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T H E O R WA c h r o n i c l e s

Let no one despise or think less of you because of your youth, but be an example for believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12
June/July 2013

Praise Report:

FA M I LY: G r e e t i n g s f ro m t h e O r w a s
Being a kid is hard. Its hard in any country you are in, but especially difficult in a third world country. The pressures and responsibilities of kids here are vastly different than those of the majority of kids in their families needs. The most pressing need for familys is school fees. School is not free and if you dont have the money to pay, you dont go to school. If you dont go to school, your chances of finding a job are very slim. Schools can cost as little as $100 per year, but that is often way more than a family can afford. Most barely make enough for food. So imagine being faced with the stress of sending five kids to school. The kids feel the stress as much as the parents do. We recognize how hard life is here for the youth. We also realize they need help to get through it all. Most of all they need the Lord. So, in an effort to reach out to these kids, well be hosting a weekend youth camp the last weekend in August. The kids
Our neighbor, Glory, age 7, with her little brother, Joshua.

Our support was up last month and we were able to set aside funds for basic lab equipment!

Great fellowship and growth with the congregation at Yesu Anaweza

Good health for all of us.

Prayer Requests:

will come Friday to Sunday. Well give them food, lodging, good fellowship and lots of time for Bible Study and times of prayer and worship.

We are in great need of a car for both ministry and our family use. So far we have raised about 25% of what we need.

the US. Here, from a very young age, kids are expected to help in their household. Its common to see a five year old carrying around their six month old sibling and taking care of them while their parents work. A child as young as two or three may walk long distances to collect water for their family. An eight year old may start the fire and cook morning tea and porridge for the family and cook rice and beans in the evening Teenagers often work to help support

Our desire is that they meet Jesus that weekend and commit to a life that honors him and makes a difference in their house and communities. Life is hard, but its so much better with God. Pray for us as we prepare for this weekend. Ask God to use us and speak to their precious hearts. Love, The Orwas

For God to work through the medical outreach camp in Kenya. Also for patience and flexibility as Eli goes with us, that he does well when out of his routine.

For the leaders of Africa Harvest of Hope, Alan and Shannon Reed as they raise funds for the orphanage stateside.

Ministry Opportunity
We are excited to be going to Kenya in the beginning of August. Even while God has us in Tanzania, we still look for opportunities to serve in Kenya, Georges home country. This time, we will be helping in a medical camp set up in a rural area, serving those who may not have the resources to seek medical attention. We met the leader of the ministry last year after being connected by mutual friends from the US. He and the team coming are from Southern California. They have done this before and expect to see over 1500 people. Not only will those people receive the medical help they need, they will also get a chance to hear the gospel as well. This type of ministry is right up our alley and we are honored to help them out. George will be working as the lab technologist and I will help out as much as I can while looking after Eli.

Preparations for the upcoming weekend youth camp.

For favor as we search for the land for the orphanage.

George, Stacie & Eli Orwa

P.O.BOX 8893 MOSHI, TANZANIA Tel: +255714200660 +255659140159

George and Stacie Orwa work with Africa Harvest of Hope and are sent by Rancho del Rey Church. They have to raise 100% of the funds to support their work. If you feel called to join their financial support team, tax deductible monthly or one time donations can be sent to: Rancho del Rey Church 5651 Palmer Way Suite C Carlsbad, CA 92010 Or online at
Be sure to note their name in the memo line.

Check out our blog for stories, photos and prayer requests. We update it frequently to keep you involved:

Reaching Out
Things are going well at Yesu Anaweza. Georges discipleship class is going great. They are almost finished with the book of James. Stacies womens group is going strong as the ladies are learning to open up. Its also important to us to help out with the physical needs of the people around us. As our monthly support grows, we are able to do that more and more. We have been able to do home visitations and leave them with a small gift. Next week we are going to
Eli making new friends at a home visit.

needs that come up. This coming Sunday, we are hosting a tea fellowship following the church service. We want the congregation to stay and spend time talking with each other and growing as brothers and sisters in Christ. All of this we wouldnt be able to do without those in the US who pray for us and financially support us. Thank you for being a part of Gods ministry here. We are so blessed by you all and many here are blessed by you as well. God Bless you!

the home of a widow and will be able to bring her a basket of food and supplies. We have also been able to assist with school fees and other small