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Fashions biggest name, the German designer Karl Lagerfeld launches this season four styles created for

MELISSA, photographs our cover and an exclusive editorial, becoming part of the brands history!!!

Melissa Magazine

Winter 2013

A HISTORY OF CINEMA THE ERA OF FASHION FILMS ROMANTIC MOVIES you in the directors chair THE GLAMOUR OF THE RED CARPET bollywood OR Hollywood? cinemelissa: become A STAR the aesthetics of brazilian cinema
Plastic Dreams CINEMelISSA winter 2013

Cara Delevingne by Karl Lagerfeld

The designers sketch for the style Melissa Glam + Karl Lagerfeld


102, GREENE ST .

Plastic Dreams

CineMelissa Winter 2013

14 78
sandrine dulermo & michael labica karl lagerfeld

32 14 KARLS SUPERWOMAN: CARA! Who better to introduce the partnership with Karl than fashions hottest model Cara Delevingne? 78 PIN-UP CULTURE Immerse yourself in a different era, with hits from the new CineMelissa collection 110 TOO CUTE to be true! Its tea time for our little ballerinas as they present
some of the brands most memorable products in the first Mini Melissa editorial.
karin berndl courtesy maria andreeva

Winter 2013
32 36 40 44 46
Lights, camera, action!
Go behind the scenes of the new collection



48 52 56 58 60

New aesthetics
The reinvention of Brazilian cinema

62 68 70 72 76

Attraction McGinnis
gets inspiration from the CineMelissa collection

92 94 96 106 109

Romance Cinemas
landmark moments
vivi bacco

beloved genre and its

Holly, Nolly, Bolly

The leading countries in film production!

Young & beautiful

Girls that put their imagination in action!

Karlisms Pearls of
wisdom from the influential designer

Facts and Trivia

A cinema quiz to test your knowledge


still from the movie


Timeline An amazing
journey through the history of cinema

Women power
Portraying facts with an unique sensibility

New era
Fashion films are here to stay!

Mondo Melissa
The stars of the new collection

72 Happy Birthday! Galeria

Melissa NY celebrates its one year anniversary melanie ward

Glow The influence

of the Red Carpet, fashions true catwalk

The world on your feet

Karl Lagerfeld reveals his cultural favorites

Inez & Vinoodh

Duo defines fahions new moment

Cest chic! Iconic

costumes that made history on the screens

Icon The legendary

McGinnis in an interview to PLASTIC DREAMS

Be a movie director
An iPhone and an idea are all you need!

Social Media Melissa

has over 1 million Likes on Facebook!!!


courtesy of the distributor

robert mcginnis

Plastic Dreams

CineMelissa Winter 2013

CineMelissa 09

CineMelissa 09
Winter 2013
Editor-in-chief Erika Palomino Editor Duda Porto de Souza Contributing Editor Suzy Cap Associate Producer Vivi Bacco

editors letter Erika Palomino

Creating Dreams
ladies and gentlemen, heres the 9th edition of Plastic Dreams

pedro ferraro


Graphic design Ana Starling (BIZU Design com Contedo) Art Director Andrea Crepaldi Aiub Designer Ana Marconato Art Coordinator Joana Brasileiro Digital retouching Vivi Bacco Revision Patrick Washburn Graphic production Sergio Leite Printed by Posigraf


reflect life.

he idea is so good that it almost seemed obvious: how come Melissa had not yet used

famous by saying An idea in mind and a camera in hand. Now your new Melissa is the lens for you to view the world and express yourself. Drama, sci-fi, romance, suspense and comedy are film genres, and they are all represented in the color palette of the CineMelissa Winter 2013 collection as well as in the moods of each style. And you can see all of them in the 9th edition of PLASTIC DREAMS, especially in the fashion shoot that evokes the ultra-feminine style of the Pin-Ups and in master Robert McGinnis amazing campaign illustrations. Total glamour, in an atmosphere of retro sensuality. This issue of PLASTIC DREAMS also marks the debut of Melissas partnership with Paris based, German designer Karl Lagerfeld. It also illustrates how cinema, the theme of the current collection, is present in many facets of everyday culture and how the World of Melissa is tapping into this trend. Here, the star is You! Fill your life with glamour and glitter with our new models, choose your best outfits and transform every sidewalk in the world into a red carpet! Action!

cinema as the theme of a collection? After all, cinema, just as Melissa, is all about fun and entertainment. Its a way of expressing yourself and discovering other worlds, being simultaneously local and universal. With movies, we allow ourselves to dream. From the movie stars, we get inspiration. Life imitates art, and the movies The cult of the movies created a real mythology, made of stories shared by billions of people, recreations of reality that become credible through technology, each time the screen lights up. This idea is from the Russian revolutionary Trotsky, in the 1920s, and it still applies these days. Since the start of cinematography, moving pictures have always enchanted audiences. Today they are much more accessible through the new digital formats, both in production and distribution. In Brazil, director Glauber Rocha, leader of the Cinema Novo, became

karl lagerfeld

karl lagerfeld

Alexandra Farah, Andrea Fulerton, Andr Barcinski, Anna Cofone, Cheryl Konteh, Duda Leite, Eduardo Jordo de Magalhes, Heidi Taylor, Ilana Rehavia, Jude Singleton, Karin Berndl, Kerry Eward, Lica Fensome, Marcio Madeira, Neil Stuart, Paul Marangos, Pedro Ferraro, Robert McGinnis, Sandrine Dulermo, Sergio Amaral, Suzy Cap, Terry Barber, Tom Ellis, Marina Pecoraro and Michael Labica.

Cara Delevingne wears Melissa glam + karl lagerfeld

Cara Delevingne and MELISSA incense + karl lagerfeld Full story and credits on p.14.


in this issue Agnelle Andres Sarda Atsuko Kudo Balmain Barbara Bui Betony Vernon Bordelle Cadolle Causse Crzus Dmonia Dolce & Gabbana Emanuel Ungaro Eres I.D Sarrierri Jean Colonna KARL LAGERFELD Maison Close Melissa Mise en Cage Miu Miu Muriel Paco Rabanne Paul & Joe Paul Smith Philip Treacy Phyla Piers Atkinson Roberto Cavalli Stephen Jones Top Shop Varley Versace Wolford

Reflections of mirrors with moving images at the legendary Cinecitt studios, in Rome.


Caroline Lebar and Karl Lagerfeld team; Kyle Duke and to all @ Grendene Melissa.

ju liana

kn obe l

special thanks

Plastic Dreams

CineMelissa Winter 2013

Dream team
check out the team of stars that came together to create one of the most exciting editions of plastic dreams magazine.

Known for her amazing work with still life images, Austrian photographer Karin Berndl has been also turning her talents to photographing children. They are so natural in front of the camera and a lot of the time give you special and unexpectedly beautiful moments which you could never plan for, she tells us. Karin studied photography in Vienna and soon moved to London. In 2009, the Association of Photographers named her Photographer of the Year. Besides her work with kids, her recent jobs include the Christmas campaign for British department store John Lewis, some beauty shots for Cent magazine and a striking still life editorial for Tatler Hong Kong. Her inspirations include Disney animation films and old black and white movies, as well as paintings by artists such as Rembrandt and Hammershi. Her masculine, graphic style is perfectly balanced by the girlie vision of stylist Heidi Taylor, with whom shes been working for almost ten years. Favorite film: Dancer in the Dark or The Third Man, by Lars von Trier.

Make up artist Terry Barber is one of the most respected professionals in the industry. As MACs Director of Artistry, he has more than a helping hand in defining what will be hot in the coming seasons. So when he speaks, we take note. For the future, I see products that get closer and closer to the textures of the real face, a more invisible transformation, he reveals. With a client base too long to list, Terrys most memorable job recently was doing singer Grace Jones make up for the Queens Diamond Jubilee concert, in London. Getting her to the stage in a golf buggy with a huge headdress was probably the craziest, but most fabulous, moment in my career. Terrys been working with make up since the 90s, a passion that started when, as a New Romantic, he was painting his own face to go to clubs. A make up artist should be a storyteller, capturing some kind of spirit in their subject. You have to give beauty a soul. Favorite film: All About Eve, by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

British hair stylist Anna Cofone has always nurtured a creative side. With a background in performing arts, she used to sing in a jazz band. It was during her art studies that she first came across the wonderful universe of hair, especially theatre and period looks. The transition from front stage to behind the scenes seems to have been a smart decision. Since starting her apprenticeship in a salon, 13 years ago, Annas star has only risen. She was soon seduced by another side of hairdressing and decided her passion was out of the salon and in the pages of magazines. Nowadays, she works on high fashion shoots for cool magazines like Numro, Interview, Vogue and, of course, PLASTIC DREAMS. And Anna has also returned somewhat back to her musical roots as hairstylist to Lana del Rey. Shes been working with the singer since her first album and is now preparing to embark on a European tour with her. Favorite film: Breakfast at Tiffanys, by Blake Edwards.

Editor Paul Marangos is a wizard with composition and special effects. Since starting in the industry in his native South Africa, back in 1992, he has worked on giant projects such as the film Hannibal and music videos for the likes of Bjrk, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Goldfrapp, Oasis and Radiohead. His job took him around the world, working in Johannesburg, New York and London. In the past six years, Pauls been concentrating on high end commercials but finds himself more and more seduced by the universe of fashion and beauty. Whether working with moving images or stills, Pauls talent for detail has him on high demand. When I started, we used film and there was no Photoshop. Its made me very visually literate over the years, as you had to plan very well ahead. It is this perfect eye that Paul is bringing to the PLASTIC DREAMS team, where he advises on the composition and positioning of our amazing photo shoots. Favorite film: 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick.

The last few months have been very exciting for fashion director Neil Stuart. His assignments took him from high fashion to cool denim, from advertising to music. Neils been working with the new incarnation of pop trio Sugababes, now called Mutya Keisha Siobhan. Hes also styled campaigns for jeans brand Superfine and new eveningwear designer Marina Qureshi. Its been a period of real extremes and Im expecting exciting things for 2013. Neils portfolio goes on and on and includes heavyweights such as magazines Numro and Vogue Italia, brands Hugo Boss and Levis and music stars like Sting and Morcheeba. Its not difficult to understand his appeal. While prioritizing prints and colours over passing trends, Neil creates enduring images that always manage to be current and timeless. Favorite film: Volver, by Pedro Almodvar.

English fashion editor Cheryl Konteh has been busy lately with some exciting projects, like working with actress Kate Winslet and contributing to the Saturday Telegraph Magazine. Her enviable list of cool jobs includes styling some of the worlds most glamorous stars, like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Tilda Swinton and Jessica Chastain. She can work her magic whether preparing her clients for magazine shoots, TV appearances or the most fabulous night of the year, the Oscars. Such talent has also captured the attention of top photographers and shes collaborated with Ellen Von Unwerth, Patrick Demarchelier, Rankin and David Bailey. Dividing her time between London, New York and Los Angeles, Cheryl is always on the go, and loves it. My life philosophy is work hard, play hard and pray hard, she says. Favorite film: Casino, by Martin Scorsese.

English set designer Jude Singleton trained as an artist but was seduced by the more regimented nature of creating sets for films and photo shoots. As a designer, you are creating something within the parameters of the clients vision, whereas as an artist, when there are no boundaries, it is hard to know when to start a project. He discovered the profession when a neighbor, who was a film director, started offering him little bits of set work. His career took off from there and nowadays Jude works on shoots and films, for clients that range from the BBC to Wallpaper* magazine. His rule of thumb for making a great set is to search for perfection and, of course, beauty. As a general rule, if it is beautiful, then you cant go wrong! He proved his point with the brilliant touches brought to the pages of PLASTIC DREAMS, where his idea of fantasy and Hollywood romance included the unforgettable red Corvette. Favorite film: House of Flying Daggers, by Zhang Yimou.

Plastic Dreams

CineMelissa Winter 2013

suzy cap
Suzy Cap always wanted to be a dancer and studied to be a journalist. Attempting to unite the two she did her MA in Performance Studies at New York University. It was during this time she discovered a new passion: cinema. Her jump from the body to moving images happened when she worked as an assistant curator of dance at The Kitchen, an institution with one of the largest collections of video art in the USA. Her next step was becoming a guest curator of Mix New York, a cinema event that became the origin of the Mix Brasil Festival, which shes the co-founder. Since then she has worked in various film festivals both in Brazil and abroad. Enthusiastic about fashion, cinema and Melissa, we could not have done this issue without having Suzy as our guest editor. FAVORITE FILM: Russian Ark, by Aleksandr Sokurov.

Irish nail technician Andrea Fulerton took a roundabout path to her current career. After trying to follow in her familys footsteps and run a pub, she dabbled in retail and even accounting. She was considering trying her luck as a flight attendant when her mum intervened. She reminded me that I used to love painting nails as a child. Nowadays, she divides her time between London and Chicago, where she lives with her American husband. Her long list of clients includes Sharon Stone, Kim Catrall, Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, Britney Spears and Liza Minelli. Ive always worked really fast and Im known in the industry for my speed. She also has her own line of nail products, Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique. The nail technician flew to London especially for our shoot. I love working with PLASTIC DREAMS as its such a great opportunity to be creative, go wild and think outside the box. Favorite film: The Wizard of Oz, by Victor Fleming.

The journalist, curator and filmmaker Duda Leite was practically born to be a contributor of PLASTIC DREAMS. Ive always been fascinated by plastic objects, from Pink Flamingos to Little Buddhas. And I always like Melissas concept of creating useful objects with a bold design. he adds. His fascination with Pop Culture is evident in his films, whether in his short Serial Clubber Killer, inspired by the films of John Waters and Russ Meyer, or in his feature documentary Tikimentary In Search Of The Lost Paradise, about the Tiki lifestyle. His passion for music videos is also notorious and he logs many hours on the Internet. In this issue, Duda researched new applications for smart phones and high-end digital cameras for our readers that want to become filmmakers, both high and low-tech. favorite film: The Trip, by Roger Corman.

Journalist Andr Barcinski, who graduated from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), writes about music, literature and cinema, and has a very successful career. At twenty-something he won the Jabuti award for his book Barulho Uma Viagem Pelo Underground do Rock Americano / Noise a Journey through the American Underground Rock. Originally launched in Portuguese, it is one of the best books of its kind. Almost 10 years later, in 2001, he won an award at the Sundance Film Festival for his documentary Maldito about Coffin Joe, Brazils cult director Jos Mojica Marins. Barcinskis interests dont stop there he even ventured in the world of popular gastronomy, with his Guia da Culinria Ogra / Guide to the Ogre Cuisine. In PLASTIC DREAMS he tells the story of the three largest centers of film production in the world. Epic! Favorite film: Awakening of the Beast, by Jos Mojica Marins.

If Marina Pecoraro were a film genre she would be a road movie. Not that she has traveled so many miles, but since she graduated in journalism from the Universidade Metodista in So Paulo, she has already mapped her craft: she wrote for websites, produced documentaries, edited publications, did field research always in the areas of communication and health. She also has a taste for traveling, making conversation, and above all a fondness for the characters she meets on the road of life. For this reason, we invited Marina to profile for PLASTIC DREAMS 09 young talents in filmmaking who are attracting worldwide attention. Favorite film: My Blueberry Nights, by Wong Kar Wai.

Alexandra FARAH
Fashion journalist Alexandra Farah has a lot in common with this issue of PLASTIC DREAMS. She is one of a handful of people in Brazil with a deep understanding of fashion and cinema industries both based on glamour. Columnist at Vogue Brasil (she writes the Miss V section) and at Band News (Fashion and Business), Alexandra was also the curator of the (now extinct) Film Fashion Festival, which showed for the first time in Brazil the documentary Lagerfeld Confidential directed by Rodolphe Marconi about Karl Lagerfeld, Melissas new partner. So whom else could we have asked to write the article about the iconic costumes of cinema? From the sumptuous dresses that made history to looks that are still to come, Alexandra dives into Hollywoods closet and talks about the clothes that we would love to wear in a fantasy world. Favorite film: Rear Window, by Alfred Hitchcock.


CineMelissa Winter 2013



As from March 2013, youll be able to choose from FOUR exclusive Melissa shoe styles designed by Karl Lagerfeld, a man who has become an Icon in the fashion world like no other. We are proud to announce Melissas newest partner.

his is one of the most exciting collaborations that our company has ever started says Paulo Ped,

footwear, plus an elaborate selection of bags and small leather goods. Creative to his core and passionately interested in the world around him, Karl Lagerfeld works with a variety of prestigious brands on high-profile projects. His collaborations have included St Dupont, HOGAN, Shu Uemura and for the first time with a Brazilian company, Melissa. His genius perspective has also won the world by means of campaigns he has

products that many women will be very happy to wear. We are thrilled about the launch of the Karl Lagerfeld brand in Brazil through his collaboration with Melissa. He will produce mini-collections for four consecutive seasons.

general manager of Melissa. Karl Lagerfeld, the most iconic designer of the 21st century, has widened his kingdom by joining the world of Melissa. Lagerfelds great talent, synonymous with couture, will be translated into a shoe line, expanding our consumer base and making his brand more accessible for all, complements Ped. Besides creating for luxury brands such as Chanel and Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld has launched his own fashion house. Under his creative direction; the KARL LAGERFELD brand portfolio is rooted in Kreative, iconiK, Kool and accessible-luxe apparel and accessories. The fashion house produces ready-to-wear for men and women, watches, eyewear,

The designer`s sketch for the style Melissa Incense + Karl Lagerfeld

You can check photographed. Very satisfied with the collaboration, Pier out the first Paolo Righi, CEO of the KARL LAGERFELD collection in an brand, says Melissa has been great in translating Karls inspirations exclusive editorial and designs in genuinely karl Lagerfeld shot for fun and fashionable PLASTIC DREAMS, featuring his young muse Cara Delevingne.

Plastic Dreams


Inspired by the Brazilian joie de vivre, Karl Lagerfeld, one of global fashions biggest icons, reveals his creative process when creating for Melissa and his enthusiasm for a country he knows little about. Brazil welcomes him with arms wide open!
Photos Getty Images and

Karl is a fan of photographer Helmut Newton. Karl has a bookshop called 7L on the left bank of Paris. Karl launched his own brand in 1984. Karl directed actress Rachel Bilson in tHREE publicity films. Karl speaks many languages. Karl illustrated an edition of the childrens classic The Emperors New Clothes.

ne of the greatest designers of our time, Karl Lagerfeld is well-known in the fashion world as the master of reinvention, having repeatedly

brand and for a country that he doesnt know very well. I hope (the collection) has some freshness, says the designer, whose inspiration was the Brazilian joie de vivre. I design footwear the same way I design clothes: with feeling. I express in my design, but what is not analyzed is what I design. I am not a marketing person, explains Karl Lagerfeld to PLASTIC DREAMS. Karl Lagerfelds success and influence are not only due to his amazing technical skills and working energy, but also to the fearless manner he faces new challenges and to his provocative personality. When he accepted the invitation to take over the House of Chanel, in 1982, there were many people who were skeptical about the possibility of reviving a brand whose elegance and dignity were overruled by jeans and miniskirts in the 1960s. When Karl Lagerfeld showed, in the first five years as the labels Creative Director, that he could in fact bring the camellias back to life, some critics thought that he was going too far. What few could predict was that he would go much further.
On this page, right, from top to bottom: Karl in April 1979, when he designed for Chlo, and self-portraits with his unmistakable traits. Above, Karl in the 60s. Opposite page, clockwise: Karl is photographed in a bistro in 1992, the designer in november 2013, shooting in NY for his mens clothing line and his sketch for the model Melissa Ginga + Karl Lagerfeld.

transformed himself as well as the labels at his command. This naturally makes his collaboration with Melissa even more exciting. Many questions were raised around his creative process while designing the four styles that will launch the Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld collection in a partnership that will last for four consecutive seasons. The German designer who has been living in Paris since he was fourteen, says he had total creative freedom to design for the brand, having only to adapt himself to small technical differences of producing in plastic. I had never worked with plastic in this way before. Its not the classic technique, I am used to working with more traditional techniques for Fendi, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld shoes, reveals Karl Lagerfeld. Yet another challenge was to create, for the first time, for a typically Brazilian

Karl Lagerfeld is considered by Vogue UK as a barometer of the 21 century


zeitgeist, an industry within himself. Those are not words picked to fill in pages, but parameters provided to the magazine readers of the designers relevance in the contemporary world, transcending ideas of what fashion is about. Having conquered the catwalk for Chlo, Fendi, Chanel, and his own named brand, and with successful partnerships with brands such as Shu Uemura and now Melissa, the designer, who started as an assistant to Pierre Balmain after winning a design contest sponsored by the International Wool Secretariat, also channels his inexhaustible creative energy into other activities, demonstrating the same excellence as a photographer, illustrator, director, publisher, and even a diet guru! Karl Lagerfeld told PLASTIC DREAMS that the partnership with Melissa will help him to get to know Brazil and its industry better. Considering his ability to understand and transform the world in which he lives in, it wouldnt come as a surprise if the designer would eventually reinvent the Samba runway or Carnaval in Bahia.

Karl published The Karl Lagerfeld Diet after loosing 90 pounds. Karl supported the legalization of gay marriage in France by putting two brides together on the catwalk. Karl owns more than 100 iPods.

Plastic Dreams


CineMelissa Inverno 2013

Karls superwoman:

Fishnet cashmere 15 sweater Jean Colonna Lace waspie Andres Sarda Lace and lycra corset skirt Cadolle Fishnet tights Wolford Leather mask Dmonia Leather and spike necklace Dmonia Right hand: Metal and spike rings and bangles Crzus Left hand: Silver cuff Betony Vernon

Melissa ginga + karl lagerfeld

Due to print reproduction some styles may have color distortion. Not all styles shown are currently available.

Who better to introduce the partnership with Karl than fashions hottest model Cara Delevingne? Chosen and photographed by the fashion mogul himself exclusively for PLASTIC DREAMS, the result is Like the ice cream heel he created for MELISSA! Yummmm!!!!

Patent leather trench Plastic coat KarlDreams Lagerfeld Dress with elastic strap and harness Bordelle @ Mise en Cage Leather gloves Causse Fishnet tights Wolford Leather cuff in the hair Barbara Bui Leather and spike necklace Dmonia


CineMelissa Inverno 2013

Fishnet and satin bra Wolford 17 Silk satin waspie Cadolle Glitter velvet high brief Cadolle Studded leather chocker necklace Dmonia Fishnet tights Wolford

Melissa incense + karl lagerfeld

Melissa MELISSIMA + karl lagerfeld

Leather and spike chokers Plastic Dreams necklaces Dmonia


CineMelissa Inverno 2013

Melissa ginga + karl lagerfeld

Latex dress Phyla Cotton and 19 satin bra Maison Close Leather headpiece Bordelle @ Mise en Cage Leather and spike chocker necklace Dmonia Right hand: Metal and spike rings and bangles Crzus Left hand: Silver Cuff Betony Vernon Rings Vintage

Melissa ginga + karl lagerfeld

Plastic Dreams


CineMelissa Inverno 2013

Vinyl short dress Phyla 21 Vinyl jacket Karl Lagerfeld Leather and spike necklace Dmonia Silver chocker necklace Betony Vernon Leather cuff in the hair Barbara Bui Fishnet tights Wolford Rings Vintage

Melissa glam + karl lagerfeld

Vinyl dress Dmonia Patent leather gloves Agnelle Studded leather choker necklace Dmonia Fishnet tights Wolford

Melissa incense + karl lagerfeld

Plastic Dreams

Latex dress Phyla 22 Cotton and satin bra Maison Close Leather headpiece Bordelle @ Mise en Cage Leather and spike chocker necklace Dmonia Right hand: Metal and spike rings and bangles Crzus Left hand: Silver Cuff Betony Vernon Rings Vintage

CineMelissa Inverno 2013

Melissa incense + karl lagerfeld

Lace cropped top Cadolle 23 Vinyl corset Dmonia Vinyl zipped skirt Phyla Leather and spike necklace Dmonia Silver chocker necklace Betony Vernon Right hand: Metal and spike rings and bangles Crzus Left hand: Silver cuff Betony Vernon Rings Vintage

Melissa ginga + karl lagerfeld

Silk jacket with leather Plastic Dreams collar Karl Lagerfeld Silk satin waspie Cadolle Fishnet and satin bra Wolford Lycra brief Eres Leather mittens with strass Karl Lagerfeld Studded leather chocker necklace Dmonia Fishnet tights Wolford


CineMelissa Inverno 2013

Melissa glam + karl lagerfeld

Leather strap 25 bra Dmonia Strapeless lycra bra Wolford Leather harness Bordelle @ Mise en Cage Satin silk skirt Karl Lagerfeld Fishnet tights Wolford Leather cuff in the hair Barbara Bui Right hand: Metal and spike rings and bangles Crzus Left hand: Silver cuff Betony Vernon

Melissa incense + karl lagerfeld

Plastic Dreams

Latex trench coat Phyla 26 Vinyl corset Dmonia Lycra brief Eres Fishnet tights Wolford Silver chocker collar Betony Vernon Right hand: Metal and spike ring and bangles, Crzus Left hand: Silver cuff Betony Vernon Rings vintage

CineMelissa Inverno 2013

Melissa glam + karl lagerfeld

Latex dress Phyla Cotton and 27 satin bra Maison Close Leather headpiece Bordelle @ Mise en Cage Leather and spike chocker necklace Dmonia Right hand: Metal and spike rings and bangles Crzus Left hand: Silver Cuff Betony Vernon Rings Vintage

Melissa glam + karl lagerfeld

Plastic Dreams


Silk jacket with leather CineMelissa Inverno 2013 collar Karl Lagerfeld Leather mittens with strass Karl Lagerfeld Studded leather chocker necklace Dmonia


Melissa ginga + karl lagerfeld

Leather corset and fishnet bustier Cadolle Fishnet gloves Muriel Leather and spike necklace Dmonia Right hand: Metal and spike rings and bangles Crzus Left hand: Silver cuff Betony Vernon Rings vintage

Melissa ginga + karl lagerfeld melissa incense + karl lagerfeld

Plastic Dreams


CineMelissa Winter 2013


The fun and wacky world of Cara Delevingne

By Ilana Rehavia, London Photos @caradelevingne


ara Delevingne is not only the model of the moment but also the one that seems

online. Theres Cara dressed in a hotdog onesie, the one-piece garment she loves and has helped transform into a huge trend. Then theres Cara making funny faces, and in wacky montages with jellybeans and cans and Santa Claus cartoons. I feel like Ive made it acceptable to be weird, she says. But dont be fooled by the wackiness of her personality. Caras career is serious business. Since she started modeling, following in the footsteps of sister Poppy, shes bagged some of the most coveted jobs in the industry. Shes the face of brands Burberry and Chanel and, lets not forget, a member of the exclusive Victorias Secret Angels club. Her long legs have walked the catwalks for Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Stella McCartney. In one season alone, she starred in no fewer than 39 of the worlds most important shows. The model graced the covers of magazines such as Vogue UK, i-D, Jalouse and LOVE. And, in 2012, was named British
GETTY images | courtesy universal pictures

to best capture the essence of our times. Sure, the British model is known for her striking looks, which include piercing blue eyes, a body to die for and the strongest eyebrows in the business. That said, she is equally famous for her powerful and unique social media presence. Cara has more than 380,000 followers on Twitter and almost a million on Instagram. My followers make me feel less lonely. I get messages from a lot of young girls especially, who have issues and ask for my advice, she tells Plastic Dreams. The 20-year-old has that rare quality of being quite universal in her appeal. Most boys would probably like to date her. And lots of girls wouldnt mind being her best friend. Caras someone who looks like she doesnt take herself too seriously and knows how to have fun. The kind of girl that wouldnt turn down a backpacking adventure or a big burger with chips. In fact, she revealed that she scoffed down McDon-

by surprise when it was her time to be in the spotlight. Its very weird for me, I dont see myself as anyone famous and never considered myself a model. I always considered models people like Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy, Kate (Moss) and Naomi (Campbell). I dont see myself as beautiful in the way that they are. Growing up, Cara had other ideas about her future. She wanted to be an astronaut. Or maybe a psychologist. Being a prime minister and winning the Nobel Peace Prize were also in her plans. Today, shes narrowed down her goals somewhat. The models dreams of being an actress, after getting a taste for it when she starred in the 2012 film Anna Karenina, alongside Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Some of the best days of my life were spent on the film set, she reveals. Cara also wants to make music. When shes not working, sleeping or attending the worlds most fabulous parties, she can be found banging her set of drums. Im obsessed with music and can beat rhythms anywhere and with anything. But I really relax

when Im at home and can beat my drums really loud. What she does in her spare time has been a source of constant speculation, with her love life under especially close scrutiny. Rumours have linked the model with two of the worlds most coveted bachelors: Prince Harry and One Direction star Harry Styles. Cara has said many times that they are both good friends. That hasnt stopped some more extreme fans of the teenager band 1D sending her a flurry of online abuse, which even included death threats. She brushes them off with her good humour. Some of them can be quite funny and creative about it. But the die in a hole ones? Like, whose nine-year-old daughter are you?, she said in an interview for British magazine Grazia. Back to work matters, and Cara has enjoyed being clicked for Plastic Dreams, not least because it gave her the chance to work again with Karl Lagerfeld. I will always cherish working with Karl, she says. The shoes were another big attraction for her. I love them, they are so comfortable and smell great.

Model of the Year, a coveted title that has already belonged to Kate Moss, Stella Tennant, Lara Stone and Agyness Deyn. Not bad for a girl who, until recently, had never thought of being a model. Despite being used to hanging out with the cool and famous London crowd, she was taken

On this page, Cara shares photos from her Instagram profile, with almost one million followers. On the following page, the model catwalks for Emilio Pucci (Summer 2013), in Milan; on a scene from the movie Anna Karenina; at a Black Tie Carnival Party in London; with Karl Lagerfeld at a charity dinner at Cannes Film Festival in 2012; with English actor Harry Treadaway ;-)

alds and a pizza on the eve of her debut on the Victorias Secret catwalk, at a time when most other models were trying to eat as little as possible to look good in those miniscule outfits. Not afraid to be silly, she often posts hilarious pictures of herself

Plastic Dreams


CineMelissa Winter 2013


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Lights, cameras and lots of action!

By Erika Palomino Photos Vivi Bacco


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o begin the development of the theme, the Melissa research team went out

searching for references and inspiration. Always aiming to escape the obvious, we flew to Rome, in this moment where Italian cinema is enjoying a revival. Rome, home to the masters like Fellini, Visconti, De Sica and Pasolini, and their great divas. Rome is the largest film studio in the world, said Fellini, at the launch of his feature film with the same name as the Eternal City. With this film, I wanted to address the idea that under the Rome of today there is ancient Rome. I always have that in mind and that is very exciting. Imagine being in a traffic jam at the Coliseum! explained the filmmaker famous for his eccentric types and movies with surreal tones. In fact, the corners, city squares and fountains create a curious mix of the legacy of the Roman Empire with the daily life of an urban, romantic, unique

To research for the collection, the Melissa team visited film studios in Rome and India, including the largest museum in the world dedicated to the genre, in Turin, Italy. Embark on this journey with us and immerse yourself in the magic and glamour of cinema.
and literally scenic metropolis. To visit the Fontana di Trevi is to remember Anita Ekberg in the water fountain in La Dolce Vitta (1960), with her famous strapless black dress and her long blonde hair framing her shoulders. The scene is so famous that every day and night there are policemen stationed there to prevent excited tourists from repeating the iconic scene. Everything changed after La Dolce Vita, according to another important director, Martin Scorsese. Cinema became international and our vision of reality was expanded. Films became the richest black and white imagery, of something we never saw. In 2011, the Gucci Foundation digitally restored the masterpiece and sponsored a screening of the film for VIPs of the movie and fashion industry, proving its importance. It was also in Rome the eternal Breakfast at Tiffanys Audrey Hepburn filmed Roman Holiday, a noble young princess who takes a few days off to live like a tourist alongside, heartthrob of the time, Gary Cooper. Strolling through some of the citys famous landmarks on a scooter, they immortalized places like staircase to Piazza di Spagna, the Roman Forum and the Mouth of Truth (La Bocca della Verit). Some people go to Rome exclusively to retrace the films tour. The strength of Italian women portrayed in that golden period continues to inspire fashion today.



Madonna in a recent campaign for Dolce & Gabbana revived scenes from the 1962 movie Mama Roma directed by Pasolini, and starring Anna Magnani. And even those who do not enjoy flying, like director Woody Allen, let himself be taken in by the charms of Rome with his To Rome With Love (2012). Rome is a city of illusions, said the American writer Gore Vidal. Not by chance there is the church, the politics and the cinema. Each of these worlds

producing illusions as you and I have, he said. To check this, we headed to another historic address: number 1055 Via Tuscolana, home to the so-called Dream Factory, as the legendary studio Cinecitt has become known. It was a special event, because we had the opportunity to visit the exhibition Cinecitt Shows Off, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unification and also the 75th anniversary of the studio. Unlike the Brazilian studio Vera Cruz, the Italian studios are in full swing. Crossing the mythical faade, that features a reproduction of the head of Fellinis Casanova, it is easy to imagine the real characters tracing the same path, in sets like Theatre 5 (the largest studio

01 Early photographic lenses. 02 The famous chairs on the film sets. 03 The floor of the Italian studios. 04 Melissa DORIS. 05 Anita Ekberg gets
in the water in La Dolce Vita at the Fontana di Trevi, in Rome. 06 Plaque of Fellinis Largo, in Rome. 07 Entrance of legendary Teatro 5 in Cinecitt. 08 Faade of Cinecitt, at Via Tuscolana. 09 The Coliseum at sunset. 10 Piazza di Spagna, at the heart of Rome. 11 Dolce & Gabbanas campaign based on the movie Mamma Roma, by Pier Paolo Pasolini. 12 Melissa MARILYN.

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in Europe, 2.873.04 square meters and 15 meters high, it was a favorite of Fellini and where his body was veiled, in 1993). And not only movies of the past were filmed there, current productions like Gangs of New York (2000; the sets remains intact), the HBO TV series Rome (2004) and Wes Andersons The Life Acquatic with Steve Zissou (2003) were all filmed there. In the 1950s and 1960s, everybody filmed in Cinecitt and launched their films in Rome. The glamorous premieres at the Grand Hotel were a must. And did you know the term paparazzi came from that time? To search the genealogy of cinema, the second stop of the Melissa staff was the National Museum of Cinema in Turin, still in Italy, one of the most important in the world dedicated to the Seventh Art. It is located inside the Mole Antonelliana, a temple created in 1863 by architect Alessandro Antonelli to be a synagogue. In 2000 it was transformed in the worlds tallest museum, with its famous 25 meter high dome. The building houses six floors of sensory and even acoustic experiences, displaying posters, memorabilia, costumes, masks, scripts, photographs, sketches, models and everything else you can imagine, including the first cape of Superman, the original mask of Darth Vader, a bra from Marilyn Monroe and, our favorite: the cast of the head of the idol of Casanova, created by designer Giantito Burchiellaro. A true immersion, very inspiring, that covers from the earliest shadow theaters and the first magic lanterns to the special effects of today (thats where we found the quote from Trotsky). The space is also one of the architectural landmarks of Turin and its panoramic lift leads to a terrace of 85 meters, where you can see the whole city up to the Alps. Cut. We took a plane to Mumbai, India. Besides us, millions of Indians go there every day, searching not only for fame, but also for money in an attempt to enter the gates of hope of the so-called Film City in Bollywood, if only to make a small cameo in one of the productions of the over

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22 Hong Kongs iconic skyline view, at Victoria Bay. 23 Nocturnal scenes of Hong Kong. 24 Scene from the film 2046, by Wong Kar Wai. 25 MElissa Billy Creepers.


13 Film poster of the Lumire Brothers. 14 The head of Fellinis idol, Casanova. 15 Film posters at the thematic Bar at the Museo Nazionale Del Cinema, in Turin. 16 Scene from The Shining by Stanley Kubrick, whose retrospective exhibition will open in October at the Museu da Imagem e do Som, in So Paulo. 17 Extract from the screenplay Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock. 18 Object from the original Frankenstein. 19 Original cape from the first Superman movie. 20 Indian Film Poster at Film City, in Mumbai. 21 Backstage of one of the 300 studios in Bollywood, India.


300 studios located in an area outside of the city center. The local production began there in 1915, as a response to the British cultural domain in the country. The first film in color dates from 1950 and in 1970s the term Bollywood was invented, to define the Hollywood of Bombay (or Mumbai). And if there is a world where colors make all the difference, that place is Bollywood. To mention that its aesthetic flirts with kitsch would be almost superfluous. As with everything in India, the shades are intense, with lots

Whisky, the promo song for the film Vicky Honor, starring John Abrahim, the upcoming actor Ayushmann Khurrana and the very energetic director Shoojit Sircar. The heat was perhaps even more surreal than the scene, complete with pyrotechnics and even extras dressed as fetishistic nurses (the romantic comedy revolves around the issue of sperm donation!). The dances, created by award-winning choreographer Bosco, needless to say, make Psys choreographies look very simple! Cut. We leave for Hong Kong, because some of todays most relevant cinematography comes from the Orient, mainly from China and Hong Kong. We were inspired by the work of director Wong Kar-wai, from 2046 and In The Mood For Love, with its dark colors and sophisticated aesthetic. Pure modernism. And we havent even mentioned yet Lou Ye or Zhang Yimou. And what about 2013 Academy Award Winning Director Ang Lee, who was born in Taiwan, and enchanted the world with his film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, making martial arts films cool again? And if the movies serve as a reflection of the times around us, portraying different periods, these same time periods are expressed in the different moods and styles of the CineMelissa collection. Immerse yourself in the magic and embark with us to this world that, just like Melissa, is always evolving.





of gold, and the discrepancies between the rich and the poor are huge. We went from the high to the low, visiting a rickety and dusty studio, and then the very structured SJ Studio, and another set where we witnessed with exclusivity the shoot of Rum &

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Holly, Nolly, Bolly

Hollywood is the mecca of cinema, we already know. However, the biggest movie producer of the global market is not the United States, but India. In turn, Nigeria, in the african continent, is the fastest growing film industry in the world. Find out the differences between the three.
By Andr Barcinski Illustration Heir

uick question: which film industry with a name ending in wood produces most movies per year? Hollywood, right? Wrong! The biggest producer of movies in the world is

Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood. The names sound very much alike, but the movies, the industry and the way of making them couldnt be more different. Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles, California, USA. The place started attracting film producers at the beginning of the 20th century, due to its perfect weather. This was very different from the freezing winters of New York, where the early studios were located. There was another advantage: the land in California was huge, cheap and unexplored. From 1910, many producers moved there. The first studio built in the Los Angeles area was the Selig Polyscope, in 1909-1910. And the first film shot in Hollywood was a short film of 17 minutes called Old California, directed in 1910 by renowned D.W. Griffith, one of the biggest names from the early days of cinema.

Bollywood, in India. Around 1,100 movies are produced there every year. So, that means the second biggest producer is Hollywood, right? Wrong again! The second biggest film producer in the world is Nollywood. Thats how the Nigeria film industry became known. They produce around 1,000 movies per year. Hollywood comes in the third place, producing an average of 650 movies per year. On the other hand, it is the most lucrative movie industry in the world, with revenue of around US$11 billion per year, while Bollywoods revenue is US$3 billion and Nollywoods US$250 million.

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Another genius of the early years of cinema, Cecil B. De Mille, shot in 1914, along with Oscar Apfel, the first feature film in Hollywood, The Squaw Man. The exodus of producers and studios to California was so intense that in 1915 the Los Angeles region had already surpassed New York as the largest center of film production in the United States. The word Hollywood became virtually synonymous with American cinema. And its greatest symbol is the huge Hollywood sign, located in the Santa Monica Mountains. The sign measures 110 meters long by 11 meters high and was built originally to advertise a real estate project, but ended up staying and became an icon of the power of the film industry. Bollywood is not a place but the name given to the film industry based in Bombay (or Mumbai), India. Curiously, the name was adapted from Tollywood, the name of a movie production center rival to Bombay, Tollygunge, based in Calcutta, which dominated Indian cinema in the 1930s and 1940s. The term Bollywood emerged in the 1970s, when India overtook the United States in number of films produced annually. The name stuck so much that

many people think it means the total Indian film industry, when in fact it only refers to films produced in the Bombay region. Bollywood movies are mostly musical-melodramas, romantic stories of impossible love and happy endings, made for audiences to cry and laugh. No Bollywood film is complete without several Broadway-style musical numbers, filled with festive music and complex choreographies. The films are often very colorful, mostly in flashy tones. Until the 1970s, Bollywood movies were produced for the domestic market and showed only in Indian cinemas. They soon began to be exported all over the world and shown in countries with Indian communities. That helped making the films known around the planet and eventually influenced even Hollywood movies, especially musical films recently released by American studios. These would include Chicago, Rent, Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia and Moulin Rouge, whose director, Baz Luhrman, gave interviews saying he had been directly influenced by Bollywoodian musicals. Finally, we arrive in Nollywood, one of the most amazing stories of cinema. It is also not a place, but

Nollywood, one of the most amazing stories of cinema. It is also not a place, but the nickname given to the fastest growing film industry in the world: Nigeria.

the nickname given to the fastest growing film industry in the world: Nigeria. Without movie theaters to show their films, Nigerian directors and producers work really fast and cheap, and target only the DVD market. A Nollywood film costs, on average, a mere U$15,000 and sells 50 thousand DVDs, ensuring gigantic profit margins. To cheapen the production, movies are shot on the street or in locations such as hotels and restaurants, and sometimes even in the producers homes. The stories range from romance to thrillers. Religious stories are also very popular. The Nigerian population is so fond of the local films that the number of DVD sales of local production exceeds that of Hollywood blockbusters. The next step, according to the producers, is bringing the films to other countries in Africa. Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood: three countries, three continents, three different ways of producing movies.

Andr Barcinski is a movie critic from Folha de S. Paulo

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time machine
Venice. Charles Chaplin appears for the first time as The Tramp in the comedy Kid Auto Races at

Embark on an amazing journey through cinemas fascinating history, conducted by a team of lovers of this unique form of telling stories, inventing dreams and turning them into reality!

With the release of Becky Sharp, by Rouben Mamoulian, American audiences discover the vivid colors of Technicolor.

MGM revitalizes the musical genre with a series of movies that would soon become classics. In Easter Parade, Judy Garland stars with one of the greatest dancers of all time, Fred Astaire.

In Paris, the Lumire Brothers, organize a presentation using the cinmatographe. The image of a train reaching the station that Martin Scorsese would re-create in his 2011 movie Hugo causes a commotion among the 30 people that were present.


D.W. Griffith presents his epic The Birth of a Nation. Its the first time a director uses close rative devices in order to tell a story. These devices are still used in narrative movies today. | DOCTORMACRO.COM | courtesy fox home entertainment, universal home video, warner home video, continental, verstil home video, magnus opus, fox filmes, globo vdeo, paramount home, vintage films, videofilmes, imagem filmes


Carmen Miranda stars in Al, Al, Carnaval, one of the first chanchadas (a Brazilian genre that mixes comedy and musical) produced by Cindia, the first Brazilian film studio.

used until then.

ups, flashbacks and other nar-

Fox presents The Robe, the first movie shot on Cinemascope. The new format produces an image almost twice as big as the format

From a ship, Afonso Segreto films the arrival at Guanabara Bay. Its the first footage produced in Brazil.

the Moon.


1937 | DOCTORMACRO.COM | courtesy fox home entertainment, universal home video, warner home video, continental, verstil home video, magnus opus, fox filmes, globo vdeo, paramount home, vintage films, videofilmes, imagem filmes

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first full-feature animation by Walt Disney, is released in theaters and becomes an instant classic.

In the USSR, Sergei Eisenstein directs Battleship Potemkin, and is considered the father of movie montage.


Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, one of the main figures of the golden age of Asian cinema, presents Seven Samurai. The movie influenced many generations of moviemakers.

Considered the father of special effects, French illusionist George Mlis takes the audience to space for the first time, in the first science fiction film ever produced, A Trip to

Gone With The Wind, based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell, is adapted for the big screen. The movie becomes one of the most lucrative films in history.

Al Jolson, a Vaudeville icon, surprises the audiences in The Jazz Singer, the first full-length talking movie.

The success of The Great Train Robbery by Edwin S. Porter, established the motion pictures industry in the USA and confirmed Westerns as the quintessential American cinematographic genre.

Pather Panchali, the first film of the Apu Trilogy by Indian director Satyajit Ray, is released. Indias movie industry would grow to become bigger than Hollywood by the 1970s.


Written by Salvador Dali and directed by Luis Buuel, Un Chien Andalou / An Andalusian Dog, shocks audiences during the European premieres. This film is considered an icon of Surrealist Cinema.


Orson Welles makes a revolution in Hollywood with Citizen Kane. Critics consider the film as one of the best movies of all time.

Shot in four weeks with a very low budget, Breathless, by JeanLuc Godard, becomes the symbol of the French movement known as Nouvelle Vague.

Ole Olsen founds Nordisk Film, in Denmark, transforming it into the most important film-producing country in Northern Europe.



With Roma, Open City, a landmark of the Italian Neo Realism, Roberto Rossellini portrays the confusion of the post-war period in Europe and creates an alternative for the Hollywood way of making films.

In Dracula, Hungarian actor Bla Lugosi portrays for the first time Count Dracula, creating gestures and a way of speaking that is associated with Bram Stokers character until today.



Alfred Hitchcock terrorizes his audience with Psycho, one of the most memorable suspense thrillers from all time.

Photoplay, the first American film fan magazine, is founded.

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Henry Mancini wins two Oscars and four Grammys for the soundtrack of Breakfast at Tiffanys, which includes the hit Moon River.

Enter the Dragon is released in the West right after the premature death of its main actor Bruce Lee. Martial Arts movies become a sensation worldwide and Lee | DOCTORMACRO.COM | courtesy fox home entertainment, universal home video, warner home video, continental, verstil home video, magnus opus, fox filmes, globo vdeo, paramount home, vintage films, videofilmes, imagem filmes

The Argentinian political drama The Official Story by Luis Puenzo becomes the first Latin American movie to win an Oscar for Best Foreign Movie.

Warner Bros announces Daniel Radcliffe as the main character of Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone, the first film of the series based on J. K. Rowlings books.

In Dr. No, directed by Terence Young, Sean Connery personifies secret agent 007, James Bond, in the first film of this successful British franchise.

becomes a pop culture icon.


The romantic comedy makes a sexy comeback in Hollywood. Due to the huge success of Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts becomes a star and the highest paid actress in the business.


City of God by Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles is nominated for Academy Awards in four categories: Director, Adapted Screenplay, Editing, and Cinematography.

Dona Flor and her Two Husbands, based on Jorge Amados romance and directed by Bruno Barreto is released in Brazil and becomes one of the biggest box office hits of Brazilian cinema.


Sergio Leones A Fistful of Dollars, starring Clint Eastwood, is a hit. The genre known as Spaghetti Western, would become very popular in the 1960s.

Star Wars hits theaters for the first time and becomes a pop culture mania. The film is the first of the Blockbuster Era.



The commercial success of movies like Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino gets the attention of the big studios. They decide to create their own Independent production companies to finance more auteurist projects.

Documentaries become a commercial genre with March of the Penguins by French director Luc Jacquet.

The Sound of Music is one of the most successful movies of the year. The true story of the Von Trapp family would become one of the most popular musicals of all time.

Pedro Almodvar directs his first movie Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom and becomes a symbol of the Cultural Revolution of Spanish Democracy.

Disney buys Pixar Animation Studios, creator of box office hits such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo.

Danish filmmakers Lars Von | DOCTORMACRO.COM | courtesy fox home entertainment, universal home video, warner home video, continental, verstil home video, magnus opus, fox filmes, globo vdeo, paramount home, vintage films, videofilmes, imagem filmes

Trier and Thomas Vinterberg publish the Dogma 95 manifesto, which rejects the cinematographic conventions of its time, according to them based on special effects and the latest technological inventions.

Influential Brazilian filmmaker Glauber Rocha, leader of the Cinema Novo movement, wins the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival for Antonio das Mortes.


of 3D movies.

Released in December, Avatar by James Cameron breaks all box offices records and becomes responsible for the resurgence

With ET the Extra-Terrestrial, Steven Spielberg becomes one of the most popular and influential directors of movie history.

Titanic arrives on the big screens all over the world. With a budget of 250 million dollars, including production and marketing costs, is the most expensive film of all time.



Tango with Me by Mahmood Ali-Balogun is Nigerias most lucrative movie of the year. With 1,000 titles per year, the African country is the second biggest producer of films in the world.

In Hong Kong, Jackie Chan reinvents the action movie genre with Project A, performing elaborate action scenes without stunts or special effects.

Midnight Cowboy by John Schlesinger becomes the first X-rated movie to win the Best Film award at the Oscars.

Studio Ghibli opens in Japan. Its acclaimed animes, a Japanese style of animation, were greatly responsible for the revitalization of the countrys cinema in the 1980s.


Among sequels, remakes, and franchises that will hit the theaters, the most awaited film is Man of Steel. The movie brings back to the big screen DC Comics greatest super hero, Superman.

Made with a budget of only 30 thousand dollars, The Blair Witch Project makes more then 125 million at the box offices, and becomes a cult classic.

The first of a series of disaster movies, The Poseidon Adventure brings millions of people to the theaters.

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magic carpet
A catwalk for celebrities, luxurious clothes and jewelry, the Red Carpets produce moments that are even more fun than the movies and the award shows themselves. who are you wearing today?
By Sergio Amaral

Right, Tilda Swinton wears Haider Ackermann at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards; following, Anna Hathaway wears Prada on the night she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Les Misrables (2013); Cate Blanchett, another muse of the red carpet, shows the back of her Givenchy couture dress (2011); Imogen Heap wears Melissa Ultragirl + J.Maskrey and Hayley Williams wears Melissa Vivienne Westwood Three Straps Elevated, both at the 2010 Grammy Awards.
Before them, Bjrk, at the 2001 Oscars, caused a commotion with a fancy white swan dress by Macedonian designer Marjan Pejoski; J.Lo also shone at the 2000 Grammys Awards looking like a highclass periguete*, wearing an extremely sexy and revealing tropical print Versace dress. Some other great moments from the red carpet include Sarah Jessica Parker in McQueen at the 2006 Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, as well as Nicole Kidman the always-gorgeous diva of the red carpet at the 2007 Oscars, in a red Balenciaga. And what about Tilda Swinton? What a vision! Super modern and always very elegant, wearing Lanvin at the 2009 Oscars, and more recently wearing Haider Ackermann at this years Golden Globes in January. Other hits: Cate Blanchet, dressed in an architectural and Oriental inspired Givenchy Couture, at the 2011 Oscars; Charlize Theron in a light blue Dior in 2005; and Gisele, at the same ceremony, in white Dior (attention to the bonus!) with Leonardo DiCaprio at her side; not to mention Julia Roberts, stunning in Valentino, at the 2001 Oscars. Going back in time, its still worth mentioning a fashion moment from decades ago, at the 1954 Oscars, with Breakfast at Tiffanys Audrey Hepburn in a simple white floral pattern dress by Givenchy. Audrey took home the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in Roman Holiday and also went down in history as one of the strongest looks ever on the red carpet! Valentino, Versace, Givenchy, Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, Balenciaga The most desirable brands in the world have already walked by the red carpets. And Melissa too! At the Grammys, didnt you know?

ear after year, the scene is repeated in a continual loop, with celebrities landing on the red carpet, smiling for zillions of flashbulbs and photos that

Take the Oscars, for example, whose TV audience surpasses 39 million viewers in the U.S. alone. There is no right recipe for success, because it also depends on the competition. But the resources at your disposal, considering how much of an A-lister you are at the moment, are limitless. Stunningly expensive clothes? Check. Ultra impressive jewelry? Check. Special treatments, products and beauty professionals at your disposal? Check. Whatever youd like, the sky is the limit! It sounds like a dream, but that really happens in Hollywood. Much better than the predictable bad jokes of the ceremonies, the red carpets have generated memorable and historic moments since the beginning. A curiosity: the earliest record of a red carpet in history was at the Greek tragedy Agamemnon, a play from Aeschylus, written sometime in antiquity, about 500 years before Christ. In the story, Agamemnon returns victorious from the Trojan War, and in recognition of his heroism and his success is greeted with a purple carpet extended at his feet, something that at that time was solely dedicated to the deities. Returning to the red carpets, as we know today, but still talking about mythological beings, there are several moments that mark recent memory, starting with last years Oscar ceremony, when Angelina Jolie, wearing a black dress by Atelier Versace, posed for pictures with her leg exposed, in a daring pose (somewhat strange, its true), causing a rebound in the entire cosmos. So who are the biggest shakers? Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj always cause a commotion when they hit the red carpets. Two very dramatic queens, inside a cocoon or wearing a dress made of stuffed animals, they never go unnoticed.

will find their way to millions of blogs, pages, informing us what is chic and elegant, who did it right and shone and who was a total disaster. It could even be considered futile. But its not. Think of a special evening in your life, your graduation party for example. Besides having fun its also important to shine and be the star. This can mean different things to different girls: maybe to be the most beautiful, the sexiest and the most fun, or perhaps to be with the cutest boy. At the Oscars, or the Grammys, or the Golden Globes, or any red carpet in the world, it is very similar to that. Only 1 billion times bigger!

social networks, newspaper and magazine

Angelina Jolie wears Versace couture at the 2012 Academy Awards; the dress revealed her form and inspired the world.

* periguete is a typical look from of a Brazilian girl who mixes a lot of different fashion styles, always looking super sexy.


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From the movie screens to the streets or from the streets to the movie screens, Join us as we review the history of cinema and fashion, two industries united in creating dreams with reality.
By Alexandra Farah

DOCTORMACRO.COM | courtesy universal pictures, paramount pictures and warner bros.

Movies & fashion: a perfect marriage

n the last two decades the relationship between fashion and film has become very dance, became an obsession, as well as her poodle-like hairstyle. Alex, her characters name, worked in a steel mill and spent her lunchtime reading French Vogue! She was such a hottie that she ended up winning her handsome bosses heart and became a true ballerina. Besides telling a good story, movies have always had the function of expressing style and creating dreams for their fans. Since the 1920s film studios have used the looks of their stars as part of their marketing campaigns. And they were very clever at making profits. In the first decades of the last century, each movie theatre had its own shop. They were called cineshops, with all different kinds of merchandise for sale; basically everything that was featured in the movies they were showing. Gradually this concept became more professional and eventually it turned into a hit. For example take the romantic white dress, with broad shoulders, created by one of Hollywoods greatest designers of all time, Adrian, for Joan Crawfords character in the movie Letty Lynton. This dress sold 50 thousand copies at Macys in 1932, the year of the movies release. This formula of copying dresses that appear on the big screen became an absolute success and remains popular until today. Especially with the strong influence of the red carpet phenomena, which generates lots of media attention. These days, for instance, the Oscar ceremony can be considered the biggest fashion show of the year. Ten years ago, the yellow dress used by Kate Hudson in the movie How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days was the most copied gown by specialized party dress stores in New York City. In 2012, boys were obsessed with a jacket stamped with a scorpion on the back, exactly like the one used by Ryan Gosling in Drive. In 2013, a strong candidate for the most copied fashion item is the ruby dress used by Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina, which won the Oscar in the same year for Best Costume Design. The movies have produced numerous fashion hits. The exhibition Hollywood Costume which closed recently at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, brought together the 100 best costumes of all time. The exhibit was curated by three specialists in costume design, and included Dorothys look from The Wizard of Oz and Jack Sparrows look for Pirates of the Caribbean. As far as classic costumes goes, it is impossible to forget the white pleated dress that Marilyn Monroe used in The Seven Year Itch, or the strapless pink silk dress from Gentleman Prefer Blondes, both movies from the 1950s. Still in the realm of classics, in 1974 designer Ralph Lauren was invited to create Robert Redfords look for his title role in The Great Gatsby. Lauren used a wide tie and changed completely mens fashion trendy. But this relationship started long ago. Since the beginning of the last century, movies have used fashion to add glamour and update their look. Fashion, on the other hand, uses movies to showcase their latest creations and get worldwide attention. Long before the invention of TV, movie magazines were filled with the latest creations from Parisian designers. Pictures of Hollywood divas walking the red carpets at the award ceremonies were a great way to showcase fashion everywhere on the planet. Each diva represented their own film and their own style. Just think, for example, about the revolution caused by the very short haircut with bangs of one of the first it girls of all time, silent screen star Clara Bow. More recently, in the 1980s, the torn grey sweatshirt used by Jennifer Beals in the sexy disco romance Flash-

before the movie, guys used to follow the Mod aesthetic, with extremely thin ties from the 1960s. Lauren was so successful that, from that moment on, he built his fame and created a fashion empire. The most awaited fashion film of 2013 is once again The Great Gatsby, this time with Leonardo DiCaprio in the starring role and Carey Mulligan as his
Above, clockwise: Joan Crawford in Letty Lynton; scene from the remake of The Great Gatsby; Keira Knightley looks smashing in burgundy in a scene from Anna Karenina; Jennifer Beals and her iconic sweatshirt top in Flashdance; Kate Hudsons yellow dress, one of the most copied in the history of fashion; Marilyn Monroes unforgettable pink gown; Audrey and her timeless dress from Breakfast at Tiffanys, by Givenchy, and Ryan Gosling in Drive. Center, starlet Clara Bow, the first it-girl!

love interest, with costumes designed by Miuccia Prada. But when you talk about iconic costumes, nothing beats the little black dresses that Audrey Hepburn, the muse of fashion-films, used in the classic Breakfast at Tiffanys by Blake Edwards in 1961. It was her fourth collaboration with fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy. Prior to this film, only widows and prostitutes wore black dresses. After Breakfast at Tiffanys and the iconic scene of Audrey eating a croissant with her pearl necklace in front of Tiffanys, the little black dress immediately became a fashion icon, being adopted even at debutants balls. A magic that only the perfect combination of fashion and films can produce.

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The aesthetics of Brazilian cinema

twenty years after resuming film production, filmmakers redefine the aesthetics of brazilian cinema in movies that range from popular TV-like comedies to dense and visually sophisticated narratives dealing with painful social issues.
By Suzy Cap Photos Courtesy of the distributors

ver the past 20 years, Brazilian cinema has been undergoing a process of reinvention. After a brief period of total stagnation, due to the extinction of

Different from other historical moments, the contemporary Brazilian cinema is marked by heterogeneity and diversity, says Academy Awards nominee Cesar Charlone, the cinematographer of Fernando Meirelles City of God. Each film proposes different aesthetics, he says. According to Charlone, even the role of the cinematographer in the construction of images varies from film to film. The final word is always the directors, but while some of them go as far as telling you which lenses they want you to use, others give total freedom to the Director of Photography, explains Charlone. Production designer Marcos Pedroso, credited for arthouse films such as Lower City by Srgio Machado, Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures by Marcelo Gomes, and Karim Anouzs upcoming film Praia do Futuro, identifies more than one direction in Brazilian filmmaking. They range from market-oriented comedies, with a standard aesthetics drawn from broadcast television, to socially committed films about violence and crime on the outskirts of large urban centers or the inequality and lack of prospects in the northeastern backlands. According to Pedroso, the latter use a documentary style, a true-to-life approach in the way those realities are depicted. Aesthetically, comedies like Until Luck Tears Us Apart, by Roberto Santucci, and If I Were You 1 and 2, by Daniel Filho, are more homogeneous as they portray realities seen in the Brazilian soap operas, produced by Rede Globo. Their cinema branch, Globo Filmes, has participated in the production of more than one hundred Brazilian films. That aspirational aesthetic involving lighting, production, costume design and casting,

Embrafilme, the State agency in charge of promoting, producing and distributing Brazilian films, production was resumed with innovative ways of representing the countrys reality. New public policies and laws designed to encourage film production in the mid-1990s were the main stimulus for the resumption of Brazilian cinema. Since the release of Carla Camuratis Carlota Joaquina, Princess of Brazil, the film that marked the beginning of this new period, there has been a new portrayal of aesthetics on screen. This was not only a consequence of greater financial investment in film but also a need to take a new ideological stand in front of the great political, economic, and social changes of the past 20 years. PhD candidate Daniela Gillone notes in her research project Identity and Politics in Contemporary Brazilian Cinema, that the representation of the working classes somehow repositions some aspects previously exploited by the Cinema Novo movement. In a different context and with a new ideological stance of production, the hinterlands of the northeastern region, migration, and especially the slums of large cities reappear in different perspectives from those experienced in the 1960s, she says. Another feature observed by Gillone is the predominance of realism in much of the recent filmography. But the way this image of realism is portrayed in Brazilian cinema is very diverse. For this reason it is difficult to group the filmmakers who have emerged in the last 20 years within a single thematic or aesthetic movement.

On this page, still from Love for Sale, a film by Karim Ainouz shot in the hinterland of Northeastern Brazil, a region frequently portrayed in Brazilian cinema.

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has great appeal to the audiences: the films co-produced by Globo Filmes led 120 million viewers to movie theaters since the branch of the company was founded in 1998 - a significant number for the Brazilian market. But not only standard comedies have had success with larger audiences. Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, by Jos Padilha, Carandiru, by Hector Babenco, and City of God, by Fernando Meirelles, scored high at the box office without giving up more sophisticated image compositions and less palatable themes. All those films were co-produced by Globo Filmes and influenced Brazilian television, inspiring TV series such as City of Men.

Clockwise, stills from: Rat Fever, an auteur film by Claudio Assis; the aesthetically brutal Neighbouring Sounds, an unexpected box office hit directed by Kleber Mendona; Until Luck Tears Us Apart, Roberto Santuccis 2012 blockbuster that recreates soap opera aesthetics; Linha de Passe, Walter Salles portrayal of a lower middle class family; and action-packed Elite Squad, by Jos Padilha, set in Rio de Janeiros violent slums.

The understanding of what is Brazil is frequently filtered, in the countrys contemporary cinema, by a foreign, outsider look.
Another strong strand in the national film industry is the authorial cinema, as represented by filmmakers Karim Anouz (Madame Sat, Love For Sale), Claudio Assis (Bog of Beasts, Rat Fever) and Marcelo Gomes (Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures, Once Upon a Time Veronica), among others. Directors like Walter Salles (Central Station, Linha de Passe - English title not available) and Fernando Meirelles, have become big names in the international cinema scene because of films that play out in impressive ways. They show the power struggles between different segments of urban society or narratives closer to the small details of daily life, and focus on characters who fight to survive or who are looking for more subjective conditions such as rescuing moral or ethical values. Imbued with a certain Brazilianness, both in the choice of topics and the construction of images, the Brazilian auteurs start from more personal issues and break away from visual clichs in their representations of Brazilian realities. The effort [made by these directors] is not to discover a profound Brazil, but a universal one says Pedroso. The most successful film dauteur in recent months, Neighboring Sounds, by Kleber Mendona Filho, follows this trend. Despite being located in Recife [a city in the northeast of the country with a particularly strong presence in contemporary Brazilian cinema], the film could pass anywhere else with the same status quo that we have in the world, says Marcos Pedroso. Its Brazilian identity is evidenced in its ugliness, in a certain aesthetic brutality constructed by the director, he adds. Curiosly, the understanding of what is Brazil is often filtered in our cinema by a foreign look, an outsider look. In I Travel Because I Have To, I Come Back Because I Love You, a road movie co-directed by Marcelo Gomes and Karim Anouz, a geologist is sent to the northeast to work, after a painful breakup. The impressions of the protagonist, at first distant and introspective, are transformed as he travels across the contemporary inland. He gets closer to the arid landscape of the northeastern backlands, audio-visual pollution in small towns and the various people he meets as they refer, in small frames and details, to very personal, and at the same time universal, feelings, such as love and loneliness. Theres no such thing as a Brazilian way of making films, says Charlone. In fact, a foreign perspective could be very welcome when approaching very regional issues. In my film The Popes Toilet (a Brazil/France/Uruguay co-production), the fact that Ive been living in Brazil for so many years and that I had a Brazilian editor was very important in conveying the Uruguayan spirit, he reveals. If theres not a Brazilian way of filmmaking theres certainly a Brazilian taste. In addition to the forementioned TV-like comedies, very particular film genres have emerged in recent years. Our Home: The Astral City, by Wagner de Assis, has consolidated the spiritist film genre in Brasil, while documentaries and biopics about Brazilian musicians have become a local phenomena, much more appreciated than Hollywood (or Bollywood) musicals, for instance. Whether blockbusters, low-budget productions, genre or auteur films, the Brazilian cinema is in fact redefining itself, reflecting the current situation of the country. By means of professionals working in film, TV and advertising, new aesthetics, perspectives, and modes of production have emerged in attempting to describe the diversity and great cultural, social and geographical dimension of Brazil.

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Akosua Adoma Owusu, 29, Director

Akosua Adoma Owusu is an Afro-American film director whos like an ambassador for new African storytelling. The continent of Africa has a history that is rich with fascinating stories, and cinema can be used like a window into that world. As an African filmmaker, I feel that it is my duty to seize that opportunity and offer something incredibly real from Africa to the world of cinema; something that goes beyond stereotypical depictions and the usual traditions of film, says Adoma. She was born in the US, but her parents are from Ghana. She became interested in working in film when she met Kevin Jerome Everson, an experimental black filmmaker, with whom she took courses during college. After graduating in Media Studies & Studio Art from the University of Virginia, she went
Still from Kwaku Ananse, a film by Ghana-based film director Okosua Adoma (opposite page, bottom left), which premiered at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival.

on to receive her Masters degree in Film & Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts. For Adoma, being a film director is a platform to express a voice eloquently and create poetry in moving pictures. Since shes become a film director she has made eight short films and installations. 2013 has been a very special year to Adoma, because Kwaku Ananse, her first short fiction film, commissioned by Focus Features Africa First Program, has been travelling the festival circuit after premiering at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival, in February. Kwaku Ananse is a story about a Ghanaian girl of the diaspora, who travels to Ghana for her fathers funeral, and ends up having a closure moment in the forest with her fathers spirit. Favorite film: Black Girl, by Ousmane Sembene

From top to bottom, stills from the movie Feriado (Holiday), an Ecuador/Argentina production directed by Diego Araujo with cinematography by Magela Crosignani (bottom, right).

Real life characters and their stories

Cinema, even when it is extremely personal, is an art form that involves many people. Each one has their own function very well defined, and the division of labor is very important in film production. PLASTIC DREAMS interviewed young filmmakers from various cultures working in different positions in the industry. Aside from being passionate about cinema, they have one thing in common: they all have attended the prestigious Talent Campus at the Berlin International Film Festival.
By Marina Pecoraro Photos Courtesy of the artists

Magela Crosignani, 33, Cinematographer

Magela Crosignani is a cinematographer from Uruguay. Since her childhood shes been attracted to photography, painting and drawing. Because of these passions, when she decided to work with cinema it was more natural for her to think of storytelling in visual terms. Filmmaking for Magela, is an art that needs visuals to communicate a story and sometimes a complex sentiment can be translated into a simple visual idea. She has studied filmmaking at New York University (NYU), where she focused on cinematography and documentary. After graduating from NYU she received her Masters degree from The American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles, with a focus in Cinematography. Magela had the privilege of working on a Spike Lee movie in New York City as an intern, in her first real set experience. I shot my first feature film after graduating from AFI and Ive not stopped since then. So far, Ive shot around nine feature films as a cinematographer and few others as a camera operator or second unit cinematographer, shares the Uruguayan cinematographer. Favorite film: Double Life of Veronique, by Krzysztof Kieslowski.

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Here and below: movie stills from Social Butterfly, by Baltimorebased director Lauren Wolkstein, pictured in black and white.

Monica Palazzo, 34, Film and Art Director/Production Designer

Monica Palazzo has always liked cinema, literature and creating realities. In her first year studying Image and Sound, at Universidade Federal de So Carlos, she was responsible for the art direction of short films as well as the dcor and ambience of several parties. The production designer is responsible for creating a visual reality that will be filmed according to the story being told. He creates the context for the characters to exist, for the cinematographer to create the lighting, and for the director to orchestrate it all. The production design needs to be consistent with the story being told. Its his responsibility to understand the film that the director is doing, and work with him and the other professionals involved. explains Monica. When this combination doesnt work, the spectators, even if they are not film experts, will notice theres something missing or that the story is not plausible. In her 10-year career Monica has worked in 11 feature films and 25 short films. All her experience and expertise as an art director and production designer is shared with the students of the Academia Internacional de Cinema, AIC, as well as with graduate students of the Faculdade Belas Artes de So Paulo and Escola de Comunicao e Artes from the University of So Paulo. Favorite film: The Pillow Book, by Peter Greenaway.
On this page: stills from Colors, with production design by Monica Palazzo (pictured above). It is the first feature film by director Francisco Garcia, and has been shown in international film festivals in San Sebastin, So Paulo, Cartagena and Glasgow.

Lauren Wolkstein, 30, Screewriter and Film Director

Lauren Wolkstein is an American screenwriter and film director, living and working in Baltimore, Maryland. She was considered one of the top twenty-five emerging filmmakers by the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Independent Filmmaker Projects inaugural Emerging Visions program at New York Film Festival, in 2011. Lauren majored in computer science and film at Duke University, in North Carolina, and also studied film in graduate school at Columbia University, in New York. She has been working in the industry for more than 10 year and directed several short films during this time. My last three

films, (Social Butterfly, The Strange Ones and Cigarette Candy) have won major awards and qualified for the Oscars, reveals Lauren. Her new film, Social Butterfly, world premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. For the upcoming director, cinema represents a way of expressing herself visually in ways that she cant do with words. For her, being a filmmaker means being able to share stories and hopefully make a change in the way people view the world. I like to be able to share different perspectives and tell stories of characters that will stick with people forever like all of my favorite films have done for me, she says. Favorite film: Paris, Texas, by Wim Wenders.

Maria Alexandrovna Andreeva, 24, Cinematographer/Film Critic

The youngest filmmaker interviewed by PLASTIC DREAMS was born and raised in Omsk, Siberia, before moving to Moscow to complete her studies. This has certainly affected my strong character!, she says. Her way into cinematography was paved during her school years, when she learned painting, drawing and art history. Visual sensitivity has always been the main part of my perception and Ive always wanted to express myself through images, she explains. At first Id take photos, but it was not enough for me: the world of cinema goes deeper and gives more depth not only to express feelings but also to make people from different countries experience a great variety of

emotions. Since 2006 shes been working as a film critic and has shot documentaries and short films with many directors from different countries. Maria Andreeva is the first member of her family to work in the film industry. My parents still dont understand where I got this attraction from, but theyve always been morally supportive, she reveals. At the moment shes doing her PhD studies as a cinematographer at the Russian University of Cinematography, focusing on German Cinema. Favorite film: Mournful Unconcern, by Alexander Sokurov.

On top, movie still from Good Morning, Azov, with cinematography by Maria Andreeva (middle). Here, still from Paris Moscow - Paris, also photographed by Andreeva.

For more information about these and other filmmakers, check the Talent Campus website at

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fotos divulgao

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A Female Point of View

t is curious to note that many of the women who direct documentaries, both past and present, are considered revolutionaries in both the aesthetics and techniques of filmmaking. Two great examples of this would be Leni Riefenstahl and Agns Varda. It is not just because women have a feminine perspective or

A very interesting quality, common among many of Brazils female documentarians, is the courage to tell really personal stories. They are not afraid to go deep into their family dramas and their intimacy, without any self-indulgence or self-pity. Recent films such as Diary, Letters, Revolutions / Dirio de uma Busca (2010) by Flvia Castro and Elena (2012) by Petra Costa, draw upon, in different ways, Sandra Koguts Hungarian Passport (2001). Kogut starts with a banal topic, her desire to obtain her European passport but ends up telling a bitter-sweet story of exile, immigration and family roots.

a feminist point of view, its because women have made substantial contributions to the growth of the medium, pioneering techniques that are widely used today by all filmmakers both in documentaries and in fiction. It is virtually impossible to define and label Female Cinema due to the broad base of issues it encompasses and the various paths it has taken. The German director Leni Riefenstahl was one of the first and perhaps the greatest female documentary filmmaker of all time. Her films of the Nazi period, Triumph of the Will (1935) about the rallies of Hitler in the 5th Convention of the National Socialist Party and Olympia (1938) about the Olympic Games in Berlin are considered revolutionary works and are fundamental in the history of cinema, placed alongside the great formalists and creators of cinematic grammar. To get an idea of the power and influence of her work, sport TV continues to repeat, in slow motion, shots that she envisioned for Olympia, as well as the use of carts and rails to monitor athletes racing a technique that until then, was only used in fiction films, not documentaries. Even with her infamous association to the Nazi regime and her deep belief in National Socialism, it is impossible to think of film without recognizing Riefenstahls contributions. Agns Varda, on the other hand, is a key figure in the creation of the French Nouvelle Vague. She was part of the famed Rive Gauche gang, alongside Marguerite Duras, Alain Resnais and Chris Marker, among others. Cleo from 5 to 7 (1961), her best-known film, blurs the boundaries between real and imaginary. With the inclusion of fiction she expanded the formidable possibilities of documentaries, giving them a sense of freshness, youth

There is a certain sensibility which enables women to reach places and get results that men cannot.
Continuing with the theme of exile, Flvia Castro, in her film Diary, Letters, Revolutions tries to understand the reasons for the death of her father, a militant leftist in Brazil who, upon returning from abroad, dies under suspicious circumstances at the home of the consul of Paraguay in Porto Alegre in 1984. In the film, documentary and fiction mingle again, and the documentation of the search becomes more important than understanding the reasons behind the death itself. The same observations can be made about the film Elena by Petra Costa. While investigating the suicide of her sister, Petra does not attempt to analyze her sisters motives, but rather documents the anguish of those left behind, shattered, trying to pick up the pieces and continue living. Here fiction gives way to experimentation with video art, to better exemplify the pain and sorrow of mourning. We can affirm that, more than a female cinema, there is a female way of making films and a certain sensibility, which enables these women to reach places and get results that men cannot. The feminist documentarian Laura Mulvey argues that cinema made by women is a counter-cinema because it has to struggle against the voyeurism and the fetishism in which women are treated in traditional fiction cinema, grounded in patriarchal beliefs. In the 1970s, at the height of the feminist movement, women on both sides of the Atlantic produced films from this perspective, especially in the United States and in France. The endless debate about the role of women in the cinema during the 1970s somehow liberated the following generations from this question. Only after this period could we witness the production of women directors and, perhaps, a certain feminine vision.
Clockwise: Stills from Olympia (1938), by Leni Riefenstahl; The Hungarian Passport (2001), by Sandra Kogut; Olympia; Diary, Letters, Revolutions, by Flvia Castro (2010). Pictured center, movie director Agns Varda.

Traditional cinema (fiction) has historically portrayed women as a passive object, on a pedestal of beauty. Documentaries have opened the window to allow women to tell their own stories, using their own voice and perspective with amazing results, not just to the narrative, but to filmmaking itself.
By Clarice Reichstul

and verisimilitude that had never been seen before. In Brazil, one of the most regarded female filmmakers is Helena Solberg, director of Carmen Miranda: Bananas Is My Business (1995). Since her first film in 1966, women and the female world have been the focus of her gaze, both in documentary and in fiction. Another great Brazilian documentarian who has an extremely interesting trajectory is Sandra Kogut. Coming from a generation of video artists in the 1980s, Kogut took elements of video art and brought them to the documentary sphere and then took the documentary to fiction in her film Mutum (2007), an adaptation of the book Campo Geral by Brazilian writer Guimares Rosa. In her films the three styles mix, offering a look that is both intimate and universal.

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58 | personal archive

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KARLs likes

Im a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes... Its about all kinds of change, declared karl Lagerfeld. His iconic home library in his photo studio in Central Paris has over 60 thousand books, making it one of the largest private libraries in the world. But the self-declared happy victim of books has also travelled the world throughout his decades of work and now holds some of the most exclusive and breathtaking information not only in his hands, but in his mind. And that means the possibility of change and reinvention, something he has mastered in. Here is a selection of some of his favorite things in the fields of contemporary and modern art, architecture and literature, as well as travel and tourism! Inspire change in your life with Karls likes. A further selection can be seen at

02 11 10

08 06 07



15 14 04

13 12


01 The book Inside Rio, by Michael Roberts, Maurilla Castello Branco, Nicolas Martin Ferreira and Lenny Niemeyer. 02 Karl Lagerfelds drawing for the Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris, 2012. 03 A book documenting the work of Le Corbusier. 04 Artist Vik Muniz and one of his works made out of trash. 05 Titians Saint John the Baptist.

06 Painting by Austrian artist Egon Schiele. 07 Concept-store colette, Paris. 08 En Japanese Brasserie restaurant, NY. 09 Lydia Courteille store, Paris. 10 Artwork by Wassily Kandinsky. 11 View of exhibition by Cindy Sherman. 12 Hilditch & Key store, Paris. 13 Venus at her Mirror, by Diego Velzquez. 14 Compilation of the works of Canaletto and Francesco Guardi. 15 A book with works by Edward Hopper.

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The man who knows too much!!!

The quality of a movie poster is essential for its success. And if we rely on Robert McGinnis talent, the CineMelissa collection will break several box office records in its premiere. For more than four decades his paintings have been on movie theater billboards worldwide. Having created over 1,000 posters for movies such as Breakfast at Tiffanys and Barbarella (not to mention all James Bond flicks from the 1960s and 1970s), this 87-year-old NorthAmerican is considered part of cinemas iconography. Melissa is proud to have this inspiring artist as the creator of the new collections ad campaign. Ladies and gentlemen, Robert McGinnis.
By Duda Porto de Souza Photos Courtesy of Robert McGinnis check out the exclusive documentary made by melissa with Robert Mcginnis @ melissachannel

cover art today? How can it still innovate? What would you tell contemporary artists, working in these areas, to always keep in mind? RMCG Early posters and covers
possessed a subtle charm; perhaps the imperfection of a handmade product by one individual brought out more

got out of high school, my art teacher, Mister Rice, gained acceptance for me at Walt Disney Studios in Hollywood Later, joining Chaite Studios (an art studio) in New York was a thrill... Then my first book-cover assignments at Dell Publishing... In film, the Breakfast at Tiffanys poster and the James Bond posters... The Artist of the Year Award at the Romantic Times gala Then the two books on my work Tapestry: The Art of Robert E. McGinnis and The Paperback Book Covers of RMCG. And lastly, to my utter surprise, my induction into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 1993 Paintings I like?: Inca Wars for National Geographic Magazine, and also China Trade In paperbacks, the Shell Scott Richard Prather (author) series and the Milo March M.E. Chaber (author) series were favorites of mine And now, all my thanks to Melissa for giving me this opportunity to carry on!
Robert McGinnis (above, left), in his house in Greenwich, town located 50km from NY, and some of his creations: posters from Breakfast at Tiffanys(1961), Barbarella(1968), and his first book cover (for Some Like it Cool, 1965); opposite page, a true James Bond moment and one of his divas.

PLASTIC DREAMS Why did you decide to create for the brand Melissa? What was your inspiration? ROBERT MCGINNIS I suppose
the curiosity and excitement of creativity, which is at the heart of illustration, sets in motion imagination and images with endless possibilities; all of which are present with Melissa... an allure that beckons.

tions, allowing imagination to flow, refining elements. The pencil is like a searchlight guiding me safely into harbor.

scene of John Wayne in the character of Ethan), King Kong, Casablanca, The Third Man, and many more and of course the lavish Hollywood musicals (with stars such as Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell). I prefer the black-and-white movies of the 1920s and 1930s, for they represent a vanishing American culture that I grew up with. Also, the actresses were far more beautiful then than now. For examples: Kay Francis, Merle Oberon, Marlene Dietrich, Norma Shearer, Vivian Leigh, Carol Landis, Jeanette MacDonald to name a few!

loving care than one involving a machine. Computers have emerged over brush painting. There is no denying the speed and endless variations that are possible with computer art; however, the same fundamentals of imagination, staging and design are required, despite the method of transport.

PD In your own words, how would you describe your women? RMCG Essential qualities:
Intelligent, feminine, delicate, refined. In movement, graceful and fluid, with subtle muscular definition.

PD Can you share with us a little bit of your creative process? What are the most important aspects of your paintings? RMCG Always first, with
pencil in hand, preliminary drawings forming composi-

PD What are some of your favorite movies of all times and do you have a particular genre that you prefer to watch and to work with? Why? RMCG Some of my favorite
movies: Stagecoach, The Searchers (based on this movie, I painted a western

PD Can you share with us some of the highlights of your career? RMCG Several moments stand
out. When I was a child of 10, my mother signed me up for art lessons at the Cincinnati Art Museum, and walking into that great world of art was very exciting After I

PD What is the role of movie poster and paperback book

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Divas of the CineMelissa collection emanate a timeless and chic glamour

Who wouldnt like to be portrayed in a movie by a glamourous actress and, who knows, have their image on a movie poster? Experience this emotion in the images created by artist Robert McGinnis for the CineMelissa collection. They present nuances of nostalgia, even though still timeless, and take us to an almost dreamlike world.
melissa doris clutch melissa chromatic

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CineMelissa Outono/Inverno 2013


melissa spikes

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CineMelissa Outono/Inverno 2013


melissa ultragirl high

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They say an image is worth a million words. In the case of Karlisms, you can say the opposite. karl Lagerfelds equally enlightening, fantastic and humorous quotes are the result of decades of unique experience in the fashion business. Ladies and gentleman, here are nuggets of wisdom from the designer himself. Enjoy our favorite Karlisms!










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CineMelissa Winter 2013



Since the beginning, fashion and movies have always had a lot in common. Both deal with desire and fantasy. At the start of the 21st Century, this coalition has become more united, with film directors creating campaigns and films directly for the fashion market, while fashion photographers are flirting with movies and video. These products are known as fashion films, a media that mixes art, music videos, fashion, movies and advertising. Here is a selection of some of the best examples of this trend that is only just beginning.
By Sergio Amaral


Shot at the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, and directed by acclaimed fashion photographers duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin (read an interview with thwm on p. 72), this video had more then 6 millions views on Youtube. Breathtaking sets, a stunning cast dressed in luxurious clothes and Depeche Modes classic Enjoy The Silence as the soundtrack all combined for a very inspirational film truly historic!


Russia, the Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Grand Palais, the Louvre Museum, horses,


Karl Lagerfeld is the author of this video in partnership with photographer Barnaby Roper. The title suggests both a new mixture in fashion and a music remix. The encounter between the worlds of fashion and music become even more evident when top models such as Anja Rubik, Saskia de Braw and Sui He show the collections looks in looping, whilst Karl Lagerfeld represents the DJ/creator of this mix.

a Chinese dragon and a panther (the icon of the brand) all show up on this super production of epic dimension that celebrated the 165th anniversary of Cartier jewelry. Directed by award winning multimedia artist Bruno Aveillan, the movie took two years in the making, was exhibited on open TV, in movie theaters and got more then 16 million views on Youtube.



Miu Miu, Miuccia Pradas young brand,



Directed by fashion photographer Steven Meisel, this campaign for French label Lanvin became an instant hit amongst fashionistas due to its unpretentious nature. Wearing some of the most iconic looks of last summers collection (when the video was launched), tops Karen Elson, Rachel Zimmermann and two boys have fun dancing to the beats of I Know You Want Me, by Pitbull. The video has a very special appearance by Alber Elbaz, Creative Director of Lanvin, who reminds us of one of fashions main principles: sometimes you just need to have fun!

launched a movie project of their own: Womens Tales, in which they invited distinctive female filmmakers to explore the brands universe. In the first film of the series, The Powder Room shot at the traditional Claridges Hotel in London North-American director Zoe Cassavetes (daughter of famous indie actor/director John Cassavetes and actress Gena Rowlands) gives us an intimate look of this ultra-feminine environment of luxury and beauty.



Even Hollywood actresses (who wouldve guessed?) have their moments of anger, in this funny and witty short directed by John Cameron Mitchell (from Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Shortbus). French superstar Marion Cotillard is the ultimate diva in crisis with the hard life of a movie star. Surrounded by limousines, champagne, bitchy hairdressers and babbling stylists, Marions character decides to literally throw everything up in the air. SEARCH FOR L.A.DY DIOR on

Duran Durans classic song gives the title as well as the soundtrack of this video produced and directed by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, to celebrate Vogue Paris 90th anniversary and the launch of the magazines I-Pad app. Its a pure fashion celebration and shows the backstage of an ultra-glamorous fashion shoot. Flirting with a music video style, it stars Brazilian top Isabeli Fontana, Anja Rubik and Natasha Poly as the models. The magazines editor, Emanuelle Alt, is responsible for the styling.

A fan of the use of video as a fashion tool, Brit designer Gareth Pugh used the format to present his Autumn/ Winter 2009 collection. Partially shot in black and white, the result is very
stills from the movies


Proving that great ideas dont necessarily need big budgets, this video entertains while presenting the new color scheme of the much-desired nail polishes from Chanel.
stills from the movies

conceptual, dramatic, geometric and filled with unusual forms, revealing the creative universe of the designer.

With a very well thoughtout choreography of hands and fingers with perfect nails, it creates a Chorus Line of the brand, Cabaret-like, in which the dancers perform can-can and shake over pearl necklaces, one of the brands most recognizable icons. Super cute and super cool!



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CineMelissa Winter 2013


Images from the couples solo exhibition at Gagosian Gallery in Paris, which ran from March to January 2013. Opposite page, Inez & Vinoodh, who have been working together since the late 80s, in a portrait by Melanie Ward.

Digital masters

melanie ward

It is simply impossible to talk about blending fashion, photography and film without mentioning Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. Partners in both life and work for 25 years, they met while studying art and photography. Since beginning to work together in the late 1980s, they have created images for the leading international brands in luxury and fashion, as well as the most influential publications. Their trajectory and experience have made them true masters of digital manipulation. We realized that film would start to take over from photography, they say, in an insight that changed their lives forever and would allow their By Duda Porto de Souza work to reach an even larger audience. Photos Courtesy of the artists

Plastic Dreams



n an exclusive interview with PLASTIC DREAMS, the world famous duo discuss how the introduction of video has impacted the
On both pages, images from the artists exhibition at Gagosian Paris. Inez & Vinoodh were amongst the first photographers to show the public the full potential of digital manipulation.

fashion industry, their own lives, and reveal a breathtaking future project.

PLASTIC DREAMS How do you see this moment in which so many prestigious fashion photographers are using video as a media to create campaigns, short films and other pieces in the fashion industry? Do you think it is a crisis of photography or a consequence of the youtube generation? INEZ + VINOODH It is an
exciting moment that is the great consequence of the youtube generation. It allows us to tell a bigger more complex and vibrant story for a larger audience (both of our Dior and Louis Vuitton films have reached a total of over 40 million viewers each). Our clients realized that hiring a separate photographer and movie director does not always work out well. Our ability to deliver both print and video of the same quality, plus the fact that we understand fashion, beauty and body language, and are able to translate that into moving images sets us apart from a regular director, whose background is usually making feature films.

they add the time and the money for a video for the web.

It has tripled our workload but also made it 3x more exciting.

Stanley Kubrik are great influences of ours.

PD When did you start using video as a language for your work and why? Did it start informally or already as a request from a client or a brand? I+V We started about four years
ago when we realized that film would start to take over from photography and decided to be ahead of the curve and suggested to our clients that

This meant working 48 hours around the clock in 109 degrees heat, but each time Gaga stepped into our white space it was fireworks and pure inspiration, reveal Inez and Vinoodh about the timeless Haus of Yo videos they did for Lady Gaga.

PD Before you started using video in a professional manner, did you have to look for and learn new skills and techniques to better utilize this medium? Did it mean changing your everyday professional lives? I+V It changes everything. The
crew has grown with exciting new people for camera and special effects etc. We have a full time editor on staff and we spend days editing with him.

PD How has cinema influenced your work? Can you share with us some of your favorite movies? I+V We have always been
excited by cinema and music videos. Camera movement, lighting, editing techniques, and the use of music and sound effects by directors like David Lynch, Alexander Sokourov, Antonioni, Eric Rohmer, David Fincher and

PD What was your most intense and demanding video experience and why? I+V The five Haus of Yo
videos we did for Lady Gaga, that were launched next to her official video for You and I were the most intense and also the most exciting. We were situated in a pig stable in a Nebraska cornfield and had to build a white studio within it. Gaga was shooting the You and I video there and we would shoot her different personas each time shed finish a scene. This meant working 48 hours around the clock in 109 degree heat, but each time Gaga stepped into our white space it was fireworks and pure inspiration.

PD The spectator can see that many of your videos include a lot of production. Do you have a dream project that you would like to create and record? I+V We would love to do a
music video for Prince.

PD Do you have any plans of making a movie in the future? I+V We are developing the
idea for a sci-fi rock opera motion picture.

PD Could you share with us some of the video projects that you will launch in 2013? We all look forward to seeing and sharing them! ;-) I+V There will be a new
film for Dior and the second installment of the Louis Vuittons project Invitation au Voyage, with Arizona Muse.

Plastic Dreams


One iPhone in hand, one ideia in your head

Showing your talent has never been so easy, In a high tech or low tech way! Smartphone + simple editing program + youtube = an accurate formula to create (and launch) your own movie! By Duda Leite However, success comes from your inspiration!

hen Brazilian filmmaker Glauber Rocha (the father of the Ci-

The distribution is another important aspect in filmmaking. In Brazil, there has been a long discussion about creating a system that requires film distributors to showcase local productions. But a quick visit to any shopping mall in any Brazilian city shows that this did not work. The overwhelming majority of films being shown are Hollywood blockbusters. So if your idea is to make a more indie film, do it yourself style, your best option would be the internet. Nowadays with Youtube or Vimeo (the favorite site for indie filmmakers) anyone can display their latest work to a big audience or even be discovered by some big Hollywood producer! There are on-line festivals specialized in virtually every genre, from documentaries to horror movies. One of the coolest sites to display your movie is Mubi (, which has a nice selection ranging from classics to films that were never released for distribution at the theatres. My documentary Tikimentary, about the Tiki culture, for example, is available there.

If your film is a short produced on your iPhone, Cinemagram (the movie version of the ultrapopular Instagram) is a good option, although most of the videos there are very basic, with low-tech special effects. Dont forget: a good idea in your head is the most important! If you really want to become a professional in the audiovisual field, today there is a wide range of options ranging from more professional digital cameras (like the REDs and the super popular Canon 5D and 7D), to more basic ones like GoPro, which has the option of shooting underwater perfect for making a movie during your next vacation in California or in Thailand, depending on your budget! All of these cameras record in full HD; quality accepted by most TV channels, if you decide to sell your product. Advertising and music video director Fred Ouro Preto, who directed the award winning music video Zica Vai L, from Brazilian rap sensation Emicida prefers to work with the Arri Alexa. According to Fred, it has

the best texture and latitude, but in productions with smaller budgets you can not use it. I really like the Canon C300. Ive already used it with many different lenses and Im always happy with the result. My third option is the Red Scarlet with a Canon nozzle. Everyone has the lenses, the sensor is good, the price is almost the same as to shoot with a Canon 5D, but the result is infinitely better. Fred is eager to test the Black Magic and the Canon C500. After producing your film, you have to think about the distribution. Im super in favor of the democratization in all digital media, it makes it so much easier for people to be creative, says Fernando Del Reginato, director of many music videos, including Mari, from Brazilian artist Criolo. Nowadays it is very easy for an artist to record an album, create their own website, direct the movie or music video and sell the product all from the comfort of their own house. adds Fernando. But if on one hand it became very easy to produce, the downside is its much harder

nema Novo movement) said in the 1960s his famous phrase a camera in hand, an idea in the head, he had no clue he was predicting the digital revolution. At that time the cameras were large and heavy, and the movies were expensive and needed to be developed in laboratories. Nowadays anyone with a small digital camera or even an iPhone (or almost any smart phone with a camera) and a computer with a basic editing program can make a movie. Sometimes, you dont even need a computer. With some apps like Splice you can edit your next masterpiece on your own iPhone. (Check the BOX with the Apps). But back to Glauber, you need to have a good idea in mind! And that depends entirely on you. A good tip is to start shooting things from your daily life, like your boyfriend (or girlfriend) surfing in a paradisiacal beach, or your kitten (or puppy) being cute, thats entirely up to you.

Producing images became something very easy to do, but producing something good, remains as difficult as ever. It has hard to call attention amongst a multimedia crowd.
to draw attention to your product. According to Fernando there is a unification of images. Producing images became something very easy to do, but producing something good, remains as difficult as ever, he adds. So, sexy girls and cute boys: the challenge remains to produce something original. Therefore, take note of whats happening around you. Pay attention to your friends, neighbors, family, pets etc., and think about something original, thats out of the ordinary! After all, when someone chooses to make films analog, digital or even virtual what matters most is the content. An iPhone in hand, an idea in your head!

whatsapp? ;-) DIY!!!!!!!!!!

Cinemagram Cinemagram is an iPhone app that brought to the world of movies the same democracy that Instagram brought to photography. With cool filters that can add some style to your minimovies, anyone can pretend to be Spielberg, Tarantino or Gus Van Sant, depending on your taste. I-Supr8 Would you like to make your movie look vintage? There are several options for the I-Phone. One of the coolest is the Super 8 . It makes your phone turn into an old Super 8 camera and the result is amazing. I-FilmDirector This app has a more professional feel to it. With I-Film Director you can record, edit, choose a soundtrack and publish your film, all in the same app, without needing to have a computer. Splice Splice is an app specifically created for editing. It is not so simple to use: the interface is kinda complex. Better stick to the I-FilmDirector or import your film to your computer and edit it using Final Cut Pro, available for Apple computers.

Pin-up culture
immerse yourself in a different era! elegant pin-ups wearing some of the hits of the new cinemelissa collection.
creative direction Eduardo Jordo de Magalhes photography Sandrine Dulermo & Michael Labica fashion director Neil Stuart fashion editor Cheryl Konteh make up Terry Barber @ DWM using MAC hair Anna Cofone using Frederic Fekkai hair assistant Kerri Ewart nail technician Andrea Fulerton @ Emma Davies using Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique set Designer Jude Singleton models Anya, Lysa & Sofia @ Storm

knickers Miu Miu vintage dress Emanuel Ungaro hat Piers Atkinson

Melissa marilyn

Due to print reproduction some styles may suffer color distortion. Not all styles shown are currently available.

dress Dolce & Gabbana hat Stephen Jones vintage jewelry

rubber dress Atsuko Kudo vintage glasses hat Piers Atkinson

Melissa harmonic

Melissa doris spikes

bikini Paul Smith hat Piers Atkinson vintage jewelry

Melissa billy creepers

Following page: rubber bra and knickers Atsuko Kudo headband Stephen Jones

vivienne westwood anglomania + Melissa animal toe

corset and tulle skirt I.D.Sarrieri sequin knickers Miu Miu

Melissa kristen

all wear bodies Wolford headbands Top Shop

Melissa moon dust special Melissa moon dust Melissa riding

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CineMelissa Winter 2013 01 Stars of the new CineMelissa collection backstage. 02 Model Anya Alice Marie Barker poses for photographers Sandrine Dulermo and Michael Labica. 03 and 04 Hair stylist Anna Cofone in action, who opted for a modern take on the pin-up looks of the 30s, creating sexy wavy hair and perfect red lips.


01 03

02 04

The new old Hollywood

Join Melissas team in reinventing the classic beauty of Hollywoods golden era an exclusive photoshoot in london.

By Ilana Rehavia, London Photos Tom Ellis

he mood in Londons Coconut studios was one of classic glamour. Inspi-

fashion editor Neil Stuart. He put together playful looks mixing rubber dresses with couture hats, vintage pieces and modern designers. Meanwhile, the beauty team went all out with glitter nails, sexy wavy hair and the perfect red lip. We did a modern take on the pin-up looks of the 30s, explains hair stylist Anna Cofone. Nail technician Andrea Fulerton couldnt resist giving model Sofia a classic half-moon 50s mani. She has one of the most beautiful natural set of nails Ive worked with. They are perfection personified, reveals Andrea. Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe would definitely approve!

red by the pin-ups of a bygone era and the sirens of the silver screen, our team put together a modern interpretation of old Hollywood. Right in the middle of the set, an original Corvette - red as they should always be - drew gasps from every crewmember that arrived for the shoot. All shiny and cute, the convertible was a good match for the beauty of our three gorgeous models, Sofia, Lysa and Anya. The idea behind this shoot was to take the Melissa girls on a trip to Hollywood with glamorous nights out and fun times at the beach, reveals

Our models
Sofia Milo Serbian model Sofia Milo was discovered at 14 in her native Belgrade. Her long list of amazing jobs includes campaigns and shows for Valentino, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson. Sofia lives in New York, but is in love with Brazil. The mentality is so similar to my country, because both Brazilians and Serbians are very friendly and like to enjoy life, dance and have fun. Shell never forget flying in a helicopter past Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, during a gorgeous sunset. I was speechless. Favourite film: The Godfather, by Francis Ford Coppola. Lysa Onysko While she waits in hair and make up, Ukrainian Lysa can be found with her face buried in a book. Shes just started studying History of Europe and America, using distance learning to suit her nomad lifestyle. Lysa was scouted five years ago in her hometown, Lviv. I love modelling, meeting people, discovering new places and being on these amazing artistic shoots. One of her most memorable jobs was being underwater for a GQ magazine shoot at the iconic Pineapple Studios, in London. It was the experience of a lifetime. Favourite film: The Game, by David Fincher. Anya Alice Marie Barker Beauty runs in the genes of British-Swedish model Anya. Her mum used to be a model and, when Anya was scouted, encouraged her girl to try it out. I am a bit of a class clown and until then I always wanted to act. Not that Anya is complaining. She recognizes the opportunities that come with the job and enjoys the fact that she had to grow up faster than her friends. One of her highlights so far was taking part in the show for Beyoncs clothing line. Meeting the singer backstage was definitely a bonus. She was flawless. Favourite film: Blow-up, by Michelangelo Antonioni.

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CineMelissa Winter 2013


Generations of romance
By Suzy Cap

oung readers please forgive me, but there is no contemporary

Its no wonder that the film industry invested so much in the subject in the 1930s. The golden age of Hollywood coincided with the Great Depression, the worst and longest period of economic recession of the 20th century. Romantic films served as an escape for viewers, especially when the main characters overcame obstacles, declared their love and lived happily ever after. In that context, it is easy to understand the appeal of the genre and, consequently, the interest of the studios in promoting it. In the golden years of economic growth in the U.S., many romances implemented humor. Two acting couples became famous at this stage of romantic comedies. Between 1942 and 1957, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy starred in five films that focus on the way the couple relate to each other, rather than how they got together. It was a precursor of how the genre would evolve in the 1970s, particularly after the release of Woody Allens Annie Hall. Doris Day and Rock Hudson also became very popular in the 1950s for their so-called sex comedies, that despite the term, were extremely chaste. Not all romantic couples portray the loving relationship between a man and a woman. One of Hollywoods most romantic movies is Brokeback Mountain, about

the relationship between two cowboys. Its a tragic love story, but so is Romeo and Juliet. Many romantic movies have been loosely adapted from this Shakespearean play, especially West Side Story, set in the 1950s. And speaking of West Side Story, the original score of the film is considered one of the best of the romantic genre for its memorable songs. Music and romance - How could you not think of Ghost, when listening to Unchained Melody? And Vangelis soundtrack for Blade Runner almost transforms this classic sci-fi into a romantic movie. Some tracks from certain movies define a generation. Just think of Simon & Garfunkels Miss Robinson from The Graduate, one of cinemas best romantic movies ever. Actually, its not only the films, but the way the stories are told that defines a generation. The films reflect, but also at the same time shape the aspirations of the societies in which they are produced. Thus, contemporary romances are sometimes told out of chronological order, as in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. But the quest for immortal love is eternal. Thats why Bella and Edward will live in the romantic imagery of future generations, forever and ever.

film today that represents love like the classics of the golden age of Hollywood did. True, the films in the Twilight Saga, based on the books by Stephenie Meyer, are mega romantic, but when I look for pictures to illustrate my fantasies of eternal love, the scenes that come to my mind are from classics such as Gone With the Wind, Casablanca and From Here to Eternity. Of course, this does not mean that there is no romance anymore. But maybe the studios invested more in this theme in the past. In the book Consuming Romantic Utopia, sociologist Eva Illouz notes that surveys taken in 1935, at the height of the Hollywood golden-era, showed that love was the most important theme of the movies. At the time, actresses like Greta Garbo became stars for their ability to show on the screen the feeling of passion. This skill became especially important after the Hayes Code went into effect in

DOCTORMACRO.COM | courtesy of paris filmes

1934, which dictated what could and what could not be seen on screen. Since there were several restrictions on the kissing, body language, and especially the expressiveness of the eyes, became critical to fill the voids in romantic scenes.

Actors Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr immortalize one of cinemas most romantic kisses in From here to Eternity (1953). Opposite page, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson bring romance back to the screens for a younger audience in Twilight (2008).

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CineMelissa Winter 2013


Cine Quiz
Test your knowledge
Our cinema experts prepared a special quiz for you to test your knowledge. But dont think it will be a piece of cake! Characters, screenplays, actors, box office hits, we have included a bit of everything. Enjoy the journey and have fun!!!
1. Released in Germany, at the beginning of the 1920s, this famous horror movie (directed by F. W. Murnau) is considered until today one of the best of its genre. Whats the title of this silent-classic, shot in black and white, and starring Max Schreck? a) Dracula b) The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari c) Nosferatu d) Frankenstein 2. Spanish director Pedro Almodvar won an Oscar in 2003 for the film Talk to Her. In which category did he win? a) Best Adapted Screenplay b) Best Foreign Movie c) Best Director d) Best Original Screenplay 3. The main prize at the Cannes Film Festival, the most important festival in the world, is the Golden Palm. Two other prestigious festivals are held annually in Europe, in Venice and Berlin. What are the names of the prizes given at these festivals to the Best Film in Competition? a) Golden Pyramid and Golden Calf b) Golden Lion and Golden Bear c) Golden Alexander and Golden Star d) Golden Shell and Golden Leopard 4. Black Mamba, the bride portrayed by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino, wears a yellow jumpsuit identical to the one used by a legendary martial arts fighter and actor in his last film called Game of Death. Who was that actor? a) David Carradine b) Bruce Lee c) Jackie Chan d) Jet Li 5. The pop-influenced thriller Breathless (1959) is considered a cult movie and is one of the best examples of French New Wave. Based on a Franois Truffaut screenplay, the movie launched to fame its director Jean-Luc Godard and its star Jean-Paul Belmondo. In the movie, Belmondo is the romantic interest of a North American actress who built a career in Europe. Whats her name? a) Josephine Baker b) Grace Kelly c) Jean Seberg d) Charlotte Rampling 6. In which film of the Star Wars franchise, written by George Lucas, does Luke Skywalkers character find out that Darth Vader is his father? a) Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi by Richard Marquand b) Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones, by George Lucas c) Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, by George Lucas d) Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, by Irvin Kershner 7. What is the highestgrossing Brazilian movie of all time? a) Two Sons of Francisco, by Breno Silveira b) Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, by Jos Padilha c) If I Were You 2, by Daniel Filho d) Lady on the Bus, by Neville de Almeida 8. All That Jazz (1979) explores the psychological conflicts of a dancer/ choreographer called Joe Gideon. The movie is based on a biography of the films director. Whats his name? a) Lenny Dale b) Roy Scheider c) Bob Fosse d) Herbert Ross 9. At the end of the 1990s, new legislation provided support for local film production and helped to successfully increase the number of films made in Brazil, bringing the country back to the international scene. What movie is considered responsible for this new wave of Brazilian cinema? a) Carlota Joaquina, Princess of Brasil, by Carla Camurati b) City of God, by Fernando Meirelles and Ktia Lund c) Foreign Land, by Walter Salles d) Central Station, by Walter Salles 10. Whats the title of the South-Korean movie from 2003, in which a man is kidnapped and kept hostage in a room for 15 years and then goes on a journey to find out the reason why? a) Rashomon, by Akira Kurosawa b) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, by Ang Lee c) Oldboy, by Park Chan-wook d) Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives by Apichatpong Weerasethakul 11. Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore is a line immortalized in one of Hollywoods greatest classic films of all time. Who said that line? a) Mary Kane (Agnes Moorehead), in Citizen Kane b) Scarlett OHara (Vivian Leigh), in Gone With The Wind c) Margo Channing (Bette Davies), in All About Eve d) Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland), in The Wizard of Oz 12. Six actors have officially played James Bond, also known as 007, a secret agent in the British espionage service. Which actor below has not played the character, created by Ian Fleming? a) George Lazenby b) Colin Firth c) Pierce Brosnam d) Daniel Craig 13. In Dreamworks animated 3D production, Kung Fu Panda 2, Tigress was part of the Furious Five clan. Which actress below was the voice of Tigress? a) Jodi Benson b) Natalie Portman c) Lucy Liu d) Angelina Jolie 14. The song Maniac, by Michael Sembello, is part of the soundtrack of a very successful film from the 1980s. Whats the name of the movie? a) Fame, by Alan Parker b) Footloose, by Herbert Ross c) Flashdance, by Adrian Lyne d) Dirty Dancing, by Emile Ardolino.



1: C, 2: D, 3: B, 4: B, 5: C, 6: D, 7: B, 8: C, 9: A, 10: C, 11: D, 12: B, 13: D, 14: C

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CineMelissa Winter 2013

Melissa spikes #nightandday #sexy #rockdiva

Your feet in movement

The Cinemelissa collection is full of drama, comedy, suspense and action. In the Winter 2013, pick your mood and make an entrance worthy of the red carpet. Lights, camera, action! The rest of this story is up to you.
By Duda Porto de Souza
access melissas fanpage! Download the QR code scan App on your smartphone. Place it close to the image and take a photograph. Melissa hopes you enjoy this content!

spike up your life!!!!

These galosh-inspired boots becomes hype with spikes. The utilitarian style, which has always been a must at music festivals, now comes with more fashion than ever!

The spikes are here to stay and in this deluxe, peep-toe style, they are gracing the back. The matte finish and the stiletto heel reinforce the rocknroll muse style. With the option of a fluorescent heel, extra glam!

Laid back look!

You know those days when you want to dress down, comfortable, with special attention to the

Melissa doris #urbanretro #deepdye # femininity

Melissa moon dust special #musicfestivals #totalhype #ilovetherain Melissa virtue iii #yeah #joker #slippers

accessories? Melissa Virtue III is the perfect choice. With metal spike applications, this style will match everything this winter.

The Right Trend!

This classic pointy-toe shoe design brings femininity to all looks, Melissa Doris, a lowheeled style with sinuous lines, is available is two very special versions. The first utilizes the deep dye effect that is a hot trend at the moment in fashion. Melissa Doris Spikes, on the other hand, has an alternative feel, with metal spikes
Due to print reproduction some styles may suffer color distortion. Not all styles shown are currently available.

inspired by the underground movement. This look is conquering both the international catwalks and the streets and is sure to be a winter hit.

Melissa doris spikes #connected #streetfashion #underground

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CineMelissa Winter 2013


Melissa campana zig zag #design #wefts #brazilianpride Melissa campana zig zag for Kids #like #dancefloor #glitter Melissa ultragirl vii #fun #flocked #classic Melissa ultragirl high #versatile #sweet #revamped

Collectors Items
Following up our successful partnership, the Campana Brothers are back in revamped versions for all ages. The Zig Zag style is available in glitter and features a more subdued color palette. They are available in adult, children and baby sizes. A true collectors item!

mini melissa campana zig zag ix #pop #baby #supercute


1950s inspired, Ultragirl High makes a statement in the CineMelissa collection, with its Lolita style medium heel. The gold lace detail is super delicate, charming and completes the girlie look. The original version of this classic style has a new color palette with a flocked effect.

Fairy Tales
The classic Melissa Ultragirl, interpreted here by British body artist J. Maskrey, whose fan list

Melissa divine iii #rainbowdecor #goodhumour #pussycat

includes Britney Spears, J.Lo, Rihanna and Kate Moss, is back with Swarovsky crystals on the forefront of the shoe. Innovation is the perfect recipe for a happy ending!

Welcome Eccentricity
Isnt it a delight when youre walking down the street, look down, and start to smile? Melissa Divine III is guaranteed to make you grin! Its humorous adornment is the key to its charm. The style features a kitten face that will certainly win hearts!

Melissa ultragirl + j. maskrey #precious #glitz #happyending

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CineMelissa Winter 2013 mini melissa polibolha #pop #bicolor #girlsandboys


Melissa has done it again; highlighting one of the most prevailing trends in fashion footwear, with our own interpretation. Melissa Divine IV features stripes, plaid and polka dots in black and white, the perfect combination for those ultra colorful days. Smashing!!!

Melissa divine iv #polkadots #stripes #blackandwhite

mini Melissa furadinha ii #sweet #picnic #hearts

vivienne westwood anglomania + mini melissa ultragirl iv #classic #princess #parties

mini mini mini

With textures that resemble bubble wrap, the classic tennis Polibolha now comes with a Mini version (numbering 17 to 25), and can be worn by girls and boys. The new versions of Ultragirl and

Clutch My Heart
Chromatic, the bicolor, clutch purse, embraces the new trend in color blocking, more sophisticated tones. The small golden diamond detail is chic. The model comes in total black, black and white, black and royal blue, brown and pink and green and grey.

Mini melissa ultragirl ii #littlefoxes #smile #fun

Furadinha will make the little ones super happy! Check out the editorial on p. 110.

Our dear Minnie ;-)

Shes the worlds most famous mouse and her iconic bow is part of the CineMelissa collection, in styles for baby, children and adults. Retro style images of the classic character are featured on the insoles this season, giving a special charm for fans of the brand!

Melissa chromatic #citygirl #seduction #bicolor

mini melissa Spider + Minnie #cutesy #classic #characters

Melissa ultragirl + minnie #bubbles #laces #perfectchildhood

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CineMelissa Winter 2013


SO call me maybe!
Longtime partner, Dame Vivienne Westwood returns signing three styles for Melissa. The super chic Lady Dragon, with its saucy red lips is worthy of the red carpet. The irreverent Animal Toe represents the humor of the stylist in an accessible and smart design! And one more Mini Melissa! (see p.101)

indie star
There is also a version with glitter! Perfect for you to rock at music festivals in 2013 all over the world ;-)

Melissa billy creepers #maxhit #punks #vibrantshades

Melissa moon dust #rain #glitter #lotsofmusic

maxi hit
The style that emerged during the 2nd World War became fashionable among punks and Goths and invaded the pubs of London. With new renditions currently being featured on the main catwalks around the globe, Melissa

vivienne westwood anglomania + Melissa lady dragon #redcarpet #highheels #akissonthelips

Billy Creepers features vibrant shades and a flocked finish.


Melissa Drama is an ankle boot with flowing neck that plays with asymmetry. The minimalist design plays with audacious sensuality, sometimes showing and sometimes hiding the side of the foot. The right

Melissa kristen #glam #divas #redcarpet

vivienne westwood anglomania + Melissa animal toe #littleanimals #british humor #irreverence

climate for suspense and mystery.

Melissa drama #luxury #minimalism #asymmetric

Melissa riding #wow #adventure #horsewoman


The most famous platinum blonde of cinema inspires this high heel style. Bold as Marilyn, the bicolor shoe has a sporty waffle-like sole, to leave no room for a misstep. The inspiration comes from the streets and the 1990s sportswear trend. In its glam version, the model is baptized as Melissa Kristen, in which the heel is metallic and dramatic.

Urban Adventure
Boldness meets elegance. The riding boot is one of the best bets in the collection, not only because of its

Melissa marilyn #boldness #high #superstar

sophisticated design, but also for its versatility. The long barrel of the boot is removable, transforming it into a utility model in a snap. Breathtaking!

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CineMelissa Inverno 2013



Melissa trippy ii #optimism #hope #romance
Romance, one of the most inspiring genres of cinema, is all over this collection. Gentleness, sweetness and optimism set the tone of Melissa Trippy II, with its new mega-heart adornment. An incredible way for you to spread the love on the hottest days of the season!

Galeria Melissa + Lego

The creative union between Melissa and Lego (who last year celebrated their 80th anniversary) was inevitable and a perfect way to end the year. Lego was commissioned to create the faade for Galeria Melissa So Paulo to mark the end of the Rainbow collection and what a success it was! Designed by Casa Darwin and built by Coala, it featured a huge sky with clouds and a rainbow staircase, all made with 700 thousand pieces of Lego! One of the highlights of the event was in December, when the brand invited the public to help create a 6 foot tall Lego Christmas tree. The project marked the first time the public could literally walk over one of the faade installations. Want to see how this all came to life? Watch a special video on our YouTube channel ( br/melissachannel) and find the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow! ;-)

shine bright
Diamonds are a girls best friend, sang Marilyn (see her iconic costumes on p. 46). Melissa Harmonic incorporates the seductive and multifaceted features of the stone, both as an adornment, as well as on the printed insole. Everything for you to walk like a millionaire!

Melissa harmonic iv #rich #summerdays #bestfriend

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CineMelissa Winter 2013


Galeria Melissa NY celebrates its 1 year anniversary in great style!


ince its opening in 2012, Galeria Melissa New York has show-

created from brass and wood. Cassidy, as a diarist, uses his sculptures as an invocation of the varied symbolism he refers to as protective motifs repeated ideas, patterns, images and themes, which serve as the physical beddrock upon which he extricates himself from his personal experience. A video played on the back wall of the gallery showed parts of the documentary BOOB: The Live Performances, an immersion into the NYC club scene of Walts generation, compiled and edited in partnership with Nathan Maxwell Cann. band that began amidst the infamous 1990s New York City club scene at the time of Peter Gatien, owner of nightclubs Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium and Club USA. Led by club kids Walt Paper, Desi Monster (Desi Santiago) and Loxanna (John McGrath), BOOB consisted of Mr. Johnson (Scott Johnson) playing the guitar, Sonia Sonic (Sonia Manalili) on bass, and Mayumi (Mayumi Shimokawa) on drums. The burlesque performer *BOB* was featured as their mascot, The BOOB Girl. BOOB -The Live Performances includes archival performance footage from many of these NYC venues, combined with interviews and press clips which provide a glimpse into the frequently referenced period of New York City nightlife. At the opening, which took place in February 2013, a group of fashionistas joined the artist and the hosts in a lively night to celebrate not only the first anniversary of Melissas American outpost, but also the excitement of the Big Apple.


cased the talent of unique and multifaceted creators such as avaf

and Julie Verhoven, who were able to translate the brands contemporary and pop approach to footwear design into daring and colorful artworks. To celebrate its first anniversary, the concept-store located in SoHo commissioned works from an artist closely linked to the citys identity, Walt Cassidy. Formely known as Walt Paper, a key club kid of Michael Aligs outrage-as-art New York party scene of the early 90s, Cassidy has become a key artist in the citys thriving art scene. His work serves as a personal alphabet charting a private topography of history, experience, emotion, and thought. Surveying inner landscapes, rendered in a visual language both intimate and arcane, his productions include ink drawings, wall sculptures and photographs. They testify,

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joe schildhorn/bfanyc. com e Elle Jota/

BOOB was a conceptual hardcore rock

06 Interior of Galeria Melissa Walt Cassidy NY. 07 Jeiza Chiminazzo. 08 Walt Cassidy. 09 Sami Dussin and Lorenzo Martone. 10 Hakan Urfalioglu and Juliana Huxtable. 11 Claude Morais, Jeiza Chiminazzo, Ariela Suster and Brian Wolk. 12 Victor Corona, Jocelyn Saldanha. 13 Mischa G and Stella Rose. 14 Interior of Galeria Melissa.
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03 with remarkable emotive force, that the most demanding affective experience is


often the private one, and that our most urgent expressive imperative is to render it sensibly to make outer order from inner chaos. The pieces produced for the gallery are from Cassidys Paper series of photographs, featuring flat constructions of cut paper. These narrative abstractions seek to narrow the photographic plane, while conceptually challenging the notion of still life photography and illustration, on which much of his work is rooted. The window of the gallery presented a new sculpture called The Wishing Well,


01 Belen Briego and Bubi Canan. 02 April Palasthy and Astra Moragianis. 03 Nicholas Gorham and Dan Terry. 04 Julie Beynon and Fay Power. 05 Walt Cassidy and April Palasthy.

Plastic Dreams


CineMelissa Winter 2013


Melissa has more than 1 million

Always looking for new ways to connect with their consumers, Melissa has been expanding increasingly its social networks. We attained the impressive figure of 1 million likes on our Facebook page in 2012. We have also been uniting our fans with special hashtags like #melissadodia (Melissa of the day, in Portuguese) and #melissatrends. In addition to this Melissa also has and active following on YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram giving all our melisseiras (an affectionate nickname given to the fans of the brand in Brazil) many ways to stay in contact with the brand and share their thoughts.

Our new look on the WEB!

Since the end of 2012,, which has about 5 million visitors a year, got a new look on the web! The renovation was made on the entire structure of the website, so that it would better meet the needs of the melisseiras and upgrade the interface to make it compatible with tablets, computers and mobile phones. Everything to make sure that Melissa is with you anywhere in the world! When checking the links, youll see that everything is more intuitive, light and providing a quicker access, separating the products by color, style, trends and collaborators in the smoothest possible way! Also: tips for your Melissa look of the day! Were waiting for you! ;-)

Melissa fans get a new meeting point!

CLUBE MELISSA has arrived in Brazil AND ALREADY HAS OVER 60 STORES in the COUNTRY. Besides selling all the styles in the collection, the stores will also have a cultural and art component as well as super special promotions.

Did you know there are more than 60 Clube Melissa stores throughout Brazil? The project is another sales initiative of the brand, featuring a customized showcase of the CineMelissa collection and others to come. This season, it features exclusive artwork by Robert McGinnis, creator of some of the most iconic posters in film history (read more on p. 60). In addition to Galeria Melissa So Paulo and New York, Clube Melissa stores are the newest venues in the country to access all the styles in the collection. Besides offering an amazing retail experience with some excellent deals, Clube Melissa is also a sensory experience with a strong artistic and cultural element. Renowned Brazilian architect Bel Lobo

is responsible for the store design, which features interactive touch panels. All your favorite designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Jason Wu, the Campana Brothers and Pedro Loureno are already members! Now we need you!! One of Clube Melissas hits is the Wish List, which makes it even easier to celebrate your birthday and receive the style you really wanted. It is as easy as this, visit one of the stores and select the model you would like to have then you can give the person who is buying your present a card with all the information and they can purchase your gift Yay! More then 60 new stores will open in 2013! Check out the official website: :D

Facebook: Instagram: @melissaoficial Pinterest: Youtube: Twitter: @sigamelissa



Now you can download the latest edition of PLASTIC DREAMS on your Android. With all the editions available on the App Store, the magazine can be enjoyed anywhere you want with exclusive design and content. Its distributed by Prdtrlnk, responsible for bringing some of the most important magazines from Brazil to the world of tablets! Enjoy!!!!
access melissas OFFICIAL WEBSITE! Download the QR code scan App on your smartphone. Place it close to the image and take a photograph. Melissa hopes you enjoy this content!

Pure cuteness!

Its tea time for our little ballerinas. They show the graciousness of the Mini Melissa line, that now includes a super sweet Polibolha style.

creative director heidi taylor photography karin berndl make-up Lica Fensome @ Soho Management models Ruqayyah Daley @ Truly Scrumptuous, Lillie Shrouder @ Kids London, Elizabeth Poon @ Bruce & Brown and Kitti Dobbs

Due to print reproduction some styles may suffer color distortion. Not all styles shown are currently available. go behind the scenes of this photo shoot and checkout the footbook on youtube/melissachannel

mini melissa polibolha Melissa XXXXXXX XXXXXX

mini melissa furadinha mini melissa campana zig zag mini melissa aranha + minnie

mini melissa aranha + minnie

following page:

mini melissa ultragirl mini melissa ultragirl ii

vivienne westwood anglomania + mini melissa ultragirl

mini melissa ultragirl mini melissa polibolha vivienne westwood anglomania + mini melissa ultragirl mini melissa ultragirl ii

Leather corset and fishnet bustier Cadolle Fishnet gloves Muriel Fishnet tights Wolford Leather and spike necklace Dmonia Right hand: Metal and spike rings and bangles Crzus Left hand: Silver cuff Betony Vernon Rings vintage

Melissa ginga + karl lagerfeld melissa incense + karl lagerfeld

The designers sketch for the style Melissa Melissima + Karl Lagerfeld

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