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How to Get the Best Education for Your Child—

Soon to be available in multiple H E W L E T T - P A C K A R D

Kindergarten through Sixth Grade: A Parents Handbook

bindings and interior color choices By: Debra E. West, M.Ed.
C O M I N G J U N E 3 0 , 2 0 0 9


Fast Facts
Title: How to Get the Best Education for Your Child—
Kindergarten-6th Grade: A Parent’s Handbook
Author: Debra E. West, M.Ed.
Publisher: Axis Publishing Company, LLC
Number Of Pages: 186 pgs.
Edition: First Edition - B&W Perfect Bound
Format/Binding: Trade Paper [Perfect Bound]
We are on the web at: Retail Price: $29.95
About the Author
Debra E. West, M.Ed., is an elementary school-
Audience: Parents, Teachers, Principles, PTA's (Parents
reading specialist & coach at the Academy for Aca-
This is a concise tool written to quickly empower parents Teachers Associations), School Administrators, School
demics & Arts in Huntsville, Alabama. She is also the
Boards & School Districts, Elected Officials and many more.
who seek the best education possible, and it is organized in simple grade author of the books: The Little Chef’s Coloring Cook-
Language: English book, as well as the highly anticipated, How to Get
specific sections containing straight to the point advice and guidance. Product Dimensions: L- 11"[28cm] W- 8.5" D- .464" the Best Education Possible for Your Child – Kinder-
garten-6th Grade: A Parent’s Handbook. In January
Product Weight: 1.31 (pounds) 2009, Mrs. West launched the Best Education Possi-
Early insights from the author’s hometown of Huntsville, Alabama ISBN-10: 0-9822479-5-8 ble Citizen’s Idea Initiative, a grass roots effort to
improve primary education in the U.S. and through-
ISBN-13: 978-0-9822479-5-2 out the world.
“Finally... an informative, USABLE guide for parents who want to help their children on their educational path to LC Control Number: 2009922385
success! Mrs. West, former educator and current Reading Coach, designs a workbook which will be useful to LCCN Permalink: Did you know?
both parents and children from their first year (Kindergarten) to the sixth grade. She brings her vast experience
ASIN: 0982247958
into play with information about what your child should know prior to entering each grade as well as what they • A parent’s involvement can truly improve a
should know mid-year and at the end of the year, reading suggestions per grade, contracts for personal respon- Subject Heading (1): Education--Parent participation--United States. child's education. Research and common sense
sibility per grade, and much needed information about what you need to know about your child's school and Subject Heading (2): Education--Curricula--United States. both indicate that increased parental involve-
administration. This manual is easy to use, full of valuable information, and will also serve as a 'memory' book as ment in school has a positive impact on student
Subject Heading (3): Early Childhood Education.
your child makes that journey through elementary school..” achievement.
Subject Heading (4): Learning.
-Tracy Van Buren, (Kindergarten Teacher & Parent), Huntsville, Alabama
Subject Heading (5): Readiness for school. • Children of parents showing high levels of inter-
est in their schooling can progress between 15-
Subject Heading (6): Elementary Education, [Sears]. 17% more in math and reading between the
“... The Parent’s Handbook will walk you step-by-step from Kindergarten to Sixth grade. In the Dewey Decimal Number: 372.21 ages of 11 and 16 as compared to pupils whose
book she answers many of the questions that we are either afraid to ask or that we do not parents showed no interest, (Feinstein & Sy-
Bisac Subject (1): EDU007000-EDUCATION / Curricula mon,1999).
know to ask. In the book, Mrs. West addresses what your child should know at the beginning,
Bisac Subject (2): EDU010000-EDUCATION / Elementary
middle, and end of the school year. She offers a helpful list of questions to ask both the
Bisac Subject (3): EDU022000-EDUCATION / Parent Participation • “The school's best ally in the task of nurturing a
teacher and the school, all in effort to help your child have a successful academic life. I would
student's innate 'urge to learn' is, first and fore-
highly recommend this book to all parents with pre-school and elementary age children. Bisac Subject (4): EDU023000-EDUCATION / Preschool & Kindergarten most, the parents.”
This book would make a great gift for new or expectant parents; it is never too early to start. Bisac Subject (5): EDU028000-EDUCATION / Study Skills
Thank you, Mrs. West, for taking the guesswork out and implementing a program that allows • The importance of parental involvement as an
Publication Date: 2009-06-30 accelerating and motivating factor in their chil-
parents to focus on our children. “
dren’s education is a worldwide accepted fact.
--Mrs. X. Elmore , Huntsville, Alabama
See more reviews at Currently available at
You can visit Mrs. West online, join the Best Education Possible Community, Introducing the
read the author’s blog and share ides at Best Education Possible
Citizen’s Idea Initiative

In January 2009, Mrs. West was

inspired to commence a dia-
logue with others across the
nation and across the world.
The Initiative follows the lead
of the President's transition
team and their "Citizen's Brief-
ing Book" launched on their website, but
closed to public contribution
prior to the Inauguration.

Like the “Citizen's Briefing

Book,” the Best Educa-
SPECIAL POINTS OF Product Description: tion Possible Citizen's
INTEREST: Idea Initiative will de-
Written based on over twenty years of the author’s hands-on elementary classroom experi- velop a white paper
• Unique format doubles ence this handbook is an easy to understand instructional guide for parents providing grade spe- compiling ideas and
cific learning benchmarks, recommended readings and goal setting objectives. The author in- thoughts in a Web 2.0
as a Memory/Keepsake
cludes checklists for choosing a school, meeting with teachers, and grade specific monitoring for environment. The goal
Book allowing parents grades K-6th. is to have mass citizen
to capture and retain and global participa-
priceless memories This book is useful for: parents, teachers, principles, PTA’s (Parents Teachers Associations), tion in the generation
developed in each school administrators, school boards & school districts, elected officials and many more. This won- of ideas for improving
derful title comes in three different binding selections, (perfect bound, wire bound, and hard- our youth's education
grade as their child cover), and your choice of full-color or black and white interiors. with the ultimate work
progresses. product being deliv-
ered to President
• Research-based and Product Synopsis: Obama, U.S. Secretary
peer reviewed product of Education Arne Duncan, as
written in clear concise Your children are your most prized and valued possessions. In this valuable handbook are well as, all fifty Governor's
step-by-step instructions to aid you and your child in making education a priority and insure a mansions.
matter of fact terms. successful educational experience for you both. The workbook is divided into distinct sections.
A grassroots effort to build
• Provides a grade spe- The first section will help you make an intelligent decision about what school your child participation has been started
cific performance should attend and steps to take that will help your child find success in school. The next sections in Huntsville, Alabama with
benchmark so you can are skills your child should master in kindergarten through sixth grade. There are also tables for local broadcast partner WEUP
you to track your answers and space to write any questions, answers or thoughts that arise. 103 .
clearly see what your
child is suppose to be This workbook is a tool that you can use to help your child achieve in school and in life. With
learning. an instrument like this at your disposal you will be empowered and instructed to be confidently Upcoming Activities & Projects from the Author:
involved in the educational setting. This workbook poses the questions and provides the answers • Third Grade Activity Workbook
• Available in six differ- needed to prepare your child for the 21st century. June 30, 2009—Book Kick-Off Autograph Session • Fourth Grade Activity Workbook
ent binding and inte- Huntsville, Alabama • Fifth Grade Activity Workbook
From the Publisher: • Sixth Grade Activity Workbook
rior color choices.
• Pre-Kindergarten Activity Workbook • Grade Specific Flash Card Series
This research-based book breaks from the ideologies utilized by others who have attempted • Kindergarten Activity Workbook
to address this critical need for parents. The author seeks to avoid lengthy prose and unnecessary • First Grade Activity Workbook • The Little Chef’s Coloring Cookbook
academic recitals in order to deliver an immediately useful and instructional tool enabling parents • Second Grade Activity Workbook • The Little Chef’s Learning Series
to quickly grasp the basic benchmarks necessary to keep their children on a positive primary
learning track.

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