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Wizard’s Spell Compendium Volume One Credits Design: It is impossible to list all the creators of the spells cataloged in these volumes, but credit goes to everyone who created a spell in a module, boxed set, accessory, hardbound book or magazine article published in the last 20 years. ‘Compilation: Mark Middleton Development and Editing: Jon Pickens Additional Development: Richard Baker Creative Director: Steve Winter Interior Mlustrations: Glen Michael Angus, Ken Frank, and Arnie Swekel Graphic Design: Shan Ren ‘Typesetting: Nancy J. Kerkstra Art Director: S. Daniele Acknowledgements: Richard Baker, Brad Bolas, Ed Greenwood, Bruce Heard, Miranda Horner, Julia Martin, Mark Middleton, Roger E. Moore, John Rateliff, Steven E. Schend, slade, Keith Strohm, Mark Welch, Skip Williams and David Wise. And of course, James M. Ward, who smiles a lot. A Summons One Dares Not Deny to Dweomerdoom, Khelben’s ‘TABLE oF CONTENTS Introduction. ........... How to Use This Book . . . Spell Frequency. Starting Spellbooks . How New Spells are Acquired A Guide to Spell [cons ....... Fir Printing October 198 TSR, ne Tk, Lu 201 Sheridan Springs Drive 120 Chute ad Lake Geneve (Chery Hino Wa sst47 0186 ‘Cambridge, CBL SLB USA ‘United Kingdom |ADAD, ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, AL-QADIM, BIRTHRIGHT, D&D, DARK SUN, DRAGON, DRAGONLANCE, DUNGEON, DUNGEON MASTER, FORGOTTEN REALMS, MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM, MYSTARA, PLANESCAPE, POLYHEDRON, RPGA, RAVENLOFT, RED STEEL, SPELLIAMMER, the TSR logo, and WORLD OF GREYHAWK are registered demarks owned by TSR, ine MONSTROUS MANUAL, PLAYER'S OPTION, and ROLE PLAYING GAME ASSOCIATION are tademark ound by TSR, fe. AITSR characters character names, sell macs, magia item names, monser same, unique plac locations, and the distin: Lenesss thereof we trademarks ‘ne by TSR, Ine. LANKHMAR ia trademark owned by an under hens fom Fitz Leiber Rendor Hout nd its afiite companies ave worldwide ceibution rights in the book ade for English language products of TSR, le. Disubuted the ay nd abby trade by regional disibutors. Distributed othe book and hoy trade i the ited Kingdom by TSR Lx This work s protested under the copyright ws ofthe United States of America. Any reproduction or unauthorized use ofthe materia or artwork presented hoain i protibtod by aw without the express writen porision of TSR, Ie. o-7869.0436-4 2168 (©1996TSR. lnc All Rights Reserved Made in the USA.