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Title Page

Report on the Social and Medical Problems Related to the Use of Mobile Phones

Prepared for Mr. Ali bin Rusli Director Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Kuching, Sarawak

Prepared by Ms Munah bt Suja Occupational Health Manager Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Kuching, Sarawak

July 2013

Letter of Transmittal (Optional) Address


Dear Mr.Ali Enclosed is the report you requested in June on the problems related to the health and safety problems related to the use of mobile phones among the public. After the recent survey among mobile phone users, it was discovered that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. However, the problems related to the use of mobile phones are:-

I have identified the solutions to overcome the problems. -

Yours sincerely

Executive Summary(Compulsory) This report presents the findings of a study commissioned by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to provide an expert evidence-based review and assessment of the law on health and safety problems related to the use of mobile phones.

Table of Contents Page Cover page Title page Letter of Transmittal Executive Summary 1.1 1.2 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 3.0 Introduction Purpose of the Report Safety and Health Matters Occupational and Safety Act Responsibilities of Occupational Safety and Health Manager Problems Solutions

Conclusion and Recommendations 3.1 3.2 Conclusion Recommendation

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Report on the Social and Medical Problems Related to the Increase Use of Mobile Phones
1.0 Introduction(8%) (Presents the purpose of the report and describes the proposal or actions that need to be taken) Institute of Occupational Safety and Health is an institute which is responsible for monitoring the safety of gadgets and technological items in the market. (Look for materials related to this aspect including the functions of the institute.)


Purpose of the Report Nowadays, the popularity of mobile phones has brought about a lot of convenience but at

the meanwhile a variety of problems as well, such as social, medical and technical problems. However, I do not think these disadvantages will outweigh the advantages brought by cell phones. As the Occupational Safety and Health Manager, it is my responsibility to ensure the Occupational and Safety standards relating to the use of mobile phones and more stringent measures will be recommended. Therefore, the purpose of this report is to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones. In addition, the report would also present recommendations to overcome the social and medical problems related to the use of mobile phones. Then, this is to establish a written policy in Occupational Safety and Health which illustrates clearly the institutes commitment in ensuring the social and medical problems would be mimimised. These problems will be described in detail in the next topic in relation to safety and health procedures being practised in Malaysia.


Safety and Health Matters First, discussion will be made on the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Then, the

social and medical problems relating to mobile phones that have been identified by the institute will be highlighted and solutions to overcome will be discussed.


Occupational Safety and Health Act The Occupational Safety and Health Act is an Act which provides the legislative

framework to secure the safety, health and welfare among all Malaysians. This Act was gazetted on 24th February 1994 and may be cited as the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994. This Act is a practical tool superimposed on existing safety and health legislation . The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 is enforced by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), a government department under the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia. Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) will ensure through enforcement and promotional works that employers, self-employed persons, manufacturers, designers, importers, suppliers and employees always practise safe and health work culture, and always comply with existing legislation, guidelines and codes of practice. (Look for materials that are related to Occupational Safety and Health Act relating to use of mobile phones) 2.2 Responsibilities of an Occupational Health Manager As the Occupational and Safety health manager, my duties include advising the employer on the measures to be taken in the interests of safety and health. I should also inspect.It is also my duty to assist employer or safety and health committee in organizing and implementing Occupational Safety and Health programme.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones (Describes the present situation, identify at least FOUR problems/disadavntages involved, the need for changes, or describe any costs involved) A mobile phone plays a significant role; it affects all medical and social aspects of our and/or benefits that are

daily life from both negative and positive sides. Problems include the social and health aspects but all could be solved without incurring excessive finance. 2.3.1 Advantages (mention also about the need for changes) The mobile phone has become a dispensable multifunctional tools in people's daily life. It is not only used for communication, but it also functions as an Internet browser, a music player a personal organiser and there are many other functions that are essential for people. (mention other advantages too and how they can overcome the disadvantages) 2.3.2 Disadvantages (problems) First of all, almost everything that changed our lifestyle a lot will also cause some social problems. Mobile phones are not out of expectation. Speaking loudly on the phone in public areas, such as schools, libraries and hospitals appears to be very impolite and offensive. What is worse, some students utilize their cell phones as an effective cheating tools in examinations in which they can send and receive answers by texting each other. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to solve these problems, as long as some regulations and rules can be effectively implemented. It is also worth mentioning that some harmful effects on our health are lethal. It has been proved that overusing of the electronic devices including mobile phones could lead to higher possibility of suffering hearing loss and even cancers, although the further investigation are needed. Another debatable problem is about techniques. There is panic among people that their conversation can be intercepted by the third party. This possibility exists all the time. But a more efficient and reliable system can also be invented to guarantee the private information of users.

In conclusion, nothing can be overused without side effects. The contribution of the mobile phone to our modern society is prominent and people's dependence on it is irreversible, although it has a number of problems that should be well handled.


Actions to overcome the problems To ensure that the same problems will not recur, solutions have to be identified and

immediate actions to be taken to rectify them. Regarding noise and interruptions created by loud conversation, Institute will help create awareness among the public on the importance of respecting silence in public places. Phone users need to practice healthy habits of talking by minimizing their volume to suit situations. Signage can be installed in strategic places to remind them about the regulations. The public themselves will benefit from this exrecise. (Find support for the above suggestions and give at least three more suggestions)


Conclusion and Recommendations

(Conclusion summarises points made in the body of the report.(Evaluates the changes and provide recommendations )



To obtain the best results, all incidents related to the social and medical problems should be reported. This poses a great challenge to industries and national safety organizations. The major challenge will, however, be the mechanism to make all incidents reportable and calculated. Thus, a capacity building exercise might be required on incident reporting and performance benchmarking. This has to be done on the organizational level as well as the country level.


Recommendations (Action items that would solve and partially solve the problem. Give a brief rationale after each recommendation)
To ensure that health and safety of the company employees, there would implications on

finance of the telecommunication producers as they have to come up with mobile phones with high safety and health features. Purchasing original tools which are guaranteed of their safety would also be costly. However in the long run, due to the safety features, number of accidents will be minimized, thus less money is used on medical treatment and compensation. The Institute will play a role in assigning officials to monitor the production of the mobile phones to ensure that the health and safety standards are observed. (have to explain more) Therefore, I strongly believe that the mobile phone has transformed our way we live, communicate and do business. Though there are social and medical problems related to it, the advantages clearly outweigh its disadvantages. With appropriate actions as recommended above, the mobile phone would continue to serve as an essential and vital communication tool for users worldwide. A wise user will use it to the full advantage and continue to transform their life.

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