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Paul University Philippines Tuguegarao City 3500 SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES

OBJECTIVES To elect new officers and recruit new members of Language club To inform and discuss concerns with the club members and officers To present the activities of the Language Club for the school year 2013-2014 To raise concerns with the members ACTIVITIES Election of Language Club officers and organization of members TARGET DATE July 3, 2013 PERSONS INVOLVED All interested SHS students BUDGET ALLOCATION Documentation Board chalk, bond papers & ball pen Documentation REMARKS

General Assembly

As needed, conducted during Wednesdays

Language club officers and members

To provide useful information to the SHS students regarding the clubs current activities

To enhance students awareness on foreign language as part of promoting global competitivene ss

Posting of: Trivia Quotations and sayings Proverbs Humor (pick-up lines, jokes) Original compositions Current events Announcements soliciting for original works which can be published in Santibok Encourage students to pass original pieces to avoid plagiarism. Reinforce the antiplagiarism law. Alibata info and tutorials Introduce one language per month as follows: o July-French o August-Korean o September-Chinese Mandarin o October-German o November-Spanish o December-Japanese o January-Arab Language o February-English o March-Italian Students are encouraged to incorporate the Language of the Month to their usual

S.Y. 20132014

Language club officers Selected members

Art materials Printing of texts

S.Y. 20132014

Club officers and selected members

Printing of texts

day-to-day conversations To build unity and friendship among SHS students UGNAYAN: Assist in manpower needs August 3, 2013 SHS students Faculty members and SBS-SHS officers Physical preparation Equipments (sound system, chairs) Documentation Certificates Trophies Catering services Tokens Prizes Transportation Fee Physical preparation Documentation Printing of texts

To showcase talents of the SHS students

FIESHSTA: Literature exhibit

September 2013

To promote community awareness and reach out to those who are in need To build unity among the

Alay pasko: Gather goods especially books and related materials which can be helpful to children Assist in manpower needs Take charge in the All-inone

December 2013

SHS students Club members and officers Trigo Club members Santibok YMA SHS students Club members and officers


February 2014

Club officers and members

Physical preparation

SHS community through socialization activities To encourage showcasing of talents among the students. To enhance the knowledge and skills among the club members and SHS students Seminars and workshops: Public speaking Foreign language Literary writing S.Y. 20132014 SHS students

Equipments (sound system, chairs) Documentation Certificates Catering services Transportation Fees

Honorarium Meals and snacks of guests and /or participants Certificates Tokens Documentation

Prepared by:

Noted by:

Approved by:

Frency Anne C. Pascual Language Club Chairman

Mr. Donald Paloma, MSN Language Club Adviser

Mrs. Ma. Elizabeth Baua, DNS Dean, School of Health Sciences