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A M E R I C A’ S L A R G E S T C I R C U L AT I O N G AY A N D L E S B I A N N E W S P A P E R !

Gay City


APRIL 16-29, 2009
S E R V I N G G A Y, L E S B I A N , B I A N D T R A N S G E N D E R E D N E W Y O R K • W W W . G A Y C I T Y N E W S . C O M


Iraqi Gay DA, Prostitution

Murders Surge; Arrestees Meet;
World Finally Dismissals May
Takes Note Come

s organized killings of Iraqi gays n what may be a prelude to dis-
have escalated in recent months missing charges against some men
amid a homophobic campaign in and women who were arrested for
that nation’s media, openly gay Demo- prostitution by officers in the Manhat-
cratic Congressman Jared Polis of Colo- tan South Vice Enforcement Squad, the
rado has asked the US State Depart- Manhattan district attorney’s office has
ment to investigate. Polis, the first non- met with some of the arrestees.
incumbent openly gay man ever elected “She took it seriously, she listened to
to Congress, who returned from a visit what he had to say,” said Linda Poust
to Iraq at the beginning of April, told Gay Lopez, a Legal Aid supervising attorney,
City News that while in Baghdad he had referring to the assistant district attor-
met with the chargé d’affaires, who is ney who met with her and a male client
overseeing the US embassy pending the arrested in an East Village porn shop
arrival of a new ambassador. last year. “I just wish they would talk to
“We asked the embassy and the State the other defendants also.”
Department to investigate the reports Under an arrangement called “queen
of killings of gay men, and turned over for a day,” defendants tell the story of

to the chargé d’affaires the names and their arrests to the district attorney. The
phone numbers of all the gay Iraqi con- deal is that the information may not be
tacts we had and a letter detailing our used against them unless later testimo-
concerns,” including allegations that GOVERNOR DAVID PATERSON AT LAST JUNE’S LGBT PRIDE MARCH IN MANHATTAN ny departs from what they said during
the Iraqi government is involved in the the “queen for a day” session.
killings, Polis told this reporter, adding, Gay City News is aware of roughly
“They seemed very willing to investi-
If the State Department does under-
take such an investigation, that would
Paterson In this issue:
DA P. 11


Ups the Ante ■ EDITORIAL

Marriage’s time has come

■ 12
BY PAUL SCHINDLER votes for passage that Majority Leader —————————————————
Malcolm Smith of Queens continues to

iming to capitalize on the wave say are not there yet. The heavily Demo-
of momentum created by mar- cratic Assembly passed the bill in June As ever, festival strongest
riage equality victories in Iowa 2007 by a comfortable margin of 85-61, in international films
and Vermont — which led the Empire and is expected to do the same this year.
State Pride Agenda’s top official to say, On April 14, hours after word of Pat-
■ 16
“I’m embarrassed for New York State” erson’s impending announcement sur- —————————————————
— Governor David Paterson will intro- faced on the New York Times’ website, ■ FLOWER POWER

duce a marriage equality bill on April 16. Senator Thomas Duane, an out gay “Hair” still shining,
The Democratic governor’s action comes Chelsea Democrat expected to be the gleaming, streaming
roughly 75 days ahead of the end of the measure’s lead Senate sponsor, voiced
2009 legislative session, which means optimism that, notwithstanding Smith’s ■ 20
WEST END GAYEST YET his party’s leaders in the State Senate —————————————————
22 will have to move aggressively to find the PATERSON P. 4
16 - 29 APR 2009

2/ Human Rights
䉴 IRAQ, from p.1 have now only one safe house
left.” Hili also said that he had
reflect a significant change in received reports from Iraq of five
US policy by the Obama admin- gay men, all Iraqi LGBT mem-
istration. In 2007, two openly bers, who are in prison awaiting
gay members of Congress, Dem- execution. Hili said “We have
ocrats Barney Frank of Massa- been told they are expecting to
chusetts and Tammy Baldwin be executed in two weeks.”
of Wisconsin, wrote a lengthy Hili said it is unclear on what
letter to Bush Secretary of State precise charges the gay men
Condoleezza Rice detailing the will be executed. “One of our
anti-gay death squads’ murder informants who was in deten-
campaign and asking the US to tion with these five guys and
investigate and intervene. Their then was released told me by
letter, which cited extensive phone how these men told him
reporting in Gay City News on that their trial was a lighten-
repression of gays in Iraq, had ing-quick kangaroo court. It
no effect. was an incredibly brief trial,
Polis, a millionaire Internet and these five members of ours
entrepreneur and philanthro- weren’t able to obtain legal rep-
pist, traveled to Iraq at his own resentation or defend them-
expense before his election last selves in that kind of context.”
year and attempted to inves- Hili said that according to this
tigate the ongoing campaign account, the five members of
of “sexual cleansing” of Iraqi his group “thought they were
homosexuals, and on his return being accused of being a part of
contributed $10,000 to the Lon- a ‘terrorist organization,’ mean-
don-based all-volunteer asso- Activists, including Barbara Anne Mohr, Walter Armstrong, Brendan Fay, and Jesus Lebron, protested outside the Iraqi Mission to the United ing Iraqi LGBT,” Hili recounted.
ciation Iraqi LGBT, which has a Nations on April 10, and were stymied by the NYPD in standing on the adjacent sidewalk and in delivering a letter to the door. A Mission official The five were found by police in
network of members and corre- eventually came outside to accept the letter, ending the stalemate. possession of literature from his
spondents throughout Iraq that group. Hili has spoken with both
has been tracking the organized this time which we believe is death squads, which Gay City com at the conclusion of this Amnesty International and with
campaign of assassinations of inspired by the Ministry of the News first reported three years article’s online version). Human Rights Watch about the
Iraqi gays. Interior, both in the daily news- ago (see this reporter’s March Iraqi LGBT activists in Iraq case of his five members await-
Ali Hili, the coordinator of papers and on nearly all the 23, 2006 article, “Shia Death have been the victims of Badr ing execution.
Iraqi LGBT, who briefed Polis television stations. Their reports Squads Target Iraqi Gays,” a Corps members operating in Dalia Hashad of Amnesty
by telephone for his Iraqi trip, brand all gays as ‘perverts’ and link to which appears in the police uniforms, including five International told Gay City
told Gay City News from Lon- try to portray us as terrorists online version of this story at key gay activists arrested in a News, “Amnesty has been
don that “we have been able to who are undermining the moral “Gay men police raid on a secret organiz- unable to get from the Iraqi gov-
confirm 63 more murders of gay fiber of Iraqi youth.” Hili said and lesbians have long been ing meeting in 2006; no word of ernment any confirmation that
people in Iraq just since Decem- the current homo-hating media among the targets of both Shi- them has since surfaced, and the men are in custody or that
ber,” bringing to nearly 600 the campaign appears to have been ite and Sunni death squads” in they are presumed to have been they are facing execution, but
number of cases of LGBT Iraqis sparked as an unfortunate reac- Iraq, the Times reported. killed (see the link to this report- from what we have heard from
killed for their sexuality that his tion to an April 4 Reuters dis- Unfortunately, the T imes er’s December 7-12, 2006 arti- individuals in Iraq, they were
group has documented since patch that reported: “Two gay article omitted any mention of cle, “Iraqi Gay Activists Abduct- sentenced to die for belong-
the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sis- men were killed in Baghdad’s the anti-gay death squads of the ed”). There have been 17 Iraqi ing to a ‘banned group.’ We are
tani, the spiritual leader of all Sadr City slum, a local official Badr Corps, the military arm of LGBT activists killed since the protesting to the Iraqi govern-
Iraqi Shiite Muslims, issued a said, and police said they had the former Supreme Council for Ayatollah Sistani’s 2005 fatwa, ment and are continuing to try
death-to-all-gays fatwa in 2005. found the bodies of four more the Islamic Revolution in Iraq including Hili’s own brother. to investigate, but it is very dif-
But, Hili added, “Since there are after clerics urged a crackdown (SCIRI), which in 2007 changed Hili said the Times article ficult to get any information
parts of Iraq where we have no on a perceived spread of homo- its name to the Islamic Supreme also gave a somewhat mislead- about such prisoners in Iraq.”
correspondents or members, we sexuality… The police source Council of Iraq when it entered ing impression about the degree Scott Long, director of Human
are convinced that the actual said the bodies of four gay men the coalition government as to which Iraqi gays are able to Rights Watch’s LGBT desk, told
number of gays killed in these were unearthed in Sadr City on its largest Islamist party, and be open. Iraqi LGBT had main- Rex Wockner’s gay news service,
last months since December is March 25, each bearing a sign which acknowledges Sistani as tained a network of four safe “Together with other groups,
much higher.” At the same time, reading ‘pervert’ in Arabic on its supreme leader and spiritu- houses in Baghdad for queers members of Congress and con-
the BBC reported last week that their chests.” al guide. The estimated 11,000 targeted by the anti-gay death cerned activists, we’re doing
according to Amnesty Inter - “After the Reuters dispatch, members of the Badr Corps squads. But now, Hili told everything we can to investigate
national “in the last few weeks the Iraqi media spoke about militia, which has been respon- Gay City News, “We have had and determine who’s jailed and
25 boys and men are reported the murders of gays for the sible for a large majority of the to close three of them out of what their fates may be. The
to have been killed in Baghdad very first time,” Hili said, “but murders of gays since Sistani’s fear. The guys we were trying Iraqi government and the US
because they were, or perceived unfortunately in such hate- fatwa calling for such killings, to protect in those safe houses government must both investi-
to be, gay.” In an unusual move, filled and incendiary terms that was integrated into the Minis- became so afraid in the cur - gate these charges immediate-
Amnesty International wrote their reports and commentaries try of the Interior in 2006, and rent climate of vicious anti-gay ly.” Long is traveling to Iraq to
to the Iraqi President, Nouri al- only encouraged further vio- since then its Badr anti-gay crusading by the media and the pursue an HRW investigation.
Maliki, demanding “urgent and lence.” On April 8, the New York death squads have operated in clerics, and following the lat- Polis is also trying to ascer-
concerted action” by his govern- Times published a story, head- police uniforms with complete est assassinations of gays, that tain the status of the five impris-
ment to stop the killings. lined “Iraq’s Newly Open Gays impunity, as Gay City News has they were afraid to continue liv- oned Iraqi LGBT members, but
Hili told this reporter, “There Face Scorn and Murder,” in previously reported on many ing collectively, that this made a statement given by a State
is an intensive media campaign which it recognized for the first occasions (links to these earlier them easy targets. So they
against homosexuals in Iraq at time the existence of anti-gay articles appear on gaycitynews. simply left our safe houses. We 䉴 IRAQ, continued on p.10
16 - 29 APR 2009

Crime /3
Will Arrests Hurt Stonewall Tourism?
Activists question whether queer out-of-towners will find welcome from NYPD
BY DUNCAN OSBORNE for doing absolutely nothing ille-

ity Council Speaker Among the men arrested in
Christine Quinn and 2008 were at least four out-of-
New York City’s tourism towners. One was a 53-year-
agency announced a $1.9 mil- old from California, another a
lion campaign on April 7 that 19-year-old from Virginia, and
will invite gay and lesbian tour- a couple, one was 37 and the
ists to the Big Apple in celebra- other 42, from Europe. All four
tion of the 40th anniversary of were busted in Blue Door Video
Stonewall. So welcome, bienv- in the East Village.
enue, wilkommen. And you’re After news of the arrests
under arrest. broke in late 2008, Brendan
“Perhaps the city should Fay, a longtime gay activist and
rename its marketing brainchild a coalition member, heard from
Stonewall, Back to the Future,” activists across the Atlantic.
said Robert Pinter, founder of “I got emails from Moscow
the Coalition to Stop the Arrests and from London and from


and one of at least 30 men who Dublin and from Warsaw,” Fay
was busted last year in Manhat- said. “All were similarly really
tan porn shops by vice cops. “As shocked that this was happen-
part of the marketing they could ing. For all of them, it remind-
direct gay visitors to adult video ed them of tactics that they
stores where the vice squad assumed were history.”
will treat them to an authentic The police have sent young,
Stonewall-era experience of tar- George Fertitta, CEO of NYC & Company, the city’s tourism agency, was joined by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Councilwoman Rosie
geting, intimidation, and arrest 䉴 STONEWALL, continued on p.15 Mendez on April 7 in announcing Rainbow Pilgrimage, an extensive marketing campaign aimed at gay and lesbian visitors.

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16 - 29 APR 2009

4/ Politics
䉴 PATERSON, from p.1 with 2,000 signed up. Insisting here,” he said. “I haven’t seen
that there will be a vote, accord- this many young people outside
caution, “We’re going to do ing to Van Capelle’s thinking, is the campus in a very long time.”
it this year. It’s going to pass the only way to get legislators Paul Munkholm, a 31-year-old
this year.” Marriage advocates, focused and ready to get off the who lives in Williamsburg, said
including Duane and ESPA’s dime on a controversial issue. that legislators should not shy
executive director, Alan Van Still, the argument over the away from a pro-equality vote,
Capelle, who issued the “embar- governor’s suggestion will turn arguing that upstate as well as
rassed” statement last week, out to be moot, he said: “We will in the city, “I think the people are
acknowledge that Republicans never get to point where we will ready.” Sue Peters, a 37-year-old
will be needed to pass the bill. have to decide whether to have a who lives in Lower Manhattan,
Over the past two weeks, Duane vote without knowing if we have asked if she planned to partici-
has said several GOP senators enough votes, because we will pate in Equality & Justice Day in
have expressed their support begin debate with the votes to get Albany, said, “I am definitely con-
to him privately and that their it done.” sidering it. It’s definitely where
numbers are “increasing.” Van Assemblyman Daniel we need to be.”


Capelle said, “There are Repub- O’Donnell, the out gay Upper Just as Van Capelle did in
licans willing to vote for the bill, West Side Democrat who steered New York, Steven Goldstein,
but there are still discussions to the marriage bill to victory in his chair of Garden State Equal-
be had. There are no firm votes.” Senator Thomas Duane addresses a celebration of the Vermont marriage victory in Union Square chamber two years ago, clearly ity, expressed frustration with
Both Republicans and some Park on April 8. saw the flap dividing marriage progress on marriage equality
wavering Democrats, he noted, advocates last week as a tempest in his state. “New Jersey’s sep-
are moving toward the bill out of tives in Albany. Both Duane a very good chance for this year, in a teapot. “I don’t have any arate and unequal civil union
“personal reasons” — the influ- and Assemblyman Micah Kell- because I hope my colleagues question about the governor’s law is an abject embarrass-
ence of gay and lesbian family ner, an out bisexual Democrat are as competitive as I am. But intentions or commitment to ment to the nearly nine mil-
members. from Manhattan, harshly criti- definitely this session.” The dis- our civil rights,” he said. “I don’t lion people who live in our pro-
Senate action on a marriage cized the governor in interviews tinction between “this year” and think the governor deserves any gressive state,” he said. Lead-
bill was blocked in 2007-8 by on New York 1, Duane stating, “this session” is critical. If the criticism. He has moved earlier ers of both the Senate and the
the former Republican major- “Say what you will about former bill does not get done this year, than Eliot Spitzer did in 2007,” Assembly have for several years
ity. In last November’s election, Governor Spitzer, a blessing it would slip over into an elec- when he introduced the bill the been on record in favor of mar-
Democrats gained the major- and a curse. However, working tion year, when the full Legis- Assembly went on to approve on riage equality, and Democratic
ity — though narrowly, 32-30. with him, we would have got- lature and the governor are up April 27. O’Donnell said there Governor Jon Corzine, who
Some Democrats, especially ten this bill passed by now. We for reelection; bringing around was no absolute right or wrong faces a tough reelection fight
Senator Ruben Diaz, a fiery anti- absolutely would have gotten fence-sitters then might prove answer about which bills to take this fall, has gradually evolved
gay Democrat and Pentecostal this bill passed, and we would an insurmountable task. to the floor and that two years into full support as well, after
minister from the Bronx, are have had a strategy.” Van Capelle echoed Duane’s ago that decision was left to him initially taking the position that
opposed. Diaz initially threat- Now, Duane said, he sees strengthened confidence. “I as lead sponsor. civil unions should be given
ened to deny Smith the majority Paterson’s commitment. “Last am convinced that working in The Union Square Vermont the chance to work. Observers,
leader post specifically over the week, I was speaking from the bipartisan fashion we will reach celebration, which drew roughly however, do not expect the bill
marriage equality issue. heart in response to the gover- the point that we will have a bill 100 on April 8, was coordinat- to come up for a vote prior to
Smith supports the marriage nor’s vague comments on the that will pass by the end of the ed by Marriage Equality New the election, so Corzine’s pledge
bill, but has consistently said marriage bill. Now he’s moved session in June,” he said. The York, a grassroots group, and might be fulfilled only in a lame
he would only bring it to the into action, by introducing a ESPA leader would not quibble the Civil Rights Front, a direct duck session in late Novem-
floor for a vote when there were bill,” Duane said, adding, “It’s with the governor’s suggestion action organization that grew up ber or December. Though the
sufficient supporters identified now a larger part of his con- that an up or down vote should out of the Proposition 8 protests Legislature is likely to remain
to ensure victory — a nearly sciousness. There is now more happen regardless of the pros- in New York. Representatives Democratic after the election,
unvarying practice in the Leg- fuel in the fur nace. I don’t pects for success, arguing, “At from those groups urged those Corzine’s prospects are far less
islature. On April 8, Paterson want to lose, and certainly the this moment, it is probably the in attendance to participate in certain, so advocates might find
stirred something of a Demo- governor doesn’t want a loss.” right message. I think that we ESPA’s Equality & Justice Day. themselves pinning their hopes
cratic firestorm by telling an Duane’s confidence that a vote should not deprive gay and les- Ken Kidd, a 51-year-old Vil- on a governor willing to sign a
Ithaca radio station that he will be successful this year bian families the opportunity to lage resident who has lived in marriage equality bill after los-
thought the bill should be voted is stronger than it was just a lobby their legislators.” ESPA, New York for nearly 30 years ing an election. The governor’s
on regardless of whether pas- week ago. On April 8, he told he said, has closed out its reg- and works for NYU, was buoyed probable Republican oppo-
sage was assured, a suggestion a group of marriage advocates istration for Equality & Justice by the crowd’s enthusiasm. “I nent, US Attorney Christopher
that some clearly felt was an celebrating the Vermont victory Day, its annual Albany lobby- am so energized by the fact that J. Christie, opposes marriage
intrusion on legislative preroga- in Union Square Park, “There’s ing effort, this year on April 28, there are so many young people rights for same-sex couples.


NY Assembly nation,” a release from Assembly- taken up by the Senate, which up installation as the new Catholic Governor David Paterson, a Cath- ken out against marriage of gay
Again Passes man Daniel O’Donnell, an out gay until this year was controlled by archbishop of New York that he olic himself, attended Dolan’s instal- couples without even meeting
Anti-Bullying Bill Upper West Side Democrat, said, Republicans. would not be shy about speaking lation on the eve of announcing his any of the members of New York’s
For the eighth time, the State and is not limited to the stated out against a state bill to open program bill on marriage equality. gay community. I think that if he
Assembly voted overwhelmingly in categories of “actual or perceived New NY marriage to same-sex couples. Jeff Stone, secretary of the really knew us, he would realize
favor of the Dignity for All Students race, color, weight, national origin, Archbishop Will Dolan said that the teaching New York chapter of DignityUSA, that same-sex couples, like all lov-
Act. There were five dissenters. ethnic group, religion, disability, Fight Same-Sex of his Church on marriage is clear. said in a statement, “We welcome ing couples, want to protect their
The bill was amended to “cover the sexual orientation, gender, or sex.” Marriage “You could expect me to articulate [Dolan] and pray for his success- spouses and their children with all
broadest categories of students The bill aims to combat bully- Timothy Dolan, 59, said at a that with all the clarity ... I can ful tenure as archbishop, but we
who face harassment and discrimi- ing in schools but has never been press conference just before his muster,” he said. are disappointed that he has spo- 䉴 BRIEFS, continued on p.9
16 - 29 APR 2009

Legal /5
Verdict Coming on Recognition
NY high court will settle question on out-of-state unions, unless marriage law comes first
BY ARTHUR S. LEONARD unless a marriage equality law riages.” riages was precluded by the perfectly appropriate to apply
is approved first. In a very brief ruling, the 2nd Court of Appeals’ 2006 deci- established marriage recogni-

he Court of Appeals will In Godfrey v. Spano, the Department engaged in a sleight sion finding no state constitu- tion doctrine to the Civil Service
finally weigh in on the Brooklyn-based 2nd Depart- of hand to avoid addressing the tional right to marry, and the situation. The 3rd Department
question of whether New ment of the Appellate Divi- merits of the marriage recogni- defendants’ counter-argument observed that the exceptions
York is obliged to recognize valid sion affir med a ruling that tion issue by giving a very lit- that Spano’s order was consis- to the general rule of marriage
same-sex marriages from other Westchester County Executive eral reading to Spano’s order, tent with New York marriage recognition have traditionally
jurisdictions, as an interme- Andrew J. Spano did not exceed which directed that such rec- recognition doctrine. been narrowly construed. The
diate appellate precedent has his authority or violate any ognition be accorded “to the
held since last February. On state laws or policies when he maximum extent allowed by
March 31, the court agreed to issued a 2006 executive order law.” In December, the court The court rejected the argument that
review appeals of decisions from directing all the governmental ruled, “The Executive Order
two other intermediate Appel- entities under his authority “to can never require recognition such marriages would be
late Division courts, in lawsuits
brought by the Arizona-based
recognize same-sex marriages
lawfully entered into outside
of such a marriage where it
would be outside the law to do
“abhorrent to New York policy.”
Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), the State of New York in the so.” The court noted without
an anti-gay litigation firm. The same manner as they currently comment ADF’s argument that
cases will be argued in the fall, recognize opposite-sex mar - recognition of same-sex mar- In February 2008, the Roch- state has no statutory ban on
ester-based 4th Department of same-sex marriage, and the
the Appellate Division unani- court rejected the argument
mously found that New York that such marriages would be
must recognize valid same-sex “abhorrent to New York policy”
marriages from outside New in light of its growing accep-
York, establishing the existing tance worldwide.
statewide precedent. Though Unlike the 4th Department,
that decision will not be under the 3rd was not unanimous,
review by the Court of Appeals, splitting 3-2, but the minority
its conclusion will be. It’s dif- did not reject the majority find-
ficult to know why the Court ing, instead holding that the
of Appeals would think that recognition issue need not be
the Westchester ruling is wor- decided, since the question
thy of further appeal, unless it could be settled in the Civil
be to address the merits of the Service Department’s favor
underlying marriage recognition simply by interpreting its statu-
debate. On the other hand, the tory authority in administering
Court of Appeals’ review in Lewis employee benefits.
v. New York State Department As of now, three of the four
of Civil Service brings the mer- appellate departments state-
its of the issue front and center, wide have been heard from, two
because in that case, decided ruling on the merits in favor of
earlier this year, the 3rd Depart- recognition, one punting on
ment followed the lead of the 4th the substance, but rejecting
MAGGIE GALLAGHER AIN’T NO Department ruling that estab-
lished the existing precedent.
ADF’s challenge. Since there
is no intermediate-level appel-
WINSTON CHURCHILL ADF is challenging the Civil Ser-
vice Department’s 2007 decision
late split, it is not clear why the
Court of Appeals has granted
The right-wing National Organization It turns out that the anti-gay group “Funny Anti–Gay-Marriage Ad Sparks to recognize legal same-sex mar- review. Perhaps the high court’s
for Marriage (NOM), led by Maggie Gal- used actors, not real people, to mouth YouTube Revolt.” The NOM ad itself, riages by employees of the state, members who voted to grant
lagher, who has devoted most of her adult these statements, which the Gay and Les- which is currently targeting TV viewers and of many municipal govern- review agree with the appellate
life to stopping gay people from getting bian Alliance Against Defamation calls in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, ments under the jurisdiction of rulings already made and seek
legal recognition for their relationships, is “distorted” and “misleading” to begin New Jersey, and California, can viewed its benefits plan. to give them a firmer statewide
spending $1.5 million on a nationwide ad with. The hilarious audition tapes for the at The Albany-based 3rd status. Neither appellate ruling,
campaign with the message that same- actors, probably leaked by some godless Maddow, not thrown off by NOM’s Department ruling, replicating on the heavily Republican 3rd
sex marriage is a threat to Christians. or gay employee of the ad firm, were orig- censoring of her report on YouTube, much of what the 4th Depart- and 4th Department benches,
“I’m a California doctor who must choose inally posted on YouTube by the Human several days later mocked the acronym ment held last year, pointed had dissenters on the sub-
between my faith and my job,” one says. Rights Campaign, but NOM asserted its that NOM rolled out for its effort to out that the Court of Appeals’ stance of the recognition issue,
“I’m a Massachusetts parent helplessly copyright to force their removal. NOM identify Two Million Americans For Mar- 2006 marriage ruling “did not so it seems unlikely the Court
watching public schools teach my son was even successful in having a clip of riage — 2m4m. She wondered out loud hold that same-sex marriages of Appeals would take a con-
that gay marriage is okay.” The ad cam- Rachel Maddow discussing the tapes, on her show whether the NOM crowd solemnized elsewhere would trary view, but it’s still domi-
paign is dubbed “The Gathering Storm,” and briefing airing two snippets, on her had any familiarity with personals ads. not be defined as marriages nated by appointees of former
also the title of the first volume of Win- MSNBC show, taken down. That clip from “The Rachel Maddow here, and it observed that Republican Governor George
ston Churchill’s Nobel Prize-winning six- Other sources, including blog.wired. Show” can be viewed at the Legislature could ratio- Pataki, including the judges
volume history of the period from 1919 com, meanwhile, at least for the moment, watch?v=r1MGtULY73Y. — Andy Humm nally choose to permit same- who wrote the plurality and
through 1945. are keeping the tapes available. Google: & Paul Schindler sex couples to marry in New concurring opinions opposing
York.” Consequently, it was marriage equality in 2006.
16 - 29 APR 2009

6/ Politics
Vermont Is the First
Overriding guv’s veto, Legislature brings marriage equality through a vote
BY PAUL SCHINDLER so recognizing that this is an issue that
is intensely personal, with strongly held

n an historic vote that hinged on beliefs and convictions on both sides.”
three members of the House of Rep- Then, arguing that the more important
resentatives and was not sealed until goal is federal recognition of same-sex
three hours before the question went to unions, whether in marriage or civil
the floor, the full Vermont Legislature, unions, he wrote, “Our civil union law
on April 7, adopted a civil marriage serves Vermont well and I would support
equality law over the veto of Republican congressional action to extend those
Governor James Douglas. A coalition of benefits at the federal level to states that
94 Democrats, Progressives, and Inde- recognize same-sex unions. But I believe
pendents were joined by six Republi- that marriage should remain between a
cans, including the minority leader, Patti man and a woman.”
Komline of Dorset, in delivering the 100 According to Marty Rouse, nation-
votes needed in the 150-member House. al field director for the Human Rights
The final override vote was 100-49. Less Campaign (HRC), the Washington-
than an hour before the House voted, based LGBT lobby, who was on the
the heavily Democratic Senate approved ground in Montpelier, the final votes
the override, 23-5. needed to secure the override were not
The evening before, the Legislature nailed down until 8 a.m., about three
had given final approval to the marriage hours before the vote. The task facing
law — with the number of yes votes in advocates was to retain support from
the House inching up by one, from a the six Republicans, who faced pres-
preliminary vote the week before, to 96 sure to uphold the actions of the GOP


— and sent it to Douglas. Minutes later, governor, while winning over three
the governor returned a veto message to Democrats. The House speaker, Demo-
the Legislature, which read, in part, “I do crat Shap Smith, who typically does not
At an April 8 marriage equality rally in Union Square, Heath Tucker of the Civil Rights Front, a direct action organization
that grew up in New York in the wake of Proposition 8 protests, points out that the Empire State has fallen behind.

vote, was able to cast the 100th vote about complying, which finally result-
in support of the override. The Barre- ed in a civil union bill, the first in the
Montpelier Times Argus reported that nation, going to then-Governor How-
capitol observers had characterized ard Dean, who signed it. “In the years
the override question as a leadership since then,” Rouse said, “legislators got
test for Smith, who assumed the House to know their constituents, including
speakership in January. According to their gay and lesbian constituents and
Rouse, the willingness to stand with families who had gay or lesbian mem-
Smith was among the selling points bers. This was a conversation that took
made to Democrats targeted during the place over kitchen tables across the
override effort, but he emphasized that state over the years.”
the issue was largely a matter of con- Rouse singled out the leadership of
science on both sides of the aisle. Beth Robinson, who heads Vermont
“Today we have overridden the gov- Freedom to Marry, saying she was
ernor’s veto,” Senate President Pro Tem “tenacious in traveling the state” to
Peter Shumlin said in a written state- rally support for the bill. That group got
ment released by HRC. “I have never felt an assist from MassEquality, the coali-
more proud of Vermont as we become tion of organizations that mobilized
the first state in the country to enact after the 2003 Massachusetts high
marriage equality, not as the result of a court ruling in favor of gay marriage,
court order, but because it is the right to defend it against any effort at voter
thing to do.” HRC president Joe Solmo- repeal through a referendum. Rouse
Monday, April 20th 2009, 8pm nese, in the same release, stated, “This
historic vote in the Vermont Legislature
headed MassEquality during the most
critical years of that struggle.
Symphony Space Contestants reminds us of the incredible progress As the House voted Tuesday morn-
2537 Broadway at 95th Street Tony James (Mr. Lion King), Anthony
being made toward equality.” ing, tensions ran high despite advo-
Hollock (Mr. Hair), Adam Fleming
Purchase tickets at (Mr. Wicked), James Brown III (Mr. Little Rouse said the marriage equality law cates’ optimism that they had the
or call 212.864.5400 Mermaid), David Larsen (Mr. Billy Elliot) resulted from a nine-year “Vermont votes. Rouse noted that three of the
family discussion.” In late 1999, the critical votes — those of Democrat Jeff Photos by Curtis Brown Photography.Com
State Supreme Court ordered the Leg- Young of St. Albans City and Republi-
islature to confer all the rights of civil cans Richard Westman of Cambridge
marriage on same-sex couples, wheth- and Kurt Wright of Burlington. — came

Philip Marie
er by opening up marriage or through at the end of the roll call.
other means. Despite the court order, “That’s your headline,” he said. “Two
a contentious legislative battle ensued W’s and a Y.”

in Iowa BETWEEN 2000 AND 2005
With strong support from top legislators,
Seeking Lesbian, Bisexual, and
marriage ruling has cover
Women who
Partner with Women
BY PAUL SCHINDLER ing, “You guys don’t understand. You’ve
already lost. My generation doesn’t care.”

ess than two hours after the Iowa He then recounted his experience going
Supreme Court, on April 3, ruled home to his wife of 37 years the night of
unanimously that the state’s ban the ruling: “I hugged my wife. I felt like This study is being conducted by the Boston University School of Pub-
on marriage by same-sex couples violat- our love was just a little more meaningful lic Health and is funded by the American Cancer Society
ed their equal rights protections, the two last Friday night because thousands of
leaders of the Legislature, both Demo- other Iowa citizens could hug each other
crats — Senate Majority Leader Mike
Gronstal of Council Bluffs and House
and have the state recognize their love for
each other.” A YouTube clip of Gronstal’s Join our healthy survivor study!
Speaker Pat Murphy of Dubuque — speech had received just under 100,000
issued a joint statement effusively prais-
ing the decision.
hits as of April 14.
On April 9, Murphy ruled that a
One time telephone interview.
“Thanks to today’s decision, Iowa con- motion to have the House consider a
tinues to be a leader in guaranteeing all measure calling for an amendment
of our citizens’ equal rights,” the state- was out of order, and hours later, on a CALL OR EMAIL
ment read. “The court has ruled today straight party line vote, the chamber
that when two Iowans promise to share turned down a procedural motion to
their lives together, state law will respect force the issue. 877-414-1399
that commitment, regardless of whether Gay marriage opponents have one
the couple is gay or straight. When all is other potential route for upending the WOMEN@BU.EDU
said and done, we believe the only last- high court decision. In 2010, Iowa voters
ing question about today’s events will be will have their once-a-decade opportu-
why it took us so long.” nity to call a constitutional convention,
Opponents of same-sex marriage
equality, including some Republican law-
makers, immediately called on the Legis-
a political choice they have not made
in modern times. That could provide
anti-gay forces the chance to reopen the
* Free Espresso or Cappuccino *
With a purchase and this ad
lature to begin the process of putting a marriage equality question, but it could
constitutional amendment before voters also bring up other issues, which might

Celeste Diner
to overturn the high court ruling, but not be to the liking of conservatives and
such a measure could not go before vot- Republicans in a state currently skewing
ers until at least 2011, were it approved Democratic. When Connecticut voters
by two successive legislative sessions, in had a similar opportunity to call a consti-
majority votes of the full membership of tutional convention — open to them only
each chamber. every 20 years — last November, shortly
Gronstal and Murphy quickly made
clear they would block that effort. The
Democrats hold a 56-44 majority in the
after the marriage equality ruling there,
they decisively turned it back, with little
public debate.
Café Grill
House of Representatives and a 32-18 Iowa’s Democratic governor, Chet
margin in the Senate. In a telephone Culver, is opposed to marriage equality
interview with Gay City News the day of for gay and lesbian couples, but, unlike
the ruling, Gronstal said, “I am not going the legislative leaders, waited more than
At the entrance of walk path
to call up a constitutional amendment.
I’m the guy who gets to decide, and there
four days to issue a statement about
the ruling, finally saying he would not to the Brooklyn Bridge. Breakfast
will not be a vote as long as I am the challenge it. He did, however, state he
Lunch &
majority leader.” He recalled that when was open to discussions about having
By Subway:
a constitutional amendment barring
marriage equality was considered five
a 2011 constitutional convention and
about establishing a residency require-
A,C,F to Jay St, Boro. Hall
years ago, with a Republican majority in ment for same-sex couples seeking a
the Senate, a united Democratic minor- marriage license.
ity was joined by four GOP legislators to Despite the friendly reception from
beat it back.
On April 6, three days after the court
legislative leaders and the muted reac-
tion from the governor, emotions have
ruling, Gronstal held to his prom- run high in Iowa since the ruling. A
ise, turning back an effort to have an photo posted on the Des Moines Register Order Online:
amendment measure taken up in the website the day of the ruling showed an
Senate. He recounted a conversation anti-gay protester, outside the Supreme 63 Tillery Street, Corner of Adams Street
his daughter had on her job, in which Court, holding a sign reading, “Same sex
she told some older co-workers express- 718-596-5178
ing anger about the Supreme Court rul- 䉴 IOWA, continued on p.8
16 - 29 APR 2009

8/ Legal
Iowa Court Unanimous 14 DAYS
Building on California, Connecticut, pioneering Midwest opinion sweeping
opinion also built on the impor- and responsibilities, just as it that the statute substantially
tant 2008 opinions from Califor- does for heterosexual couples. advances an important state
n a sweeping unanimous nia Chief Justice Ronald George Society benefits, for example, interest.
decision, the seven-member and Connecticut Justice Rich- from providing same-sex cou- The court framed the ques-
Iowa Supreme Court ruled ard N. Palmer. ples a stable framework within tion before it as “whether the READING
on April 3 that the state law lim- The court decided to treat which to raise their children state has ‘exceedingly persua- Rhythm & Rhymes
iting marriage to different-sex this as an equal protection and the power to make health sive’ reasons for denying civil In the latest installment of “Drunken!
couples violates the equal pro- case concerning a statute that care and end-of-life decisions for marriage to same-sex couples, Careening! Writers!,” host Kathleen
tection guarantee of the State discriminates based on sexual loved ones, just as it does when not whether state-sanctioned, Warnock presents “Poetry in Motion!”
Constitution. Additionally, the orientation. The plaintiffs had that framework is provided heterosexual marriage is con- — featuring Guillermo Castro, an
court held that only equal mar- challenged on both gender and for opposite-sex couples.” The stitutional... whether exclud- Argentine-born New Yorker whose work
riage rights, not some paral- sexual orientation discrimi- only distinction, Cady asserted, ing gay and lesbian people from appears in the Brooklyn Rail, the Belle-
lel structure like civil unions, nation grounds, and the trial was sexual orientation, which civil marriage is substantially vue Literary Review, La Fove, Bloom, and
could satisfy the constitutional judge had seen this as a gen- does not mean the plaintiff related to any important gov- Barrow Street, among others, and the
equality requirement. The rul- der discrimination case, but the couples are not similarly situ- ernmental objective.” This rea- anthologies “This Full Green Hour,” “My
ing in Varnum v. Brien, which court decided to cut through the ated, because that would lead soning is a direct rejection of Diva,” and “ Saints of Hysteria”; Ron
affirmed an August 2007 Polk semantics and get to the heart to a “circular approach,” under the methodology used by state Drummond, a founding editor of Barrow
County trial court decision, is a of the matter: the challenged which “all distinctions would courts that have embraced the Street, whose “Why I Kick at Night” was
triumph for Lambda Legal, the law, enacted in the recent surge evade equal protection review.” “channeling procreation” theo- a Portlandia Press Chapbook Competi-
leading national LGBT public of state Defense of Marriage The court also rejected the ry as a justification for provid- tion winner; and Gloria, a Brooklyn-born
interest law firm that conceived Acts, was intended to exclude county’s fatuous argument ing marriage only to different- poet, visual artist, and member of the
and organized the litigation in gay people from marrying. “How that the law did not discrimi- sex couples — especially the music group Kanipchen-Fit. KGB Bar, 85
collaboration with Iowa LGBT can a state premised on the nate against gay people because absurd contention by the Court E. Fourth St., btwn. Bowery & Sec-
rights groups, and cooperating constitutional principle of equal they are free to marry different- of Appeals’ Smith here in New ond Ave., 7 p.m. Free.
attorney Dennis W. Johnson of protection justify exclusion of a sex partners. “Viewed in the York that because same-sex ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Des Moines. Johnson was mas- class of Iowans from civil mar- complete context of marriage, couples can only have children
terful in arguing the case to the riage?,” Cady wrote. including intimacy, civil mar- through “intentional actions” MUSIC
court this past December. The threshold questions riage with a person of the oppo- (such as donor insemination, Making It Sing
This is the first time that a in equal protection cases are site sex is as unappealing to a surrogacy, or adoption), there OUTMusic, the organization pro-
state supreme court has unani- whether the plaintiffs, excluded gay or lesbian person as a civil is no need to dangle the benefits moting the work of out LGBT artists,
mously concluded that same- from some right, are similarly marriage with a person of the of marriage in front of them in presents the latest in its seminar series
sex couples have an equal right situated with those who are same sex is to a heterosexual. order to “channel” their procre- with singer/ songwriter Dan Manjovi
with different-sex couples to included, and, if so, whether Thus, the right of a gay or les- ative activities. Different-sex leading “Homegrown: The Art and Busi-
marry as a matter of state con- the state can justify that. The bian person under the marriage couples, in contrast, according ness of the Independent and Out Singer/
stitutional law. Prior victories — state’s burden is heightened if statute to enter into a civil mar- to Smith’s argument, often bear Songwriter/Performer.” LGBT Commu-
and defeats — have come from the court decides that the clas- riage only with a person of the children with no planning, and nity Center, 208 W. 13th St., 7-9 p.m.
closely divided courts. Since sification that the law estab- opposite sex is no right at all.” so need to be steered toward a Admission is $10. More information at
the Polk County Recorder was lishes — in this case, sexual ori- The Iowa court followed the stable family structure.
the defendant in this case, it entation — is “suspect” in some path blazed in California and Cady quickly demolished ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
was that county’s attorney, not way, triggering more demanding Connecticut, finding that a the county’s argument that
the Iowa attorney general, who judicial review. The court decid- heightened level of judicial scru- maintaining or preserving tra- Sweet Baby Jane
argued the state’s position. ed that same-sex couples seek- tiny for sexual orientation dis- ditional marriage could qualify Baby Jane Dexter presents a new
The beautifully and clearly ing to marry are similarly situ- crimination claims is warrant- as the necessary justification. show based on her just-released CD,
written opinion by Justice Mark ated to different-sex couples. ed. This is a critical conclusion “A specific tradition sought to “If,” with music director Ross Patterson,
Cady stands as a strong rebuke “Plaintiffs are in committed and because it throws the burden of be maintained cannot be an bassist Boots Maleson, and directed by
to the bizarre plurality opin- loving relationships, many rais- justification on the state. With- important governmental objec- Elissa Patterson. Metropolitan Room
ion produced by Judge Robert ing families, just like hetero- out heightened scrutiny, a law tive for equal protection pur- at Gotham, 34 W. 22nd St. Apr. 16-18,
Smith of the New York Court sexual couples,” wrote Cady. is presumed constitutional, and poses,” he wrote, “when the 23-25, 30 & May 1-2, 7:30 p.m. Cover
of Appeals in the 2006 ruling “Moreover, official recognition the burden falls on the plaintiff tradition is nothing more than charge is $25, plus a two-drink minimum.
in Hernandez v. Robles, which of their status provides an insti- to demonstrate its total irratio- the historical classification cur- Reservations at 212-206 0440.
rejected the right of same-sex tutional basis for defining their nality. In a heightened scru- ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
couples to marry here. Cady’s fundamental relational rights tiny case, the state must show 䉴 IOWA COURT, continued on p.9
Find Your Place in
䉴 IOWA, from p.7 allies who have worked tireless- suit, said, “Today’s victory is In praising the marriage qual- the Sun
ly for equality over the years,” a testament to the strength of ity victory, Gronstal and Mur- Center Share-a-Thon, presented
animals don’t mate. God Bless. said Brad Clark, the director of love, hope, and courage — our phy likened the ruling to Iowa by Out Professionals, is a way to find
Culver man up.” The Regis- the One Iowa Campaign, which clients have shown an abun- Supreme Court decisions that housemates to fill your summer home,
ter reported that out gay Des led marriage equality efforts in dance of all three for many abolished slavery, in 1839; or find a full-, half-, or quarter-share in
Moines Senator Matt McCoy the state, shortly after the rul- years, and now at long last they that barred racially segregated a place you’ll enjoy. Admission is $40
had received telephone death ing was announced. “This rul- will be able to marry.” schools, in 1868; that ended if you’re looking for housemates; $15 if
threats. ing is huge.” Camilla Taylor, The Supreme Court’s rul- racial discrimination in public you’re look to buy a share, or if you’re
“Today’s victory was made senior staff attorney at Lambda ing affirmed a Des Moines trial accommodations, in 1873; and a housemate with a share offeror who
possible through the support of Legal and the lead architect in court ruling from August 2007, that admitted women to the
the LGBT community and our the successful marriage law- and will take effect on April 27. practice of law, in 1869.” 䉴 APR 16, continued on p.10

䉴 BRIEFS, from p.4 read his rights. Taped calls to his Appeals. Stark’s statement said
girlfriend where he said that “gay that her department has hired Premier Sponsors
the legal rights and responsibilities things need to die” will be allowed hundreds of people. “It is therefore

of marriage. into the trial. not surprising or significant that a
“We also remind Archbishop small handful… would have had
Dolan that the issue currently Martha Stark, some connection to me.”
before the Legislature in New York Bloomberg Mayor Michael Bloomberg,
and many other states is not mar- Finance described as “stern” by the New
riage within the Catholic Church,
but civil marriage in the eyes of
the state. Churches will always
be able to determine who to marry
Commish, Under
New York City Finance Com-
missioner Martha Stark, an out
York Times, said this week, “Given
that Martha Stark runs an incred-
ibly vital city agency, we’re asking
the COIB and the DOI (Department
Grand Sponsors WALK
and who not to marry.” lesbian, is being investigated by
the Conflicts of Interest Board
of Investigation) to do this work as
quickly as possible.” Stark’s lawyer
Trial Begins in (COIB) for dating a former subor- is Rudy Giuliani’s former deputy
Colorado Slaying dinate, Dara Ottley-Brown, and mayor Randy Mastro, who said in
of Angie Zapata
Allen Andrade, 32, is on trial for
hiring Ottley-Brown’s ex-husband
as a graphic artist, the couple’s
a statement, “These allegations of
a personal relationship with some-
MAY 17, 2009
first degree murder as a hate crime daughter as an intern, and several one who was a subordinate of hers
in Greely, Colorado, for the July kill- Stark relations who quit March 18 are demonstrably false.
ing of Angie Zapata, 18, a transgen- after the New York Post reported
dered woman prosecutors say was that Stark was “moonlighting” as Strub New Head SIGN UP TODAY!
beaten to death with a fire extin- a director of a real-estate company of Cable Positive
guisher by him. Andrade, who met
Zapata through a mobile networking
site and spent the night with her,
told investigators that he thought he
for a more than $134,000 over two
years, a position she has since
Stark, 48, told the Post in a
Veteran AIDS activist Sean
Strub, the founder of POZ maga-
zine, is taking on a new challenge
as president and CEO of Cable
killed “it,” as he referred to her, after
two blows, but resumed the beat-
statement, “I have never used my
position to obtain any advantage
Positive, the response of the cable
TV industry to the HIV/AIDS crisis
ing when Zapata tried to get up, the for an relative or personal relation, since 1992. His appointment was
Associated Press reported. The first
39 minutes of Andrade’s confession
were thrown out by the trial judge,
and I have not had a personal rela-
tion with a subordinate.” Ottley-
Brown is now a commissioner on
introduced on April 2 at the Nation-
al Cable TV Association’s show (212) 807-WALK
who determined he had not been the City Board of Standards and 䉴 BRIEFS, continued on p.10

䉴 IOWA COURT, from p.8 The county also argued that the ban
on same-sex marriage is intended to pro-
rently expressed in the statute being mote stability in opposite-sex relation-
challenged. When a certain tradition is ships, but the court could not see how
used as both the governmental objec- excluding same-sex couples from marry-
tive and the classification to further that ing advances this interest. and other tri-state area
objective, the equal protection analysis is On the question of religious objections AIDS service organizations.
transformed into the circular question of to marriage equality, the court noted
whether the classification accomplishes that Polk County had not raised this
the governmental objective, which objec- issue: “The County’s silence reflects, we
tive is to maintain the classification.” believe, its understanding this reason Thanks to
Tellingly, Cady observed, “If a simple cannot, under our Iowa Constitution, be
showing that discrimination is tradition- used to justify a ban on same-sex mar-
al satisfies equal protection, previous riage,” Cady specifically denied that the
successful equal protection challenges court’s decision would abridge the right
of invidious racial and gender classifica- of anyone in Iowa to the free exercise of
tions would have failed.” religion, noting denominations are free
The court also rejected the argument to marry only those couples they wish.
that the existing exclusion somehow “We are firmly convinced the exclusion
advances the best interest of children, of gay and lesbian people from the insti-
which the county argued is achieved tution of civil marriage does not substan-
by having them raised in traditional, tially further any important governmen-
different-sex marital households. Cady tal objective,” wrote Cady, summing up
pointed to the court record and the inde- the court’s holding. “The legislature has
pendent research it conducted showing excluded a historically disfavored class
that all the professional opinion on child- of persons from a supremely important Created and produced by MZA Events.
rearing supports the plaintiffs in arguing civil institution without a constitution- AIDS Walk Founder/Producer: Craig R. Miller.
© MZA Events, 2009
that same-sex couples are as capable as ally sufficient justification.” Iowa’s court
different-sex couples in raising children. was not ready to embrace the halfway
He noted that barring same-sex mar- measures suggested by the New Jersey

Tough times won’t

riage still allows different-sex couples and Vermont Supreme Courts, which led
patently unfit to raise children to marry, to the enactment of civil union laws in
while denying marriage to same-sex cou- those states. “A new distinction based on
ples capable of parenting well. The chil- sexual orientation,” Cody wrote, “would
dren of same-sex couples are not helped
by barring the marriage of their parents,
and neither are the children of different-
sex couples, Cody concluded.
be equally suspect and difficult to square
with the fundamental principles of equal
protection embodied in our constitu-
break our stride.
16 - 29 APR 2009

10/ Youth
FIERCE Presses Open Space 14 DAYS
LGBT youth advocacy group wants to open up Hudson River Park board 14 NIGHTS
BY ALBERT AMATEAU proposal would increase the the chances for big commercial $57.5 million in infrastructure 䉴 APR 16, from p.8
board’s size to 15, and make development on the pier,” Mar- work needed to stabilize Pier 40.

IERCE, the Fabulous community representation shall said, adding the Trust “is “Most of New York’s stimulus paid the $40 fee. Register in advance at
Independent Educated equal to each of the two other going behind closed doors to money goes to the Department LGBT Community Cen-
Radicals For Community blocs on the board. FIERCE change the act, and we want to of Transportation and the Envi- ter, 208 W. 13th St., 6-9 p.m.
Empowerment, which has long also seeks to increase the influ- make sure if the act is changed, ronmental Protection Fund,” ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
battled on behalf of LGBT youth ence on the Trust of the Hudson the process is transparent and Pietrantone said. “There is no
who find refuge on the West River Park Advisory Council. beneficial to the community.” program that the park is eligible NIGHTLIFE
Village waterfront, delivered a The group made a specific FIERCE also wants to make for; we are not a road, we are Daddy Moves to
strong message — backed up by demand for a 24-hour drop-in sure that the Trust lives up not a bridge, we are not a water- Thursdays
a new report — to Manhattan center for LGBT and question- to the spirit of the require- treatment plant, so the park Robert Valin, the creator of Truck Stop
Community Board 2 Waterfront ing youth somewhere on or near ment that 50 percent of Pier can’t get stimulus money unless and the upcoming Urban Bear Weekend,
Committee on April 13. They Pier 45 — at Christopher Street. 40 be reserved as public open DOT says, ‘We don’t need that presents Daddy, a new weekly party that
want to reform the Hudson “We need Community Board space. The definition of open money for a bridge; it should go pays homage to a gritty New York past
River Park Trust to make sure 2 to pass a resolution, and we space could include walkways to the park.’” and the men who are looking for it hard,
that public open space takes need elected officials to open and areas in front of commer- FIERCE based its recom- rough, and dirty. This weekly swine-fest
precedence over commercial up the Hudson River Park Act cial attractions, Marshall said. mendations on ones made more promises to get dark and raunchy with
development in the five-mile- to make these changes,” Mar- “It’s more like 30 percent of the than a year ago by the Pier 40 more testosterone than you can shake
long riverfront park. shall said. She noted that the pier is public open space,” she Working Group, which includes your stick at. This week DJ Chauncey
Desiree Marshall, lead orga- Trust was calling for changes explained. “We need a better community board members, D rules. HK, 405 W. 39th St., 9 p.m.
nizer of FIERCE, presented a to state law that would extend definition of open space.” representatives of elected offi- Admission is $5.
white paper from the group, the potential commercial lease The group also called for fed- cials, and other stakeholders ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
which calls for the Trust to on the 14-acre Pier 40 at West eral economic stimulus money in the future of the 14-acre,
include on its board of directors Houston Street from 30 to 49 to be devoted to the Hudson two-story pier on the Lower
two members chosen by the
community, in addition to the
current make-up of appointees
years. Last year, the T rust
rejected a proposal by the Relat-
ed Companies to redevelop Pier
River Park. However, A. J.
Pietrantone, executive director
of Friends of Hudson River Park,
West Side waterfront. Arthur
Schwartz, the Waterfront Com-
mittee chair who also heads COMEDY
from the governor, the mayor, 40 commercially with Cirque de told the committee that get- the Pier 40 Working Group, This Time for
and Manhattan borough presi- Soleil because Related required ting federal stimulus money for said later that the committee Laughs
dent. The mayor and governor a 49-year lease instead of the the park was an extreme long was drafting a resolution on Activist, actress, author, and come-
each make five appointments 30-year lease mandated by the shot. The Friends, a civic group the FIERCE recommendations, dian Janeane Garofalo takes the stage
to the board, with the borough Hudson River Park Act. “There that advocates for the park, which will be submitted to the in New York for five shows this weekend
president naming three “com- should be no extension to met with the Trust and state May full board meeting of Com- at Comix, 353 W. 14th St. Apr. 17-18, 8
munity” members. The FIERCE 49-year leases. It would increase officials recently and identified munity Board 2. & 10:30 p.m.; Apr. 19, 7:30 p.m. Tickets
are $36 ($32 on Apr. 19) at,
or $41 ($37 on Apr. 19) at the door. There
䉴 IRAQ, from p.2 were being targeted for belong- recent media reports this month facing gay Iraqis and act deci- is a two-item minimum.
ing to Iraqi LGBT, saying that by such diverse sources as the sively to save those threatened ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Department spokesman to homosexuality “is immaterial Times, Reuters, CNN, and the with death., a gay news to Iraqis.” Fleming, according British dailies The Independent PERFORMANCE
website, raises concerns that to Edge, stated, “Frankly, there and The Guardian, confirming Iraqi LGBT is desperately in Glitter and Be Gay
the US may not yet be taking are other issues they are con- Gay City News’ three years of need of contributions to finance Longtime cabaret favorite Barbara
the charges seriously, despite cerned about like basic surviv- reporting. its work in Iraq. Donations may Cook presents “Here’s To Life,” selec-
the congressman’s recent visit. al, getting food and water. It’s This State Department staff- be made on credit cards through tions from the worlds of theater, swing,
The site quoted John Flem- a luxury for the average Iraqi er’s statement suggests rather PayPal on the group’s web site pop, and jazz, including “What A Wonder-
ing, public affairs officer for the to worry about homosexual- strongly the urgent need to keep at http://iraqilgbtuk.blogspot. ful World,” “Written In The Stars,” “I Want
State Department’s Bureau of ity.” This statement by Fleming, up the pressure on the Obama com/. Doug Ireland can be To Be Happy,” and numbers from her new-
Near Eastern Affairs, as pooh- who served a year in Iraq under administration and Secretary reached through his blog, DIRE- est CD, “Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder.”
poohing the notion that the the Bush administration, is, of State Hillary Clinton to thor- LAND, at http://direland.type- Lee Musiker heads an all-star quintet in
five gay men facing execution of course, contradicted by the oughly investigate the dangers accompaniment. Feinstein’s at Loews
Regency, 540 Park Ave. at 61st St. Apr.
17 & 24, May 1, 8 p.m.; Apr. 18 & 25,
䉴 BRIEFS, from p.9 LGBT Protest The protestors will have a non- rhetoric of the Vatican, which ACLU to May 2, 8 & 10:30 p.m.; April 19, 21-23,
of Vatican in violence training on April 21 at labels gay people “objectively Tennessee: 28-30, 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $88-$110 at
in Washington by MSNBC host New York April 8 p.m. at the Church of St. Paul’s disordered” and “intrinsically Stop the
Rachel Maddow as “a man who 22-23 and St. Andrews’s United Meth- evil,” as “a daily threat to Ameri- Censorship ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
has had very many adventures in SoulForce, the LGBT group odist at 263 West 86th Street; it can LGBTQ people.” SoulForce The American Civil Liberties
life, every one of which I know founded by the Rev. Mel White to is required for those who intend wrote the papal nuncio (ambas- Union reported that as many as Defying Gravity
about has turned out to be remark- fight anti-gay bigotry, especially to engage in nonviolent civil sador) six months ago “asking 107 public school districts in Ten- Elizabeth Streb and her Action Fac-
ably successful.” Strub, who is in religion, is planning to vigil at disobedience. On both days at 9 him to sign the UN’s Declara- nessee are “illegally preventing tion take a closer look at the ordinary,
living with HIV, called the group the Office of the Ambassador of a.m., they will meet at the Mar- tion on Sexual Orientation and students from accessing online inanimate things around us in “Streb:
he will lead “a shining example of the Vatican to the United Nations ble Collegiate Church at 1 West Gender Identity” and to ask the information” on LGBT subjects. In Catapult,” the company’s spring season.
the cable and telecommunications on April 22 (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) 29th Street, before proceeding pope to cease his anti-gay pro- a letter to several of the districts, David van Tieghem’s sinuous, evocative
industries’ commitment to the and 23 (10 a.m. –noon) at 25 to the ambassador’s office. nouncements, but has received
communities they serve. East 39th Street in Manhattan. White calls the anti-gay no response. 䉴 BRIEFS, continued on p.15 䉴 APR 17, continued on p.15

䉴 DA, from p.1 outside the porn shop. Later, as the

men were leaving the shop or had left Metropolitan Community Church of New York
Social Spiritual
a half dozen defendants who were the shop and were on the street, the
busted for prostitution by vice cops officer then said he would pay for the Homeless
and have met with the district attor - sex, with that offer sometimes coming Services

A church of lesbian,
and Sylvia Rivera

ney. Besides Lopez, other attorneys right before the arrest was made. Food Pantry
gay, bisexual
and transgender
either declined to comment or did not Gr egory B. Ledonne and Annie people. Open to all.
respond to calls seeking comment. All M. Siegel are two of the three assis-
of these defendants have pleaded not tant district attorneys working on the
guilty to the charges against them. prostitution cases and the investiga-
While at least 30 men were bust- tion. Their work is supervised by Gary Marriage Equality and
ed in at least six Manhattan por n Galperin, deputy chief of the T rial Transgender Rights

shops last year, the district attorney Division in the district attor ney’s The Reverend Pat Bumgardner, Pastor
appears to be limiting inquiries to office. Weekly Sunday Services: 9 am (Traditional), 11 am (Celebration)
those arrested by one undercover offi- The scope of the investigation is 3 pm (Mandarin) and 7 pm (Praise & Worship)
11 am features ASL interpreter (1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of each month)
cer who made many of the arrests and unclear. With these first meetings, 446 West 36th St. bet. 9th & 10th Ave. NY, NY 10018
was identified by badge number 3371 the district attorney may be preparing 212-629-7440 website: email:
in court records. Most of the 30 men only to dismiss the charges against
pleaded guilty to lesser charges, typi- the few defendants who pleaded not
cally disorderly conduct, and received guilty. The district attorney declined
light sentences. comment.
The vice cops who busted the 30 “We don’t comment on open investi-
men are also known to have made gations,” said Alicia Maxey-Greene, a
prostitution busts in spas, private spokeswoman for Morgenthau.
apartments, and on the street in the Robert Pinter was busted in Blue
West Village and in Midtown. The Door, an East Village porn shop, by
district attorney does not currently an of ficer identified by the badge
appear to be looking at those busts. number 31107. He first exposed what
“I’m disappointed that they are not the vice cops were doing in late 2008
expanding their investigation to all of and was among those who met with
the male prostitution arrests made by Morgenthau on March 6.
these undercovers,” Lopez said. “They “There a lot of unanswered ques-
are only looking at the porn shops.” tions regarding the extent of the inves-
In a March 6 meeting with activists tigation,” Pinter said. “If this is the
and elected officials, Robert Morgen- beginning, it looks promising. If this is
thau, the Manhattan district attorney, the extent of it, it’s not promising.”
promised to investigate the arrests, The police department’s internal
which are widely seen as false arrests affairs unit is investigating Pinter’s

in the gay community. arrest.

Like to Party with TINA

The typical scenario described by “The officer who arrested me did
men who have been arrested is that a considerable number of arrests,”
an undercover officer first aggressive- Pinter said. “I hope the DA will expand
ly flirted with them and got an agree- the investigation to at least include
ment for a consensual sex encounter him.” The Substance Use Research Center
at Columbia University
Professional Haircare | WHOLESALE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
seeks medically healthy Meth users between the ages of 21 and 45
to participate in a 10-session study evaluating stimulant effects.


$ Nexxus
Paul Mitchell
You can earn up to $1,004.

For more information, please call: (212) 543-6013 or (212) 543-6545


American Crew Rusk

Mop Artec
Matrix Biosilk
Chamber Street Beauty Supplies (Located inside Haircutters of Paris)
92 Chambers St. Between Church & Broadway |
Open M-SA 10:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

16 - 29 APR 2009

12/ Editorial
Marriage’s Time Has Come

he national conversation would urge a Senate vote, wheth- didn’t disavow marriage equality. again — under somebody else’s
that evolved in the weeks er or not majority support is there The problem is that we are now leadership, mind you — also saw
and months after Proposi- yet. “Why can’t people just debate more than three months into the fit to pile on, apparently in defer- tion 8 passed in California — as the bill, vote on it, and it goes up legislative session, with only two ence to the majority leader of the
ASSOCIATE EDITOR Americans began to think about or down?,” Paterson said. and half left before adjournment other chamber. Whatever. It may
Duncan Osborne and discuss the fact that voters The governor’s must-do, can- for the year. Where is the sense be good to be king, but it’s no fun
CONTRIBUTING EDITORS there had actually taken an exist- do language stands in sharp con- of urgency, the appreciation for being a governor stuck at 19 per-
Christopher Byrne (Theater), Susie Day, ing right away from their fellow trast to a statement put out last momentum, the message to his cent in the polls.
Doug Ireland (International), Brian McCormick citizens — was the kindling. The week by a spokesman for the new fellow senators that the cham- Fortunately, as the governor
(Dance), Dean P. Wrzeszcz
extraordinary events in Iowa and Senate majority leader: “Senator ber is going to get the job done in prepares to announce the reintro-
Betsy Andrews, Seth J. Bookey,
Vermont — where one’s Supreme [Malcolm] Smith has consistently 2009? duction of a marriage equality bill
Anthony M.Brown, Kelly Jean Cogswell, Court ruled unanimously for the affirmed his support for marriage And 2009 is critical in the over- on April 16, cooler heads are pre-
Dean Daderko, Tate Dougherty, Andres Duque, equal rights of gay and lesbian equality and will continue to sup- all political calculus of marriage vailing. Duane now says Paterson
Michael Ehrhardt, Steve Erickson, Nick Feitel,
Jim Fouratt, Joe Fyfe, Deborah Garwood, couples, and the other’s Legisla- port it. However, at the present equality in New York. 2010 is an has added “fuel” to “the furnace.”
Erasmo Guerra, Emily Harney, Andrey Henkin, ture stood up with a two-thirds time, he does not believe there election year; if marriage equal- Like Alan Van Capelle, execu-
Frank Holiday, Andy Humm, James Jorden, Brendan majority vote to overcome a gov- are sufficient votes in the Senate ity is too heavy a lift this year, tive director of the Empire State
Keane, David Kennerley, Gary M. Kramer, Arthur S.
Leonard, Rachael Liberman, ernor’s opposition — set the mar- to pass the marriage equality bill, expecting it to get done next year Pride Agenda, which is mount-
Michael T. Luongo, Lawrence D. Mass, riage equality issue fully ablaze. which was passed by the Assem- is willful ignorance of reality. ing a mammoth lobbying effort in
Winnie McCroy, Eileen McDermott,
Gregory Montreuil, Ioannis Mookas, Carrie Moyer,
What tens of millions of dollars bly last year. The majority leader The elections next year will test Albany on April 28, Duane is voic-
Stephen Mueller, Christopher Murray, spent defending gay marriage has said in the past that it will a politically weak governor and ing confidence that the Senate
David Noh, Wayne Northcross, Lori Ortiz, before the November election pass as soon as the votes can be a razor-thin Senate Democratic will pass the bill before the end of
Pauline Park, Sheila Pepe, John Reed,
Nathan Riley, Andrew Robinson, Gerard Robinson, were unable to do, the backlash secured.” majority. Losing either could put June. Both agree that Republican
Chris Schmidt, Sarah D. Schulman, after its demise — coupled with That’s essentially the same off the goal of passing a marriage votes will be needed — given the
Jason Victor Serinus, Linda Shapiro, dazzling victories in two largely message Smith intoned in bill for another four years. narrow Democratic majority and
David Shengold, Gus Solomons Jr., David Spiher,
Drew B. Straub, Stefen Styrsky, Jerry Tallmer, rural states with populations November after Democrats, Paterson’s presumptuousness the hostility of some in the major-
Stefanos Tsigrimanis, Kathleen Warnock, each just a fraction of Califor- with substantial financial sup- in suggesting how the Legislature ity caucus — and that GOP will-
Benjamin Weinthal, Lee Ann Westover,
James Withers, Kai Wright, Susan Yung
nia’s — managed to achieve. port from the LGBT community, should handle his marriage bill ingness is there.
Carpe diem is the appropriate finally regained the Senate major- apparently offended many in the As Gay City News goes to press
Mark Hasselberger
watchword now in New York. And ity after 40 years in the wilder- people’s branch of government. on April 15, the line-up at the gov-
with all due respect for the pre- ness. The same spin he offered Tom Duane, a longtime friend ernor’s press conference the fol-
Jamie Paakkonen rogatives of the Democratic cau- in early January, when he finally of the governor’s who will carry lowing day announcing introduc-
cus that runs the State Senate, claimed the leadership post he the marriage bill in the Senate, tion of the legislation is unknown.
FRANCESCO REGINI which unlike the Assembly has had won two months before — waxed nostalgic for Eliot Spitzer What would be reassuring is to never approved the bill, Governor after a protracted tussle with in front of a New York 1 News have Malcolm Smith on hand,
David Paterson succinctly cap- three rebellious Democrats, one camera. Assemblyman Micah enthusiastic and with a fresher
tured that spirit when he told an of whom threatened to withhold Kellner, whose chamber has prognostication than we’ve been
COLIN GREGORY Ithaca radio station last week he his vote from Smith’s bid if he already passed the bill and will hearing for five months now.

DALE KANZLER SCHINDLER TAKES concedes that LGBT and AIDS issues have filling that wish in our home state, due to students in their classrooms how to use A DIVE not been her priority and are not now, and the Bloomberg appeal. condoms. He is a big donor to the anti-gay
JASON SPARKS her political alliance with Bloomberg serves You do mention the million dollar contri- Boy Scouts of America. The likely reelec- April 13, 2009 only to emphasize that dereliction. butions Bloomberg gave in an unsuccessful tion of Bloomberg will slow LGBT rights
FERN WALLACH To the Editor: You write Bloomberg “disappointed” effort to prop up the anti-gay Republican and a whole range of progressive initiatives I can understand the Gay City News sell- many of us when he appealed Justice majority in the State Senate. He is the larg- in New York for another four years. The
Please call (212) 229-1890 for ing its entire back page to wealthy Mayor Doris Ling Cohan’s 2005 order to him to est individual donor in US history to the least Gay City News could do while taking
advertising rates and availability.
Bloomberg in these hard times, but that start issuing marriage licenses to same- Republican Party, which proudly proclaims his advertising is not to pump him up with
ACCOUNTING does not entitle him to a fawning headline sex couples. Disappointed? I have been an opposition to gay rights in its national plat- misleading headlines and to reach out to his
DAVID JAFFE like “Bloomberg: Move Marriage Now” (by activist in our movement since the early form. The material harm done to our rights opponents — Comptroller Bill Thompson,
NATIONAL DISPLAY ADVERTISING Paul Schindler, Apr. 2-15) on what is a non- 1970s. We were outraged! None of the by his bankrolling of our opposition should Councilman Tony Avella, and Congressman
Rivendell Media / 212.242.6863 story about someone whose major contribu- Democrats running that year — Freddy disqualify him from receiving positive press Anthony Weiner — for comment on his
Web master tion to the movement for same-sex marriage Ferrer, Anthony Weiner, or Gifford Miller from Gay City News. ridiculous claims to be for us.
Arturo Jimenez has been to block it. The casual reader of — would have appealed if they were in Bloomberg still has not expressed any Jay Kallio
Gay City News, The Newspaper Serving Gay and Lesbian NYC, is pub-
your paper would think that Bloomberg is on office. They would have let thousands of concern over the false arrests of gay men Chelsea
lishedby Community Media, LLC. Send all inquiries to: Gay City News,
145 Sixth Ave., First Fl., NYC 10013 Phone: 646.452.2500 Written our side, and should be credited as a prime lesbian and gay couples from all over the for prostitution by his police department
permission of the publisher must be obtained before any of the contents
of this paper, in part or whole, can be reproduced or redistributed. All mover for marriage equality. Your front-page world legally marry, making it much more over several years, well documented by your
contents (c) 2009 Gay City News. story on Andrea Batista Schlesinger’s sellout difficult for the Court of Appeals to rule newspaper. WRITE US!
Gay City News is a registered trademark
of Community Media, LLC. by joining his campaign (“Progressive Cred against our constitutional right to marry The Bloomberg record on LGBT issues Address letters to the editor, of no
John W. Sutter, President & the Mayor,” by Paul Schindler, Apr. 2-15) the next year. My partner, Eleanor Cooper, is terrible. He marches in the ant-gay St. more than 250 words, to:
Fax: 646.452.2501;
E-mail: would lead people to believe he has some. and myself would have been one of them. Patrick’s Day Parade every year. He vetoed
Subscriptions: Her lack of awareness of Bloomberg’s mani- She was confined to a nursing home and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s legis- Please include your phone number, for
26 issues, $90.00 fest failures on LGBT rights over the last unable to travel out of state to Massachu- lation to require city contractors to provide confirmation purposes only. The editors
(c)2009 Gay City News. seven years should disqualify her as a cover setts for her last dying wish to be married. domestic partner benefits. He refuses to reserve the right to edit all letters due to
All rights reserved.
story for an LGBT paper. She essentially She died last December without ever ful- allow AIDS educators to teach public school space constraints.
16 - 29 APR 2009

Perspective /13
The Case for David Paterson

uinnipiac released a many in our community are protections, was passed. past sexual orientation. While his interest in me, and in that
poll last week showing quick to jump on the anti-Pat- In his early days as gover - engaged in Democratic poli- way presented himself to me as
that 60 percent of New erson band wagon and help nor, he signed an Executive tics, I was always wary of intro- a new kind of politician.
York voters disapprove of the job make the case against him. I Order that directed state agen- ducing my dates to politicians Paterson is beyond LGBT -
that Governor David Paterson recently listened as a very well cies to recognize same-sex mar- because that tended to steer the friendly; he represents the new
has done in office. The gover- informed LGBT leader attacked riages performed in jurisdic- conversation to my sexuality, face of LGBT support, and his
nor is a strong supporter of our the governor. In its essence, attitude is changing the politi-
community, and he deserves his point was that “any Demo- cal culture regarding how gay
our loyalty during this low point crat that challenges Patterson He continues to stand up for people are treated. In the midst
in his term. will be LGBT-friendly, so in the of unpopularity, when every
Analysts believe that his high end it really doesn’t matter.” our community even when his low political operative says stay
disapproval rating is primarily
due to the many hard choices
David Paterson is not your
typical LGBT -friendly politi-
approval rating is partially due away from unpopular issues,
he is pushing marriage harder
the governor is making to bal- cian; his support is loud, far- to his support for us. than any other governor. His
ance New York’s budget. These reaching, and genuine. He has message is simple — our lives,
choices have opened him up to fought for us on every issue — our rights, and our relation-
attacks from many tradition- HIV, hate crimes, job protec- tions where marriage equality what they assumed was the life- ships should not be used to
ally progressive groups, such tion, school safety, transgen- is a reality. And recently, when style connected to my sexuality, gain points in the polls. In the
as labor unions, and solidified der rights, and marriage equal- three renegade Democratic sen- and those issues I might care end, he is not just another pro-
opposition from conservatives ity. He stood with us when it ators threatened to switch par- about because of my sexuality. gressive Democrat. His suc-
who are angry about the econ- wasn’t politically expedient and ties and used marriage equal- For me, these types of conversa- cess does matter to us. We
omy and tax increases on the sometimes when it was risky to ity as bargaining chip, Paterson tions represent a certain closed need leaders who look at us
wealthy and hostile to liberal his career. When he was a state stood on the side of resisting mindedness about LGBT people like human beings and see
policies like repeal of the Rock- senator from Harlem, he spoke their threats. that permeates even the most our rights as basic. And, when
efeller drug laws and advanc- up for our rights even when In my former life working for progressive political circles. such leaders are under attack,
ing LGBT rights. some influential religious and the Democratic Party, I encoun- I had the privilege of meeting we need to step up and support
This week, instead of pan- community leaders stood on tered many politicians who pre- the governor on several occa- them. We can help bring a great
dering to anti-gay factions with the other side. When members sented themselves as allied with sions, the most memorable leader down, or we can work to
the Democratic Party, the gov- of his own Democratic caucus our community, yet threw us being at a house-warming party shift the tide. I urge the latter.
ernor announced that he will stood against him, he insisted under the bus, even when it was for a couple in Harlem. When
reintroduce legislation to grant that hate crimes protections not required. The current gover- I introduced my date to then- Zaheer Mustafa, a graduate of
equal marriage rights to same- not be enacted without includ- nor supports us, while shaming Senator Paterson, the conver- the University at Albany in New
sex couples; he continues to ing gay and lesbian New York- those who adhere to that brand sation didn’t head in the usual York, has worked for the Nas-
stand up for our community ers, and he stood with us and of politics. Of all the arguments direction. Instead of assuming sau County Democratic Commit-
even when his low approval ensured that the Sexual Orien- for supporting David Paterson, what was important to us, he tee and on behalf of immigration
rating is partially due to his tation Non-Discrimination Act, the one that matters the most asked questions. He did not reform and HIV prevention in
support for us. Unfortunately, SONDA, granting employment is that David Paterson can see make my sexuality the focus of people of color communities.


An Ode to “The L Word”


here was a lesbian con- lesbian lives.” I wondered what it would television can. It comes right was embarrassed by some of
ference this weekend in Everyone was generally take to wake them up, and cre- into your home, establishes an the filmmaking — it was her
Toulouse, France. The happy with the documentary ate a longing for more than the intimacy as you watch those first attempt, after all. But the
theme: lesbians and the weapon images, but you could tell a useful, but hermetically sealed, characters you identify with, or embarrassment in lesbian view-
of laughter. Somebody thought minority was irritated at our conference that had welcomed just as intimately hate. ers was about how they looked
it would be a good idea to have activist message — the Aveng- me. Laughter certainly wasn’t The surprise for me was such on film. “The characters are too
the Lesbian Avengers, and I ers were a response to the invis- enough. Maybe a small explo- an avowed adoration for “Go real, too ugly, too butch.” Lesbi-
appeared with Ana Simo on a ibility and irrelevance that are sion. Fish.” It was filmed in the first ans nowadays, Rose said, much
panel of activists including a still a big problem today. A few Another New Yorker was years of the Avengers, and came prefer to be represented by “The
Paris feminist group, La Barbe, actually seemed pissed off at the the answer. In her presenta- out in ‘94 at our height. And L Word,” even if it gets criticized,
and Madrid’s Toxic Lesbians. idea that I missed the Avengers. tion about “The L Word” and like the Avengers, it stemmed too, this time for being too slick,
We showed video snippets of One lesbian described a demo her film “Go Fish,” dyke writer from a desire for lesbian visibil- the girls too femme, too pretty.
Avengers taking over Fifth Ave- in her city, implying lesbians and director Rose Troche man- ity. After working with Queer Still, she got letters from young
nue to protest the murders of weren’t that invisible. Another aged to incite finger-pointing, Nation and ACT UP on issues girls saying it saved their lives.
Hattie Mae Cohen and Brian woman seemed to come out threats, and a near fist-fight, all about men, Rose and Gui- She went to a season-opening
Mock, the vast Dyke March against activism, “Shouldn’t at least in the back of the room nevere Turner were feeling the once and saw a line of Shane
in DC in ‘93, and fire-eaters in we stop and think about our where I was. Is “The L Word” a need to do a project by, for, and wannabees curving around the
front of the White House (thanks goals first? Do we really want sell-out or not? Is something about dykes. block. The show, she said, made
to “Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire, to spend our time changing the better than nothing? Would you When Rose went online them feel pretty and desirable.
Too,” editors Janet Baus and existing structure of society? really sleep with Shane? Is “Go recently to get a sense of the Which is where the mutter-
Su Friedrich). We even showed Maybe we should focus our Fish” truly an embarrassment? film, she said the overwhelm- ing started. “Not me. I much
Avengers giving schoolchildren efforts on developing an entirely These questions cut to the ing response was pure embar-
balloons that said, “Ask about new one.” quick, roused tempers as only rassment. She said she herself 䉴 L WORD, continued on p.14


Asserting that “2009 is our directors of national LGBT organi-
1963,” Malcolm Lazin, execu- zations, four out gay mayors, and
tive director of Equality Forum, an movement leaders and elected
annual weeklong gathering in Phil- officials from around the world.
adelphia with more than four dozen Each year, the event has one
panels, artistic events, and parties international focus — this year,
celebrating LGBT civil rights, said on the challenges facing the Rus-
the high point this year will be a sian LGBT community. On April
National Equality Rally at Inde- 30, a panel exploring this topic
pendence Hall on Sunday, May will include Alexandra Sotnikova,
3. Noting that the work involved producer of “My Happy Family,”
in bringing millions to Washing- a documentary about lesbian par-
ton, DC, for another march there enting in Russia, Michael Guest,
is daunting, especially given the the former out gay US ambassa-
demands on the ground facing dor to Romania, and Volker Beck, a
LGBT groups nationwide, Lazin member of the German Bundestag
said the tens of thousands who and one of Europe’s leading LGBT
annually attend the Equality Forum advocates. On May 2, Sotnikova
are a ready-made army of activists will host a screening of her film,
primed to deliver a message to the and on May 3, Beck will partici-
nation. Filling the area surrounding pate in a moderated conversation.
the Liberty Bell and Independence Among the panels are ones
Hall, just recently reopened after exploring the transgender commu-
a major face-lift, with 40,000 will nity, families, youth, race, health,
be a dramatic statement of com- religion and faith, and history. On
munity solidarity as the fight for April 28, Rabbi Linda Holtzman


marriage equality and other LGBT of Philadelphia’s Mishkan Sha-
community goals enters a decisive lom congregation will facilitate a
post-Prop 8, but also post-Bush, conversation with Bishop Gene
post-Iowa, post-Vermont phase, he Robinson of the Episcopal Diocese The Independence National Historical Park includes a marker for the early gay Equality Forum flags brighten up Center City Philadelphia in late April and
argued. of New Hampshire. Through May rights demonstrations held there in the 1960s. early May.
“It is an iconic location,” Lazin 14, the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery
said, noting that pre-Stonewall, at the University of the Arts hosts
pioneering gay and lesbian activists the premiere retrospective of the
met there on July 4 from 1965 until work of the late Richard Amsel, a
1969 in the first open demonstra- leading Hollywood illustrator who
tions for gay civil equality. made marketing sketches for films
The Independence Hall rally including “Raiders of the Lost Ark,”
comes at the end of a weeklong “Hello Dolly!,” and “The Sting,”
program that begins on April 27. and drew indelible TV Guide por-
The evening before the rally, Equal- traits of Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley,
ity Forum holds its International and Johnny Carson, among others.
Equality Dinner at the prestigious Parties are planned every evening
National Constitution Hall. Penn- from April 29 through May 3. And
sylvania Governor Edward Rendell on May 3, the annual National Sun-
is the dinner’s honorary chair, and dayOUT! Street Festival will run all
the group will give its 14th annual day on Market Street between Sec-
International Role Model Award to ond and Fifth Streets downtown.
San Francisco Mayor Gavin News- Most of the week’s events are
om, who since 2004 has been free, though the National Consti-
the most visible elected official tution Hall dinner on May 2 has a
nationwide at the forefront of the $200 ticket, and some of the par-
marriage equality movement. The ties have modest cover charges. For

following afternoon, Newsom will complete information, visit equali-
appear again at Constitution Hall Details on the May 3
in a moderated conversation. rally at Independence Hall can be
Equality Forum boasts the found at
participation of ten executive — Paul Schindler The scene at last year’s SundayOUT! street festival.

䉴 L WORD, from p.13 Mammy role in 1940, leaving I’m glad Rose wasn’t apolo- through a male filter you get games. We need to be every-
Halle Berry to be born fully getic about it. The lesbian writ- ‘The L Word,’” Rose said mat- where. Not as special cases, or
prefer “Go Fish.” That’s what formed from the head of Zeus. ers and producers knew going ter-of-factly. in disproportionate numbers,
represents me. Don’t they ever Martin Luther King should in they’d have to make compro- I should confess I’ve barely but as ourselves. Right now, we
go to work?” They would rath- have skipped the lunch coun- mises if they wanted to get the watched the show. What I do could disappear, slaughtered all
er be invisible than have an ter demonstrations in 1960 first lesbian TV show on the know is that we have to be out at once, and the joke is nobody
image they didn’t like. It’s a TV and demanded the White air. To make money, they had there. In the street, in politics, would notice we’d gone.
show, for chrissake, I want- H o u s e . I n 2 0 0 0 , Ve r m o n t to be provocative. “Sex was a and in the shared imagina-
ed to scream. I suppose they queers should’ve turned down mandate.” They fought certain tions of our cultures. We need Check out Kelly Sans Culotte
also thought Hattie McDan- civil unions and held out for battles with the producers, but movies, books, TV shows, soap at http://kellyatlarge.blogspot.
iel should have passed up the marriage. “when a lesbian project goes operas, melodramas, tennis com/.


14 DAYS 䉴 BRIEFS, from p.10 that his plaid shirt-and-jeans

film uniform became a staple of Hail, Columbia
down by Cardinal Josef Ratzinger
in 1986, that homosexuality is an
this year was the first time that
the First Family has invited them

䉴 APR 17, from p.10
the group is demanding that they
unblock the filter, which screens
out things such as LGBT youth
groups and scholarships as well as
the clone look that swept gay
male neighborhoods in the late
‘70s. Wrangler was 62. The son
of “Bonanza” producer Robert
The big news was from Iowa
and Vermont last week, but in
the District of Columbia, the City
Council unanimously voted to
“objective disorder” and “an intrin-
sic moral evil.” The cardinal is now
Blair’s pope, Benedict XVI.
“There is a huge generational
to participate and has allocated
tickets for them in an effort to
diversify the event. Jennifer Chris-
ler of the Family Equality Council,
all the major LGBT organizations Stillman and a veteran dancer recognize legal same-sex mar- difference here,” Blair said of the which has organized LGBT fami-
soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment in the country. The filtering soft- from Busby Berkeley musicals, riages from elsewhere. And the official stand on gays. “And there’s lies to line up for tickets in the
to STREB’s ongoing romantic adventure ware from Educational Networks Ruth Clark Stillman, Wran- Columbia, Missouri, City Council probably some fear amongst past, told the Associated Press
with gravity. SLAM, the Streb Lab for of America allows access to so- gler earned a degree in theater voted unanimously to create a religious leaders that if you con- that the Obama administration
Action Mechanics, 51 N. First St., called “ex-gay” sites promoting a from Northwestern University. domestic partnership registry for cede ground on an issue like this, “reached out to us as an organiza-
btwn. Kent & Wythe Aves., Williams- “cure” for homosexuality. Wrangler’s life was the subject of a both gay couples and non-gay because attitudes and thinking tion” this year and upwards of a
burg. Fri., Sat., 7 p.m.; Sat., Sun., 3 p.m. documentary film directed by Jef- couples who choose not to marry. evolve over time, where does that hundred families headed by LGBT
through May 17. Tickets are $20; $10 for Polish Pol v. frey Schwarz, “Wrangler: Anatomy end?” Blair also said, “I think on folks are expected to participate.
children at or 212-352-3101. Pink Pachyderm of an Icon,” recently honored as Gay US some of these issues, if you went
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Michal Grzes, a right-wing the Best Alternative Release by the Ambassador to and asked the congregation, I Say it Ain’t So,
city councilman in Poznam, Gay Video News Awards. The film India think you’d find that their faith is Mary
Poland, is furious that his zoo’s was distributed by TLA Video. In a Peter Burleigh, an out gay not to be found in those types of Mary Tyler Moore has been a

SAT.APR.18 new elephant, Ninio, is gay, Reu-
ters reported. “We didn’t pay 37
million zlotys [about $11 million]
release, TLA wrote, “With pierc-
ing blue eyes, unruly blond hair,
a chiseled physique, and cocky
foreign affairs officer, has been
named to the top diplomatic post
in India until a permanent ambas-
entrenched attitudes.” He also
said that Pope Benedict XVI stands
for “many fantastic things.”
gay favorite for decades. Maybe
less so after her interview in
Parade magazine on March 22,
Building for the largest elephant house in swagger, Jack Wrangler was the sador is selected. According to brought to our attention by gay
Community on Europe to have a gay elephant king of ‘70s gay porn. Forging a gay, he has a “deep Men in Uniform journalist Rex Wockner. “I do
Long Island live there.” He wants an elephant sexual revolution, he wasn’t the expertise in South Asian affairs” OK in Dutch watch a lot of Fox News,” she
The Long Island Gay and Lesbian Ser- that will reproduce. The zoo’s typical object of homoerotic desire and came out within the State Pride said. “I like Charles Krauthammer
vices Network, which provides a home director told the news service but an intelligent, full-bodied, self- Department once they stopped Dutch soldiers now have and Bill O’Reilly... If McCain had
in Bay Shore to LIGALY, Long Island Gay that Ninio may be too young at confident male.” treating gay people as security leave to march in uniform in the asked me to campaign for him, I
and Lesbian Youth, the Long Island GLBT ten to decide whether he prefers Wrangler was openly gay, but risks in 1990. “He kept his private Amsterdam LGBT Pride Parade, would have.” In fairness, the Log
Community Center, and SAGE Long Island, males or females, as his age of in 1976 surprised many by mar- life to himself, however, when he a privilege denied to them until Cabin Republicans, a gay group,
Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders, sexual maturity will be 14. rying Margaret Whiting, a singer was assigned to foreign countries now, at the urging of Parliament. endorsed McCain, too.
presents an Equality Awards Gala, cele- who was 24 years his senior and where homophobic attitudes pre- Radio Netherlands reported that
brating “Homegrown Heroes,” individuals World’s Most had her greatest fame in the 1940s vailed in the culture,” the site said. the Defense Ministry “empha- Wanda Sykes to
with local roots who have made a differ- Awesome and ‘50s. Whiting survives Wran- sized that it in no way partici- Late Night
ence. Stuart Milk will accept a posthu- Wrangler Dead gler. Patrick attributed the relation- Blair v. pates” in the event and that “it And in fairness to Fox, the net-
mous award on behalf of his uncle Harvey Jack Wrangler, a ground- ship between Wrangler and Whit- Ratzinger does not believe Gay Pride con- work has just signed a deal with
Milk, who graduated from Bay Shore High breaking 1970s porn star who ing to the fact that they both grew Tony Blair only joined the anti- tributes to a positive image of out lesbian comedian and actor
School. Other awardees include Richard was born John Robert Stillman up “Beverley Hills brats.” Marilyn gay Catholic Church two years homosexuals.” Wanda Sykes to host a late-night
Burns, chief operating officer of the Arcus in 1946 in Beverly Hills, died on Monroe was among Wrangler’s ago, but he has already joined the TV show. The New York Times
Foundation, who just left New York’s LGBT April 7 of complications from baby-sitters when he was a child, ranks of Cafeteria Catholics who Obamas on a reported that is expected to start
Community Center after 22 years as execu- emphysema. Gay playwright and according to Patrick. Wrangler pick and choose which church Roll with Gay this fall “and include panel discus-
tive director and grew up in Huntington; poet Robert Patrick described made more than 80 adult films, but teachings to believe. The former Families sions about current events.” Sykes
and Beatrice Alda and Jennifer Brooke, Wrangler’s screen persona as in his years with Whiting produced UK prime minister told Attitude, a While LGBT families weren’t came out publicly at a rally in Las
co-founders of Forever Films, and produc- based on the Marlboro Man of and directed many musical theater gay magazine, that he disagreed participating in their first White Vegas last November protesting
ers of the film “Out Late.” The East Wind, ‘60s advertising fame and noted stage shows. — Paul Schindler with the Vatican’s position, laid House Easter Egg Roll on April 13, the passage of California’s Prop 8.
Wading River, cocktails at 7 p.m.; din-
ner, dancing, and awards at 8:30. Tick-
ets begin at $175 at 䉴 STONEWALL, from p.3 liberties are honored and that nity service and small fines, “We know that unsuspecting
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ there are freedoms here that are but they did not complete their visitors could find themselves
undercover officers into porn not to be enjoyed elsewhere.” sentences. Arrest warrants were arrested,” Fay said. “As far as
THEATER shops where they aggressive- Altogether, police have busted issued for all three last year. The we know, the policy remains in
It’s Like the Middle ly flirt with men and get them at least 50 men in at least eight 19-year-old could be arrested place. There are no indications
Ages to agree to a consensual sex porn shops dating back to 2004. any time he interacts with law that this policy is over, is his-
Stone Soup Theatre Arts presents the encounter outside the shop. As The city cited the prostitution enforcement anywhere in the tory.”
first New York revival of “The Living,” they leave the shop or once out- arrests in nuisance abatement country and they check his In a statement, Quinn said
Anthony Clarvoe’s early 1990s play about side the shop, only then do the lawsuits it brought against criminal history. The warrants her office was watching the
the bubonic plague in medieval London. officers say they want to pay seven of those shops since would not automatically bar the police.
Written in response to the outbreak of the other man for the sex. In 2005, with five of those suits two European men from obtain- “When news of these trou-
AIDS, “The Living” follows a commu- some cases, the money is men- coming in 2008 and 2009. The ing a visa to visit the US, but bling arrests of gay men in video
nity left by their government to survive tioned right before the men are arrests are not simply an incon- they could be refused a visa. If stores came to my attention, I
as best they can. Richmond Shepard arrested. venience. All four of the out-of- they obtain a visa or if they are organized a meeting in my office
Theatre, 309 E. 26th St. Apr. 18, 8 p.m.; The few men who have spo- towners pleaded guilty to disor- from a country that is part of of LGBT advocates, the Mayor’s
Apr. 22-23 & 30, 7 p.m.; Apr. 25 & May ken with Gay City News said derly conduct. The Californian the visa-waiver program, they office, and the NYPD to ensure
2, 2 & 8 p.m. Tickets are $18 at stone- they never agreed to accept any received a one-year conditional would likely be refused entry that these operations no longer cash, and the arrests are seen discharge, meaning the case will and arrested when they pass continue,” Quinn said. “At this
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ as false arrests by the gay com- be closed if he is not arrested for through US customs. meeting, the NYPD said they are
munity. one year. His criminal records At a February 11 meeting with taking a step back from these
GALLERY “I think it gave them pause will eventually be sealed though coalition members and elected operations and conducting an
The Thing Itself about being visitors or tourists the information about him in officials, Brian Conroy, deputy internal review. I am monitoring
Artist Michael St. John, opening his in New York,” Fay said of the the Blue Door nuisance abate- chief of the police department’s the situation closely to ensure
second solo exhibition, “That’s Just the activists who wrote him. “It just ment lawsuit will remain public. vice enforcement division, said that the rights of LGBT people
contradicted their perception of The other three were sen- only that police had paused in — local residents and visitors
䉴 APR 18, continued on p.18 New York as a place where civil tenced to two days of commu- their arrest efforts. alike — are protected.”


Leaner in Lean Times

Talk to Tribeca Film Fest returns, again strongest on international turf


o doubt in par -

tial response to
the recession, the
2009 Tribeca Film Fes-
tival offers a slimmed-

understands down program of 85 fea-

tures. It’s one sign that
the festival can listen

your to criticism — in each

of the past few years,
its slate of fered more

needs. than 200 films, includ-

ing many bad American
indies unlikely to draw

an audience beyond
their cast and crew. Its
international program-
ming benefits from the Adult film star Sasha Grey is alternately sweet and cold as high-class prostitute Christine in Steven Soderbergh’s “The
fact that Tribeca begins a Girlfriend Experience.
80 Eighth Ave. couple months after the
at 14th St. Berlin Film Festival; by TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL 5 p.m.; May 1, 8 p.m.), (see Andy Humm’s take
the fall, many festivals Various venues downtown a look at closeted gay on the Crisp film, seen
101 West 14th St. already consider Ber - Apr. 22-May 3 Republicans, and Rich- at the London Lesbian
lin’s offerings too old to ard Laxton’s “An Eng- & Gay Film Festival, on
at Sixth Ave.
bother programming. On lishman in New York” page 22).
the other hand, its selec- (Apr. 27, 9:30 p.m.; Apr. Steven Soderbergh’s
800 Sixth Ave. tion of American films is promising indies. This 29, 1:30 p.m.; May 2, “The Girlfriend Experi-
at 27th St. hampered by its desire year, its LGBT -oriented 6:45 p.m. ),which stars ence” (Apr. 28, 9 p.m.;
for premieres and the programming includes John Hurt as Quentin Apr. 29, 8 p.m.; May 2,
354 Sixth Ave. fact that Sundance and Kirby Dick’s “Outrage” Crisp in his 70s. Unfor- 5:30 p.m.) shows the
at Washington Pl. Austin’s SXSW festival (Apr. 24, 9 p.m,; Apr. tunately, neither film advantages of digital
are more likely to host 26, 3:30 p.m.; Apr. 28, was available for preview filmmaking — its abil-
769 Broadway ity to easily make a
at 9th St. quick reflection of the
moment’s concerns. Set
last October, just before
207 Varick St. the election, it paints
at Houston St. a portrait of high-class
prostitute Christine (adult
885 Eighth Ave. film star Sasha Grey,
at 53rd St. who seems alternately
sweet and cold). Ironi-
cally, Soderbergh has
made a low-budget film
about rich people. “The
Ask about a Plus account, Girlfriend Experience”
with a world of benefits resembles a Bret Eas-
designed to help you ton Ellis novel stripped
live in financial balance. of satirical intentions
and sensational sex and
Call 1 866 837-2340 or visit violence, but with all its today. brand-name references
intact. Unlike most films
about sex workers, it’s
more interested in reflect-
ing their lives than pass-
ing judgment on them.
(It’s surprisingly chaste.)

All the same, Christine’s

world is a privileged one,
whose very existence is a
product of a leisure class
Deposit products offered by HSBC Bank USA, N.A.
Member FDIC. ©2009 HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Asghan Farhadi’s “About Elly,” about the disappearance of a middle class Iranian woman on vacation at the Caspian Sea,
distills Hitchockian suspense out of insistent moral probing. 䉴 TRIBECA, continued on p.17

䉴 TRIBECA, from p.16 Hou Hsiao-hsien, but it

brings a fresh sensibil-
of rich men. The film is ity to its storytelling as
permeated with the anxi- well.
ety that it could all crash Asghan Farhadi’s
down. While it depicts
people on the opposite
end of the economic spec-
trum, this is as much a
“About Elly” (Apr 26,
7:15 p.m.; Apr 27, 11
p.m.; Apr 29, 1:15 p.m.;
May 2, 3:15 p.m.) is
document of the reces-
sion as Kelly Reichardt’s
“Wendy and Lucy.”
the first Iranian film to
make a splash on the
Western festival circuit
since Bahman Gho-
As a visual stylist,
South Korean director
Lee Yoon-ki is a casual
virtuoso. It’s appar -
badi’s “Half Moon,”
which played T ribeca
two years ago, and
ent from the Steadicam Jafar Panahi’s “Offside.”
Refreshingly, it offers a
New York
Cinemascope shots
that kick off “My Dear view of the country dif-
Enemy” (Apr. 28, 7:30 ferent from most Iranian
p.m.; Apr 30, 9:45 p.m.; art cinema. It concen-

May 01, 5:45 p.m.) that trates on urban middle
the film is going to be class adults and plays
something special. It more like a thriller than
puts these skills to use neo-realism. A group of

“About Elly” distills

Hitchockian suspense out of
insistent moral probing.

in service of a narrative friends, mostly in their

that plays like a sitcom
pilot — confronted at
30s, takes a weekend
vacation to the Caspian
the racetrack by his ex- Sea. The first half hour
girlfriend Hee-su (Jeon plays like the prelude to
De-yeon), Byong-woon a horror film — nothing
(Ha Jung-woo) spends sinister happens, but a
the day looking up other mood of dread builds.
for mer lovers in order Then Elly, a nursery TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL

to pay back the $3,500 school teacher along

he owes her. The plot for the trip, vanishes,
is simple, but “My Dear although it’s unclear
Enemy” never quite
turns into the conven-
to her friends whether
she’s drowned or gone Jose Padilha’s Garapa recalls classic ’60s cinema vérité, examining malnutri-
tional romantic comedy back to Tehran. The rest tion among Brazil’s underclass.
it keeps suggesting that of the film examines the
it might be. The jazzy consequences of her dis- glorifying torture and family shits into plastic
score suggests Woody appearance and the net- police brutality. How- bags. Initially, he leaves
Allen, but the sour tone work of lies it leads to. At ever, Padilha’s follow- himself out of the pic-
is closer to “Curb Your times, “About Elly” feels up “Garapa” (Apr. 25, 8 tur e, but his voice is
Enthusiasm” or early like a string of acting- pm.; Apr. 28, 6:15 p.m.; heard more and more,
Albert Brooks. Neither school exercises, but it Apr. 29, 3 p.m.; May 2, until he admits buy-
Talk to bankers who
lead character is all that distills Hitchockian sus- 6:30 p.m.) recalls clas- ing medicine for one of value your differences as
sympathetic: Byong- pense out of insistent sic ’60s cinema vérité. his subjects. In theory, much as your finances.
woon is an overgrown moral probing. That’s no Padilha’s first documen- Padilha’s willingness to
man-child who dreams mean feat. tary, “Bus 174,” was as acknowledge the class Call 1 866 837-2340 or visit
big plans that will prob- The impression Brazil- stylized as most narra- difference between him- today.
ably never come to pass, ian director Jose Padil- tive films, but “Garapa” self and the people he
while Hee-su keeps ha’s documentaries give is deliberately raw, shot films is laudable, but it
her feelings bottled up of a socially conscious, on grainy black-and- could be taken a great
behind an icy facade. liberal director is chal- white 16mm stock. It d e a l f u r t h e r. N e v e r -
The two lead actors have lenged by the contro- examines malnutrition theless, “Garapa” is a
a kind of anti-chemistry versy over his narrative among Brazil’s under - searing tour of Hell —
together that suggests debut, “Elite Squad,” class. Padilha offers up a vision of the hunger
past sexual tension. “My which played T ribeca a deliberately repugnant that could be prevented,
Dear Enemy” borrows last year. A huge hit in vision of nude children the end titles proclaim,
from the kind of Asian Brazil, it won the Berlin laying in dirt and flies if the world decided to
art cinema associated Film Festival’s top prize, hovering around food. spend a mere $30 bil- Deposit products offered by HSBC Bank USA, N.A.
Member FDIC. ©2009 HSBC Bank USA, N.A.
with Hong Sang-soo and only to be accused of Lacking a toilet, one lion.
16 - 29 APR 2009

18/ Dance
Glittering Prize 14 DAYS
Ivy Baldwin Dance glows at Dance Theater Workshop 14 NIGHTS
BY BRIAN MCCORMICK 䉴 APR 18, from p.15

ong live the bear! In “Bear Way It Is,” has invited six artists — Alex
Crown,” presented at McQuilkin, Josh Smith, Nate Lowman,
Dance Theater Workshop Thomas McDonell, Caroline Polachek,
March 18-21, Ivy Baldwin and and Sebastian Errazuriz — to include
her collaborators, Justin Jones works in his show. His motive is to chal-
(music), Chloe Z Brown (light- lenge the solipsistic quality of the solo
ing), and Mendel Rabinovitch exhibition and stress the social aspect of
(set), created a fantastic and art-making. Drawing reference to Andy
whimsical world made acces- Warhol’s commemoration of the day’s
sible by stimulating the pineal events, William Eggleston’s tributes to
gland of audience members the discarded, and Robert Rauschen-
through their three-pronged berg’s involvement with the world, St.
sensory approach. John’s work arrives reminiscent of the
The hour-long dream begins Wallace Stevens poem, “it’s not about
with a long prologue of low the thing, but it is the thing itself.” Mar-
volume and dramatic Tchai- velli Gallery, 526 W, 26th St, second
kovsky, all with the curtain fl., Tue.-Sat., 10 a.m.-6 p.m., through
closed. This overture serves to May 9.

cleanse the mind’s palette, to ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
slow the brain waves, and to
set the mental, perceptual stage
for the surreal dream to follow.
Long lighting changes, har -
monious sonic ambience, and
Ivy Baldwin and Lawrence Cassella engage in a non-violent but competitive duet about who loves the other more.
movement phrases that take design that fits the overall work, tative — or the boring, as others space was achieved with the use Homos & Asians &
time to accumulate all served accumulating and mutating put it. Some ideas don’t work of a simple but multi-functional Jews, Oh My!
the same purpose in this exqui- into a structural play of the ele- as full evening-length shows and shape-shifting set — four At this week’s installment of Brad
site piece dominated by the set ments. Baldwin and Cassella no matter how many great col- walls with built-in shelves and Loekle’s “Electro Shock Therapy Com-
— a golden three-tiered semi- descend from this text into a laborators you have working glossy painted veneers. Videos edy Hour,” headliner Allison Castillo is
circular platform placed against non-violent but competitive with you. Others, personal and by Malvacias and David Tirosh joined by Adam Strauss (a homolarious
the back wall of Dance Theater duet about who loves the other accomplished, are too enigmat- appeared on various surfaces. comedian from LA); Danny Siegel (the
Workshop’s raw stage. Glim- more, pushing and pinching ic. Then there are the brilliant At times, they were beautiful gayest straight comedian in town); and
mers off the surface of the grand at each other, as the other cast convergences, where everything — projected on the floor in rect- Ali Wong. Therapy Bar, 348 W. 52nd
terrace — both cake and ziggu- members drift toward the back, comes together. angles of tinted static while the St., 10 p.m. No cover charge, $6 cosmos
rat — created a sculptural glow onto the set piece, kicking their Palissimo’s “Weddings & two rolled back and forth like all night.
that extended its aura to the hands as they make shooting Beheadings,” presented March opposing ping pong paddles; at ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
outer edges of the open space in noises in one and two syllables. 11-15 by the 92nd Street Y other points, overbearing, para-
diffused rays of silver, gold, and “Bear Crown” is pitch-perfect Harkness Dance Festival at the graphs of text better delivered NIGHTLIFE
copper. Gorgeous symmetrical throughout. Toward the ending, Ailey Theater, had great ele- by narration. Get Mounted
shafts of light shining down the the pace slows ever so slight- ments, including the cast and Ivo Bol’s electronic music Muscle bears, leather daddies, furry
back wall framed the set, and ly, even as the sequences are the design — especially the pro- provided the thread for the pigs, and a hot tub make for a potent
gave the space a classical, for- shorter. The troupe finally skips jections by Robert Flyn. The 55-minute work. There’s a lot of combination at Truck Stop, the hairiest
mal feeling. into place toward downstage basic idea of the work crystallized walking around, first by Nelson, April Tea Dance of all. Music by Gustavo.
The splendid cast — Katie left, where they end, on bended in a violent blindfolded solo with then by Lara Malvacias, appear- Penthouse at the Park, Tenth Ave. at
Workum, Anna Carapetyan, knees, lifting their upper bod- a piñata, followed immediately by ing and disappearing, leaving 17th St., 6 p.m. Admission is $5. For more
Lawrence Cassella, Mindy Nel- ies toward the fading light. I a male duet with repeated acts of traces of video behind them, like information, visit
son, and Baldwin — dressed by was half expecting before it was lying down together. The piece an electronic shadow. Ultimate- ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Alice Ritter in semi-formal navy over that maybe Jeff Larson ended after an hour of costume ly, a chorus of helpers emerges
blues, silver-grays, and some would emerge from within the changes, with the naked cast of from the concealed space, and
yellow, all with bits of elegant
fur trim, flex their muscles,
twist their torsos, nod their
set — pop out of the cake as it
were — and reprise his role as
the Dancing Bear from Kar -
four ghosted by projections of
themselves — and then went on
for another half hour.
the space itself opens up.
Both men showcase their
individual styles separately — FITNESS
fists. Their interactions are car- inne Keithley’s “Tenderenda.” Jeremy Nelson and Luis Lara the piece is almost structured Get Fit, Get Ripped,
toonish, but never infantile; That was another time, another Malvacias, closing out the Hark- like a ballet in that regard. As a Get Hard
they are whimsical, absurd, place, and another piece, but ness Dance Festival the follow- meditation on the lives of these Fleet Week is almost here, Pride is
and delightful. They inhabit this “Bear Crown” transported me to ing week with “Sooner Than particular artists, it’s complete- just around the corner, and Fire Island
world according to their rules, that same wonderful, imagina- You Think,” presented a mar- ly valid. As a work asserting it awaits. What to do to get in shape?
circling the stage, using the tive world. velous and curious portrait of embodies the idea that “spaces Miranda Fitness Concepts wants to
whole space, walking, skipping, their lives involved in the same and places and all the rest is recruit you for Gay Men’s Boot Camp, a

gesturing, and talking. here’s a tendency in spaces — without ever touching fiction,” it’s considerably more four-week outdoor program that meets
Even text — about beauti- much of the experimen- or noticing each other, but inev- puzzling, given all of the facts at the Christopher Street Pier week-
ful bear crowns from the bear tal dance and perfor - itably dancing together before about these artists and the way
crown store — is delivered in a mance scene toward the medi- it was all over. The division of they work. 䉴 APR 20, continued on p.20
16 - 29 APR 2009

Dance /19
Wonder Boys
Goode with a Twist; Petronio dances up a storm

ay Area choreographer and Joyce Theater
national gay treasure Joe Goode 175 Eighth Ave. at 19th St.
returns to New York City and Apr. 23-26
the Joyce Theater — hurray! — with Apr. 23-25 at 8 p.m.;
Apr. 26 at 2 & 7:30 p.m.
“Wonderboy,” an extraordinary new
$19-39; Or 212-242-0800
collaboration with acclaimed puppe-
teer Basil Twist, also a Bay Area native.
Goode and his talented dance theater “I Drink the Air Before Me”
group integrate Twist’s exquisite cre- The Joyce Theater
ation into their unique fusion of social 175 Eighth Ave. at 19th St.
text, song, and dance. Featuring origi- Apr. 28-29 at 7:30 p.m.;
nal music by Carla Kihlstedt and Mat- Apr. 30-May 2 at 8 p.m.
thias Bossi, “Wonderboy” is a tale of a May 3 a 2 & 7:30 p.m.
peculiar hero isolated by his gift of sen- $19-49; Or 212-242-0800
To complement the universal
humanism in the 40-minute New York expect them to, creating sometimes
premiere, the company will also per- wild changes exploding out of a par -
form excerpts of Goode’s “Maverick ticular momentum and into something
Strain” from 1996. A semi-campy send- else entirely. It is this combination

up of macho western iconographies of action-packed movement with the
using Arthur Miller’s script from “The unpredictability of where things will go,
Misfits,” “Maverick” features Goode’s plus the speed factor, of course, that
familiar lexicon of humor with a fabu- makes Petronio’s vision so distinct. Barrington Hinds, seen in Stephen Petronio’s “I Drink The Air Before Me,” which gets its world premiere featuring a live
lous gay sensibility. Within the individual body, too, a simi- commissioned score by Nico Muhly.
lar juxtaposition is often seen — perfect

nniversaries are generally not lines radiating out from a tilting, twist-
news, but in these dire times it’s
worth noting that as choreogra-
ing, springing axis.
That unique, unmistakable lexi-
pher Stephen Petronio celebrates his con is resplendent in the master’s new between April 11–22 for a sneak peek and to purchase tickets for as little as $11!
25th season — and appears for the first evening-length work for twelve danc-
time on the cover of Dance Magazine ers, “I Drink the Air Before Me,” which
— he’s still going strong organization- includes an original score for acoustic
ally as well as artistically. “We compete instruments, electronics, and voice by SUSAN
with some of the best companies in the contemporary classical composer Nico
world on the best stages,” Petronio told Muhly. The composer will perform the
Gay City News at a recent rehearsal for music live with his chamber ensemble
the new dance. “They work 40 hours a and the Young People’s Chorus of New
week; we do it in 16.” Successful tour- York City under the direction of Fran-
ing has been the main engine that’s cisco Núñez. The costumes are by
kept the revenue stream flowing. The
balance between earned and contribut-
men’s fashion designer Adam Kimmel.
Renowned artist Cindy Sherman will Sings N E D R O R E M
ed income is shifting, but the company create a visual persona for Petronio,
is still fiscally strong. and Ken Tabachnick, the company’s
Since forming his company in 1984, long-time collaborator, will design the
Petronio has become established as a lighting. Monday, May 11
leading choreographer of his generation, Inspired by stor m cycles, atmo-
celebrated for his craft, his aesthetic, spheric and internal, and the power
at 8:00 PM
and his creative collaborations with of extreme weather in all its awesome
some of the greatest minds in contem- transience, the work unfolds in a series
American composer and songwriter Susan Graham, a premiere interpreter of
porary fashion, music, and visual arts. of encounters layered thick with move-
Ned Rorem enhances his legacy, with Rorem’s works. The evening also features
He has created over 35 works for his ment that fills the spaces between the the creation of 11 Songs for Susan. This three other geniuses of orchestral color
company and has toured to more than notes of the music. The ever-changing premiere collection includes both new and with uniquely Orpheus performances
26 countries. When he began, he said, “I atmospheric environment serves as the old works, orchestrated by Rorem for the of Haydn’s Symphony No. 26 in D inor,
wanted to develop a language. That was turbulent and unpredictable model for first time. The piece was commissioned Ravel’s Pavane pour une infante défunte,
unpopular in the ’80s, but that’s what I building shifting fields of motion and by Orpheus Chamber Orchestra to be and Stravinsky’s Danses concertantes.
wanted to do. No matter what, I’ve devel- sound. A stellar cast of 12 that includes debuted by the glorious mezzo-soprano
oped a distinct vocabulary.” Michael Badger, Julian De Leon, Dava-
Highly technical, aggressive, stylish, lois Fearon, Barrington Hinds, Jona- LEARN MORE AND SAVE BIG,
athletic, and charged with sexuality, than Jaffe, Mandy Kirschner, Tara
Petronio’s choreography surges with Lorenzen, Shila Tirabassi, Amanda
power, but his movement sequenc- Wells, Petronio, and two guests will FROM APRIL 11–22 | 212.896.1704
es do not flow in the directions you’d perform the work.
16 - 29 APR 2009

20/ Theater
Flower Power 14 DAYS
Hair” still shining, gleaming, streaming — with no visible split ends 14 NIGHTS
Al Hirschfeld Theatre

n his giddy review of the 302 W. 45th St. days at 6 a.m. for an hour of fitness
Broadway premiere of “Hair” Tue. at 7 p.m.; Wed.-Sat. at 8 p.m.; instruction, nutritional counseling and
back in 1968, the late, great Sat. at 2 p.m.; Sun. at 2 & 7:30 p.m. motivational training — just for gay men.
critic Clive Barnes, then writing $37-$122; The registration fee is $359 for three days
for the New York Times, gushed, Or 212-239-6200 a week and $529 for all five days for the
“The show is the first Broadway four weeks. The next camp runs Apr.
musical in some time to have the corny, but we actually feel it, 20-May 15. For complete information and
authentic voice of today rather and, in kind, return it. to enlist, visit
than the day before yesterday.” Standouts include Will Swen- ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
That voice, enhanced by son as the hyperkinetic leader,
an array of illegal mind-bend- Berger, Caissie Levy as the fiery
ing drugs, spoke of a turbu-
lent nation grappling with the
radical Sheila, and Andrew Kober
as both the father and Margaret WED.APR.22

despised Vietnam War, the gen- Mead (don’t ask). MUSIC
eration gap, race discrimination, There’s more spirit, sponta- Friendship In Song
oppressive authority, and, natu- neity, generosity, and humanity In the final concert in its New Hori-
rally, the long-haired hippies who Gavin Creel as Claude and Will Swenson as Berger with the cast of “Hair.” in this 40-year old show than in zons series, the 92nd Street Y presents
rebelled against it. Unabashed all the other current Broadway “Elliott Carter & Heinz Holliger: A Musi-
profanity, full nudity, homosexu- simply wants to remind us, even the song titles). musicals combined. The loose cal Friendship.” The concert celebrates
ality, polyamory, and a racially if just for two hours and 25 min- The orchestra — I mean the structure allows plenty of room Carter’s 100th birthday by taking a unique
diverse cast found their way onto utes, what it’s like to shuck our band — is planted onstage in for ad-libbing, which helps keep approach that focuses on the long-time
a major stage for the first time. sorrows and inhibitions and be full view, just above the wacky it fresh. This spirit is carried friendship and musical relationship
All to a seductive, joyously sub- free. Or, as one of the flower chil- Army truck, rocking and rolling. through even in the Playbill bios. between Carter and oboist/composer
versive pop-rock score. dren says, “It’s time we rediscov- They’re in costume, too. Eschewing the usual litany of Heinz Holliger, who himself is turning 70
Which raises the inevitable er sensation.” Somehow, Paulus This “Hair” is so big that even puffed-up credits, cast members and rarely performs in the US. There is a
question, “Do we really care to managed to dust off the cobwebs the expansive stage at the Al reveal their astrological signs and pre-concert performance at 6:30 p.m.
hear that voice from the past without the need for a gimmicky Hirshfeld Theatre can’t con- offer up insights about peace, of works by Carter, Holliger, Ruth Craw-
today?” overhaul. tain it. Cast members regularly love, and understanding. ford Seeger, and Stefan Wolpe — includ-
Well, it seems that Diane Pau- The flower power is now stron- prance down the aisles, cavort- Sample snippet from another ing Holliger’s “Emily Dickinson Song (To
lus, director of the new “Hair” ger than ever. ing with the audience. At one powerful performer: “Gavin Creel Elliott with Love)” for soprano and harp
revival that last summer had a As for the book, well, there point, a “Tribe” member handed (Claude) is a total Aries and has a — followed by the 8 p.m. program of
brief, triumphant run at the Dela- really isn’t one. There’s a vague me a stack of electric orange fly- groovy rescue dog named Wally. five Carter chamber works along with
corte Theater in Central Park, story line of a guy named Claude ers to pass along my row. They [He] has no patience for people several Mozart pieces. Lexington Ave.
ignored that question. Instead, who gets drafted and has to announced a “Love-in for Peace” who perpetuate inequality in the at 92nd St. Tickets are $38-$48; $25 for
the creative team chose to tap choose between doing his duty and advised, “Bring your own guise of ‘religious belief,’ and is those 35 and younger at
into the show’s exuberant energy, and burning his draft card. But pot!” And yes, it’s true — at the grateful for HGTV.” The openly ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
focusing on the 30 soulful songs this “American Tribal Love-Rock end of the show you can dance gay actor, who was profiled in
(by Gerome Ragni, James Rado, Musical” doesn’t need a plot -- onstage and let your own freak David Noh’s column in the last
and Galt MacDermot), many now
classics, the lively choreography
(by Karole Armitage), and the far-
the chaotic patchwork of musical
numbers and vibrant characters
is engaging enough.
flag fly, if you wish.
Once during the evening, I
could’ve sworn I caught a few
issue of Gay City News, admits
that coming out recently wasn’t
easy, but staying true to himself DANCE
out, fringy costumes (by Michael The stage literally throbs with whiffs of marijuana, but it must has energized his career. Love, Hate, Desire,
McDonald). jumping, writhing young bodies have been the prop doobies they As I see it, this brave, bouncy, Existence
Oh yeah, I can’t forget the belting out the joys of “Hashish,” puffed onstage in the drugged ultra-conditioned “Hair” is not Tapping into the deep-rooted seeds
freaky hair, gloriously conjured “Sodomy,” “Going Down,” “Hare out “Be-in” orgy scene. The ter- ashamed that its roots are show- of our individuality, New York choreogra-
by wigmeister Gerard Kelly. Krishna,” “Black Boys,” “White rific cast is having a blast. They ing. And the world is better for it, pher Daniel Charon Charon, a member of
What they’ve come up with is Boys,” and “Lett[ing] the Sun- want to share the love with the no matter what the age, Aquari- Doug Varone and Dancers since 1999 and
a mind-blowing spectacular that shine In” (to name just a few of audience; I know it sounds us or otherwise. before that with the Limón Dance Com-
pany for three years, offers fresh perspec-
tives in how we love, hate, desire, and

Blood Sports on 45th Street exist inside a community, with two world
premieres. Joyce SoHo, 155 Mercer
St., btwn. Houston & Prince Sts. Apr.
“God of Carnage,” “Reasons to be Pretty” offer up marvelous mayhem 23-25, 8 p.m., Apr. 26, 3 p.m. Tickets are
$18 at or 212-352-3101.
BY CHRISTOPHER BYRNE is always in the telling. In her new is all. This is a deliciously venal had in the theater this year. From ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
play “God of Carnage,” Yasmina romp of epic proportions that the delicious script, brilliantly
Adventures at
hat is that old adage? Reza breaks no new thematic will leave you laughing, nodding translated by Christopher Hamp-
There are only three ground in her examination of in recognition and wondering ton and directed with breakneck Barnard
or four different sto- two contemporary couples whose just how far you would have to hilarity by Matthew Warchus, to For the fourth year running, Dance
ries that are told over and over? outward sophistication barely be pushed to abandon your own the stellar cast — Jeff Daniels, Theater Workshop partners with Bar-
Something like that. Anyway, the covers more animalistic tenden- civilized veneer. This is, without a
pleasure of a familiar story again cies, but, as noted, the telling doubt, some of the most fun I’ve 䉴 CARNAGE, continued on p.21 䉴 APR 23, continued on p.22

䉴 CARNAGE, from p.20 LINCOLN

62ND & 63RD STREET Clie
Hope Davis, James Gandolfini, and Marcia FOR INFO & ADVANCE
Gay Harden — this is a show that couldn’t Job
212-757-2280 OR VISIT
come at a better time, when we all need an CINEMA.COM

unrestrained belly laugh. AND BEAUTIFUL. A WISE AMC THEATRES


The story surrounds two Brooklyn AND LOVELY FILM.” EMPIRE 25

couples who meet because the son of Alan – A.O. Scott (BETWEEN 7TH

and Annette Raleigh (Daniels and Davis) CLEARVIEW CINEMAS Dat
has hit the son of Michael and Veronica “PRACTICALLY DEFINES FIRST & 62ND
Novak (Gandolfini and Harden) with a
stick. They are assembled in the Novaks’ Marcia Gay Harden (foreground) with James Gandolfini,
– Peter Travers YORK AVENUE
777-FILM #957
home as the curtain rises, hammering out Hope Davis, and Jeff Daniels in “God of Carnage.” CITY CINEMAS
the words of a statement between the two SUNDANCE TORONTO ANGELIKA
of them. The exact purpose of the state- GOD OF CARNAGE CORNER OF HOUSTON
ment is unknown, but here’s where Reza Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY ANNA BODEN & RYAN FLECK 1-800-FANDANGO #2707
starts to work her magic. Though the play 242 W. 45th St. VIEW THE TRAILER AT
quickly dissolves into physical and emo- Tue. at 7 p.m.; Wed.-Sat. at 8 p.m.;
tional mayhem, Reza takes pointed shots Wed., Sat. at 2 p.m.; Sun. at 3 p.m.
at the state of contemporary parenting — $66.50-$116.50; Or 212-239-6200 MUSIC HALLS, ROMANCE, AND ACCIDENTAL HEROES AGAINST
where everything is studied and childhood
is presumed to be a minefield that must
Lyceum Theatre Job #:
be negotiated — the compromises of mar-
riage, the lack of communication in an age 149 W. 45th St.
when we’re all electronically connected at
Tue. at 7 p.m.; Wed.-Sat. at 8 p.m.; -Jeffrey Lyons, NBC REEL TALK Movie:
Wed., Sat. at 2 p.m.; Sun. at 3 p.m. Last Rev:
every moment, and the sheer solipsism our
$31.50-$111.50; Or 212-239-6200
culture enables. Publication
Reza’s script — and Hampton’s trans- Date To Ru
lation — is full of fast-paced comic banter FROM THE DIRECTOR OF “ THE CHORUS” Type:

as well as silliness surrounding a fruit tart eil LaBute’s “Reasons to be Pret-
dessert called a “clafouti,” which may or ty” has moved to Broadway, and A FILM BY original soundtrack
may not disagree with Annette. It is this it’s likely that it will be there CHRISTOPHE BARRATIER available at
dyspeptic moment that Davis — in one of for a while. This is the story of the dis- REGAL CINEMAS
the most surprising, hilarious, and beauti- solution of the four-year relationship 4 WEST 58TH STREET UNION SQUARE 14
fully executed stage effects I have ever seen between Greg, a late-20s factory worker WWW.THEPARISTHEATRE.COM 777-FILM #777
— touches of the descent into low comedy. who spends the third shift carting fro-
We are suddenly transported to a contem- zen foods in a nondescript plant, and
porary version of the Marx Brothers, or his girlfriend Steph, a hairdresser. As


the Three Stooges (with a little bit of “My the lights go up, the two are locked in
Man Godfrey” thrown in), as we watch the a battle royal because Steph’s friend, Made in
rich make fools of themselves, just as our and Greg’s co-worker, Carly reported
grandparents did during the Depression. to her that she overheard Greg tell her THRILLING, MOVING AND EMOTIONALLY RICH!
The four characters execute the com- husband Kent, also a plant worker, that AN ARTFUL DRAMA OF WINNING, LOSING, AND WORKING
edy with flawless timing and absolute
commitment. Daniels’ Alan, a high-pow-
Greg called Steph “ugly.” None of Greg’s
protestations that he said she was “reg-
ered lawyer, slowly becomes unraveled, ular,” favorably comparing her to an

while Davis’ Annette, dressed in expen- appealingly sexualized girl at the plant,
sive clothes right down to her fabulous hold any water with Steph, who walks
Christian Louboutin shoes, presents out. With this, we are off into familiar
herself as being in “wealth management”
and is marvelously put together… until
LaBute territory where communication
between the sexes is virtually impos-
she self-destructs. Gandolfini as a man sible.
who’s made his wealth selling plumbing Yet here, the playwright veers off into
fittings is a more traditional hen-pecked new territory. Steph is not Greg’s victim,
husband, but his comedy is beautifully but her own. She is a cruel and angry THE JOURNEY OF ‘A CHORUS LINE’
done. Harden stands out as the cultured woman, neurotic about her appearance
and artistic wife who has read everything and deaf to Greg’s attempts to apologize
ever printed about parenting but can’t and achieve healing. Steph is LaBute’s
acknowledge her son may be a rotten brat. first female bad guy, and the juxtapo-
Among the four, there isn’t a moment that sition of her blind and selfish behavior
isn’t sensational, and, as alliances shift and Greg’s struggle to grow up is blunt.
and the sparks and cell phones fly, one is The relationship between Carly and
aware of just how finely tuned successful Kent is more traditional LaBute, with a
comedy has to be. There hasn’t been this selfish and amoral man serving his own
level of farce so well done since the origi- needs at the expense of a woman who,
nal “Noises Off.”
The wonderful sets and costumes by
Mark Thompson add perfectly to the set-
for a time, puts up with it.
In the transfer, LaBute has tightened
the script so that it’s even more power-
ting. The entire back wall is like a desert ful. Greg Sadowsi reprises his excel- PRODUCED & DIRECTED BY FOR GROUP SALES, CONTACT: WWW.SONYCLASSICS.COM

plan — straight out of Animal Planet. lent performance as Greg, and Piper

Move this show to the top of your must-

see list. Perhaps it’s schadenfreude, but it’s
Perabo is back as Carly. They are joined
by Marin Ireland as Steph and Steven

CALL 212-757-2280 OR VISIT & MERCER ST. & 8TH AVE.
damn funny, and laughing this hard is a Pasquale as Kent. It’s a strong ensemble
tonic in these times. in a wonderful and harrowing play. VIEW THE TRAILER AT WWW.EVERYLITTLESTEPFILM.COM


West End Never Gayer 14 DAYS

Gielgud, Marlowe, and Bennett among those on the boards 14 NIGHTS
䉴 APR 23, from p.20
nard College on “The Barnard Project”

he Lesbian & Gay Film – a showcase of performances choreo-
Festival in London was graphed by Dance Theater Workshop
just getting underway artists with Barnard College dance
at the end of my two weeks students. For both the students and the
there March 29, but the big- artists-in-residence, this program is not
gest LGBT arts events turned only a semester-long class, but also a
out to be much of what’s in the valuable resource for creative growth
West End. At least based on the and experimentation. In four perfor-
17 shows I took in — from one mances this weekend, these creative
about Sir John Gielgud’s loo residencies take shape in four premieres
arrest in 1953 to a rare reviv- by choreographers Nora Chipaumire,
al of Marlowe’s “Dido, Queen Nicholas Leichter, Susan Rethorst, and
of Carthage” that opens with Morgan Thorson, the current artists-in-
dirty old god Jupiter pawing at residence. Dance Theater Workshop,
twinkie Ganymede — and that’s Bessie Schönberg Theater, 219 W.
without being able to get tickets 19th St. Apr. 23-25, 7:30 p.m.; Apr. 26,

to the new musical of “Priscilla, 2 p.m. Tickets are $20 at dancetheater-
Queen of the Desert” nor seeing or 212-924-0077.
the hit revival of “La Cage Aux ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Folles.” The preponderance of
LGBT themes and talent behind Leon Ockenden and Sam Heughan in “Plague Over England.” MUSIC
these productions in the world’s Jackie Is Just
theater capital is a tribute to neling the thespian, then just- open in a play. “Take my hand,” of the establishment, from Speedin’ Away
how far we’ve come from the knighted, as he gets swept up in she says. “They wouldn’t dare police to judges, provoke some Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Trio
days when gay subject matter a crackdown on homosexuality boo me.” The ovation they his- laughter, but all I could think appears for two evenings at Blender
was banned and homosexual and ends up on the front pages torically received is a thrilling about were the continuing false Theater at Gramercy, 127 E. 23rd St.,
playwrights stuck to heterosex- for looking the wrong way at a theatrical moment, marking an arrests of gay men in New York btwn. Park & Lexington Aves., Apr.
ual characters. cute undercover cop in a public early blow against gay shame. today and how sexual shame 23 & 24, 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $50 at liv-
The most gay-specific play toilet. De Jongh blends Gielgud’s thrives. (To May 2)
was by Nicholas de Jongh, the- We know Gielgud went on to crisis with an affair between a Out gay Alan Bennett wasn’t ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
ater critic for the Evening Stan- an Oscar and illustrious later rich young man and a working when he wrote “Enjoy” in 1980
dard, who is braving the opinion career, but de Jongh shows us class one (Sam Heughan and about a grotesque, old lower 50 Years and
of his fellow critics with “Plague how close he came to being fin- Leon Ockenden, respectively), middle-class couple (the always a Special
Over England” at the Duch- ished. He is consoled by Dame adding sex appeal and a deeper fine Allison Steadman and Commission
ess. It stars Michael Best, who Sybil Thorndike (splendid Celia portrait of gay life in the 1950s. David Troughton) oblivious to The New York Choral Society pres-
worked with Gielgud, chan- Imrie), with whom he is about to The anti-gay pronouncements their daughter being a hooker ents its 50th anniversary concert with
and their rejected son having a program of Vaughan Williams’ “Dona
become their daughter. What Nobis Pacem,” a prayer for peace written
may have once been zany now between the two World Wars, Rossini’s
plays rather sour. Bennett has “Stabat Materm,” a choral masterpiece
been funny since his “Beyond perfectly suited to a large chorus, and a
the Fringe” days in 1960, but world premiere, Stephen Paulus’s “Whit-
I much prefer his later work — man’s New York,” specially commis-
from “Talking Heads” to “The sioned for this concert. Carnegie Hall,
History Boys” — when he opens Seventh Ave. at 57th St., 8 p.m. Tickets
his heart as well. (To May 16 at are $25-$75 at
Gielgud) ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
“Spring Awakening,” dead in
New York (though a film is in the
works), has risen at the Novello,
attracting a young audience to
an old house in the wildly inven- DANCE
tive rock riff on a banned 19th A Lively Sampler
century German play of teen Twelve choreographers, including
angst. There’s nothing like one’s Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, David Parker,
first time with this show, but it and Nicole Wolcott, have been asked to
is as fresh as ever, led by Aneu- deliver pieces on the theme “Blues in the
rin Barnard as Melchior and Night.” Find out what these artists have
Charlotte Wakefield as Wendla. in mind: Color? Music? Mood? Other
The “Totally Fucked” number dance companies participating include

has taken on a whole new mean- Aimee Rials, Gregory Dolbashian, John-
ing for more than just teens as Mark Owen, Laura Peterson, Nelly van

Sacha Dhawan as Mushi in “England People Very Nice.” 䉴 WEST END, continued on p.23 䉴 APR 25, continued on p.26

䉴 WEST END, from p.22

the world crumbles around us. The gay

lovers (Harry McEntire and Jamie Blake-
ly) are as sweet as ever, and Bill T. Jones’
choreography rocks. (Novello Theatre in
an open run)
The National Theatre provided two of
my most memorable theater experienc-
es, both at the Lyttleton, including Lee
(“Billy Elliot”) Hall’s “The Pitmen Paint-
ers,” which closed April 14. The absorb-
ing stage version of the film “Burnt by
the Sun,” by Pete Flannery and helmed
by Howard Davies, associate director at
the National, feels like a Chekhovian ver-
sion of 1936 Soviet life until the second
act introduces Reds of a different color.
Ciarán Hinds, the devil in “The Sea-
farer” on Broadway, embodies a more
complex evil here as a prominent general
who has made his country home amidst
faded aristocrats. His adversary, played

by Rory Kinnear, starts out silly, then
makes a surprising bid for “hardest man
in the world.” (To May 9)
Christopher Marlowe’s first play, Anastasia Hille in the title role in “Dido, Queen of
“Dido,” is rarely produced, but James Charthage.”
MacDonald’s production at the Nation-
al’s Cottesloe should get it back in cir- hoped it would at least provoke if not
culation. It’s all about how love and lust enlighten, but it was more like children’s
make us crazy and so must result from theater with curse words.
the gods messing with us. Anastasia Hille It was orchestrated energetically by
as Dido and Mark Bonnar as a Celtic Nick Hytner, the out gay artistic direc-
Aeneas propel us through their mad tor of the National, but suffered an
affair. (To June 9) ill-conceived script by Richard Bean.
“Madame de Sade” has an arrestingly Sacha Dawan, who had a thankless part
stylish set, gorgeous costumes, Dame in “History Boys” as a student with few
Judi Dench, and is a Donmar produc- lines, acts up a storm in the lead here,
tion. What’s not to like? The non-play is along with the rest of the fine cast, each
by Yukio Mishima, famous for the homo- in multiple roles. (To June 30)
eroticism in his work and ritually disem- My friend, Jim Kirby, who was with
boweling himself in 1970. The able efforts me through most of these shows, saw
of the all-woman cast, each declaiming two just before I arrived that he recom-
their views on the infamous and unseen mends — Ian McDiarmid’s dramatiza-
Marquis, does not good theater make. (To tion of “Be Near Me,” Andrew O’Hagan’s
May 23 at Wyndham’s) novel about a priest, played by McDi-
The Donmar has an infinitely more suc- armid, who crosses a line and kisses a
cessful revival at its Warehouse with Athol 15-year old boy, and “Duet for One” at
Fugard’s “Dimetos,” led by Jonathan the Almeida, which transfers with Juliet
Pryce in the title role as a great engineer Stephenson and Henry Goodman to the
who has retreated from professional life Vaudeville May 7-August 9.
in the city to the country with his devot- Jim and I also advanced our cultural
ed wife and young niece. It goes from an and gay credentials with visits to the
engaging debate about what constitutes fabulous gardens at Kew and George IV’s
a civilized and creative life to a shattering over-the-top Royal Pavilion at Brighton.
tragedy resulting from guilty desire. (To Speaking of historic sites, “The Mouse-
May 9) trap” premiered in 1952, a year before I
On the strengths of rave reviews, we did. But I’ve not deigned to see this tour-
went to Kevin Spacey’s Old Vic for a ist trap in more than a score of visits to
revival of Brian Friel’s “Dancing at Lugh- the West End. I succumbed on a whim
nasa,” so affecting on Broadway in 1991. on my last night in town and stared
This production in the round lost some down from the heavens (last row, $20) in
of the stillness, especially of the narrator, wonder at Agatha Christie’s durable con-
necessary to convey the thwartedness traption.
of Irish small-town sisters in the 1930s We are asked at the curtain to keep the
and the delight at the breakout act-one secret of who did it, but I will reveal that
dance. (To May 9) one of the guests at Monkswell Manor
The National’s “England People Very plays very gay, though not stereotypically
Sponsors: The Phoenix, Provincetown Banner,
Nice” arrived in controversy over its ste- so. With so many variations of “Law and
HBO, Bacardi, Crown & Anchor, Art House,
reotyping of waves of immigrants to the Order” and “CSI” on the tube every night, Mass. Cultural Council, Visitors Service Bureau
London neighborhood of Bethnal Green it is not hard to understand its enduring

— “frogs,” then “micks,” then “yids,” then
“Pakis,” as they are called in the play. I 䉴 WEST END, continued on p.28

Dreams From
DUGOUT On Christopher

185 Christopher St., New York, NY 10014

My Father

n a Dream,” a remarkable docu-
UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT mentary about the Philadelphia
artist/muralist Isaiah Zagar,
212-242-9113 belongs in the company of “Capturing
the Friedmans” and “Tarnation,” two
other excellent real-life “home movies.”
Although this film does not have the crim-
inal pathology elements of “Friedmans” or
the sexual tensions of “Tarnation,” film-


maker Jeremiah Zagar’s portrait of his
father battling demons past and present
offers its own astonishing originality.
76 Much of the film is shot in the Zagar
home and studio — spaces in which every
Christopher St. wall is covered with fabulous murals
at 7th Ave made with broken mirrors, lettered tiles,
and other shards shaped into represen-
Isaiah Zagar surrounded by his work.

tational faces and objects, all vibrantly IN A DREAM

HAPPY HOUR 12-9 P.M. // Monday Night Karaoke colored. Considerable time is dedicat- Directed by Jeremiah Zagar
ed to showing Isaiah mixing, breaking, International Film Circuit
washing, and creating his work. Several Cinema Village
animated episodes portray the playful, 22 E. 12th St.;
fantastic, dream-like world the Zagars
Isaiah’s murals are more than designs; tric hippie artist. As Julia describes her
they chronicle, literally mirror the lives husband as a sensualist “pushing the
of the family. They provide the Zagars a envelope of sexuality” in his work, pho-
running commentary on their “nesting.” tos flash of him kissing men. His work
As Isaiah asserts, “I impregnate my work frequently features penises, along with
with my life.” As a portfolio of his art, breasts and vaginas, and one can’t help
“In a Dream” is superb. A slow-motion but wonder whether these playful images
tracking shot through rooms in his stu- represent Zagar’s effort to cope with his
dio is as impressive and illuminating as a childhood abuse.
sped-up sequence showing him creating The film’s second part shifts away from
a mural. Isaiah, onto the family. Zeke, Isaiah’s older
A Village Landmark
Serving The Community Jeremiah, the family’s younger son, son, returns home after splitting from his
For Over 30 Years
takes on the project — and it is quite a wife, and soon enters a rehab facility.
project — of making the film, in part, he On the day Julia and Isaiah go to collect
says, because his mother Julia tells him, Zeke, Isaiah reveals that after 43 years of
“Film your father. It’s important.” Her marriage, he is having an affair. These two
words have a prescient quality about threads — addiction and adultery — test
them, and in the film’s second act, they the family, and Jeremiah artfully captures
truly resonate. the anguish they cause, especially Isaiah’s
114 Christopher St. ©
Btw Bleecker & Hudson St.
The first half of “In a Dream” has Jere- pain and rage as his family disintegrates.
miah interviewing his dad, who discuss- These are captivating moments that recall
es his life candidly. Isaiah admits, “I am the instability Isaiah describes from ear-
2nd Tuesday Of T he Mont h 6pm -1a m Fi re F lag/E ms exposing myself to you because it’s what lier in his life.
you want — and yes, it’s what I want “In a Dream” is a kind of family ther-
to, to understand.” Revealing a suicide apy, and that strengthens it. Jeremiah’s
TOWNHOUSE NYC attempt at 29, he talks about polishing closeness to his subjects enables them
236 East 58th Street (Between 2nd and 3rd) brass and cleaning mirrors while insti- to open up because they trust him —
212-754-4649 tutionalized. The work gave him “suste- and he never seems biased. Jeremiah
nance,” he says, putting him on the path obviously loves his mother, cares about
to creating the murals that comprise his his brother, and has a form of hero-
life’s work. Isaiah soon drops another worship toward his father — even if that
bombshell, about a man who took him dissipates as he learns more about him.
fishing as a child and played with Isa- Lovingly made, and featuring a haunting
World Famous iah’s penis. Yet he essentially shrugs this score that draws viewers into the beauti-
Gentlemen Piano Bar off, saying, “[My] life is filled with events, ful images, “In a Dream” is a heartrend-
which all become stories.” The image ing portrait of a flawed but fascinating
WWW.TOWNHOUSENY.COM Live Music Nightly of Isaiah that emerges during the first artist, father, and husband. This film is
half of “In a Dream” is that of an eccen- not to be missed.

No Mystery Here
Screen adaptation of Michael Chabon’s best-
seller disappoints
Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber

he screen adaptation of Michael Peace Arch Entertainment
Chabon’s bestseller “The Mys- Citywide;
teries of Pittsburgh,” about the
summer Art Bechstein comes of age,
deletes the novel’s gay character, Arthur, sufficient motivation having been estab-
completely from the story. The film com- lished.
presses another major character from “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh,” all about
the book — Phlox, Art’s on-again, off- love and lust, is singularly dispassionate
again girlfriend, becomes his manager in treating affairs of the heart. Art may be
at a bookstore — and the film moves two a blank, a vanilla preppy — it’s 1983 —
supporting characters, Cleveland and but it doesn’t help that Foster plays him
Jane, into major roles. But not follow- with a perpetually pained and quizzical
ing the letter of the book is the least of expression on his face, seemingly unable
screenwriter/director Rawson Marshall to believe he is going through the situ-
Thurber’s problems. This wrongheaded ations he experiences. This is true when
adaptation barely follows the spirit of the Phlox shows up to cause as he dines with
novel. Legions of fans will be justly frus- his father and Jane, when Jane seduces

“The Mysteries of Pittsburgh” is singularly

dispassionate in treating affairs of the heart.

trated, while those unfamiliar with Cha- him, and again when Cleveland does. An
bon’s novel will simply be perplexed. expression does not a performance make.
For a very literary book, one that rev-
eled in its author’s superb command of
language, Thurber’s screenplay employs
a cheap voice-over narration that fails to
Cleveland is meant to be larger than life,
and the usually reliable Sarsgaard shouts
every line of dialogue, but to no avail. He
is a desperately indebted gambler; unfor-
add any dimension to what’s happening tunately, Sarsgaard’s performance is des-
on screen. Art (Jon Foster) is spending perate, too. The only upside is that the
his first summer after graduation work- sexual tension between Cleveland and
ing in a discount bookstore and studying Art is more palpable than that between
for his Series 7 financial industry exam. Jane and Art. Instead of seducing Jane,
He has a detached relationship with Art repeatedly saves her, as when she
his disapproving gangster father (Nick passes out from drinking early in their
Nolte, miscast or wasted, or both), who friendship. (For balance in their triangle, FRENCH In the comfort of your
home or office, alone or
dines with him, amidst tense exchanges,
once a month. Art is also having a torrid
Cleveland frequently rescues Art.) By the
time Art and Jane finally do get together,
Support CONVERSATION with a friend, in person
or via web cam.
Experienced Native Teacher
affair with his boss Phlox (Mena Suvari), Thurber has zapped their relationship of
who seduces him in the stockroom. any potential energy. your local Free LE MOT DU JOUR
Their sexual dalliances on the job are Much of “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh” 917-657-3794
portrayed, but the conceit underlying
their relationship seems phony. When
seems a victim of poor planning and bad
timing. The film’s pace and rhythms are
a needy Phlox confronts him about his completely off, its characters consistent-
French Classes and
life away from her, she comes across as ly behaving counterintuitively. When
unhinged. Her menace underlined by an Cleveland blows up at Art, who spied For Translations by Luc Georges.
unbecoming haircut, she seems scary, on him and Jane having sex, it is more
but is she in fact meant to be funny? The awkward for its histrionics than its dra-
film’s wildly uneven tone makes this one
of its mysteries.
matic purpose. Around the film’s mid-
point, Art tells Cleveland how dysfunc-
Art’s more significant romantic entan- tional things are with his boss Phlox. “I contact: Can you
glement involves Jane (Sienna Miller) could quit, but I want to see how bad
spin a rifle?
and Cleveland (Peter Sarsgaard). Art is
attracted to Jane, but respects that she
it’s going to get,” he says. For anyone
who read the novel, this line signals the Jason@ COLORGUARD
Toss a flag?
Twirl a baton?
is Cleveland’s girlfriend. After catching moment to walk out of “The Mysteries 646-452-2505 TRYOUTS want to learn?
Cleveland getting a blowjob from another of Pittsburgh,” but gluttons for punish-
guy in a nightclub men’s room, however, ment will stay to the bitter end just to BE PART OF PRIDE EVENTS.
Art becomes drawn to him. The two men see how bad this film really gets. There Contact Scott Redhead at /
end up in bed together, but again without is no mystery.
16 - 29 APR 2009

26/ Opera
Alagna Steps Up 14 DAYS
With playful, boyish élan, ten tackles “Cavalleria,” “Pagliacci” 14 NIGHTS
BY ELI JACOBSON is more the young romantic juve- widening, but luckily the role 䉴 APR 25, from p.22
nile lead, which works well for the ended before her voice totally gave

any tenors sing both callow stud Turiddu. He worked out. She canceled the next perfor- Bommel/Noa Dance, Nicholas Andre
“Cavalleria Rusticana” cannily against type playing the mance, so Indisposition could be Dance, Rebecca Lazier, and Sydney Sky-
and “I Pagliacci,” but cuckolded Canio as a man with the culprit. Alberto Mastroma- better. Symphony Space, 2537 Broad-
only a handful have taken on both a split personality, entering with rino debuted not only with his way at 95th St., 8:30 p.m. Tickets are
operas in a verismo double bill half of his clown make-up on like scheduled Tonio, but also replac- $20; $15 for Symphony Space members
on the same evening. Peter Gelb an operatic Two-Face. Boyish, ing a colleague as Alfio in “Caval- at or 212-864-5400.
has recently asked several ten- athletic, and playful one moment, leria.” A big bear of a man with a ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
ors to perform this feat, includ- but with a fixed smile and gleam roomy dramatic baritone voice,
ing Salvatore Licitra in 2007 in his eye that signaled imminent he showed a troubling tendency COMMUNITY
and this season, Roberto Alagna danger, this Canio in a flash could to phrase note to note and lacked In Memory


and Jose Cura. Alagna had per- turn violent with a hair-trigger the native Italian gift of linking The Reverend Canon Victoria Sirota,
formed Canio several times, but temper beyond his control. Like word to tone with fluency. Nuc- the canon pastor of the Cathedral of
Turiddu in “Cavalleria” was a his Turiddu, he could be brutal to cia Focile’s Nedda was properly St. John the Divine, celebrates and
role debut for him. He has never his women but at the same time girlish to complement her boyish preaches at a Eucharist of Remembrance
been a paragon of vocal control — heartbroken and vulnerable in Canio, but seemed small-scale for all who have died of AIDS and HIV-
his high notes can turn raw and loss, sobbing brokenly at the end and tentative rather than sensual related illness. The names of loved ones
sharp when pushed —but he is a of “Vesti la Giubba.” In the end, and commanding. Christopher who have died can be entered into the
performer who inhabits his roles Roberto Alagna (r.) as Canio in “I Pagliacci,” his Canio seemed a victim of his Maltman’s Silvio was slender and Book of Remembrance and also named
with emotional generosity and one part of a verismo tenor double-header. own demons and was both fright- dashing, but his dryish Anglo- in the prayers. The Cathedral’s St.
commitment. In the verismo rep- ening and pitiable — an angry lost Saxon baritone is better suited to Martins Chapel, 112th St. & Amster-
ertory, minor vocal and musical on tragic consequences, Alagna boy turned into a doomed broken German and French repertoire. dam Ave. (#1 train to 110th & Broad-
flaws can be forgiven as long as showed a moving insecurity and man. Canio is a bit lower in range His tone lacks the warm sensual way), 12:15 p.m. For more information,
the music is dispatched with the remorse underneath the bra- than Turiddu; Alagna paced him- juice Mariusz Kwiecien brought email
right style, energy, and italianita. vado, with a premonition of and self well, ending the evening with to the role a few seasons ago to ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Alagna, who is of Sicilian descent, even longing for death. Some fresh tone and adequate power. almost definitive effect.
though French born, has the too open and sharp high notes The cast surrounding Alagna Young debutant conductor
emotions and accents in his
blood, and this was a very prom-
ising pair of local debuts, which,
and one off-key phrase in the
“Mamma, quel vino e generoso”
can be overlooked, as the major-
was mixed in quality and not
altogether impressive. As San-
tuzza, Meier reminded me of Mar-
Pietro Rizzo revealed lovely lay-
ers of shimmering detail but
also slow and distended tempos COMEDY
if repeated, will only grow in sus- ity of his singing had an incisive lene Dietrich failing to convince as this cast really didn’t need. The All the Single
tained force and command. lyricism and dramatic pulse. Ala- a Spanish peasant in Sternberg’s Zeffirelli productions, almost 40 Ladies
His Turiddu, seen March 19, gna works very well with women “The Devil is a Woman” — the ele- years old, looked fresh as paint, In tonight’s “Electro Shock Therapy
began as a typically arrogant onstage, playing the perfect Latin ments of earthiness and sponta- with the “Pagliacci” as usual Comedy Hour,” Brad Loekle invites some
small-town lothario with the req- mama’s boy to Jane Bunnell’s neity were entirely lacking. Her proving surefire theater while of his favorite sassy single comedians
uisite tight pants and cock-of- Mamma Lucia while being off- tone started out hollow and cold the “Cavalleria” rose and fell on to tear the roof off the place. Headliner
the-walk strut. But as Turiddu’s handedly dismissive of Waltraud and started to fray early, with the variable quality of the per- Helen Hong (Live at Gotham) is joined
selfish actions began to bring Meier’s Santuzza. Alagna’s type high notes ducked and vibrato formers. by Leah Dubie (Dykes on Mics); Chelsea
Peretti (TruTV’s “The Smoking Gun”), and
Scott Ryan (HereTV’s “Hot Gay Comics”).

Opera Marches On Therapy Bar, 348 W. 52nd St., 10 p.m.

No cover charge, $6 cosmos all night.
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Weill’s”Firebrand,” Carnegie’s “Honor,” new in “Trovatore”
BY DAVID SHENGOLD Roger Rees, far wittier and more
effective than the usual such
a fuller baritone sound than
Nathan Gunn can provide; so
lusty Duchess. Terrence Mann,
his top compromised, bordered MON.APR. 27
ollegiate Chorale pulled talk-through. Ted Sperling’s do the Broadway roles he’s con- on unbearably hammy as the
off a fine coup March crackerjack reading with City sidering that were crafted for Duke. Krysty Swann (Emilia) Mentoring Youth
12 in giving New York Opera’s strong forces provided Alfred Drake and John Raittt. looked glamorous and sang Live Out Loud, which presents after-
show people a satisfying look much pleasure. To me, the work But he’s highly idiomatic in well, but needs to learn to work school programs to connect LGBT youth
at 1945’s Broadway operetta shone brightest for Ira Gersh- this repertoire in timbre and a mic; the brilliant David Pittu to outstanding leaders and role models
“The Firebrand of Florence” in win’s ingenious contributions; phrasing. Need one add that he delivered in a gallery of support- in their community, hosts its eight annu-
the newly renovated Alice Tully Weill was a peerless chameleon, looked dashing, despite unflat- ing roles. A rousing evening. al fundraiser. Since its inception, the
— before an industry-heavy absorbing the lessons of Kern tering Fabio hair — seemingly organization has brought more than 300

audience if ever there were and Romberg very quickly, but a particular hazard for straight hroughout March, LGBT role models to metropolitan area
one. Given the talents involved despite some structural inno- baritones. He partnered his two Jessye Norman curated high schools and universities, involving
— Kurt Weill, music, and Ira vations, we heard little of great leading ladies considerately and “Honor,” a rich, ambi- renowned panelists from every walk
Gershwin, lyrics — the scanty inherent melodic interest. The well. tious series of concerts, discus- of life — spiritual leaders to fashion
five-week run when this work number sounding most like Anna Christy sparkled as sion panels, and other events designers, corporate powerhouses to
debuted poses a puzzle. It seems “real” Weill is Act Two’s “You Cellini’s model/girlfriend/what- in Carnegie Hall and other ven- grass-roots activists. Tonight, four high
the original cast underwhelmed Have to Do What You Do Do.” ever, and Victoria Clark gave yet ues devoted to the legacy of the school seniors, who have demonstrated
and the book sucked eggs; here, Cellini’s part, intended for another incandescent, nuanced
we had summary narration by Lawrence Tibbett, ideally needs performance as the forthright, 䉴 OPERA, continued on p.27 䉴 APR 27, continued on p.28

Nathan Gunn as Benvenuto Cellini in “The Firebrand of Florence.”

Spiritual in all types of African-American bass Kevin Maynor channeling legato

music and culture. On March 20, Car- soft singing in the Paul Robeson standby
negie witnessed a moving, resonant tra- “Joe Hill” and an extraordinarily moving
versal of pacifist gay composer Michael “There is a Balm in Gilead.” Surely no
Tippett’s “A Child of Our Time.” Tippett’s one left unhappy.
oratorio, inspired by the events leading

to Kristallnacht and by the start of the o track some Met cast changes —
Second World War, uses Spirituals as as planned, Luciana d’Intino took
chorales to punctuate and comment on on her first Met Azucena in March
the ongoing story. Tippett’s later libretti 16’s “Trovatore”; her presence through-
got impossibly fussy, but this one, with out the run provides a rock-solid reason
its concern for the poor and oppressed in to attend. She’s the genuine-article Ital-
occupied nations, seemed all too timely. ian dramatic mezzo, a breed often pro-
The music owes debts to Handel and nounced extinct in the post-Cossotto/
19th century oratorio traditions but has Baglioni/Berini era. D’Intino was in
a spare dignity of its own. Craig Jessop mighty voice and highly expressive form.
led the Orchestra of St. Luke’s in good Some might object to some of her lavish
form, joined by four high school choirs deployment of chest; some will revel in it Gay,
from around the country in an impres- as in fresh water at an oasis.
sive ensemble. Among the fine soloists, American tenor Philip Webb had Str8,
Angela Brown stood out for beauty of jumped into the previous show at inter- Bi,
tone, Russell Thomas for crisp diction, mission to make his company debut as Curious?
and Morris Robinson for sheer thunder- Manrico, subbing for Marcelo Alvarez.
ous vocal resonance. Reports were very favorable, perhaps
The historic Apollo rocked two nights because, coming in when he did, he
later in a tribute to diverse musical styles began with the elegant “Ah si ben mio,”
originating from the Spiritual. Best were the best part of his performance at this
Sweet Honey in the Rock’s incredibly ver- full traversal. In the first half, his voice
satile and soulful vocalism and the old- tended to get lost in ensembles, but
style, gut-pounding gospel of the indomi- Webb proved a qualified cover, musi-
table Shirley Caesar. Norman herself cal and with clean line. He should have
joined in a rousing celebratory close to a been granted the dignity of a curtain
roof-raising evening. announcement; only some programs
Finally, back to Carnegie the following had substitution slips, so many doubt-
night for “Honor: the Voice,” a conclud- less thought they were hearing Alvarez.
ing celebration of classical and theatrical The general manager seems only to want
songs alongside traditional Spiritual set- to make such announcements himself
tings. There were some remarkable con- for glamorous stars; surely, whoever is
tributions — Harolyn Blackwell, centered on duty at the house should make one
and shining, in “Somewhere”; classy in these circumstances. It’s only fair to
Nicole Cabell sensuously voicing Ger- the replacement artists and to the pub-
shwin’s Bess; Gregg Baker, committed, lic, who like the drama of rooting for an
moving, and sonorous in Mendelssohn underdog.
(“Lord God of Abraham”) and the rousing David Shengold (
“Witness.” Best of all was under-utilized writes about opera for many venues.


Sun. $3.50 Screwdrivers & our famous Bloody Mary’s,
$2.50 Miller Lite Drafts & Bud Bottles
Mon. $4 Mojito’s all flavors Tues. $2 Margarita’s
CHEAP-EEZ COCKTAILS (except Fri. & Sat.) - Coors & Pabst Cans $3,
Rootbeer Floats $3, Sloe Gin Fizz $2, Tom Collins $3,
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281 W 12th St @ 4th St. NYC 212-243-9041 MC 7003 Ent only 18+ *Limited Free Trial Photography by Kevin E. McPherson
16 - 29 APR 2009

28/ Film
A Cinema of Empathy 14 DAYS
Offering no easy answers, Eran Riklis puts on others’ skins 14 NIGHTS
BY STEVE ERICKSON dle-aged acquaintance chastises 䉴 APR 27, from p.26
her when she dares to let Ziad

mpathy is no small stay overnight. The only wholly outstanding leadership in the LGBT
matter, but in cinema, unsympathetic character in community and who themselves have
it’s often a rare qual- the film, the acquaintance may a strong capacity to “live out loud” will
ity. Israeli director Eran Riklis’ as well be called “the voice of be granted $2,500 college scholarships.
“Lemon Tree,” made last year, patriarchy” in the credits. Cre- The Chelsea Art Museum, 556 W.
arrives in America shortly after ating an Arab heroine isn’t the 22nd St. at 11th Ave., 6-9 p.m. Tickets
the election of a right-wing coali- only leap of empathy made by begin at $85 at
tion government in his coun- Riklis; he’s also a man depict- ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
try. Pessimism that Israel and ing a woman navigating her way
Palestine will ever find a path through a man’s world.
to peace seems more justified
than ever. As if anticipating this
climate, Riklis has created a
It would be easy to take the
story of “Lemon Tree” and make
a populist crowd-pleaser. Rik- CABARET
G’day Mate


Palestinian heroine with whom lis hasn’t done so, although he
he clearly identifies. He’s made flirts with it. At one point, Ziad Emerging from the cabaret circuit
an imaginative leap of the kind says, “Happy endings only hap- Down Under, Kim Smith, a 2009 Bistro
that most American directors pen in American movies.” If the Award-winner MAC Award-nominee,
of films about the Vietnam War characters of “Lemon T ree” charts a dark and whimsical path
were incapable. Hiam Abbass as Salma and Ali Suliman as Ziad in Eran Riklis’ “Lemon Tree.” could find justice or a resolu- through the arrivals and departures
To be honest, Riklis’ achieve- tion to their problems easily, of a neo-Weimar musical misfit in his
ment is far from easy. Did LEMON TREE lemon tree skirmish becomes the dilemmas of the whole Mid- award-winning cabaret, “Johnny Come
Michael Cimino, Stanley Directed by Eran Riklis an international cause celebre. dle East could be solved. Clear- Lately.” Ji Young Lee accompanies
Kubrick, and Francis Ford Cop- In Arabic and Hebrew, Sparks fly between Salma ly, they’re too complicated to be on piano. Karen Kohler produces and
pola know enough about Viet- with English subtitles and Ziad. There’s clearly a great solved with a rousing speech directs. Don’t Tell Mama, 343 W. 46th
namese culture to accurately IFC Films deal of sexual tension between from a wise lawyer or judge. St., 3 p.m. The cover charge is $12, with
represent it? Can one count on Opens Apr. 17 them, leading to several “Lemon Tree” suggests that a two-drink minimum, cash only. Reser-
wealthy white men to tell the Lincoln Plaza, impromptu kisses. All the same, an essential loneliness and vations at 212-757-0788.
stories of Asians in the middle 1886 Broadway at W. 63rd St. she respects the roles reserved alienation is one of the key ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
of a war ravaging their country? for women in Palestinian cul- products of the Israeli-Pales-
IFC Center, 323 Sixth Ave.
Even a film as critical of Israeli ture. Although not overtly reli- tinian conflict, as is a diaspora
behavior as Ari Folman’s “Waltz
With Bashir” sticks to Israeli
subjectivity when telling the
at Waverly Pl. gious, she usually wears a head
scarf when she goes out. She
only enters the all-male space
that sends children from both
cultures off to America. Salma’s
son Nasser works in Washing- MUSIC
story of the country’s involve- lives in the West Bank, where of the neighborhood café when ton, while the defense minis- Songs of the 49th
ment in Lebanon’s civil war. For she tends a large grove of lemon desperation strikes; as she ter’s daughter studies there. In Parallel
that matter, Asian-made films trees. Her house rests on the does, the hookah smoke clears interviews, Riklis insists that Queer North America’s torch & twang
about the Vietnam War and its border of Israel and the occu- as all eyes are focused on her. he hasn’t made a political film. sweetheart, k.d. lang, makes a special
aftermath, like Ann Hui’s “Boat pied territory. The Israeli min- She hasn’t dated another man On the surface, this seems one-night appearance on Staten Island,
People” and John Woo’s “Bullet ister of defense (Doron Tavory) since her husband’s death, but ludicrous until one realizes at a venue just two blocks from the
in the Head,” reflect Hong Kong moves next to her. For secu- her desires haven’t gone away. that an “apolitical” film allows Ferry Terminal. St. George Theatre,
residents’ anxieties about main- rity reasons, he wants to con- In a culture where the Onion’s for emotional responses that 35 Hyatt St., 7:30 p.m. Valet parking is
land Chinese communism as fiscate her land and tear down headline “Actress dies of old aren’t supposed to be part of available for those traveling by car. Tick-
much as the reality of the war. the lemon trees. Outraged, she age at 32” rings all too true, it’s formal political discussion. Has ets are $50-$85 at or
A film like Steve McQueen’s hires Ziad (Ali Suliman), a young refreshing to see a 45-year-old any politician ever criticized his 718-442-2900.
recently released “Hunger” is an Palestinian lawyer, and takes woman — one who looks her enemies for making his people ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
anomaly. “Lemon Tree” doesn’t the case to the Israeli Supreme age, without plastic surgery or lonely? I don’t think so, but this
match its level of accomplish- Court. Meanwhile, the min- extreme dieting — as the object is the cost of war suggested by
ment, but it still strikes a small
blow for a humane cinema.
Middle-aged Palestinian
ister’s wife, Mira (Rona Lipaz-
Michael), becomes intrigued by
her neighbor and sympathetic
of a younger man’s desire.
However, Salma ultimately
capitulates to the restrictions
“Lemon Tree.” A workable, bit-
tersweet compromise is the
best its characters can hope to MUSIC
widow Salma (Hiam Abbass) to her plight. Eventually, the placed on her sexuality. A mid- achieve. Sunshine, Lollipops
& Rainbows
Born in Brooklyn and raised in Tena-
䉴 WEST END, from p.23 superbly inventive “Naked Civil Hurt is game, but wasted on highlights that have now left fly, New Jersey, out lesbian Lesley Gore
Servant.” It starts off zippily this treacly project. And Cynthia the London stage, such as Joe was discovered by music legend Quincy
appeal. (Running to ∞) enough, blending Crispisms with Nixon, much as I love her, is Orton’s classic “Entertaining Jones and recorded “It’s My Party” when
At the London Lesbian & Gay biographical drama, but Richard wildly miscast as Penny Arcade, Mr. Sloane” and great Royal she was just 16 years old. In the years
Film Festival, I joined a sold- Laxton — who was determined who should have played herself. Shakespeare Company produc- that followed, she helped create the
out crowd for the much antici- not to do a sequel to “Servant” tion of “The Tempest” with out soundtrack of the 1960s with more than
pated “Englishman in New — doesn’t come up with much of For a peak at what’s com- gay Sir Antony Sher as a for- two dozen chart hits. The most commer-
York,” with John Hurt repris- a concept for this film of Crisp’s ing up — including Helen Mir- midable Prospero, see the web cially successful solo artist of the Girl
ing his 1975 career-making role controversial later life beyond ren in “Phedre” and Jude Law version of this story at gayci-
of Quentin Crisp in Jack Gold’s straightforward biopic. in “Hamlet” — and several 䉴 MAY 5, continued on p.30

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Kissed by Lenny & Rudy 14 DAYS

John Gruen’s fabulous life, Valentina’s fabulous clothes 14 NIGHTS
䉴 MAY 5, from p.28
BY DAVID NOH “Married very young, I had
a hell of a difficult life, even Group era, Gore paved the way for future

real Renaissance man, though I had these so- called generations of independent female
John Gruen has been grand jobs on the Tribune, writ- vocalists from Pat Benatar to Madonna
a journalist, author, ing for Vogue. They paid very and Gwen Stefani. After years of suc-
celebrity interviewer, photogra- little, which has not changed, cess as a platinum-selling pop singer,
pher, and most recently play- but I was given the opportunity Gore attended Sarah Lawrence Col-
wright, with his “Double Fea- to meet all these fabulous peo- lege and eventually began writing her
ture,” playing through April 19, ple. I was not one of those critics own music. She earned an Academy
at the Medicine Show Theater. who say, as many of them do, Award nomination for co-writing “Out
His compelling recent book, ‘I’m not going to be their best Here On My Own” for the film “Fame.”
“Callas Kissed Me… and Lenny friend.’ When I met Bernstein or This week, she performs seven shows
Too!: A Critic’s Memoir,” is a Nureyev, I did want to be their at Feinstein’s at Loews Regency,
must read for anyone interested best friend and did something 540 Park Ave. at 61st St. May 5-7,
in the arts, especially that heady about it, kind of rash, but it’s 8:30 p.m.; May 8-9, 8 & 10:30 p.m.
post-WWII time in New York. a two-way street. Many celeb- All shows have a $60 cover, with $75
I met him in his beautifully rities shied off, but these two premium seats and a $40 food/ bever-
Old World digs on the Upper megastars were kind of attract- age minimum. For reservations, visit
West Side, and he told me, “I’ve ed to me: I was very thin and or call
been around for a long time, cute and interesting and had 212-339-4095.


a wonderful life in which I was an accent and was working for ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
able to satisfy a lot of my needs a big newspaper. No matter how
and longings. The reason for that big the star, they still want to be
is that I’m a very lucky person
being married to [painter] Jane
Wilson in that she understood
written up, they still want to be
“I was given the great oppor- John Gruen, his wife Jane Wilson, and there daughter Julia in 1970. BENEFIT
that when she married a boy of tunity of writing about them, Cielo Latino
19, he was not fully formed, and except they were not happy being owned by Jews!” about Miriam Hopkins?’ ‘No, The Latino Commission on AIDS,
she understood that I had to go when I did not praise them. Gruen pioneered the inter- I’m going to ask you about Joan which serves New York’s diverse His-
out and learn some things and I would not compromise if I viewing of celebrities in a pub- Crawford!’” panic communities, hosts the nation’s
experiment around. I did what saw that Nureyev was danc- lic audience format, and one Gruen saw Vivien Leigh go largest Latino HIV fundraiser. The eve-
I had to do and she was there, ing too much and not looking of his most memorable experi- mad on the stage while she ning, which includes a cocktail recep-
and no questions, which is the very good, which I’d tell him to ences was with Bette Davis: “I was appearing on Broadway in tion, silent auction, dinner, awards
best possible thing. ‘Guess what his face. I wasn’t going to turn got drunk with her the first time “Tovarich”: “Her co-star, Jean- presentation, and dancing, will be
I did last night?’ It doesn’t serve around and say that I saw the we met for an interview. She Pierre Aumont, came out on emceed by actor Wilmer Valderrama
any purpose except to hurt greatest performance when gave me so much liquor, never this balcony set and we noticed and Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe
people. I never called ours an he knows perfectly well that it stopped pouring Scotch at the something wasn’t quite right. 2008, and will include live entertain-
‘open marriage,’ don’t put labels wasn’t, especially toward the Plaza. She was tremendously Vivien came out and brought ment by Latin Grammy Award-winning
on it. I know I’m married and I end. He was furious and called funny but I had to go review a with her a whole sheaf of pri- guitarist Hernan Romero and Jorge Vil-
love Jane very much and she me all kinds of names, I was just concert that same night. She vate letters from her dressing lamizar, the former lead singer of the
adores me, I hope. When she a ‘cunt.’ And then, all the anti- said, ‘Come on in and sit down! room which she started to open Grammy Award-winning band Bacilos.
was young, she was unthink- Semitic stuff about the press Whaddayawanna know? Oh, on stage. He had to cue her and Other guests include Rosie Perez, Lupi
ably beautiful and still a won- shit! I’ve had such a day — so- cue her some more, and she Ontiveros, and Jaslene Gonzales from
derful looking woman, and the and-so was so rude to me. Have suddenly realized what she was “America’s Next Top Model.” Honor-
fact is we did lead something of some more to drink, come on!’ I doing and snapped out of it. ees include Dr. Angela Diaz, director
a magical life.” had to go to the concert at eight That was so sad. of the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health
Gruen had intimate friend- and had planned to eat some- “She was the most beauti- Center, and, posthumously, Pedro
ships with Rudolf Nureyev and thing, but I wasn’t going to leave ful woman in the world and Zamora. Cipriani’s Wall Street, 55
Leonard Bernstein, but in the my lifelong crush. I said, ‘I really was still so beautiful when I Wall St., 6 p.m. cocktails, 7 p.m.
book his discretion comes into must go,’ and then called my interviewed her later. We talk- dinner. Tickets begin at $600 at lati-

play: “It was interesting, but wife, who came to my rescue: ed about her youth and Larry
what one does in bed more ‘Jane, I’m so drunk! You gotta [Olivier], the love of her life, and ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
or less is a very private to-do. come and listen to the concert how difficult it became between
Sometimes it’s very beauti- and tell me what’s going on’ — them, so tempestuous and
ful and sometimes not so, and and the good one came, and we imponderable. They couldn’t
you have to consider the whole went to the concert. manage it, but it was thrilling,
gestalt of it. Not just what you’re “When I interviewed Bette at very honest. One of the things I
doing in that moment, but who the New School, oh my God! The always tried for was to get them
you and they are, what kind of place was jammed, and after I to really talk with real questions,
life, background, culture you made my introduction about not frou-frou. It’s a conversa-
both have. All of life enters into how she taught me as a child tion and then they reveal them-
our actions and we have to how to talk, move and certainly selves. Sometimes it’s easier to
respond accordingly. We can’t smoke, she strode on and peo- unburden yourself to a stranger
just barge into it, although
sometimes that’s nice, too. I had
The designer Valentina, aka Mrs. George
Schlee, in 1938; oil on board by Charles Bask-
ple went mad. She said, ‘Now
you’re not going to ask me nasty
than someone you know well, as gaycity
to be discreet. erville. questions, like what do I think 䉴 IN THE NOH, continued on p.31 䉴 JUMP, continued on p.30

䉴 IN THE NOH, from p.30 the American theater, Katharine Cornell, long for them to finally part with them for
as well as pieces from the private ward- this purpose and also to hand the charge
I’m sure you know.” robes of Katharine Hepburn and Garbo. of the book over to Kohle. Nobody else
Gruen wrote the biography of Keith Valentina (1899-1989) was a Russian in the world could do quite this type of
Haring and was hired as a consultant on émigré who became the most celebrated meticulous work on this topic. The mate-
“Radiant Baby,” the musical the Public American couturiere of her day, due in rial was all there — it was just a matter
Theater made of it in 2003: “Our daugh- large part to her famous clientele — Lynn of disseminating and translating it from
ter, Julia, is the executive director of the Fontanne, Norma Shearer, Helen Hayes, Russian. This exhibit is an ancillary but
Keith Haring Foundation, but the guy Judith Anderson, Gladys Swarthout, very important part of the topic because it
who wrote the book of the play was not Rosalind Russell. She and Garbo shared gives it dimension.
good, missing some salient things. We much — similar elegantly angular looks, “I have difficulty declaring anyone as


had the great George C. Wolfe, a mar- the same East 50s apartment building, the best, but Valentina was certainly the
velous director, but he would not let me and a man, George Schlee, Valentina’s most humanistic in terms of clothing that
say one word. He was unbearable and so husband and business partner, who is responsive to the body, worked attitu-
rude to me. I tried to be so nice, wanting became Garbo’s most frequent escort dinally as a part of the individual wearer.
it to succeed. The end result was that he in life. A ménage à trois was rumored to You cannot be dominated by your clothes,
kind of lost interest, didn’t listen to any- exist for years, but when Schlee died, the they have to be one with you, and with
thing I had to say. He couldn’t care less. women’s friendship did as well. Elevator Valentina, you first see the individual
I felt like an idiot and was very angry, operators were instructed to never have walking in at a level of perfection and
too. I must say there was so much ener- the two share a car, and they died a year then, in conversation, you might look at
gy from the cast and all that wonderful apart. I attended Valentina’s funeral, an the sleeve and what in the world is that
visual stuff with the paintings going back Valentina with her husband, George Schlee, in the mid- awesome Russian Orthodox affair, with tuck that allows you to move your arms
and forth. It ran for a couple of months 1940s; albumen silver print. incense and priests chanting a litany of that way.”
and was supposed to be transferred to forgiveness for her sins, with the designer At the show’s opening, I met that other
Broadway, but Mr. Brantley in the Times ite designer, for the timeless, utterly clas- looking like a medieval sculpture, as she champion of sartorial classicism, Mary
gave it a very bad review, so that was the sic look she perfected in the 1930s-40s, always did in life, in her open casket. McFadden (Yohannon’s former wife), who
end of that. That was very painful, but with its roots in sculptural draping and Kohle Yohannon has written a mes- told me she knew Valentina: “I went to
there have been a couple of school pro- ethnic influences, as well as her dazzling merizingly detailed, sumptuously illus- their famous parties. I also knew Garbo,
ductions of it.” stage costumes, which inevitably received trated book, with the same title as the when I worked for Christian Dior.” “Was
critical plaudits at a time when costumes exhibition, and I was walked through it she beautiful? I asked. “No, not at the

on’t miss the exhibit “Valentina: were rarely even mentioned in reviews. by museum curator Phyllis Magidson, time, and all she wanted was men’s
American Couture and the Cult You’ll see the magnificent toreador who told me, “These were all her own clothes.”
of Celebrity” at the Museum of ensemble she devised for Rosa Ponselle’s archives. We acquired some material right
the City of New York (1220 Fifth Avenue legendary Carmen, dresses for Lily Pons after she died, and then when the fam- Contact David Noh at Inthenoh@aol.
at West 103rd Street through May 17; in “Coq d’Or” and Mary Martin in “Lute ily decided to do a book, it all stayed with com and check out his new blog at http:// She is, hands-down, my favor- Song,” a bunch of designs for first lady of them. That was in 1990 — it’s taken this


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