“3 idiots” is loosely adapted from Chetan Bhagat‟s „Five Point Someone‟.

This film was shot in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ladakh, Chail and Shimla. The storyline of this film starts with Farhan Qureshi faking a stroke abroad an Air India plane. After excusing himself from his wife, he and Raju Rastogi go on a journey to reunion with their best friend, Rancho Shamaldas Chanchad. The journey encounter another student, now a successful businessman who trading abroad, Chatur Ramalingam. He had remind them the bet he undertook with Rancho 10 years ago. However, when they reach Shimla, they realize Rancho was actually a servant boy, Chhote who replace real Ranchoddas to study and qualify for a degree. After they met Ranchoddas , they noticed that he is now a school teacher in Ladakh. Then, they proceed towards Ladakh, but not before taking Pia from her wedding ceremony. Finally they re-unite with long lost friend and Rancho and Pia re-kindle their love. Chatur, mocks Rancho for having lost the bet. Rancho then reveals his name to his friends, which is Phunsukh Wangdu, the famous scientist and Chatur‟s prospective business partner. Chatur then accepts defeat and pleads with Phunsukh to establish business relations for which he had originally come. In college, three students (Rancho, Raju and Farhan) do not really fit into the prestigious engineering college. They were considered as idiots by their professor. Rancho always argues with lecturers and against with their teaching method. He prefers to gain new knowledge instead of fighting each other to achieve better results. The educational system only forces students to learn by rote. They focus on scoring high marks rather than investing the time to understand the subject in depth. It is rare teacher who has ability to facilitate rather than teach, to support students who stray from the well-trodden path in search of creative ways to learn like Rancho always try to change the teaching style and make it simple. In this movie, we can see that Farhan likes to take photo on animals while his parents want him to be admitted to the engineering colleges. They rarely encourage their children to discover their child‟s true passion and pursue mastery rather than mediocrity. Throughout the movie, it clearly shows who the three real idiots are- the parents, the teachers and the educational system. I totally enjoyed the movie, largely because it is reflecting our education system which is focus on examination marks. I had been impressed by the talent, courageous and braveness of Rancho. He was trying to change the education system

Besides that.by influencing his friends and most important influencing the principle. he knew that his friend Farhan‟s mastery is photography. . He is brave enough to tell teacher that we should invest time in understand the subject instead of struggling to get a high examination marks. not engineering so he encourages him to discover their true passion as he won‟t perform well in what he dislike.

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