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Bicis Por La Vida www.bicisporlavida.

org Annex 1- Creating life-lines for your city During this day, we promote any creative action in favor of the bicycle as an urban transport mode. One of the possible actions is painting life-lines. What do you need in order to paint life-lines? Security Start early in the morning Limit the work area using some sort of caution tape At least one lane must be left for taxis, buses, etc. and also for pedestrians, so they can freely cross the road. We do not want to block traffic. As soon as you have secured the work area, make sure the participants stay within it.

Work to be done Depending on the number of participants, a group of 10-15 people can be created to perform the following tasks: A team of two or three must be dedicated solely to manage traffic Some others must properly measure the elements of the bike lane, or artistic lines to be painted. Others must be responsible for sweeping the area before painting. There should be one or two designated people to speak to the police, in case they show up. This, so that we do not stop painting during the conversation with the authorities. o o o If the police shows up, please patiently explain what the action is about; simply a creative gift by citizens, to their city. There are no leaders of the action; it is a collective effort If the police wants to write down names, please insist on providing the names of ALL participants. All groups should be formed before the action begins.

Bicis Por La Vida Materials For security: You will need bright tape to limit the space and some bright signs to hold so that cars will notice the action from the distance. (This must be prepared by the organizers!) Some bright flags for the volunteers who will divert traffic. (This must be prepared by the organizers!)

For painting: Approximately five liters of paint is needed for every eight meters of bike lane. (This must be prepared by the organizers!) Rollers and brushes of different sizes to touch up the details of the line. (The organizers will provide some, but participants can contribute by bringing their own equipment.) Masking tape to mark the perimeters of the lines (Provided by organizers, but participants are welcome to bring their own) Broom and dustpans (Provided by organizers, but participants are welcome to bring their own)

Logistics: Each person should bring: Old and comfortable clothes which can be stained. A hat, cap or anything that can protect you from the sun. Sunscreen. Water and a trash bag.

Recommendations for social media Please spread the news about the event via Facebook and Twitter, before, during, and after the event. The official hashtag for all cities is #BicisPorLaVida

Bicis Por La Vida Products We will produce a series of short videos that will promote the event after it is finished. Wed love to have you in the videos, so please send us the pictures (in high quality) or some videos to If you have the poster with the logo of the action, please mark it with your organizations logo, or the name of your city, and send us pictures of the event where the poster is visible. We will edit the videos as soon as possible!

How did #BicisPorLaVida begin? After the first great success of this event in 2012 (with participation of 6 cities in Colombia, 2 cities in Mexico, and 1 in Brazil) we decided to spread our message all over the world. Moral principles of the event: #BicisPorLaVida is an artistic expression aiming at promoting security for cyclists in our cities. We believe in building not in destroying. We prefer to act not to criticize. We use solid arguments and academic evidence when discussing. We recognize our right to a healthy environment. We intend to promote more sustainable cities.

Legal principles: We are committed to actions that are legal. We do not seek to replace authority. We cooperate with local administrations in improving transportation policies.