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Polly Boudreaux

From: Dmitri Wasilewski []

Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 2:09 PM
To: Craig Taffaro;Judy D Hoffmeister; Polly Boudreaux
Cc: Craig Stanley; Susanne Christofferson
Subject: Sf. Bernard Towne Centre: Thank you, Great Meeting and Next Steps

Craig, Judy and Polly -

Thank you for a splendid meeting yesterday! On behalf of CBO we appreciate your continued support in the
redevelopment of village square. Now that CBO knows where we stand on density we are going to quickly move
forward on the process of submitting (1) the redevelopment plan to the Housing, Quality of Life and
Redevelopment Commission and (2) submitting the zoning plan in conformance with the enacted SmartCode to
the Planning Commission. To that end I have some questions and requests for incll.lsion into those plans.

1. ROAD HOME IMPACT ON REDEVELOPMENT. Some of the remaining property owners whO are not under
contract with us are pursuing the Road Home for Rental properties. In fact we have three property owners that
are in the process of entering a contract, but they want an out if the Road Home provides money in excess of our
offer. If the Rental Road Home program was the same as the Homeowner version, we could stipulate that they
would have to sell the property to the LRA. However, it is my understanding that the rental prqgram only provides
money for renovation for low-income renters. That means that we have a potential to have twelve or more
properties be renovated in the area. QUESTIQN: Can we insert language into the redevelopment plan stipulating
that the remaining property owners have to (a) sell to us at the asking price or (b) face imminent domain or some
similar language?
2. SCHEDULING SUBMISSION OF PLAN TO HOUSING COMMISSION. The next regularly scheduled meeting
for the Housing Commission is July 19th. That would work perfectly for us. Next week we will be developing the
submission. On July 10th, we will be meeting with the Planning Commission to review and resolve any issues that
they may have. That week I would like to also schedule the "holistic" review of the plan with parish staff to resolVe
the fire safety. public works and other issues that may need to be addressed in the submission. The intent being
that I can have a full submission for review by the Housing Commission on July 17th prior to the July 19th
meeting where, if it pleases the Commission, the submission can be approved. QUESTION: How best do I
expedite this "holistic" review? Work with Dave Peralta? Someone else? Please let me know.

3. PUBLIC NOTICE. Is a public notice required for the approval of the redeveiopment plan?

4. OTHER DEVELOPERS. I have a meeting on July 11th with the owners of 217 and 301 Plantation.
working to set up a meeting with the Sandi Group as well. We will see how that goes and.l will keep'

Thank you again and I look

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