 4th at Sandy's in Hanford, but it didn't happen. Maybe this July 4th...who knows?"

UPDATE: Sales Department additions will be listed later today. Many people are asking about they come.


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News Alert

We are so convinced about the value of the book we offer entitled THE ZODIAC MANSON CONNECTION that between now and July 10, 1998 we are giving a free copy of the book to all orders through the sales department of $75.00 or more. This is in honor of the Zodiac victim

Darlene Ferrin, murdered on the July 4th week end, 1969. She was slain at Blue Rock Springs, outside Vallejo, CA. We know Bruce Davis was involved in this murder. We
have an eye witness who saw him at Terry's Restaurant around 10:30 the night of the murder. The witness said, "I never thought I would see this person again." In the book ZODIAC, author Graysmith wrote about the man, seated in a white car in a heated argument with the victim to be. ZODIAC. Sales Dept.

HOME PAGE CHANGES: Check it out. Home Page CCPOA RADICAL JUST DOESN'T GET IT: The officer I have written about in
previous news alerts tried to e-mail me once again. It was a waste of his time. Thank God for the "Delete" button.

FRAUDULENT FRIEND: She presents herself as a personal, caring, special lady. She sends
a photograph of herself and she invokes the use of prayer and the name of God to win you over. Her tongue is filled with flatter, her words are sweet but her hidden agenda is to purchase as many items about Sharon Tate as she whatever means. She resides in Florida and she is an imposter. Recently I began receiving mail, and a page from Michelle. Then came the request for merchandise but at a much lower price than the value. A $500.00 order with a $200.00 advance. She tried to get all that she could while promising more money from the next pay check, then the next, and the next. It did not take me long to catch on to her deceit. While I was recovering from surgery she would call me often from her switchboard at the automobile dealership. She said she wanted to give me encouragement and that she was praying for my health to return. I sent her the poster of Sharon Tate for the asking price of $50.00 When it arrived she informed me it had been so damaged it had no value. "I will send it back to you, but it has been damaged and even torn", said Michelle. What did I want with a poster damaged that badly? I sent her another one, this time it was secure, flat, and insured. Then, she asked for the use of my negatives of all the Tate/LaBianca murders, and she could take whatever she wanted for a one time fee of $500.00 Her advance payment was $200.00 The balance was never paid. So, I did not ship her the very best photographs with the first order, she had decided to have me make prints since she felt uncomfortable having negatives turned into pictures. When she received the installment photographs, she wrote a letter telling me she was "a little hurt" and her order was never paid for or completed. Why do I make this a news alert? One of my best clients, and a collector of Sharon Tate items, called me to tell me that a Michelle Rio had sent him an offer for a signature of Sharon Tate for $3,000. She also offered him some "original negative photographs of Sharon Tate from the shoot with husband Roman Polanski on that movie set for The Fearless Vampire Killers. The asking price was a mere $25.00! Each print. In her letter describing her hurt to me, she complained the photographs were not from the original negatives. I explained to her the original negatives were long gone. She is now advertising her special photographs of Sharon Tate, as original prints from the original negatives. She knows that is a lie. She is also selling a poster, at $50.00 quoting: "This was Doris Tate's' favorite photograph of Sharon." She was right about that, I had told her that in selling the poster. For all of the thousands of true collectors of Sharon Tate merchandise, you need to be aware. Michelle Rio, from the state of Florida is a fraudulent friend. Though requested many times, she still has not returned the "damaged" poster. Michelle and her sister Jennifer have a nice thing going. But

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News Alert

buyer be ware. I'm just thankful I did not fall for her sweetness too much and send her the $500.00 order and trust her for the balance.

CHILD IMPOSTER: The television shows have been bombarded by the young woman who
claims to be the child of Sharon Tate. Cut out of the stomach of Sharon by the Manson killers, she boast of her hidden life. She claims she was raised by Patty Duke. Sorry, lady. The child was a boy. The death scene photographs show a very pregnant Sharon Tate. No baby was cut out. The woman is deceived. She is an imposter. She has her own web site, I see no need to give the address. She has contacted me by mail to plead her case. As I told the producer at Entertainment Tonight, "The story is a lie".

RITZ PROPERTY FOR SALE: Frank Ritz, the old German fellow who wanted to chase the Manson family out of Spahn Ranch is now for sale. The property has been on the market for two months, valued at 2.7 million dollars for 48 acres. Access is a little difficult since the bridge is washed out. It is the same bridge that collapsed when Frank and two friends were crossing it, killing Frank as he was at the bottom of the creek bed, upside down. His two companions survived. The realtor to call for purchasing information is Bob Wood, at (818) 703-1753. UNSOLVED MURDERS: The murders believed to have been committed by various Manson
family members are coming into focus. Real progress is being made on more than one of them. I do not believe they will be unsolved very much longer. I know, it has been almost 30 years and some of the Manson family have even stated..."F___ em" or "Who gives a s___?" My response was: "I do!" Quoting from a former Manson family member who knew quite a lot about murders solved and unsolved: "You know, Sexy Sadie found Jesus. Tex became a preacher. Bruce says he is a Christian. Krenwinkel denounces Charlie and at her last parole hearing, Leslie proclaimed she no longer believes in Manson. But to the degree that all of them have kept quiet, not broken the code of silence, not become a snitch, and not given up the bodies of those other murder victims...they are still loyal to Charlie!"


lease check the photo album at the bottom, under Zodiac for a news alert on Zodiac murder victim Doreen Gaul. I have recently received new information connecting Doreen Gaul to members of the Manson family. I believe Howard Davis and I have been right...Bruce Davis and Tex Watson are said to have been involved in the murders of Doreen Gaul and James Sharp. For more detailed information, please consult either MANSON BEHIND THE SCENES or THE ZODIAC/MANSON CONNECTION.

UNSOLVED MURDERS-ANOTHER LOOK: I am not at liberty to discuss any of the
details at this time, but trust me, there are new developments in some of the unsolved murders relating to the Manson case. To bring you up to speed, order your copy of MANSON BEHIND THE SCENES or THE ZODIAC/MANSON CONNECTION now. Then when all this investigative effort comes to maturity, you will not be left behind. I know, to some of you Manson supporters it sounds so commercial but after nearly ten years of research and investigation I can only say this, I am getting very close to busting some of these wide open.

FORMER D. A. BURIED TODAY: The former District Attorney for Inyo County
California during the Manson days was buried today. Frank Fowles went to his grave believing Manson and the Zodiac murders were connected. He spent the last years of his life practicing law as a defense attorney.

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News Alert

IGNORE THE OFFER: The former Manson family member who told all on a tape...just
ignore the offer in the sales dept. That information turned out to be too valuable to be made public. I have refunded the money to those who wanted to purchase it. Sorry.

suggest I have invented the former Manson family member stating I am once again deceived and trying to deceive. They are wrong. The person does exist. I have checked him out with people who knew him in the 1968-71 period.

male person contacted this site and indicated he had written the Abounding Love Ministry and Kristin Watson saying he had found Jesus. He spoke with Ms. Watson by telephone, having found her number in the book Manson Behind The Scenes. Calling Mrs. Watson again, he found out that the letters had indeed been passed on to Tex. He asked about the comments of Charles Denton Watson, and he was surprised. Watson was told by the man that he intended to begin talking about those dead bodies from the hands of Manson family members. What did good Mr.Tex reply? "Be careful what you talk about, you don't have to talk about the past. Just leave that stuff to Jesus, He will take care of it." MEETING THE AUTHOR: As of late, I have been returning calls from across the United States collect as requested. Many readers of MANSON BEHIND THE SCENES have written and expressed a desire to speak with me. Several people are expressing an interest in meeting with me when traveling to the Los Angeles area. Because of health limitations, time, and numbers of request, I have decided to do the following: 1) I will meet for a set period of time, on a set date, with an advance fee paid. 2) I will return telephone request collect to discuss your interest, desires, and fee arrangements. 3) I am sorry, but I can not reply to pages of request (as I have been receiving) for information about people, present locations of people, or endless questions which would require a chapter in a book to answer. As a professional, I must require a professional fee arrangement in order to meet in person, give tours or discuss the case in depth. That applies especially to the Zodiac case. I am honored with the many request and I trust you will understand.

CCPOA WACKO TRIED AGAIN: It seems like he just doesn't get it. That officer who
works within the California prison system, he tries, and tries, and tries again. The last time he wrote, he was so brash, demeaning, and demonic he ended by wishing I would find myself in the position of being incarcerated for the rest of my life. To see if his ranting would bring discomfort to others, I forwarded his e-mail to two ladies who I correspond with. Both of them were stunned that any person would say such things. One lady sent four e-mails messages to asking for an explanation . She was distraught over his subliminal threats. If you are not informed about this person, check some of the news alerts above. He never uses his real name. He hides behind his initials. This last time he sent it using "anonymous" and gave it the title "The Bill Nelson Con".

tonight, the Manson family rage was in full swing. Knives slashing, guns blasting, victims screaming, the Mansonites acting out their holy war on poor innocent people in the sanctity of their homes. Was the Tate house chosen because of a drug burn? One member proclaims to this day that it was. Were the LaBianca's murdered because of the involvement of the daughter Suzanne Struthers and her motorcycle riding boyfriend Joe Dorgan? One thing we know 29 years later, neither place was chosen by random selection. They were targeted. Gypsy, Sexie Sadie, and perhaps other female members of the Manson family had been swimming in the Tate pool during the time Terry Melcher lived there. Watson had been to the house, and so had Manson just before Sharon departed for
29-01-2010 10:05

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Europe. Gypsy let it out in 1993 that members of the Manson family had "Creepy Crawled" the LaBianca house with in two weeks of the murders. At first she said Sadie, then she changed it to Clem. Both of them were in the car that murderous night, Sadie claimed she had "never" been inside the house. Did she protesteth too much? In the Los Angeles area the television news shows have not mentioned Sharon Tate, Manson, or other names of people involved in these murders. The only celebrity I heard spoken about in the five and six o'clock hours was Marilyn Monroe.

THE MANSON SNITCH: It almost seems sacrilege doesn't it? A snitch in the Manson family?
But it is true. What has he told me, the Inyo County District Attorney Chief Investigator, the Inyo County Sheriff Office, the Park Rangers? He testified he saw Charles Manson shoot three teenagers, right between the eyes...bam - bam - bam! It was just before the October 10 & 12, 1969 raids at Barker Ranch. The three teens, two boys and one girl, tried to leave the Manson family. After getting about a mile down Golar Wash, Manson sent Bruce Davis after them to bring them back. Manson told the snitch, Susan Atkins and Bruce Davis to dig a hole. When the hole was dug, several feet deep, Bruce Davis said, "That's enough." All three diggers went around the Barker Ranch house and let Manson know the grave was ready. There was a conversation between the three teens and Manson. After Manson shot them, the snitch and Bruce Davis carried the first boy to the grave. Then Bruce and Sadie brought the other boy to the grave and they returned for the girl. All three victims were in the same grave. The snitch guaranteed me and the Inyo County officials he could lead us to the sight. He changed his mind at the last minute and bailed out on us. Many hours of digging up at Barker, with the Death Valley heat up around 123 degrees. After the snitch returned to his probation state he told me he got XXX at the cops. "F--- em!" said the snitch. I assure you the law enforcement officials gave him the utmost courtesy during his four day visit to California. He received a free flight. His room was paid for and he got money for meals. They even treated him professionally after they figured out he had bailed on them. The snitch has no right to complain. He chose not to honor his agreement with the Inyo County officials. He even received immunity in writing. All he was required to do was tell the truth. He did not. We were concerned about his safety. Would he be threatened by loyalist of the Manson clam? Could he be killed? Perhaps. We fear for him no longer. The snitch decided to make duplicate prints of his photographs while in California. He has forwarded a set to none other than Sandra Good, better known as Blue. He also did another strange thing. He signed the guest book at Barker Ranch with his given name in the Manson family. If he were afraid for his life, he blew the opportunity to remain safe. PHOTO ALBUM He was a real member of the Manson family. He even asked the officers who interviewed him if he could change his clothes. He came back with a Manson shirt on. He had also made a new X in his head to honor his visit to California to snitch against Charlie. He may know about Marina Habe. He claims to know about Doreen Gaul and James Sharp. He does know about Zero and why he was murdered. But he has lost his place as a snitch. He lied. The one thing a snitch has to offer is truth. Take that away, and he gives up his value for information. It did not have to be that way, but as my friend Doris Tate said often, "Once having chosen there is no turning back." An e-mail writer told me where Cappy and Ansome had moved following the death of T.J. I told the snitch where they are believed to be, and he is transferring his probation from his state to California. It was a costly ordeal to the Inyo County law enforcement officials. They did not deserve it. The snitch even asked me to write Mr. Bugliosi and tell him of his information. I did so, and Mr. Bugliosi called me the night after I returned from Death Valley. I had informed Deputy D.A. Kay at his request too. We were all so hopeful. Bruce Davis has told his parole boards he would give up any bodies, if he only knew where they were buried. Right Bruce! But it was Clem who gave up the burial site of Shorty, not you. At the suggestion of a CIW prison official, I wrote Susan Atkins a letter telling her she was implicated in the murder of three more people. Susan claimed during the trial..."There are three people buried behind Barker Ranch about eight feet deep they will never find." It will soon be a

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week since I mailed that letter to Susan. There has been no response. Are there other Manson family members out there reading these pages? Why not come forward and break the silence? All you have to be is honest, true, and give up those bodies we all know about. We recognize it will take more than a conversion to Jesus Christ. If that was all it would take, then Bruce, Tex, Susan and Gypsy could have come forward years ago.

AUTHOR RETURNS FOR SURGERY: Wednesday at 12:30 I will under go surgery for the second time this year. I welcome the prayers and thoughts of the visitors of this site. This time it is for a frozen shoulder. During the time in Death Valley, one of the officers said to me..."Bill, if your shoulder is frozen, why don't you thaw it out?" That kind of humor will get me through this. I will be on a mechanical machine to keep the should from freezing up again for about three weeks. COURT TV ENTERS FINAL STAGES: The Manson broadcast is heading towards final
editing and I will let you know the broadcast date.

CORRECTION REQUIRED: I called him a "snitch" in the August 9th news alert. I have
been corrected. He can not be identified as a snitch because he had nothing to say. He directed us to the wrong location. He does not even measure up to the term snitch. So,it has been pointed out to me he is a "scam artist", nothing more nor less. He is angered at my posting his photo on the web site. You see, all he wanted was his 15 minutes of fame and I told the story without ever giving his name. A free plane ride, some money in his pocket and two nights in the motel in Lone Pine, California. UNDER AGE LOVER DEFENDS THE SNITCH/SCAM ARTIST: I received an e-mail from the under age girl friend of the scam artist today informing that "he is a very honest and truthful young man. He would not sell out his family and friends, you must be mistaken." She just turned 15 and the scam artist is on probation for harboring a minor.Two young under age girls in fact,and he boasted to my son Brian and me during dinner the night before the dig at Barker Ranch that he indeed had sexual relations with the girl and her father was very angry about that possibility. Charles Manson encouraged sex with young girls. Tex Watson was known to have had sex with numerous under age girls while in the family. This person has a book manuscript in process where he not only brags about it, but he gives the names of the girls in different states where he "did" them. The daughter of Ms. Landsbury, DeDe told me that is why she left the family of the Mansonites. She was sick at the sight of Manson reaching over and doing things to the little children of Dennis Rice. Oh! One more thing. The scam artist told me he loved doing sex with this 15 year old, "She reminds me of Sadie. She looks just like her." Tragically, the girl used part of the name of Susan Atkins in her e-mail return address..."blankmaeglutz". Does society really think Manson has no influence over young people today? Think again.

The world lost a great police officer and I lost a valuable friend, when former L.A.P.D. Lt. Earl Deemer passed away in the closing days of July. He wanted no attention or ceremony and I understand his beautiful wife granted his wishes. He was in the Bishop, California and the June Lake area at the time of death. None of the Zodiac information I now have would have been possible without his assistance! Doreen Gaul and James Sharp would never have been connected to the Manson family. It was Deemer who opened the door to Zodiac, and that door leads directly to the California prison cell of Mr. Bruce M. Davis.

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MANSON FAMILY MEMBER HAS HEARING THIS MONTH: Mr. Bruce Davis, twice convicted killer for Manson will go before the California Board of Prison Terms this month. The Los Angeles District is on record as NOT OPPOSING HIS RELEASE! The Deputy D.A. is known to have been personal with the flight attendant wife of Bruce Davis, even going to dinner with the attorney for Davis on a night prior to a previous hearing. It is this reporters opinion that Mr. Jonas, Deputy D.A. facing Davis should be removed from the case. He has lost his objectivity and no longer represents the interest of the state. Davis has committed perjury in his last two parole hearings. Being a Christian, raising his right hand and swearing to tell the truth did not detour him from telling bold face lies about his part in the two murders he was convicted of. He has lied to the panel. He changed the time of the crime to day light hours. He only "touched" Shorty because Charlie demanded he do something. His entire statement in both deaths is false. Either the Board does not know the facts of the case, or they do not care. Why the Deputy D. A. is not standing up for the facts as stated at trial is beyond belief. I did not learn about how far the deception goes until I had a recent conversation with Head Deputy D.A. Stephen Kay. We have never been told how far the state went to establish the exact time of death of murder victim Shorty was. Rest assured this reporter will do everything possible to not allow this hearing to pass unnoticed. WHY HE DID IT: The former Manson member who took us to Death Valley to find the bodies
of the three victims of murder, boasted about by Susan Atkins and others, did it to gain a free trip to Barker Ranch. He showed us the wrong location and he watched as officers dug for hours in 123 degree heat. He was ugly in appearance, demeanor, and attitude, still the law enforcement officers treated him with grace and dignity. He stayed at a nice motel in Lone Pine. He was well paid for food and he was given free transportation from Texas at the cost of Inyo County taxpayers. There are three bodies up there, we all know that. He received a full written immunity. He gave a two hour video statement to the Inyo County officers. Before the statement, he asked if he could put on his "Manson T-Shirt" and the officers waited for him while he changed. I was allowed to also tape his statement. I have not given his name because that is the one thing he wants out of all this. I have about 12 minutes of tape while the digging took place at Barker Ranch. I have several voice recordings of him - with his consent - on the telephone. I have decided to release this information in a package form for the serious student of the case. While he lied about the bodies, he still was an active member of the Manson family! He is still loyal to Manson. I will include his e-mail, and that from his under age groupie. salesdept.html He learned well from Manson and he has written a "manuscript" of his life. He documents his unlawful sexual activities with under age girls in three states. He should be removed from the streets for the safety of young girls. I will not release his so-called manuscript because he claims to have it copy righted. It is less than 250 pages. But, Inyo County law enforcement officials have a copy of it - even with the permission of the informant. According to a Best Selling author...much of his information usually turns out to be true. If nothing else, it is a fascinating part of the Manson story never told before.

AUTHOR GETS GOING: Mr.Greg King has notified me he has a "option" for his biography
of Sharon Tate. King has written and published three books, his fourth one is coming out soon, then the Tate book perhaps next year.

MY SURGERY: Four holes drilled in my left shoulder, bone spurs ground off, much pain, and
a lot of medicine, but still my recovery is slow. Thank God for the invention of a chair with a mechanical arm that gave me up to 13 hours a day of passive movement work out. I only wish our insurance covered the machine ordered by our surgeon. I am humbled by your many comments and inquiries.

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were sent off today to the law enforcement authorities in California objecting to the possible parole release date for Davis next week. The letter will be received by authorities Monday. Printed here, it read: Board of Prison Terms California Department of Corrections California Men’s Colony (CMC) District Attorney Office, County of Los Angeles Mr. Jonas:

Bill Nelson, Manson Family Expert, Author of two books, and Video producer of two videos on the case, publisher of THE ZODIAC/MANSON CONNECTION Fax (714) 979-4251 Post Office Box 1585, Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Date: September 18, 1998 Subj: Inmate, Bruce M. Davis - B41079 Parole Hearing for September 24, 1998, 08:30
I am hereby requesting that Mr. Bruce Davis be charged with the offense of perjury during his last two parole hearings when he testified about the two murders he committed. He lied about his involvement. He lied about the time of day the murder of Shorty was murdered. His statements are rebuffed by the Deputy District Attorney, Mr. Stephen Kay, who represents the people of the state of California and who helped prosecute Bruce Davis. The statements of Davis were rebuffed by Ruby Pearl at the trial. Some of her statements are attached. Also a statement from Barbara Hoyt. A statement of Dianne Lake "Snake" about wearing a blue shirt of Shorty at Barker Ranch. It was the mother of Barbara Hoyt who told me in the research of my first book (TEX WATSON THE MAN THE MADNESS THE MANIPULATION) that her daughter testified against Manson because she personally heard the screams of Shorty while he was being killed. Barbara liked Shorty as a person. This story being told by Bruce Davis at his last two hearings is false, and the Deputy District Attorney Mr. Jonas, as well as the Pro Bono attorney for Davis knows it. It is a slap in the face to the obligation by Bruce Davis to tell the truth. He claims to be "Born Again" and his wife Beth seeks letters from pilots, flight attendants, and any other sympathetic person to gain his release while she flies on Delta Airlines as a flight attendant. Mr. Bruce Davis should be punished for his false statements and this should be taken into consideration when he faces the Board of Prison Terms on September 24th 1998. As an authority on the entire Manson case, a leading researcher and published author, I object to the possibility of a parole date for Mr. Bruce Davis. I personally worked very hard to place television crews in his parole hearing the last two times. Mr. Bruce Davis never faced cameras before this accomplishment, which created a visual record, better than just a filed away transcript, of his perjury.

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I respectfully request a response from the above agencies regarding this matter. The fact that Mr. Jonas stated in the last hearing that "The District Attorney himself, Mr. Garcitte, does not oppose the release of Bruce Davis. The ONLY reason Mr. Jonas said he could not ask for a release date the last time, was because of the public out cry if it happened. Please take this serious, along with the attached documentation. Mr. Bruce Davis has wronged the Board of Prison Terms panel. He should not be allowed to get away with it. I request this letter be read at the hearing as opposing the release date of this prisoner, and twice convicted murderer of the Manson Family. Respectfully, Mr. Bill Nelson Author: MANSON BEHIND THE SCENES - 1997 TEX WATSON THE MAN THE MADNESS THE MANIPULATION - 1991 Producer: SHARON TATE THE VICTIM, CHARLES MANSON THE KILLER VIDEO - 1990 SERIAL KILLER DENIED VIDEO, THE MAY 4, 1990 PAROLE HEARING OF TEX WATSON My claims to have identification of Bruce Davis as being involved in the Zodiac crimes are solid, provable and I have an eye witness who has placed Bruce Davis with a Zodiac murder victim with in one hour of her murder. The shocking recorded statement is on video tape. I have identified the man sitting in the white sedan at Terry's restaurant about 10:30 at night, in a heated argument with the victim. The eye witness saw him perfectly, under the parking lot lights, and was told by her sister "to go over to the do not need to hear this." What is my impression of the book ZODIAC BY GREYSMITH? It is the best that we have had until now. But! It is more fantasy and imagination than fact. He relied on the poorest of witnesses or personalities to write his book and he writes things that are blatantly false and invented in his mind. He misrepresented what was said by the survivor at Lake Berryessa. He misrepresented the telephone call made In Vallejo by Zodiac following the killing of Darlene. I spent several hours with the husband of the late murder victim. The house was never "green" and it could not be seen from the place of the telephone call to the police. Any conclusion Zodiac walked past the little green house is mere invention in the mind of the author. Said Dean, to Howard Davis and me last December: "It is pink, and it always has been." Dean then directed me, and we drove to the former house of Dean and Darlene Ferrin. Concerning the murder of Darlene Gaul and James Sharp, November 21, 1969: before the recent death of former L.A.P.D. Lt. Earl Deemer, he allowed me to voice tape him as he once again told me how they discovered the letter in the room of Gaul, from the ZODIAC. During questioning back in 1973, in a secret report, Bruce Davis denied knowing Doreen Gaul. He was untruthful. He lived in the same communal Scientology house. The Manson bus had been scene on the street of the house. The stabbing wounds suggest the handiwork of Tex Watson. It is my personal belief that Gaul and Sharp were murdered by Watson and Davis. In the police "Book of Murder" for the Scientology murders, the very first page is a Wanted Poster for Bruce Davis! Just days after the murder of the two teens Gaul and Sharp, Bruce Davis and Tex Watson were seen in the Las Vegas area. An informant called a Los Angeles police officer and told him that the two Manson members were saying: "We are going to raise some money to get

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Charlie out of jail, or we are going to kill some people." After that, Bruce departed for London and Watson flew home to mommy after getting some money from her for the plane fare. Watson was arrested the first of December, after another sexual fling at the Holiday Inn in Denton, Texas with his girlfriend. She testified in court that "He was really different sexually in a more brutal and rough way than she remembered before." I AM WORKING VERY HARD TO ONCE AGAIN GET CAMERAS IN THE PAROLE HEARING OF BRUCE DAVIS. IT WOULD BE A GRAVE MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE AND THE PUBLIC'S RIGHT TO KNOW IF NO NEWS MEDIA FOLLOWED THE STORY. As a Manson buff and former host of A Current Affair always said..."Until next time America!"

9/24/98: HE FACED THE CAMERA FOR THE THIRD TIME. It was a most unusual trip. I was very tired, using heavy
doses of pain killers, and drove to San Luis Obispo, arriving at about 2:30 P.M. Entering the motel, I placed a heating pad on my shoulder following the surgery, and went to sleep until about 6 P. M. Prior to this, my wife only allowed me to drive to and from the post office, a trip of less than three miles. The next morning I did attend the proceedings of the parole hearing for Bruce Davis. Court TV was the pool feed, no one else came from the press, then well into the hearing, the local NBC station showed up. While you may have seen the hearing on Court TV, you do not know what I know about that day. I am offering a "Behind The Scenes" look, with a personal written report, included with the video tape of the one hour seventeen minute parole hearing. The cost is $24.95 plus S & H. salesdept.html Today is one of the anniversary dates of a Zodiac murder. Do you know which one? I am thankful for all of the good will wishes for my recovery from the second major operation this year.

ZODIAC VICTIM'S SISTER: "Bill - I truly hope you start feeling stronger and better soon!
You are truly a wonderful person for doing what we know in our hearts is right. I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart." -Sister of Darlene She sent this encouraging note along with her purchase of the 9/24/98 Bruce Davis parole hearing. She has made a "positive identification" of Davis with her sister, just before the murder. I have this on video tape. Sales Dept.

INMATE HUSBAND CRIES FOUL: He actually sent me an e-mail informing me that the
California Department of Corrections placed drug sniffing dogs at the California Institution for Women (CIW) where the Manson woman are housed, to try and catch guest of inmates bringing drugs into the prison. He said the program was terminated within a few months, when the only people found to be bringing drugs into the facility were a few guards. Interestingly, he could not tell me if his wife was a resident of CIW. He stated she was being transferred and he would know in a few days her placement.

WIFE RUNS PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN: The beloved flight attendant wife of Mr. Bruce Davis was exposed for the PR campaign she runs on behalf of her twice convicted murdering husband during the recent parole hearing. As I viewed the previous parole hearing tape, I wondered how he did all of this. Now, we know for sure. It was Beth Davis. Bruce Davis has Beth, Tex Watson has Kristin. As one prison official said to me, "All you have to do is do the BAC thing. That

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is, the Born Again Christian defense for the convicted murderer."

INSIGHT FROM SON: One of my three sons said to me, "You know dad, the only place a
Christian has any respect is when they murder someone, get convicted, go to prison, then become a Christian, and society feels so sorry for them. In the free world, Christians are routinely made fun of on television, in the news and in the movies." He may have a point. I notice the Christian community welcomes with open arms any killer turned convert. Susan Atkins, Tex Watson, Bruce Davis, Hillside Strangler or Ted Bundy. I still do not know of any Christian organization who embraces, supports and nourishes the victim's family. Every family I have met damaged by this most atrocious crime has had to deal with the situation by themselves, especially in the area of finances. Sympathy from church members? Yes. Financial gifts, hardly never.

OUTRAGED OVER WEB SITE: Some person sent me an e-mail asking what I thought of
the Abounding Love Ministries web site. So, for the first time, I went to the home page. I was insulted. I sent an e-mail to Kristin Watson for the first time. Long before I ever wrote a book or looked into the life of Charles Tex Watson, I tried to see Watson in prison. He never returned my mail. Then, taking the news pool feed during the May 4, 1990 parole hearing with Doris Tate at the prison, I began to look into his answers to the parole panel. That is when I discovered the fraud, lying, perjury, Medical fraud and ALMS scam for raising money to support the life style of Kristin Watson and the raising of the children through conjugal visits at our expense. Should you desire a copy of my e-mail to the Watson rip off artist, just e-mail me. I will forward a copy to you.

MOST WANTED - ZODIAC: I spent an hour on the phone yesterday with a young producer
working on a Zodiac story, to be broadcast November 21, at 9:00 P.M. on Fox.

COURT TV PROLONGS: W ondering if they will ever complete the taping of the show about
the Manson case, frustrated that the independent producer is very slow to complete his work, I have yet to obtain a broadcast date. I gave them an "exclusive" with the daughter of Leno LaBianca through September 11, 1998. I became involved with this production on May 28, 1998 and am amazed that it is October 1, in two days and still they have no broadcast date. It would be silly to have an exclusive for four months and not use it!

TOUCHSTONE PICTURES TO DO ZODIAC FILM: I have been told that Touchstone
Pictures is completing a Zodiac story based on the book by Robert Graysmith and is do to be released in December which happens to be a Zodiac murder anniversary. I would love to debate Mr. Graysmith on Larry King Live, or any other broadcast, along with Howard Davis, because I find his imagination, fiction, misrepresenting the factual historical evidence and careless dealing with the facts an insult to a career investigative journalist. Once again, I do have at least six connections to Mr. Bruce Davis as being involved in the unsolved Zodiac murders. Let me be clear on this ( NO PUN INTENDED FOR THE LEVEL "CLEAR" OBTAINED BY BRUCE DAVIS, CHARLES MANSON OR DOREEN GAUL IN THEIR INDIVIDUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY) Mr. Bruce Davis should be considered the chief suspect in the unsolved Zodiac murders until proven by law enforcement that he is ruled out.

TV Producer Interested in White Rabbit Scam: She expressed interest in three show
ideas. She found the trip to Barker Ranch fascinating! All the law enforcement and The Manson loyalist decided not to show the grave site of three people who even Susan Atkins bragged about. White Rabbitt, I know you and your under age partner monitor this page, what do you think? Send me an e-mail.

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producer asked me what I knew about a release of a new CD for Manson. I had no information about it, but today I made some inquiries. I learned from a reliable source Manson may have a release through a Mansonite who appeared with me on a television show. "He always said he was going to release it again" said the source. am offering a 15% reduction for all orders received from the salesdept. during the month of October. This is for private collectors only. It will not be given to retail vendors. S & H charges remain the same. Thank you for your business.

WHITE RABBITT SAYS YES: Answering a news alert, White Rabbitt called me to say he is
interested in doing a television show with me. We talked about the trip to the Barker Ranch, where he gave us a false location of the three murder victims buried behind the ranch house. He has calmed down and I even received a nice apology from his Texas girl friend for being mean spirited with her e-mail to me. According to the producer of the show, I expect to do a taping with several guest near the end of November 1998.

PARTING COMPANY: Mr. Vincent Bugliosi, Chief Prosecutor of the Manson family has a
deep respect for my work and my factual, reliable, truthfulness regarding the Manson story. I have even a higher respect for him, regarding his prosecution of the Manson murdering family, but we have parted company over his latest endeavor. You see, Mr. B has taken to the air waves to decry the persecution of the president. He said on a KABC radio show called Mr. KABC last Friday evening that Mr. Ken Starr was appointed by no one, he appointed himself. He railed at the idea the mother of Ms. Lewenski was forced to testify against her daughter. He condemned Iran Contra. He stated in his book NO ISLAND OF SANITY that Republicans are treated better than Democrats in the press. He believes fully in the so-called October Surprise. He sites the Bolland Amendment. He refers to the audience of Mr. Rush as "...and his ilk." He yells in the radio microphone, "If there are any crazy right wing..." He has needlessly attacked a large part of his radio, reading audience for no reason. I wrote Mr. B about my reaction to his book about the Paula Jones case. He wrote me a response expressing anger that "I had the guts to write him with my comments", to which I responded in writing, "You put your pants on one leg at a time just like me, and if you don't then let me know how you do it." That prompted a telephone call from Mr. B late one evening. Unable to fend me off with rational dialogue, he demeaned me by stating, "I never put you in the far right wing extremist camp, nothing ever made me think that of you before, I am shocked." Let me give my reply. Mr. B. is gifted, blessed, brilliant in his prosecutions. There is no equal. But, for one who loves to demand tolerance from the conservative movement, he seems cemented in unbendable and unreasonable liberalism. His comments about Rush say it all: "He is a no good SOB!" As a former United States Secret Officer at the White House, allow me to state the focus of the allegations against the president. He made false statements, under oath, before a sworn legal proceeding. That is a felony. A convicted felon may not occupy the high office of the presidency of the United States. What does Mr. B. think of perjury? He knew Gypsy testified falsely at the Manson trial when she stated the reason for the murders of the Tate house and LaBianca house were to get Bobby out of jail. Knowing it, he took no legal action and years later when Gypsy inquired about coming out in the public and facing a perjury prosecution, Mr. B. calmed her fears stating no one would;d care after this many years. He wrote the Forward for Mr. Furman of the O.J. trial, knowing he was convicted of perjury and a felon. His excuse last week on the radio? "Every one lies." Well, Mr. B, ever one does not lie, on purpose with intend to be false. Perjury is important but I must admit it is not prosecuted enough. Recently, the Los Angeles Times, no less, printed a story siting some 115 people who lied, under oath, about nothing more than having sex. Consider the military approach to the uniformed men and women. Is not Officer Kelly Flynn a case in point?
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Mr. B. and all Clinton defenders...The president has demeaned the office. He has exhibited a behavior unacceptable to the man who stated at election the first time - "We will have the most ethical administration in history." He did it in the work place. Not with one woman, but attempted to do it with many. I never thought I would live to see Ebonics (the negative description for our black neighbors) enter the White House. "Well, now, it all depends on what IS IS...." IN IRAN CONTRA, THE WIFE OF OLLIE NORTH WAS FORCED TO TESTIFY AGAINST HER HUSBAND, UNDER THREAT OF PROSECUTION, AND IT ENDED UP TO BE ONLY THE RECEIVING OF A FENCE FOR SECURITY AROUND HIS PRIVATE RESIDENCE. Mr. Bugliosi has expressed a bitterness that reveals his internal conflicts and hate harboring ideology. That is tragic. I expected more out of him. I held him in high esteem. I guess the story is, we both wear pants, neither one of us is a heavenly being. My thoughts should not be held in some distant hope of a promised positive blurb of a published book. BOARD OF PRISON TERMS RESPONDS. See parole_hearings ee ZODIAC BREAKING. ee book reviews.

dear bill, have you seen Manson's web page? apparently, this is Charlie's page and not Sandra goods. I'm not sure if this is for real or not, but it seems to be, check it out if you already haven't its\hollywood\hills\3529 . in it, he has categories such as "his women" featuring Susan at the very top of the list where he says she was "soulless" and his to shape and mold. very interesting for someone who says he's innocent and these women "acted on their own" . for someone who says all ego must die, he is the most egotistical xxx ive ever seen, should have been sucking gas a long time ago. thought you might like to see it if you haven't already, how foes a convict get access to this kind of stuff. by the way how are you feeling? look forward to hearing back from you, Russ

SURGERY AGAIN. I will face corrective, invasive, shoulder surgery for the second time on Friday, November 13, at 9:30 am. I will be confined once again for most of the day in a CPM or Continuous Passive Motion machine for two weeks, then a lot of physical therapy and pain management.


Original Message----From: Bill Nelson <> To: <>

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Date: Thursday, October 22, 1998 1:14 PM

>Hey there Blue! I want to join your family so I can be deranged too. Give me >Charlie...I'll die for him. Blue, how did you and old George pull this one >off? Scared any private vehicles in Hanford lately with your witchie things? >What a miscarriage of justice, Blue is free, bound only by the mind of >Manson. Locked in the time warp of 1969. Killing life, killing souls for the >Soul, unable to move or think for herself. Blue, you do not have the class >to meet me on any television show. Coward. By the way, Manson called Newport >Beach to ask of my health. You know, those two crazy guys who do the shirts? >Well, for 1 1/2 years I have been in bad health. Think Charlie can take >credit for that one. I notice this web site I logged onto, tries to get >"cookies" on the visitor, but I am better than that. Yep Blue - I have a >protector and it just barked when I opened the Charles Manson site, no you >may not follow the paths I choose on the internet. Blue Ribbons, how >quaint! Lets see, what was it Manson (no Zodiac said) Wanted to see some >symbols on the public? 415 productions, how Zodiac like. San Francisco area >code. And you still doubt me and Dr. Davis can not solve the riddle? Think >once again dear Blue. >-your most disliked author - B.N.

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