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Phil Civil Service

Civil Service Decree PD 807

1. 2.



Career Service

Non- Career Service

1st Level


Open career

Elective Officials

2nd Level


Closed career

Department heads


3rd Level

Career executive service


Career officers

Contractual personnel Emergency and seasonal Personnel


Commissioned Officers

Personnel of GOCC's Permanent Laborers

Civil Service - Embraces all branches, subdivisions, instrumentalties agencies of the gov't inc GOCC. Career Service: (a)entrance based on merit and fitness to be det. As far as practicable by competitive exams/highly technical qualifications. (b) opportunity for advancement to higher career positions. (c)security of tenure. 5 a. Open Career prior qualification in a appropriate exam is req. 5 b. Closed Career scientific or highly technical in nature with a separate merit system 5 c. Career Executive Service Usec, Asst.Sec, Bureau dir, Asst. Bureau dir, RD, asst. RD, and other officers of equivalent rank. All are appointed by the president. 5 d. Commissioned Officers other than those in the career executive service who are appointed by the president 5 e. Personnel of GOCCs w/n performing govt or proprietary functions who do not fall under the non-career service. 5 f. Permanent laborers skilled, semi-skilled, or unskilled. 5 Merit system protection Board (MSPB) determines admin cases, appeals are now with the CSC itself. CSC Res. 93-2387. Non-career service (a)entrance bases other than those of usual tests of merit and fitness. (b)tenure is ltd. To a pd. Specified by law, or which is co-terminus with that of appointing authority, or subject to the pleasure, or w/c is ltd. To the duration of a particular project for which purpose employment was made. 6 a. Elective officials and the personal and confidential staff b. Dept. Heads and other officials of the Cabinet Rank who holds their position at the pleasure of the president and their personal and confidential staff. c. Chairman and members of the commissions and boards with fixed terms of office and their personal and confidential staff d. Contractual personnel e. Emergency and Seasonal personnel. Classes of Positions in the Career Service. st a. 1 level - shall include clerical, trades, crafts, and custodial service positions which involve non-professional or subprofessional work in a nonsupervisory or supervisory capacity requiring less than four years of collegiate studies; nd b. 2 level - shall include professional, technical, and scientific positions which involve professional, technical, or scientific work in a nonsupervisory or supervisory capacity requiring at least four years of college work up to Division Chief level rd 6. 3 level shall cover positions in the Career Executive Service 7. NOTE: entrance to the first two levels shall be through competitive examinations, which shall be open to those inside and outside the service who meet the minimum qualification requirements. Entrance to a higher level does not require previous qualification in the lower level. Entrance to the third level shall be prescribed by the Career Executive Service Board.