Porcindon's Fate

(SAD Wargamers 40K Campaign 2013)
It has been a year since Vrax the Festering Pustulance of Mallow IX claimed dominance over Mordraden III as it was pulled through into the Warp, yet it's only now that his diabolical plan will become apparent. The capital system is in grave danger, and to lose it would plunge the entirety of the sector into turmoil. The SAD Wargamers 40K Campaign will run from the start of June to the middle of July. Here are the specific dates in question:

5th June 12th/19th June 26th June 3rd/10th July 17th July

Prologue: Cultist Uprising (Multiplayer) Doubles Games Midpoint Game: Air Supremacy (Multiplayer) Doubles Games Final Game (Likely to be two separate Multiplayer battles)

The campaign will be fought between the Forces of Order and the Forces of Disorder. I will be speaking to players before the campaign, and asking them to pick which side they will fight for the duration; unlike previous campaigns, players will not have to play the same army each week if they'd prefer not to, but will still need to use an army from their faction each week. The Factions are split as follows: Forces of Order Black Templars Blood Angels Dark Angels Eldar Grey Knights Imperial Guard Space Marines Space Wolves Tau Forces of Disorder Chaos Daemons Chaos Space Marines Dark Eldar Imperial Guard Necrons Orks Tyranids

(NB - I will be trying to balance both sides with equal numbers of players, so if you don't mind which faction you're going to play, then please let me know, and I'll be able to slot you in at the last minute)

which will be announced on the nights they affect. As a result of this process. i. If there is an odd pair that arrive later without another pair to make up a doubles game. I will be asking players to arrange a single opponent. (NB . To manage this. and an increase in newer members.Hopefully these size armies should still fit in a night's gaming. if it looks like a struggle. then they will get to play a standard game. and may not use any Imperial Armour or Horus Heresy Army Lists for their forces. In doubles games.) Forgeworld Each player can bring one Forgeworld '40K Approved' vehicle/unit in their lists per week. and will award a Best General award at the end of the campaign. then I may reduce these amounts). and the highest totals in each side will be awarded a Champion of Light/Dark award. and the ongoing dismay it will cause. I will put them together into foursomes. First Blood I will monitor who gets First Blood in each game.e. Points Values/Restrictions Each player will be allowed 1500 points from the standard Force Organisation Chart. and at the '9:00 shout out' will award the side that has done the best with a bonus for the rest of that night. Allies Although players will be able to pick and choose which army they use on a weekly basis. ALL allied armies will count as Allies of Convenience with each other. so no Allied Detachments will be allowed in one players army. only the standard 40K Codecies may be used. each pair of players will share the same cumulative total. we will be ignoring the Allies Matrix. but with bigger groups). and subsequent battles may be affected with bonuses/hindrances. (So no Sisters of Battle either). . of the opposing faction. Victory Conditions I will be keeping track of who has won how many games. I will be trying to go for as many Doubles games as possible in the 'standard' gaming nights. only games played at the club will count towards the Campaign.Doubles Games Because of a lack of space. (similar to Renown last year). but no Forgeworld characters. As pairs of players arrive on the night. they will only be able to choose from a singular Codex. (The final game(s) should work in the same way. Weekly totals will also be collated to work out which side gained the upper hand each week. In Doubles/Multiplayer games. (This represents the side effects of Vrax'es unorthodox arrival. Each player in the campaign will also be fighting for Stabilisation Points. to play on any one night. This will be recorded.

(2 points per model) If a Dark Apotheosis roll is applied from the Chaos Boon table. (2 points per unit) If either Order players rolls Insane Heroism for a morale check. (1 point per roll) If any model (friend or foe) is turned into Chaos Spawn. (1 point per roll) If any unit with the Daemon special rule is destroyed. not counting leaving the table for any other reason. where a successful Psychic test has been rolled. . (2 points) For each enemy model killed in a challenge.Stabilisation Points During your games. then the points may not be gained in that instance) Forces of Order Specific Stabilisation Points If either Order player makes a successful Deny the Witch roll. or Instant Death is not required to slay the model. (2 points) For scoring Slay the Warlord. then submit their results. you will need to keep track of what Stabilisation Points each side gains. The points available are as follows: Common Stabilisation Points (Light and Dark) For scoring Linebreaker. (4 points per occurrence) Forces of Disorder Specific Stabilisation Points If any player (friend or foe) incurs Perils of the Warp. and Instant Death rolled applied.If the Psychic test is not passed. before Ghosthelm rolls. (6 points per occurrence) Scorecard I have produced a sheet so that all the Stabilisation Points and results for each game do that all participants in the battle can record. (2 Points each) (NB . (2 Points each) For each enemy model killed by a Force Weapon.

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