Achieving Peak Performance

Experience the “Quantum Nutrition Effect” for Peak Endurance & Rejuvenation Support*

Quantum-Rx Adaptogen Complex
A QuantaceuticalTM Botanical Supplement

A Premier Formula with 4 Super Blends
Soma Pro BlendTM: a quantum-state blend (130 mg/cap) with Soma Latha (revered for centuries as the “elixir of immortality”) and Fo Ti Teng (the “elixir of life”); together they promote healthy kidneys, liver, pancreas, adrenals, thymus and blood function* Oxy Pro BlendTM: features the famous “3 R’s”: Rhaponticum, Rhodiola Rosea and Rhodiola Crenulata (70 mg/cap); the perfect blend to promote oxygen utilization, mental acuity, endurance and healthy fat metabolism* Ecko-BoostTM: features the amazing nutritional star, Ecklonia Cava (55 mg/cap); promotes restful sleep, memory, alertness, healthy inflammatory response, fat loss support and can relieve occasional fatigue* Lean-Body Pro BlendTM: (190 mg/cap) promotes the entire adaptogenic process, including immune system and hormone support and whole body rejuvenation*

The Lean-Body Boost for Quantum Performance, Immune System Support & Rejuvenation*
Do you feel stressed out occasionally? Do you have adrenal burn-out? If there’s one product you should try this year, this is it! No other product combines so many key synergistic, adaptogenic herbs for the broadest spectrum of benefits. Feel the difference!

Dr. Robert J. Marshall, PhD, CCN, DACBN CEO, Quantum Nutrition Labs

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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. . corn. . . . Thyme (leaf) (Thymus vulgaris). . . . . South America. . Our Quality One Guarantee: No magnesium stearate (an undesirable excipient). artificial colors. By their nature. Japan. Our CEO. We believe that only nutrients from “once living” sources can best sustain the ideal resonant frequency of your body’s cells. . wheat. . . Protease. an undesirable oil that can suppress the immune system ●● No animal glandulars with toxic tag-alongs and unwanted animal hormones ●● No tablets with toxic tag-along binders and fillers ●● No excipients . . Amylase. . Malaysia and many other countries. . 55mg Ecklonia Cava (Sea grass) Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule Recommended Use. . including Europe. Quantum-Rx Adaptogen Complex – Ingredients A QuantaceuticalTM Botanical Supplement 445 mg/Vcap. They are sourced only from the finest qualified suppliers all over the world. 70mg Rhodiola Rosea Extract (root). . . Quantum-State Nutrients Without the Risk ●● No magnesium stearate. © Copyright 2010 Quantum Nutrition Labs LT2175 R10-0618 Quantum Nutrition Labs • Home of HealthLine Live • www. . thus delivering the Quantum Nutrition Effect to support optimal health. Cellulase Soma Pro BlendTM . . . Take 1 capsule. . . . Thus. our 100% solvent-free vegetable capsules dissolve rapidly (regardless of temperature) and provide better absorption of nutrients. all which may create problems if consumed over time. . . Calcium-based Montmorillonite. . . . . Ingredient Quality Our ingredients are purchased solely for quality in terms of purity. . potency and quantum-state resonance capacity. . . . . India. cure or prevent any disease. . . These capsules are superior to their solvent-based or gelatin counterparts and ensure a healthier. . Sadly. seed) (Morinda citrifolia). . . . . Maltase. Dr. . . Noni (fruit. Lipase. . . The Quantum Nutrition Effect When quantum-state quality nutrients (exquisitely well grown. . . . . Apple Cider and Red Wine Vinegar (Fulvic and Humic Acids). soy. . . . . Rhodiola Crenulata (root). . salt. their effect can be far greater than the sum of their individual benefits: The Quantum Nutrition Effect. yeast. safer product for our customers. . . Opuntia ficus-indica (Nopal Cactus or “Prickly Pear” Cactus) is a key ingredient in Lean Body Pro BlendTM. . . . all of our encapsulated products are made with 100% solvent-free vegetable capsules or vegetable-source gelatin capsules. . to Italy to personally examine aloe plants and to South Africa to study tribal plants. . . . 130mg Soma Latha (stem) (Sarcostemma acidum). tablets need glues and binders (and other undesirable. . . milk. flavors or preservatives. . For example.100% Solvent-Free Vegetable Capsules At Quantum Nutrition Labs. . . has traveled to many countries.healthline. . . . . A quantaceuticalTM is a nutraceutical supplement that tests on to all four biofield polarities. . . Pepsin. . . . . he has traveled to the central forests of India to find the best source of noni. . other manufacturers often use inferior vegetable capsules (solvent-tainted) as well as tablets and animal-based gelatin capsules. typically contain unwanted preservatives in their shell and may carry the risk of prion exposure. non-nutritional compounds) to hold their ingredients together. . Because of our rigorous testing. . . .cc • (800) 370-3447 .* Ideal Cellular Resonance The human cell has a crystalline matrix. Maral Extract (root) (Rhaponticum carthamoides) Ecko-BoostTM . . 3 times daily. . . In contrast.Excipients are highly questionable (often problematic) fillers and binders which are commonly added to nutritional products *These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. Invertase. . . . . . Fo Ti Teng (root) (Polygonum multiflorum) Oxy Pro BlendTM . . temperature-sensitive. 190mg Nopal Cactus (pad) (Opuntia ficus-indica). Marshall. . . . . we reject the vast majority of suppliers due to their routine use of pesticides and radiation. treat. free of toxic tag-alongs) are combined together. . . This product is not intended to diagnose. . . . China. . Animal-source gelatin capsules are hard to digest. . which means it has an ideal resonant frequency. Lactase. . . . ever in pursuit of the elusive pristine quality of nutritional ingredients. . . . sugar. 90 Vcaps/bottle Each capsule contains: Lean Body Pro BlendTM . . many of our suppliers are small families and farming communities in various countries. .

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