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The Rise and Fall of Joseph Estrada
by Bong Godinez (http://www.pep.ph/authors/36/ferdinand-godinez) posted on September 12, 2007 STATS: 3540 Views | 0 Comments (http://www.pep.ph/views/v6/widgets/widget.emailform.php)

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After Sandiganbayan announced its decision regarding the plunder case filed against Joseph Ejercito Estrada, the former president would once again bank on the mammoth support of the masses. He said, "What is important is the support of the people, and they have overwhelmingly acquitted me. This is a political decision." PHOTO: SUMMIT LIBRARY

Jose Marcelo Ejercito—more popularly known as Joseph Estrada, or simply Erap— personifies the Bida ng Masa title. His underdog roles in the movies have helped him carve his persona into a "champion of the oppressed." His "pro-poor" projects in the political arena have been successful in flagging his "Erap Para sa

TRADING NUMBERS FOR ACTING.ph/news/39707/paolocontis-and-lian-paz-now-preparing-to-nullifytheir-marriage) + 613 share s Marian Rivera wants to do a movie with Star Cinema. The young Joseph was not entirely sheltered from the outside world. For his first name. But his rivals. Tondo Boy. Joseph Estrada was proclaimed as the town's new mayor.tv&cb=20130727143750&zoneid=1365&account=(null)) growing interest in acting. but he did not finish his engineering degree. His showbiz career spanned 32 years.ph/news/39704/marianrivera-wants-to-do-a-movie-with-star-cinemarelates-chance-encounter-with-bea-alonzo) + 486 share s MORE ON THIS STORY 1 (/SPOTLIGHT/LOOKING-BACK/13766/THE-RISE-AND-FALL-OFJOSEPH-ESTRADA/1/1) 2 (/SPOTLIGHT/LOOKINGBACK/13766/THE-RISE-AND-FALL-OF-JOSEPHESTRADA/1/2) NEXT » (/SPOTLIGHT/LOOKINGBACK/13766/THE-RISE-AND-FALL-OF-JOSEPH-ESTRADA/1/2) (http://www." His father forbade him to use "Ejercito" in his screen name. Tondo's former reputation as a crowded and rowdy neighborhood cultivated in him a tough exterior. pursued acting. So. He transferred to Mapua Institute of Technology.pep. He set his eyes on the mayoralty post of San Juan. Kandilang Bakal. Maria and Jolo Revilla is jealous of him (http://www. an anti-hero who becomes a hero himself through his fierce yet understated qualities. relates chance encounter with Bea Alonzo (http://www. and Joseph starred in more than a hundred movies. He also won the following awards: Most Outstanding Mayor.ph/news/39705/tomrodriguez-acknowledges-my-husband39slover-made-him-a-bigger-star) 37 105 vie ws MOST SHARED Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford split (http://www.pep. Braulio Sto.ph/news/39712/andreand-kobe-paras-reject-mom-jackie-forster39shope-for-a-second-chance) 65491 vie ws Tom Rodriguez acknowledges My Husband's Lover made him a bigger star (http://www.pep.pep. and Markang Rehas. have accused him running the country like a "gangland boss. POLITICAL CAREER.ph/news/39694/marianrivera-on-dinner-with-mvp-siyempre-maymga-bagay-na-pinag-usapan-ayoko-na-ding-ielaboratehellip) 158392 vie ws Marian Rivera wants to do a movie with Star Cinema.ph/views/v6/widgets/widget.php) 0 Share Text Size: A A A 0 Tw eet 0 Richard Yap slams rumor claiming his wife is jealous of Jodi Sta.tv&cb=20130727143747&zoneid=1307&account=(null)) (http://www. But it was in Asiong Salonga and Geron Busabos where he was embraced by the masses as their hero.pep." which means buddy or friend in English— became his friends' and fans' preferred nickname for Joseph. "Erap"—the backward spelling of "pare. Blacksheep Gang. ayoko na ding i-elaborate…" (http://www.pep. Domingo.ph/news/39704/marianrivera-wants-to-do-a-movie-with-star-cinemarelates-chance-encounter-with-bea-alonzo) 132027 vie ws Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford split (http://www. his own film outfits. and the Most Outstanding Metro Manila Mayor in 1972. coupled with his (http://www. he was also considered as one of the early purveyors of independent filmmaking through JE Productions and EMAR Pictures. Foremost Nationalist. while his mom Maria Marcelo was a housewife. In fact. Manila.ph/news/39706/nikki-giland-billy-crawford-split) 92222 vie ws Andre and Kobe Paras reject mom Jackie Forster's hope for a second chance (http://www. worked as a small-scale government contractor. During his term as the father of San Juan. which include Ito Ang Pilipino. media announcements confirm that Sandiganbayan found him "guilty" of plunder. this eventually became the benchmark for his image. Sr. but he was expelled after picking up a fight with a fellow student. His first attempt to run for public office was in 1968. brought him to the world of showbiz. is Erap a bida or a kontrabida? PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) recalls the highlights of his showbiz and political career. But his restless nature.pep.emailform. may mga bagay na pinag-usapan. but lost to his rival. Estrada had a promising start.pep. but they lived a relatively comfortable life. The results were overruled though by the electoral protest filed by Erap against Dr.ph/news/39706/nikki-giland-billy-crawford-split) + 3966 share s Paolo Contis and Lian Paz now preparing to nullify their marriage (http://www. His father Emilio Ejercito. He first studied at the Ateneo de Manila University. Sa Baril Mag-Uusap.pep. then mayor of San Juan. In 1969. Cuatro Cantos. In the 1960s. In 1957. during the latter part of his tenure as President of the Philippines.gmanews. contrary to common beliefs. he was the first FAMAS Hall of Fame awardee for Best Actor (1981). 1937.gmanews.Mahirap" image. and he also became a Hall of Fame Award winner as a producer (1983). And he was good at his craft. he went against the wishes of his parents and started appearing in movies as an "extra. and adopted the surname "Estrada. Moises Padilla Story .ph/news/39710/richardyap-slams-rumor-claiming-his-wife-is-jealousof-jodi-sta-maria-and-jolo-revilla-is-jealous-ofhim) + 300 share s Marian Rivera on dinner with MVP: "Siyempre.pep. 2007 04:20 PM MOST TALKED ABOUT ." He quit schooling. Lo Waist Gang.ph/news/39694/marianrivera-on-dinner-with-mvp-siyempre-maymga-bagay-na-pinag-usapan-ayoko-na-ding-ielaboratehellip) + 266 share s RELATED ARTICLES Jude Estrada marries his childhood sweetheart (/articles/16148/jude-estrada-marries-his-childhoodsweetheart) June 03. The Estradas weren't exceptionally wealthy. may mga bagay na pinag-usapan. Erap's movies were notorious for themes inspired by Robin Hood. Moreover. Joseph was born to a lower middle class family in Tondo. relates chance encounter with Bea Alonzo (http://www. on April 19. 2008 05:11 PM Senator Jinggoy Estrada to patch up rift between Bong and Edu (/articles/14756/senator-jinggoyestrada-to-patch-up-rift-between-bong-and-edu) December 17. Erap did about 90 films—and that's like having a movie shown almost every month.pep. ayoko na ding i-elaborate…" (http://www. Erap's image as Bida ng Masa proved to be very crucial when he decided to run for public office in the late ‘60s. Broccoli tops FHM Sexiest Women's favorite veggie list (/articles/28818/broccoli-topsfhm-sexiest-womens-favorite-veggie-list ) Kim Atienza and his signature safari hat (/articles/28815/kim-atienza-and-hissignature-safari-hat ) PEP NEWS REWIND Search Articles by Artist or Full Name Select One or enter a keyword SEARCH MOST POPULAR Marian Rivera on dinner with MVP: "Siyempre. At first. Joseph wanted to become an engineer just like his hardworking dad. among many others. he was cited as one of the Ten Outstanding Men (TOYM) in Public Administration." And just today.

2007 08:06 PM 0 COMMENT You must be logged in to post a comment USERNAME PASSWORD SHOW/HIDE COMMENTS LOGIN CALLED OUT ALL COMMENTS (http://www. ayoko na ding i-elaborate…" (http://www. Wiebe take lead. for beating her up (http://www.ph/the-feed/54 02 5/pork-barrelrules-to-be-am ended-to-curb-corruption) PBA courtside reporter Sel Guev arra v ows to charge her ex-boy friend.pep.spin.spin.ph/sports/v olley ball/news/petroncagay an-v alley -battle-for-third-place) Langer.com /news/story /3 1 9 3 87 /news/nation/aqu welcom es-japanese-prim e-m inister-shinzo-abe-atpalace) (http://www.PH) Central Bank warns public against "fake check scam " (http://www.GMANEWS.pep.TV) Aquino.ph/thefeed/54 03 3 /nba-star-lebron-jam es-reportedly ov erwhelm ed-by -fan-support-in-ph) "Pork barrel rules" to be am ended to curb corruption (http://www.gm anetwork.ph) .ph/sports/basketball/news/weighty .ph/sports/golf/news/langer-wiebetake-lead-m inoza-stum bles-to-4 6 th-v 02 ) Abe.PH) (HTTP://WWW. Abe push cooperation.ph/the-feed/54 01 6 /fedex-tocontinue-ph-operations-while-waiting-for-suprem ecourts-final-ruling) NBA star LeBron Jam es reportedly "ov erwhelm ed" by fan support in PH (http://www. Then set up title duel in US Girls' Jrs (http://www.com /news/story /3 1 9 3 89 /news/nation/com allows-first-tim e-v oters-to-use-priority -lanes) Aquino welcom es Japanese Prim e Minister Shinzo Abe at Palace (http://www.gm anetwork.gm anetwork. relates chance encounter with Bea Alonzo (http://www.Former President Joseph Estrada extends "whole-hearted support" to President-elect Noynoy Aquino (/articles/22339/former-president-joseph-estrada-extends-whole-hearted-support-topresident-elect-noynoy-aquino) June 09. chef Robert Eric Spakowski. Cagay an Valley battle for third place (http://www.spot.ph/spotlight/looking(http://www.spin. back/13766/the-riseand-fall-of-josephestrada) PARTNER SITES (HTTP://WWW.ph/news/39694/marianrivera-on-dinner-with-mvp-siyempre-maymga-bagay-na-pinag-usapan-ayoko-na-ding-ielaboratehellip) 150 comme nts Andre and Kobe Paras reject mom Jackie Forster's hope for a second chance (http://www.spin.spin. Vis-Min as potential cy clone m ov es closer to Dav ao City (http://www.pep.(http://www.pep. may mga bagay na pinag-usapan.com /news/story /3 1 9 3 9 2 /news/regions/pa flash-floods-threaten-bicol-v is-m in-as-potentialcy clone-m ov es-closer-to-dav ao-city ) PHL.ph/news/39704/marianrivera-wants-to-do-a-movie-with-star-cinemarelates-chance-encounter-with-beaalonzo) 187 comme nts Marian Rivera on dinner with MVP: "Siyempre.ph/news/39706/nikki-giland-billy-crawford-split) 44 comme nts Allan K witnesses the comic side of former president Joseph Estrada (/articles/14406/allan-kwitnesses-the-comic-side-of-former-president-joseph-estrada) Nov ember 11.ph/news/39712/andreand-kobe-paras-reject-mom-jackie-forster39shope-for-a-second-chance) 93 comme nts Tom Rodriguez acknowledges My Husband's Lover made him a bigger star (http://www.ph/sports/basketball/news/lakersagree-to-deal-with-rookie-elias-harris-v 02 ) PAGASA: Flash floods threaten Bicol.ph/thefeed/54 02 4 /pba-courtside-reporter-sel-guev arrav ows-to-charge-her-boy friend-chef-robert-ericspakowski-for-beating-her-up) (HTTP://WWW.spot.pep.gm anetwork.gmanews.ph/spotlight/lookingback/13766/the-riseand-fall-of-josephestrada/1/1/calledout) No comments yet.gm anetwork.spot.spot.pep.tv&cb=20130727143820&zoneid=0784&account=(null)) (http://www.pep.ph/sports/golf/news/abe-then-setup-title-showdown-in-us-girls-juniors-v 02 ) Lakers agree to deal with rookie Elias Harris (http://www. Japan leaders hold talks ov er China disputes (http://www. 2010 04:58 PM Jinggoy Estrada surprises wife Precy on her 40th birthday (/articles/14529/jinggoy-estradasurprises-wife-precy-on-her-40th-birthday) Nov ember 23.ph/the-feed/54 03 1 /central-bankwarns-public-against-fake-check-scam ) FedEx to continue PH operations while waiting for Suprem e Court's final ruling (http://www. Minoza slips to 4 6 th in The Senior Open (http://www. 2007 05:13 PM Marian Rivera wants to do a movie with Star Cinema.SPIN.pep.com /news/story /3 1 9 3 9 0/news/nation/ph japan-leaders-hold-talks-ov er-china-disputes) Com elec allows first-tim e v oters to use priority lanes (http://www. rule of law on Guiao perplexed as 'Big Boy ' Belga gains weight after m aritim e concerns two-m onth Gilas training (http://www.ph/news/39705/tomrodriguez-acknowledges-my-husband39slover-made-him-a-bigger-star) 51 comme nts Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford split (http://www.SPOT.spot.com /news/story /3 1 9 4 08/news/nation/aqu abe-push-cooperation-rule-of-law-on-m aritim eissue-for-painters-as-belga-looks-to-hav e-gainedconcerns) extra-pounds-while-with-gilas-) Petron.

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