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To Whom It May Concern –

I am writing to highly recommend to you a fine instrumental music teacher named Jarrod Bell. He will be
moving from Bakersfield to your area soon and we will miss him. Our loss, however, is your gain.

I selected Jarrod for the opening of our new high school in 2002. I have watched him grow from a brand-new
teacher fresh from college into an articulate, skillful, and highly capable band director and teacher. He has
successfully navigated the new teacher hurdles and the multitude of challenges facing an undeveloped
instrumental program.

Jarrod has been in charge of a large instrumental music program at Golden Valley High School. The school has
a very high ELD and migrant population and has a 72% reduced/free lunch base. Our parents do not participate
much in the education of their students, especially for co-curricular programs such as fine arts and other higher
academic classes. Our feeder programs have only marginal programs for fine arts and students are not
encouraged to participate by parents or staff. Despite these challenges Mr. Bell has managed to grow a
successful marching band, concert choir, jazz band, colorguard, drum-line, and music appreciation program. He
has been in charge of curriculum development, fundraising, parent relations, and all the typical minutiae
associated with such a large undertaking.

Mr. Bell has quadrupled the size of the marching band during his tenure at Golden Valley High School. He has
earned multiple Superior ratings at state-sanctioned adjudicated band festivals. He has brought home many
competitive trophies from marching band competitions. Jarrod has consistently participated in community
parades and events to bring positive light to our district and our school. He works well with others: Mr. Bell is
actively involved yearly with community band organizations, local and county honor band, and other larger
festival performances. Jarrod and I have collaborated repeatedly on music events and he has also been involved
in drama musical performances.

Jarrod is also very good at his paraprofessional duties. He is consistent in his real-time roll taking and district-
mandated paperwork. He follows procedures for all curricular field trips, fundraising events, and professional
development absences. His grades are fair, clearly explained, and motivating to the students. He also manages
his and the students’ schedules well to avoid major calendar conflicts. He attends to extra adjunct duties at
Golden Valley High School above and beyond the district required minimum. Mr. Bell manages his classroom
environment very well: he rarely needs the services of our dean of students.

Mr. Bell’s students respect him and his passion for quality music. I am always glad when I get to share one of
the students he has trained in one of my vocal music classes. He teaches students musical skills, work ethic,
discipline, and a general good attitude. His students feel free to approach him with questions, concerns, and
ideas for improvement. He manages his students very well.

It has been my pleasure to supervise and help train this fine young teacher. Please strongly consider placing
your faith in him and hiring him.