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There seems to be some misunderstanding about my position regarding crime scene photographs. I have not published them on this web site but I did publish them in my last book. Doris Tate chose not to look at them but she held no such reservations about the general public viewing them. "Show them to the world and let everybody see what those bastards did to Sharon Bill!" Patti Tate provided them to a media outlet. Patti chose to view them with Mr. Kay as she entered the arena of activism after the death of her mother. Janet Parent went to another web site and viewed the crime scene of her beloved brother Steve Parent. The convicted Manson family murderers fear that the photographs will be shown at their hearings and in some cases an inmate even stated that they did not want them to be shown to the Board of Prison Terms panel. Truth is too prejudicial. The Tate/LaBianca crime scene photographs were entered into evidence at trial. They are a matter of public record. I do not believe the photographs should be easily available to the general viewing public of all ages. I do believe that people who want to view them should be able to do so be it for interest, research, college classes and the like. There is little chance that a living American above the age of fifteen has not seen the real time murder of former President of the United States John F. Kennedy. Murder began as early as the first book of the Bible and it is a sad state of society since the free-will fall from grace by Adam and Eve. The Manson murders were some of the most atrocious in American history and the truth is in the crime scene photographs. A lady wrote me a hand-written note on yellow legal paper to ask me if I would contribute to her book. There was no letterhead. She did not indicate if she had a publisher or not. She did say that she has communicated with Manson and other inmates but she is waiting for a response from some of the main killers. I will not be participating in her project. My days are past for me to write or contribute to books on the Manson case. I have written two books on this case and have contributed to the book by Greg King, reprint of Helter Skelter and Prison Groupies.

During my decade of research and interviews of the Manson case I was not able to prove one single act of sacrifice by the actual Manson family in the freedom period of Charles M. Manson. The Best Selling book by Ed Sanders The Family has a strong amount of writing suggesting that sacrifices did happen. I do know that after the Tate/LaBianca murders law enforcement did search the Spahn Ranch for graves or bodies. Nothing was found. I spoke to Dianne Lake recently and inquired about the subject following the re-release of the Sanders book. She said that people who came along afterwards may have done something like that but that it did not happen with the family. I told her that information had a way of filtering down and around in the family, such as credit card thefts, orgies, Kasabian being taken up to the caves by Tex, drugs, and houses broken into with creepy crawling. Dianne said that if something happened like that during her many months with the family that she and other people would have known. "I think Sanders is obsessed? said Dianne. My perspective? The Manson family was anti-social and criminal enough in reality. It is not necessary to add to the story. The provable truth is shocking enough.

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A friend of John Asnil contacted me from the notice that I sent out. A television station has held my footage in a vault for temperature control and safety for years. They lost some of the most valuable footage and just recently found all of them. Asnil believed that I had stolen the footage that he purchased from me years ago. That was never true. I replied to the address of the e-mail holder/friend of John. I await his arrangement for the return of the footage.

The most complete and factual article regarding our schools and the CDC was written by a California newspaper writer/editor. I received it by e-mail from a person in education. Raising the Bars Complete sentences: Turning students into prison inmates By Margo Freistadt A simple solution would avert the budget disaster facing California's schools: We should declare every public school to be a prison. The kids would understand. Details need to be worked out, but I want every child in California to be given a 13-year prison sentence at age 5, with the possibility of a four-year extension. That way, the $7,000 the state spends per student each year could immediately be raised to $27,000 -- what the state spends on each inmate annually. And our criminally under-funded schools would qualify for the only category in the governor's proposed budget that's slated to get more money this year. Gov. Gray Davis is asking for a 1 percent budget increase for the California Department of Corrections. Meanwhile, our schools are flinching at threats of abusive slashes in state support. Given the alternative of layoffs, more crowded classrooms, fewer teachers' aides and disappearing supplies, school officials should jump for joy at the chance for their district's schools to be transformed into prisons and their students to become inmates. My daughter's middle school in San Francisco would be renamed Herbert Hoover Juvenile Correctional Institution. Her brother's elementary school could be Buena Vista Juvenile Redirective Ranch. The university from which my sister just graduated would become the California Honor Farm at Davis. The benefits are many. Elementary schools in San Francisco haven't been staffed with school nurses for many years. Recent court cases, however, have set minimal levels for acceptable health care for prisoners. If schools suddenly became prisons, students would be entitled to the same health-care standards. Prison nurses would step in and school secretaries, administrators and teachers' aides could get back to educating -- instead of tending to the endless parade of students needing Band-Aids, ice packs, lice checks and help with their asthma inhalers. Labor relations and staff morale would improve. Math, science and English teachers could sign on as members of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, which represents prison guards. The union, which has given $3 million to Davis campaigns since 1998, has the clout to keep salaries growing and benefits flowing. The prison guards union's Web site used to brag that its members earned higher salaries than teachers in California. That boast, wisely, has disappeared from the site. Nonetheless, if our schools became prisons and our teachers were covered by the same union contracts as prison guards, educators would get the immediate raises they deserve. Prison guards deserve every penny they get. It's a tough and stressful line of work, often unappreciated by the inmates and their families. Sound like a teacher's job? From Lakeshore Elementary Jail to Lowell State Penitentiary, wardens and their little inmates should move quickly to get formal status under the California Department of Corrections. Otherwise, county hospitals and nursing homes might beat them to it. -----Margo Freistadt is a copy editor at The Chronicle.

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I have not received any communication from Mr. John Asnil. If a friend of his sees this publishing again, please have him contact me for the return of the footage. (Please see article below)

I received e-mail from a person who used the subject of "Looking forward to seeing you again" but I was not able to open the document. Please try again. I do not open documents containing attachments by people I do not know.

The publishing of recent pages has brought positive responses from the viewing public. I do this site as a ministry first, a source of information, and factual research for interested persons.

During the many years of research and investigation into the madness surrounding the Manson murders, I have met hundreds of people connected to the case, be it close or very distant connections. The father of slain Doreen Gaul was one such man. He continues to live in the same community where Doreen lived in New York. He received my inquiries warmly and he gave me ample information to understand the young and somewhat rebellious Doreen Gaul. He sent me letters. He told me of her involvement in California and the Church of Scientology. He told me about her younger years too. Our conversations continued over the years and I have not spoken to Mr. Gaul for several years. There was really no need to. You see, he had requested that his other children allow me to contact them but each and every one of them declined. That is why it was so surprising that members of the Gaul family began sending me e-mail messages three days ago. The first one was from a person representing herself to be a sister. Many people contact me and pretend to be various people. I wrote about Ed Sanders saying the same thing in a recent news journal entry. I was attacked for the web site. I was told that it was all about money. I was told that she learned of the web site recently and it took her a week to get the strength to view it. She was most appalled that I made an offer for an "Autopsy Report" that included her sister. The report contained no photographs but merely information in written form. There was a nugget of information buried in the report about Doreen Gaul. She was only one of four people who were in the report offered for the price of $65.00 on this web site. I sold no copies of the reports, no interest was shown. That made the true price about $15.00 per report with $5.00 for S&H charges. I placed a call to the home of Mr. Gaul when I read the new report. It was obtained by a researcher and had been held by a retired cop all these years. The evidence in that report proved that the two black men interviewed for the murder of James Sharp and Doreen Gaul on November 21, 1969 could not have done the crime. And, the so-called tire tool that a cop told me was used was totally disproved by the new report. I spoke to Mrs. Gaul for the first time and told her that I would make the report available to Mr. Gaul if he so desired. I have always made reports available to victim families without cost to them. That is without exception. Then came an e-mail from another sister angry that I questioned the identity of the other sister. Again, I had no reason to believe or disbelieve the person contacting me. This sister continued the outburst of anger. The third person was Mr. Jeffery Gaul who lowered the messages to threats, lawsuits, and demands that "every word" be removed from the web site about Doreen Gaul. I placed a call to Mr. Gaul and left a message on his recorder. I chose to remove the pages until I could edit them or make sure that I have honored their request as much as possible. It is a fact of life that documents contained in the realm of the public domain are available to movie producers, authors, researchers, police, and any other interested person. Not even the Tate family can control the image of slain Sharon Tate. The Kennedy family held no rights or ability to keep the public from viewing the awful and graphic film of President Kennedy being murdered. Oliver Stone showed that image again, and again, and again in his silly premised film a few years ago. He was free to do so. I shall never understand why some victim families obsess on the wrong subjects and condemn the work of people on the same side. Doris Tate told me personally that after her passing away that I should show those death scene photographs obtained from retired LAPD Lt. Earl Deemer to the world. "Let them see what these monsters did to Sharon." I know that crime scene images were supplied to media by Patti Tate. Some web sites show all kinds of crime scene and autopsy photographs to the general public. That may offend some people but it is their right to do so. One more interesting item. When I located the crime scene photographs of the Gaul/Sharp murders, I was told a story. "I will have to get them back from a niece of mine. I gave them to her for a report at a Junior College here in

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California." I was given the name of the cop by Deemer, the place where he worked, and told that his belief about the two black men killing Gaul and Sharp was stupid. "I think - - - - - - - has been hitting the bottle too much lately" said Deemer. Doreen Gaul and James Sharp died at the hands of horribly deranged people. The crime was senseless. The murders were very violent, much more so than those of the Tate property, as bad as they were. It was Deemer who told me that he stood over the body of Doreen Gaul in that cold alley and said to himself..."The people who did the Sharon Tate murders did this one too." Thirty-four years of no involvement followed by sudden outburst of anger and so-called concern is no more reasonable than O.J. claiming to be looking for the real killer. We all can show care, concern, support, and compassion for victim family members. But victim family members need to show mature understanding of their loss. No one on this earth is murdered without pain, sometimes guilt, frustration and loss by those who remain. My answer to any victim invaded by serious crime that brings death and destruction is to give it over to God. It is He alone who can bring understanding, health, and the ability to go on in a healthy life style. Life is not fair. That is why God is the answer.

Best Selling author Ed Sanders has a new release of his hit book The Family that chronicled his time living with the Manson family during the trial. I spoke with Sanders by telephone today to confirm the release. He told me that there is some 140 new pages "But it is not anything you do not all ready know Bill", said Sanders. He expanded some of his experiences with the M clan. Sanders also said that there are imposters even today who call him up and try to tell him that they were part of the murdering infamous Manson family. He knew that White Rabbitt was out of prison in Texas. I told him about the Ruth Ann Morehouse fake and how elaborate the scheme was to deceive me into believing it was actually her. I told him how we broke the fake down by asking questions that only Ruth would know, suggested by Barbara Hoyt. The fake was also found out when Dianne Lake and I offered to travel to her city of residence. Sanders is a good writer and any book he writes is worth the time and small investment. Sanders said his new release is with a different publisher who actually contacted him first. Sanders holds all rights to the book and said he would like to send me a free copy but he gave them all away at Christmas. If it is not at your favorite store just ask the clerk. It is a trade paperback release to allow for larger type and less pages needed for the additional material.

Former Manson friend and neighbor to the LaBianca house seems to have moved on from his Southern California home. We stayed in contact over the last decade and Harold True was always kind to me. He was not in the best of health the last time I saw him. his appearances on Hard Copy were stellar.

Every address and telephone number for former acquaintance John Asnil is no longer in use. Asnil obtained the sale of my first library as I told in Manson Behind The Scenes. There was a recent discovery of some lost footage that was part of that purchase. The television studio where the expensive tapes are stored could not locate them for more than a year. I would like for Asnil to contact me by e-mail and we can discuss the return of the footage. Asnil believed for years that I had cheated him when he loaned me the footage for a time and he told all who would lend an ear. It was a real surprise to learn that the footage had simply been misplaced. A so-called friend of Asnil sent me an e-mail with all kinds of unsavory words about me having the footage. Every attempt to reach Asnil, even with this friend has failed, so here is the last final attempt made public for all to see. I do not agree with Asnil about very much, but as I said in my book, he treated me fairly and kept his word. Now I hope he will contact me or a person reading this news journal who knows him will ask him to e-mail me. Although the newest film release of Roman Polanski has been hyped with rave reviews and suggestions of

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brilliance worthy of awards, it has not even made a dent yet in the California market. There was only one theatre in Orange County last week for viewing and that one is kind of a step child to the Edwards chain. You can always count on weird titles being displayed at that location.

WEB SITE WAS DOWN FOR A TIME was down from December 31 until January 3, 2003. There was a strange glitch on the server end. I was told it had happened only once before with another client. Thank you for your patience. I did receive inquiries asking if I had taken the site down again. I have not.

Many of the search engines have placed this site in the top of listings as it was before I took it down for several months. I am gratified. I will continue to publish relevant information from extensive documentation and research that should keep it up there. Abounding Love Ministries, or ALMS appears to be in the same mode of deception, deceit, and divergence of funds. ALMS is the brain child of convicted Manson murdering machine Charles Denton Tex Watson and his wife Kristin from the bond they established in 1979 during a prison groupie matrimonial ceremony. ALMS was created as a way to make money for his new bride. Kristin never worked outside the home and in the 1993 parole hearing for Watson at CMC, Watson gave conflicting sworn testimony about his wife, her income and if she indeed worked for ALMS. His words were untruthful even though they were cloaked in the Christian claims of a changed man. The Board of Prison Terms did not buy it. My follow-up investigation encouraged by Doris Tate, uncovered a mess of misleading statements, lies, and outrage from Watson at the attempt to change his prison address. Watson said that he could not be moved due to his kids schooling, but my investigation revealed that the children were home schooled. The mother of Watson later confirmed that information during my personal visit to her home in 1991 for my first book. "Charles and Kristin do not want their children affected by the world." Such was the claim of Elizabeth Watson. Watson himself was the CEO at the start. Kristin was the CFO and Secretary. Things have changed over the years and the last time I investigated at the Secretary of State office for California, Kristin had removed Charles from all office positions. Kristin became the CEO,CFO, without accountability to any other person. I visited the ALMS web site for the first time in over two years. There it was, right on the home page, the video offer called Forgiven that was done at no cost to the Watson clan. It was first paid for by Biola University staff, produced by classmates of Biola but later picked up by the video ministry of Jeff Smith - Cutting Edge. I interviewed with Smith years ago about the profits going to the Watsons and he assured me that they did not. He did say that just 25 videos went to Kristin Watson annually for her to do with as she pleased. It appears that things may have changed. The video Forgiven right on the home page of ALMS. The order form gives the address of the official mail drop for ALMS, controlled by Kristin Watson alone in Jackson, CA. Kristin has never held a job outside of her home/ministry/non-profit ALMS. KCBS Channel 2 Los Angeles did an investigative piece that won an award with Drew Griffin some years ago. The Secretary of State's Office refused to investigate stating it was a 501-C3 in good standing. The AG office has never investigated ALMS for violations. The charter papers filed to create the ALMS did not allow for any person to benefit personally from the funds generated. Kristin has paid for living expenses, food, gas, auto, children, and more from those funds since the so-called none profit started.

Forgiven - the video - gave false information.. Charles Watson was not president of his high school
class. Charles Watson did not set a state track record. I interviewed his coaches and former teachers as well as eleven or twelve of his small graduating class. Watson stated that he was surprised that Gary Hinman had been killed but he knew all about that murder too. It was Watson who conducted the schools in stabbing people and by that time the drug dealer Bernard Crow had been shot over a rip-off by none other than Watson himself. The video is based on lies, states lies, and has been used as a means to generate income. Not one cent of any of the profits have ever been offered to a victim family. One man involved in the paid for production who claims not to have met Charles or Kristin listened to my facts by telephone and then replied a shocking statement. "We think it is a good story!" The person who established the books for ALMS resigned. I have covered most of these facts in my two books. ALMS has never been audited from an independent source.

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ALMS was required to be overseen by prison officials when Charles Watson was involved, but they never did anything to officially review as required by CDC rules. When the television show Now It Can Be Told investigated, the prison warden stated on camera that ALMS was not registered with the state, was not a 501C3, and all inmate Watson did was send out some mailings to some friends. So much for accountability. Medi-Cal Fraud investigation proved fruitless when authorities from high up told the man on scene to back off. Kristin admitted on a tape recorded statement during the search and seizure of documents that she did in fact use some $5,000 to pay for the births of children, but she stated she did not mean to do it. Tex and Kristin claimed they did nothing wrong because they were not charged but in their hearts they both know exactly what they have done since 1979. Even the CDC investigation in the recent two years proved fruitless when top officials backed off without explanation. It appears that no agency wants to fully investigate ALMS, Kristin Watson or husband Charles fully. There is no accountability required of ALMS even today. Christian supporters look the other way. Christian financial organizations that offer a seal of approval would not allow ALMS to operate this way. The victim's families have had to do it all on their own. There is not state funds for college credits, degrees, health care, room and board or other perks for inmates. It is time for a change but one wonders who has the courage to step up to the plate, fully investigate, and hold them accountable.

The creative exiled film director Roman Polanski will have a film release this Friday. Polanski is a resident of France, and has been since he fled from the United States to avoid prison time for his conviction after the murder of his wife Sharon Tate. One might wonder why the government never investigated the possibility of freezing his assets here in America, such as the profits received from the viewing audience in America, after all he is much like other people who have chosen to live out of the country rather than face confinement in a state prison cell. Polanski has hardly been denied his fame, fortune or freedom to profit from the pockets of the American movie going public. He is brilliant indeed. He is a convicted felon. It is certain that if the Tate family had desired his denial of American profits that much would have been done to see that it turned out that way. The mastermind of the trial against the Manson family sent me an acknowledgment of a recent letter that I sent him. I told him that I reestablished the web site as a favor to Janet Parent but that I did not spend as much time with it as before. Mr. Bugliosi does not use a typewriter nor does he have a computer so all of his letters are hand written. The genius prosecutor wrote: "Dear Bill, Thank you for your letter of 12-02-02. I hope your most recent surgery was completely successful and it's the last one you have to have. 13 surgeries is just astonishing, particularly when you looked as healthy the few times I've seen you. Your kind of like JFK, I guess. I hope you have a nice Christmas and that the coming year is the best you've ever had." -Best, Vince Fox talk show host Bill Oreilly featured prison inmates living off their crimes and Charles Manson was one who generated the most mail at the end of the show. The man who sells the CD music of Manson who resides in the state of Washington defended the music and the selling of the CD's. He even stated in the message that he has found Manson to be a really nice guy. I guess it matters which side of the knife or gun you are on to decide if Manson is a nice guy. It was Manson himself who proclaimed in the Geraldo interview on television that he is not a nice guy. How much money has the producer sent to the family of the victims?

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Manson Behind The Scenes, published 1997, 400 pages, trade PP with a lot of new information not known before. There are just two copies available until the printing is sold out for good. $35.00 plus $4.80 S&H. Send to: Bill Nelson,Post Office Box 3673, Costa Mesa, CA 92628 Both copies are in pristine condition and shrink wrapped. I actually found another one last week in my storage, sold one copy, so there are still two copies of the book that is out of print.

Prisoners are not allowed by law to receive e-mail or even a copied form of e-mail. That means that supporters of the Manson inmate gang are not allowed to send, copy or share e-mail messages. That would include those people who support web sites for the killers such as the wife of Bobbie Beausoleil, Tex Watson, Leslie Van Houten and Susan Atkins. Go to the google search engine at and type in the word "Prisoners Rights". Much of the information there will surprise you.

Janet Parent, the sister of murdered Steve Parent continues to deal with health issues. I am in contact with her quite often and I know that prayers and every good wish would be well received. If you desire to send an e-mail to her, I will be glad to assist in doing that with my e-mail address.

Dianne is to be commended for her graduation from college and her entrance into a graduate studies program. She graduated with honors. Dianne and her family are doing fine and she is a real testament to the redemption and recovery from a life on the edge during her teen years.

Mel Gibson, appearing on an entertainment show last week with the troubled actor Robert Downey Jr. boasted that he visited Corcoran State Prison. The visit took place when Downey was inside for his drug problems. "You know, when you are driving up past Bakersfield, you might as well go on over to Corcoran. That is a terrible place. I wanted to get Charlie Manson's autograph." If the quote is not verbatim then it is paraphrased accurately. So how did Downey enter Corcoran, a maximum prison for drug related offenses and Watson got the state hotel at Mule Creek after killing nine people? The braggadocios statement near the Men's room inside the prison where Watson is housed reads, "Welcome to the Elegant Mule Creek State Prison". Roman Polanski has a law suit against a magazine for what he considers to be unkind words describing his behavior following the murder of Sharon Tate.

It was just six years ago this month that the liberal leaning sympathetic die-hards banished conjugal visits in California State Prisons for convicted murderers. Susan Atkins liked to call them "Flue Visits" which stands for Family Living Units. The continued procreation for the man who butchered pregnant actress Sharon Tate ended November 1, 1996 and the possibilities of Atkins giving birth was halted too. Let's hope the leadership of the CDC continues to stay in step with the rest of society who considered the practice unthinkable. Watson says he wants to return to his home state of Texas "when" released but if he were in Texas prison there never would have been a family started for the killer of nine innocent people. That total includes the unborn baby of Tate and the murder of Shorty Shea that Watson knows he helped murder.

Many of the e-mail messages I receive are from the same old people who sent e-mail to the old web site during 1998-2001. They are messages from people who try to deceive me and get their letters published on the web site. You may not receive a response from me if I believe it is just another ploy of mean-spiritedness. One woman has used many different personalities and is rather talented in her creativity. Shortly after the site was published again, I received an e-mail message containing threats. Several people skilled in Numerology have broken it down and the intent is clear.

I will be having surgery once again, the 13th time, for Diabetic related complications. My recovery will take a long time.

An e-mail was received tonight informing me that A&E Biography will feature the slain actress Sharon Tate on Tuesday, October 29, 2002. Set your recorders.

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Lines of communication have been opened with law enforcement about suspect Bruce M. Davis of the Manson family. One contact showed great interest and did not believe such information from this web site should be simply dismissed easily as mere coincidences. The communication shall continue behind the scenes so not much will be said about the progress in the near future. I am more interested in aiding in solving the Zodiac case than in making it all public. I will say that one DNA sample, one stamp or envelope may not hold the only answer. It will take the evidence from the Gaul/Sharp murders, the murder of Cheri Jo Bates, and the Northern California murder spree. Experts on the Zodiac case do not necessarily think the acts were carried out without help at some times. Stay tuned... Manson Behind The Scenes, published 1997, 400 pages, trade PP with a lot of new information not known before. There are just two copies available until the printing is sold out for good. $35.00 plus $4.80 S&H. Send to: Bill Nelson,Post Office Box 3673, Costa Mesa, CA 92628 Both copies are in pristine condition and shrink wrapped.

They took an hour to string it out and milk it for every possible emotion but they are to be commended for a good piece of investigation. To be sure, it is the present crisis of the "Beltway Sniper" that brought it to the public tonight. It is fear revisited. Inspector Kelley Carroll was a true professional during his time on camera. He is worthy of his badge! The DNA expert Sidney Holt is a woman challenged and excited to be just even a small part in the solving of this most difficult series of murders. Three people were cleared in the show. The poor Mr. Arthur Leigh Allen who died in 1992 was cleared as not a match. He did not live long enough to get an apology for all the targeting by SFPD, ten hours of lie detector test that he indeed passed, or the return of his peace of mind. He was no saint but he was not the Zodiac. Author Robert Graysmith held to his belief of Allen as the only logical suspect but now has been proved wrong. Many of the statements made by the author proved to be false during my years of interviews and investigation into the Zodiac murders. Simple things like the color of a house, the painting party, the money received by the husband of Darlene Ferrin, all wrong. Graysmith will change his story to say that others mailed the letters and he will not let go of the suspect Allen. A son was interviewed by the name of William Collins who had to know if his dad could have been the Zodiac. DNA of Charles Clifton Williams showed that he could not have been the Zodiac. Researcher Mike of New Jersey just knew that this was the Zodiac. Williams had been a resident of San Francisco, wore a 10 1/2 shoe and used initials "CCC" that seemed to fit. DNA may now prove the true identity of the real Zodiac. I reserve the right to ask that Bruce McGregor Davis, convicted of two Manson family murders be looked at. A message to Mr. Davis from this writer... "I shall work to have law enforcement either charge you with DNA or clear you as a no match." While other researchers, investigators, web host have given me grief for my suspect and have been relentless in their cruelty, they have seen their suspects drop by the way side with no DNA match. It is time to prove me wrong. DNA evidence should be able to do just that.

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OCTOBER 15, 2002 1600 Hours, Los Angeles,California
It was just announced on KFI AM radio, Los Angeles, that DNA evidence may clear the only suspect that San Francisco PD has ever had for the unsolved murders by "The Zodiac". Both Howard Davis and I have been trying to tell them this for many years. ridicule, laughter and silence has been the response of the assigned investigators. Two police departments have sat on evidence fearing that it might not fit their pet theories and match the suspect they have chosen. SFPD has been all but incompetent in their so-called investigation. Riverside PD is the other department earning low marks for a serious investigation into the unsolved murder of Cheri Jo Bates. I have held information from a reliable source for months that DNA evidence does not match their local boy theory with former classmate of Bates from high school, Mr. Bill Bennett. Bennett resides outside the United States and promises to return him to California have been hollow and empty. The obvious reason is that DNA might clear him rather than charge him. My book Manson Behind The Scenes was the first publication to name him as their local boy suspect. Vallejo PD follows close behind the other two in the closed minded category. If this report just released turns out to be true then the different police departments, in several jurisdictions will have to take a hard look at other suspects. Despite the more than coincidental evidence and in some cases eye witness video taped testimony that they have ignored, there is ample time to fully investigate all suspects. When the Northern California departments held a conference they neglected to include Riverside PD. It is interesting that I was deeply moved to publish my "Zodiac Suspect" page just this past weekend. I received an e-mail message from a host of another web site assaulting me verbally and cursing me in a demeaning manner for expressing my research and years of investigations. His entire site is built upon the theory that the suspect that might be cleared with DNA evidence was the Zodiac. More information will be published as it continues to break. While you are waiting for that to take place, please visit my zodiacsuspect page.

Dateline California - October 12, 2002 IN CELEBRATION OF THE ARREST OF THE MANSON MURDERERS 10-12-69
I like to celebrate the anniversary of the arrest of the Manson family of murderers with something brand new when possible. This year I offer a new page celebrating the life of Steve Parent. He was the first one killed on the Tate property. It was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Period. He was not known by Sharon Tate or her house guest. He was known by William Garretson who has since changed his story more than the rest of us change clothes. The page is courtesy of Janet Parent. A photo album is published for the first time, an exclusive of

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Patricia Krenwinkel is not seem nor is she heard from very often. A lady sent me an e-mail with two newspaper articles about Ms. K. NARCISSISM ALIVE AND WELL Dateline California - August 16, 2002

According to a reporter from an inland California newspaper, the California Board of Prison Terms has been given more time to do an appeal with the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals concerning the Leslie Van Houten Superior Court action taken in June 2002. The position of the California Attorney Generals attorneys, the BPT has given Van Houten fair and reasonable parole hearings. The attorney for Van Houten and the inmate disagree of course.

Los Angeles based radio talk show host George Putnam reported today that a bill in the California Legislature will allow prison authorities to use reasonable force to take DNA samples from inmates. The bill passed by a strong vote of 68 - 0. The bill will move to a conference committee after having passed in the state Assembly. People working on unsolved cases believe this bill will help in solving multiple murders and attacks throughout the state.

Doris Tate was the one who kept the case alive. She was compelling, she had charisma, she was a grandmother, and her daughter was semi-famous at the time of her murder. Sharon Tate is much more famous in death according to many admirers of today than she might have been had she not been murdered by the Manson family. It was from 1987 until the fall of 1991 that I traveled extensively with Doris. We went to Canada, Sweden, Washington, D.C. and New York. I was with her when she met Roman Polanski after not seeing him for ten years. That meeting took place in June of 1990. The fact that Polanski had fled the United States and was a convicted felon did not sway Doris in her enthusiasm and the prospect of meeting him again. She confided on the way to see him that she will always remember Roman and Sharon as being together. The reunion I witnessed was warm, sincere, and spontaneously filled with mutual admiration. No one really keeps the flame alive much now days. No one has filled her shoes. The press does not respond the way they did when it was Doris Tate, the matriarch of murdered victims and a founder of Parents of Murdered Children. It was a title she neither sought nor desired. She would have gladly traded the fame and kindness' expressed by media personalities for the life of her daughter. This weekend marks the 33rd year since the needless crimes were carried out by a career criminal to start a race war that shocked the conscience of America. I found no articles or even a reference to the murders in either the Orange County Register or the Orange County Edition of the Los Angeles Times. One of the problems is time. Another problem is the all too often repeated stories of violence and murder against the youth of our country. Even the stories of negligent parents leaving children to die in over-heated cars is reported all too frequently. These are the crimes that shock the nation, much like the ones carried out by the Manson family. Charles Manson sells well on the web and his followers have established sympathetic supporters who host web sites for the infamous killers now in their late 40's or early 50's. Not much news about the murders here in California. Not for the 33rd year.

He was one of the most honest, sincere, respected people to have given the CDC or California Department of Corrections thirty years of service. He walked in and out of the CIW prison that houses the Manson female killers for more than twenty-two years. There were rumors started inside the prison at one point suggesting that Lt. Robert Sebald and I were in business together making money off the case. The CDC actually investigated the rumors and purchased a taped interview that I had conducted with Sebald for the 25th anniversary of the case. It did not seem fair that a career officer of the CDC should have a shadow cast over his illustrious career at the suggestion of three Manson woman. Sebald and I kind of laughed about that one day when he told me about the

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investigation. Nothing ever came from the investigation to be sure. He will be off on a new adventure in life and we wish him well. Lt. Robert Sebald was a rare breed and the department will find it hard to replace his talents and mannerism in dealing with the media. The replacement sat in on the parole hearing of Leslie Van Houten in June 2002.

Well before Digital cameras were available, I had to rent broadcast television equipment to tape a parole hearing. It cost me as much as $150.00 in fees. Then I often paid another $100.00 to make a master tape of each hearing for duplication purposes. The firm that I stored my masters with just found a box marked with my personal name this past week. Inside the large box were many master copies of Beta Cam SP, Super VHS, and 1" tape of parole hearings dating back to 1990.Television producers or interested parties may contact me by e-mail for additional information. These tapes contain complete footage of each parole hearing.

CIW has some pretty new programs for the inmates and television personalities are standing in line to gain interviews. ABC and Diane Sawyer got the first interview with the Lifer organization at CIW where the Manson women are housed and a producer of Dateline told me that she was literally beat out of that slot by five minutes. Sawyer, who had interviewed Manson for the 25th anniversary of the murders in 1994 upset some of the inmates who participated. Sources have indicated that other networks have been delayed due to the inmate reactions. Dateline was to gain access for the first week of August but the inmates now say they want to wait until September.

A national magazine has indicated a desire to feature the fight of Leslie Van Houten to gain release and the actions of the Board of Prison terms position on releasing people who have been convicted of murder. The magazine people are well aware of the battle and the claims from our present governor that no killers will go free on his watch.

A source close to Leslie Van Houten said that she is willing to meet with Angela Smaldino, the niece of Leno LaBianca, in person but that she will do so only if there is no tape recording of the meeting. I was told that Ms. Smaldino said she wanted to voice tape the meeting and use it in her graduate studies for a paper. This, said the source, is unacceptable because Ms. Van Houten believes it could be exploited. When I met inside CIW with Susan Atkins for almost ten hours in 1992, I did so with the understanding there would be no video, voice or other recording of the conversations. Susan had her attorney at that time present for most of the conversations but I did speak to Susan Atkins for quite some time in the attorney room without Deborah her attorney. The ground rules seem to be reasonable and only time will tell if Ms. Smaldino accepts them.

Dateline California - July 24, 2002

The Superior Court judge ordered the BPT to conduct a new hearing to give direct instructions to the inmate before she can obtain a date for release. May 23, 2002 to July 23, 2002. A call to the Public Information Officer revealed that nothing is on the docket for Leslie VanHouten yet.

Dateline California - July 2002
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Disappointed with the continued parole hearing outcome of one and two year denials, Van Houten and her attorney went to Superior Court to force the BPT to be very specific about what the inmate needs to accomplish in order to be granted a release date. A few weeks later the judge agreed with the appeal and gave orders to the parole hearing panel to be specific and he gave them sixty days to have a new hearing for that purpose. His decision came down on May 23, 2002.

Taking an unusually long time to conduct the media blitzed hearing, the chair lady gave a two year denial to Leslie Van Houten. She instructed the inmate to continue with classes but admitted that there were no more classes to attend. VanHouten stated that at the close of the hearing and then said that she would do the best she could. That comment gave the chair person an out and she replied that was all we could ask. Sources said that Leslie Van Houten was disappointed, frustrated, and had lost hope while Angela Smaldino expressed gratitude as a niece of Leno LaBianca. Her brother declined comment, as is his custom, to the media. Kay, Deputy District Attorney was gleeful. The press conference that followed was ended abruptly while Kay was speaking. A film crew and supporter of Leslie receiving a date for parole asked a question that Kay ignored and said, "Next question". He then walked away from the massive amount of media microphones.

It was disappointing to see many members of the media get facts wrong once again. Was it the 13th hearing or the 14th for Van Houten. It was reported both ways. Several personalities reported that Leslie Van Houten was the youngest member of the Manson family. She was not. Dianne Lake was younger than she. The judge on Fox News Network referred to Leslie in this manner, "She is not the crazed girl she was in 1969". I do not know that Leslie Van Houten was ever portrayed as crazed. She sang gleefully walking down the court hallways with Susan and Pat. Van Houten has admitted to some 300 LSD trips and said she never had a bad one. I know of no reporting at the time of trial that showed her as crazed. Most of the media reported that Van Houten would be the first member of the so-called Manson family to be released and then stated that the governor of California has said that no murderers would go free on his watch. Steve Grogan, known also as Clem, was the first one who was convicted of murder to be released. He gained that freedom when he gave up the burial location of murder victim Shorty Shea. Even more offensive was the reference by Geraldo on Fox News Network that they, "Sliced her belly wide open and hung her upside down" referring to Sharon Tate. Geraldo was corrected on his television show by attorney for Susan Atkins, Deborah Fraser in 1991 but he continues the hyped version. Geraldo is a better journalist than that.

Ms. Webb cited once again the Brainwashing research as she did in her first appearance as the attorney of record for Van Houten. She has solid sources and quotes experts in the field as she gives reasons - not excuses - for the participation of her client Leslie Van Houten before the Board of Prison Terms panel. The approach does not seem to be resonating with the panel. F. Lee Bailey, famous attorney for the defense of people accused, found it difficult to do in the case of Patty Hurst. Ms. Hurst ended up serving time at Pleasanton prison along with Manson family member Catherine Gypsy Share. I had a wonderful conversation with a former member of the Manson family after the hearing for Van Houten. She had seen news clips of Leslie. We discussed the brainwashing issue. She said that actually, there is a good case for the brainwashing of Manson from all of his years in prison prior to the murders. The brothers talked of race wars. The Black Panthers were outspoken about the coming violence. By the time Manson got out in 1967, he believed it was all coming down. He knew of the 1965 Watts riots, and he saw the conflict through the eyes of his black prison mates. I thought she made some good observations. But I do not think that is a defensible position for Manson and only time will tell if brainwashing has any affect on the desired release for Leslie Van Houten.

Every time the former prosecutor appeared on television for his comments about the parole hearing for Ms. Van Houten, he declined to address issues of her rehabilitation. He stated correctly that he has not observed Leslie Van Houten since 1971 at sentencing. He said that even if he had seen her since that time in prison, that he would not be able to speak to that issue since he was not trained in that science. Unlike Kay at the hearing, Bugliosi got it right. Kay seems to believe that he can speak to her progress inside CIW based on a summary reading of a selected psychology report. "It would be presumptuous for me to comment...I would not even be qualified" said Bugliosi on Court TV.

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Bugliosi did say that there must be something inside people who commit murder in this manner and he quoted her speaking to a Joel Hockman in 1971, a psychologist. He also cited the need for retribution and punishment and he verbally opposed the release of Van Houten. Bugliosi did write in his best selling Helter Skelter that he believe the inmates of the Manson family would serve some 18 years or so since their death sentences were overturned. Van Houten has now served 33 years.

It was a cover story done with the agreement of her new attorney and husband attorney James Whitehouse. Photos were on the inside including one with the painting in the cell of Atkins. It was a surprise to see the cover since Susan claims the rebirth with a belief in Jesus Christ. Numerous quotes were given inside the magazine from Christian leaders. Paul and Jan Crouch of TBN television was quoted as praying for the release of Susan Atkins. The magazine is called OC Weekly. It appeared in May 2002.

Atkins and her attorneys are watching closely the case in Superior Court filed by Leslie Van Houten. She has filed an action too. During my 1992 interviews inside CIW with Susan, she told me that "Leslie has to crack the door open first." Some observers believe that even if a release date is granted for Van Houten, Susan is in another category due to the number of counts against her. Leslie has two counts - Leno and Rosemary while Susan has...well there is Hinman, the Tate murders and the LaBianca murders because she was in the car. So was Clem but he was not charged in the LaBianca murders. Bugliosi told me years ago that Clem was too stupid to prosecute and I replied that he was not that stupid since he was the only killer given a parole release.

James Whitehouse, the husband of Susan Denise Atkins, has sold private information about me that could cause identity theft opportunities. A police report was filed in Orange County and there was an open investigation. Whitehouse sold my drivers license number, my social security number, previous addresses, confidential information from old DMV records and some of it was incorrect. I learned of the ploy by a pastor friend who called me. He actually purchased the packet for $8.00 and he sent me the material with the addressed envelope. The return address was from James Whitehouse, San Juan Capistrano, CA. The investigation spread to the DMV and Social Security investigations. Both agencies believed the actions to be illegal. There was a time when the CDC officers at CIW believed that Whitehouse might be taken into custody while visiting Susan. Some officers expressed that they would like to be the ones to put on the cuffs. That did not take place because of the following reading of the statutes. In the case of the DMV, Whitehouse did not obtain the information "Directly from the DMV" so he did not "Officially" violate my right of privacy. The state legislature created a loophole that was unforeseen. An attorney may not use DMV information and give it to another party under California law. Since he did not directly obtain it he would not be prosecuted. In the case of the Social Security number being sold, Whitehouse did not have "possession" of the actual Social Security card, therefore he would not be prosecuted. So it appears that the selling of a personal Social Security number without the actual card is another unforeseen loophole created by visionless legislators. Another friend of mine contacted Whitehouse and received an e-mail message stating that Whitehouse did it because "It humors me". Whitehouse also stated that the information, "Fell into my lap" as an explanation about how he obtained it. The court record information sent in the packet about me actually proved the weakness of the case and reasons why the pastor told me the case should never have been filed. Identity theft is the fastest growing white collar crime in America. All a person has to have is: a persons' Social Security number, Drivers License number, some former addresses, date of birth and they can obtain credit cards over the telephone or over the vast web. I was encouraged to file an action against Whitehouse with the ethics enforcement of the California Bar Association. I chose not to do so. If what he did to me was not technically illegal then it certainly was unethical. And beyond that, as a professed Christian, he was wrong. Both he and his inmate wife boasted of their Christian lives in the December 2000 parole hearing. I sent a letter to CIW addressed to Susan Atkins. I included all of the information and proof of what her husband had done. I gave her an out as to her knowledge of it, stating that she may not have know about it. The package was returned to me "Refused" but it had been opened and read. I inquired as to how that could happen and I was told that the inmate is called in and asked if they want to receive a package of that size. They are allowed to open

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it, read it, and then decide. We who live in free society have no such rights. If we refuse a package we do not have the freedom to inspect it and read it. I asked Susan to speak to James about the situation and called upon her Christian walk to motivate her. Susan told the prison staff, "I am not accepting mail from Bill at this time." At the end of my letter I told Susan that if it continued I would supply information for her C-File. Susan told prison authorities that if Bill Nelson put anything in the C-File that they would bring a law suit against the CDC. That is how I knew she had read the entire package I had sent to her. The people who had been listed as receiving the $8.00 package on line were contacted. Most of them denied ever hearing of or knowing who I was. A couple of them replied that they had read it. James Whitehouse remains a mystery. He listed his own private address as his place of business when he entered the California Bar Association. He alone knows why he married Susan Atkins. He is entitled to his privacy.

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