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Successful FDI

Successful FDI Shirl Lofton

Dr. Fred Fening

International Business Environment ITB 305 April 23, 2012

Successful FDI Abstract A MNE, a multinational enterprise is a firm that engages in FDI, Foreign Direct Investments by investing directly in controlling and managing value-add in more than one country (Peng, 2011)Good. Brown Pharmaceutical, founded in 1993 by Dr. Porshia Smith, who is a pioneer in the Diabetic research field .Dr. Smith, established Brown to develop, manufacture and distribute the two drugs that cure diabetes, NIU and ATAC. Brown is also used as a platform to educate the community on obesity, diabetes prevention and the basics to a healthy lifestyle. Brown Pharmaceuticals has been the

leader in the study, research and development of the cure for diabetes and their mission is to continue to further develop various other medications that can also cure diabetes as resistance to the current drug is inevitable. Dr. Smith received her education at Brown University undergrad, North Carolina Graduate School where she studied pharmacology and finally she graduated from Miami Medical School where she also studied extensively at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Smith has written numerous articles in the London Journal of Medicine about diabetes diagnosis and prevention. Good Create a fictional MNE which manufacturer an imaginary product and choose a country in which to conduct FDI Brown Pharmaceutical Enterprise is a multinational company established in 2008 with a headquarters located in London, England. Good Our mission is to end all types of diabetes. In Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes the body either does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin. Type 2 diabetes is said to largely environmental as obesity plays a large part in its development. In the Type 1 form of diabetes, the body fails to produce insulin (American Diabetes Association, 2011). Good

Successful FDI Our goal to end diabetes started with the development of a cure that was discovered by Dr. Porshia Smith in her research and study of children with all form of diabetes. Once Dr. Smith began her study on children with diabetes, she developed a drug that is marketed as NIU- Nothing Is Unbelievable which has shown in studies to eliminate all forms of diabetes in children; however it was shown to have no effective on adults with diabetes. Dr. Smith redeveloped NIU into an adult formula strength and marketed as ATAC-All things are cured, which was used in a yearlong study on adults with diabetes and was found to eliminate all traces of diabetes in adults. We currently have a cure for diabetes for both adults and children however Dr. Smith is doing continuous research to develop additional drugs as people become resistant to medications over time .We decided to start our enterprise in Europe because there is a population of 60 million people who have diabetes and of that 60 million 50% of those have not been diagnosed (, 2004).

Additionally we have satellite offices in the US and China and in early 2013 we will open our first location in Hawaii with further expansion to be determined. Good Describe your MNE with a brief business plan. Our business plan began with partnering with the American Diabetes Associate where we set up information booths at all of the 2012 Fight Against Diabetes Events. The Fight Against Diabetes events gave us the platform to get our product knowledge out to the public and the medical community. We have created a website, ,which is able to answer frequently asked questions and it has an interactive website for those not yet diagnosed which has the ability to rate their chances

Successful FDI of developing diabetes. We have also created billboards on various highways that advertised the cure and we have begun sending literature to major healthcare providers.

Brown Pharmaceutical also attended various health fairs designed to advertise the cure for diabetes in addition to radio and television ads we also advertised via the internet. Our initial warehouse in England opened its doors with 80 employees and now employees over 400 along with a newly formed fully automated mail order distribution center which ships over 600 orders per day. Along with the medications for the cure we also promote and teach the basics of a healthy lifestyle as to help to end any new diagnosis of diabetes. This part does not represent a business plan. A business plan begins with the vision, mission, and objectives. A SWOT analysis, industry analysis, marketing strategies, financial analysis etc. should be included in the plan. You have mentioned advertisement which is good. Examine the benefits and cost FDI to the home and host countries. Brown Pharmaceuticals is a green company that is concerned with the wellbeing of the environment while spreading the information about a cure for diabetes. The benefits to the host countries are we have built a state of the art warehouse that has the ability to ship numerous orders per day without any cost to the host country. The host country receives reduced cost for the medication and all uninsured people are able to obtain the medication free of charge. The European government has allowed Brown Pharmaceutical to operate without having to pay property taxes as a result of Brown providing free medication to those who qualify. Additionally, Brown continues to have educational forums dedicated to teaching people healthy life styles choices that are aimed

Successful FDI at eliminating all new cases of diabetes in the host country. Brown has also established

clinics geared to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes in the host cities with payment based on income. The benefits to the home country are the notoriety of the Brown brand and the tax breaks received overseas have allowed Brown to donate more funds to the educational aspects of diabetes in the United States. Additionally, Brown has been able to obtain numerous endowments from various European donors that are marked to establish clinics and research institutes in the United States to be used to further research new and innovative drugs to cure diabetes. The United States and Europe formed an organization that has been designed by Dr. Smith and other doctors around the world that will donate money and time to the research and study of 2 new drugs that show promising results when tested in children. Dr. Smith estimates that the new drugs will be on the market for children in the next two years and it will take two additional years to find additional drugs for adults. Good Describe MNEs future. The future of Brown Pharmaceuticals is bright, to raise capital to establish further research laboratories Brown went public on November 1, 2011 with initial stock purchase price closing at $47.00 per share. Brown is scheduled to open its first research center in Canada on December 1 and it will be a state of the art center with 23 doctors doing fulltime studies to develop additional drugs that can also cure diabetes. Additionally, NIH has dedicated a wing in their research institute that will only research and study various drugs for diabetic treatment and Brown donated 2 million dollars to the American Diabetes Association to be used for educational seminars, forums and focus groups.

Successful FDI Finally, Dr. Porshia Smith, the founder of Brown Pharmaceuticals was awarded the Noble Peace Prize for her development of the cure for diabetes. Good. You have to include a conclusion

Reference (2004, April 4). Retrieved from Diabetes In Europe: American Diabetes Association. (2011). Retrieved from Diabetes Health Center. (2011). Retrieved from WebMD: Peng, M. (2011). Global. Mason: Cengage Learning. Your references are not in APA format. Please double check on that Grade: 240/280 use this website to get the correct reference APA format