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The New Earth Project offers a comprehensive blueprint which addresses the worlds failing models of education, health and socioeconomics. It is a 100% deliverable model which invites conscious, ethical, self-determining men, women and children to co-operate and interact to establish environments that foster human & planetary well-being and sustainable prosperity; providing a new foundation for conscious living, within a framework that re-examines the principles that govern our existence and perceptions. The New Earth Blueprint is a consciousness oriented template covering each of the fundamental elements essential to empower a conscious humanity to reclaim its sovereign birthright. It provides protected environments for the development of conscious communities, removes all conditions which create scarcity, remediates depleted eco-systems, introduces advanced food production methods, unifies humanity in an evolutionary planetary network, redresses the way we educate ourselves and our children, provides cures for every condition known to man, provides architecture which enhances the human form, gifts evolutionary technology to the people of the world, and offers a viable path for people to embrace an authentic expression of life and being. The practical application of the blueprint involves the coordination of multiple worldwide venues comprising: New Earth Communities: Pioneering social experiments serving as nationwide exemplars for the ideal sustainable, conscious community. Page 2 of 46

New Earth Institutes: International centres of excellence and innovation in consciousness, advanced sciences, healing and wellness. New Earth Retreats: Places where students, visitors and visionary patrons alike can experience the world's most advanced educational, technological, rejuvenating and healing facilities in flourishing natural biospheres. New Earth Festivals: A unified global focus event presenting a sustainable vision for a New Earth through the joyful celebration and exposition of art, music, theatre, dance, food, new sciences, healing and wisdom. This supranational network of people and resources is linked by the HumaniSphere - an evolutionary immersive web-portal providing all key services to support people in transitioning to, and flourishing in, the New Earth. The blueprint articulates an intelligent way in which all people may participate in manifesting this New Earth - providing free homes and residencies to conscious individuals and families who could otherwise not afford to join; providing low cost 'time shares' in community homes to allow people to transition slowly to the New Earth; developing luxury off-grid homes to those who can afford them; providing luxury and budget accommodations for people to visit the Projects diverse programs and initiatives, taking the wisdom they have realized back to their own communities; and providing New Earth resources freely to all through physical and virtual platforms.

This Blueprint is opensource meaning that anyone may use it to develop their own communities or retreats and, subject to following the basic guidelines stated at the back of this document, may receive the support, vast resources, protective benefits and planetary network of the New Earth Project. It also means that the international New Earth Community itself may, by consensus, develop and perfect the blueprint as we cooperate and interact to advance the human condition.

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The need to address the burgeoning state of planetary instability is now a universally recognized imperative. Failing models of education, health, socio-economics and ecology have led our world to the brink of self-annihilation. The continuity of our species rests on the decisions we make now at this critical juncture. The New Earth Project offers what is arguably the most wellresearched, defined and deliverable full spectrum socio-economic, socio-political and environmentally restorative blueprint ever presented. It is the culmination of almost fifteen years of endeavor by its founders, offering an evolutionary platform with which humanity may engage in globally showcasing a collective vision for a sustainable world. The Project serves as a permanent real-time exposition for innovation in sustainable and conscious living and engages with the greater world to foster abundance and prosperity across the regions in which venues are situate. By removing the conditions responsible for the current global wareconomy (usury, energy dependence, divesting of sovereignty...), New Earth Communities, available to people of all walks of life and of all means, invite humanity to transcend all illusions of scarcity & separation and instead manifest a 'new earth' of harmony, prosperity and abundance. This is not a future dream but a living reality, which, under rule of international law, and given the consent of the people of the world, can be realized in hundreds and thousands of communities across the earth. Page 4 of 46


the elements
Environment & Socio-Economics

The platonic solids are the aspect of that organizing principle which provide stability to all of creation.

Energy, Science & Technology

Media, Communitations & Education


The New Earth Blueprint is founded on the knowledge that the entire universe is a singular living organism whose infinite fractal components employ the same organizing principle.

These platonic solid correspond directly to five known elements. The various aspects of human activity and focus naturally orient toward a specific element.

Consciousness & Higher Learning

Healing & Wellness


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the principles

The illusion of individual ownership is an outdated modality which the New Earth Project necessarily transcends. Thus, for as long as the world continues to recognise this archaic principle, the lands and 'property' of New Earth Communities & Retreats will be protected in perpetuity in a manner which transcends the ownership paradigm whilst affording residents, and other participants of the Project, unconstrained and unalienable use of those lands and properties in a safe and secure environment. Protection of Land & Communities The Earth Sanctuary Universal Trust serves as the protective environment for the lands, upon which New Earth Project venues are situate, to be held. The remit of the trust is to: protect the lands of the peoples of the earth, facilitate autonomy of governance and self-determination, protecting the rights of the peoples who live thereon, and provide a foundation for an international community of enlightened practices of education, trade, mutual cooperation and peaceful coexistence.

land & economy

If the Project is to succeed it must be free to explore any and all alternative lifestyle practices, thus New Earth venues must also be free from the imposition of the legislative requirements of the current paradigm. In order to achieve this position, the Earth Sanctuary Universal Trust splits the various titles to lands so that the right to use and enjoy Page 6 of 46

them are no longer attached to, or reachable through, whatever interest in the lands have previously been registered or existing on paper, rendering any action by the state to directly affect the land, or that which occurs upon it, a legal nullity. In this way, the Project may proceed to explore the boundaries of conscious expression without being restrained by localized statutes and policies. This is not a license for participants in the Project to cause harm or loss to other human beings without liability. In addition, Humanitad Foundation and the Natural World Organization provide protection and support to New Earth Communities through strategic alliances with governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Remediation of Eco-systems If we cease tomorrow the incessant polluting of our water, soil and air, it will take little time for planet earth to return to its natural state. Until that time the New Earth Project seeks to create 'Earth Sanctuary' protectorates where vast areas of the planet can be protected from further degradation. Deploying the vast array of New Earth technologies to support the natural bio-remediation of those areas which have been adversely affected by pollution and degradation. Utilizing these technologies, in conjunction with a responsible attitude to planetary wellbeing, lakes and rivers can be cleaned, restructured and maintained that way; entire oceans can be revivi-

fied into nutrient rich biospheres which support our shrinking populations of fish, mammals and corals; second generation rainforests can re-inhabit deforested areas and their bio-diversity can be restored; rain can be brought back to areas which have since become desert; and the worlds entire stock-piles of depleted uranium can be rendered inert in a few short years. Q-Permaculture The principles and benefits of permaculture have long been understood as the most beneficial, low impact way to produce food. A properly implemented permaculture strategy increases yields over conventional methods, significantly increases the nutritional value of the food produced and renders almost non-existent, the energy, labour and water required to produce it. Q-Permaculture is the marriage between this recognized philosophy and a suite of complimentary New Earth technologies and advanced growing modalities. New Earth farming technologies subject plants and seeds to processes which induce or enhance fractal implosive energetic fields either prior to planting or during growth, thereby enhancing the life force quotient, nutritional content and quantity of the food produced. Technologies include: biological capacitors for seed storage. the use of vortex technologies, magnetic fields and crystal grids to charge and return solubility to water prior to it being used for watering plants. Page 7 of 46

geometric forms created by precise positioning and distribution of plants to provide an enhanced growing environment. rockdust. ORMUS. time-honoured local practices & techniques subject to locations. Self-sustaining Financial Model The success of any project has historically relied upon its ability be financially supported, the New Earth Project, in the first instance at least, is no different. New Earth Retreats serve as the commercial driver for the Project, generating profits from their activities and depositing those profits in global and local trusts. The funds are used to support the communities where required and to facilitate the manifestation of other aspects of the project that would not otherwise be possible. The New Earth Fund provides an environment in which people can invest their existing funds without being subject to the lottery of corruption which underlies the old world financial system. The fund, in turn, serves as Investor to the New Earth Retreats. The fund will be available to everyone, whether they wish to join the Project more fully or not - in this way the human family can receive returns from the Project whilst supporting its expansion, ensuring it never becomes underwritten by vested interests.

The HumaniSphere, whilst available to all, is only free to New Earth Residents and other participants of the Project. Other users pay a nominal fee for the services it provides. Excess funds generated through the HumaniSpheres multifarious modules contribute to the New Earth Trust. New Earth Communities too are able to be self supporting - raising capital, if necessary, from the sale of transient residencies, where people who initially wish to retain their existing lives within the old world may relocate to a community for one month of the year. Concurrently the New Earth Sovereign is launching as an alternative currency for use within the New Earth. As a non-taxable, usury free medium of exchange, the New Earth Sovereign ensures that the energy expended by the participants of the Project is not siphoned off to support the current failing model. The New Earth Sovereign redefines current notions of value - without artificial limitations on the supply of goods and services to create the illusion of scarcity, people are credited for the goods and services they provide according to the degree to which their services advance the human condition. The function and form of the New Earth Sovereign is designed by leading economists who are themselves at the forefront of the pending monetary revolution. This is however all just a precursor to, and transition into, a zeropoint economy. Page 8 of 46

Zero-point Economics A zero-point economy describes an environment where traditional ideas of money, trade and exchange have ceased to exist. People gift time and energy freely to others, and to the communities in which they reside, without any thought of direct exchange. They have recognized that by accepting anything in direct exchange for what they give creates a closed transaction of energy between themselves and another, and is not conducive to a state of constant universal enrichment. Constant universal enrichment requires that energy be expended freely. When energy is expended freely it can be employed by Life upon other operations which in turn gift that energy freely in whatever form it has been transmuted into. In this way not only is creation allowed to flourish, but it is allowed to do so in a way that is not controlled entirely by the mind of man - life is free to employ its infinite wisdom to deliver that which is most beneficial to each aspect of its creation. A zero-point economy is the only possible conclusion for a society which is itself powered by free energy, because the illusion that energy is finite and must therefore be guarded, controlled and amassed in the form of 'money' becomes a logical fallacy to the 'physical reality.'

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An environment which unifies humanity, beyond cultural and national boundaries, and is without the influence of government, media or intercessionaries, is fundamental if every man, woman and child is to have the opportunity to participate in manifesting a New Earth. Current systems absolve humanity from the responsibility for decisions which affect human and planetary wellbeing. By connecting the human family directly with each other through a central hub for real people, and real people only, humanity can collectively make these decisions for itself, absent the influence of vested interests and psychological distractions & programming. For the first time law makers and politicians will be unable to pass laws which are not in the public interest based on their presumed authority to do so, because a unified humanity will be instructing their governments on all matters and their governments will have to listen; for the first time manipulated mainstream media reports will be recognized by all to be false as a unified network of citizen journalists collectively presents real news to the world in a truly intelligent way. Advanced IT solutions, information networking and self-organizing communities make it possible for natural actions and reactions to be heard across the planet. Such a network evolves in a way which the human family determines for itself, collectively. It becomes a conscious entity in its own right allowing humanity to guide itself towards the manifestation of a New Earth.

networking & learning

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Local Peoples Whilst New Earth Communities and Retreats do of course avail themselves to existing local inhabitants, the missionary zeal which can so naturally flow from the inspired people involved with the Project must be tempered in order that no new ethos or structure is inadvertently imposed upon indigenous cultures. Local people and cultures bring depth to the Project, but they should only participate if they themselves desire to do so. The New Earth Trust provides support to local people in establishing their own New Earth Communities only where it is entirely welcomed. Education & Learning Education forms the backbone of every society, thus exploring and questioning even the basic idea of education is paramount to lasting change. No longer can education be used to prepare the beautiful young minds of children and young adults for a world of systems and a life of wage slavery, instead a new ethic must arise one that nurtures their innate creativity, allowing them to transcend the limits of conscious expression imposed by most existing educational philosophies. The offering of guidance and wisdom, not the imposition of knowledge and ideas, is the only way to absolve our children from the psychological bonds of their forefathers. We each must learn for ourselves the fundamental laws of nature; to experience for our-

selves how all life is interconnected and interdependent. Through direct experience of connection to life and community and through the encouragement of involvement in community projects which children have chosen for themselves;, children and young adults are never detached from the natural evolution of their communities. Children are recognized from birth as inherently complete beings, not as a person who must become something else in the future. Adults who embrace these fundamental tenets can give young adults the greater insight and higher perspective they need to ensure that their productive years are not spent doing counterproductive things - children and young adults are given the freedom to follow their own intuitive guidance during their learning years, in dedicated learning environments, without having a strict curriculum imposed upon them. Life itself is our primary teacher. As we transition to such an environment, every member of the human family must support each other as we collectively unlearn the false ideologies implanted through modern systems of education.

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Architecture directly influences ones state of mind and level of awareness. The spaces we inhabit affect our emotional state, biology, health, how we express ourselves and how we interact with each other. Humanity creates buildings and spaces which derive from the way we perceive reality. Historically our linear perception has led to the creation of linear rational architectural concepts, which in turn create linear environments in which linear perception is supported. Nature, on the other hand, creates reality and form using a well defined set of natural shapes, ratios and proportions to generate a fractal magnetic field which accumulates living energy. By consciously employing these same shapes, ratios and proportions in the design of buildings and spaces, the same fractal magnetic fields can be generated. Buildings and spaces which are designed in this way become biological capacitors - dispersing their accumulated energy to enhance the awareness, health and state of being of those who use them. In this way architecture is able to support life rather than degrading it. Nature uses different shapes and proportions when it is creating different things dependent upon the purpose which the creation is intended to fulfil, and thus our buildings and spaces can and should also use these same principles to create specific energetics within those spaces. A design which supports natural healing will necessarily vary from one which supports meditative practice or the ability to learn and expand. Page 12 of 46


New Earth Architecture generates living energy and fractal magnetic fields using these same biomimicry techniques. The designs of each structure and layout of each development necessarily conform to the same organising principles, or sacred geometries, used by the natural world at the atomic, cellular, molecular and quantum levels to create all living things. Natural fractal materials are selected for their ability to permit energetic fields to breathe through them, whilst internally non-fractal man-made materials which do not support this process are discarded. By honouring this natural order throughout the design philosophy, the New Earth Project manifests consciousness enhancing structures and developments which align with the design of the human form, thereby encouraging cellular re-growth and returning the human body to its natural, vibrant state. All components and infrastructure are integrated into a selfsufficient system designed to compliment the surrounding natural environment, mimicking a natural eco-system in its own right, yet functioning as an integral part of the wider local eco-system.

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For centuries the people of the world have been encouraged to divest their sovereignty to a government or monarch in the interest of 'the greater good.' This is not a practice which supports a state of conscious evolution. Only by reclaiming sovereignty from those enclosures, withdrawing that power from those who have consistently abused it, can we have the power to collectively manifest a world of abundance. Sovereignty Sovereignty is a state of being, not simply a legal process. The conscious spaces provided by the New Earth Project empower a sovereign humanity to be guided in their lives directly by the quantum of the human heart; a conscious state in which any notion of hierarchy or subservience becomes absurd. As truly sovereign men, women and children, New Earth Residents are invited to participate in a real-time experiment in conscious evolution; to push the boundaries of human expression and creativity, and to play a conscious role in manifesting a new paradigm of prosperity, harmony and abundance. This is an open invitation to all humanity to withdraw from voluntary servitude, and returning to a world predicated on meaningful relationships, creative expression and spiritual upliftment for all.

sovereignty & governance

The Projects law experts have defined lawful procedures which support this sovereign condition - allowing residents, if they feel necessary, to correct the records with their former governors. Page 14 of 46

Governance Ever since the first man-made law was imposed on humanity, it has become necessary to generate countless other man-made laws to fill the void which was created when we first withdrew our trust from the innate perfection which natural law provides. In the West, governments now pass thousands of new pieces of legislation each year, simply to prevent this man-made ship from sinking. The New Earth Project invites absolution from this bad-dream - a clean slate, where there are no man-made laws and the only guidelines are; 1 - do no harm, 2 - any grievances ought to be settled before the sunrise following the day on which the grievance arose, or else be considered without merit by the greater community, and 3 - no one ought to build walls and boundaries. Decisions which affect the local or global New Earth Community are made by the residents themselves. The New Earth Portal contains an independent platform to support this process. The platform itself will evolve according to the will of the community - fostering an environment where participants are supported in making decisions which flow from the quantum of the human heart, thereby facilitating an exploration of the intricacies of harmonious decision making. By removing the conditions which generate an illusion of scarcity and separation, instead providing an environment which supports the truth of unity and abundance, residents of New Earth Communities will be empowered to create a natural society where they may mutually assist one another to advance their own perfection and

that of the human condition - any further governance would only serve to hamper such an unfolding.

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The open source revolution is already a prime example of an evolution in consciousness - millions of people have embraced a shift in attitude towards 'Intellectual Property' and now offer the fruits of their creativity freely to the human family for non-commercial purposes. The New Earth Project brings together innumerable technologies, inventions, healing modalities and teachings each of which have been selected purely on the basis that they serve to advance the human condition. The same open source philosophy is applied to the sharing of these resources. The Project also seeks to streamline the entire open source phenomenon - inviting all people who wish to share their creative offerings with the world to join a unified platform for the sharing of these offerings. The platform engages the global community to rate each offering so that those offerings which are truly transformative are highlighted, exemplified and made more easily available to all. This serves as a viable alternative to traditional marketing, ensuring that the merit of the idea, product or teaching, rather than a psychological program which supports it, becomes the new primary driver of user choice around the planet. The Project supports the most remarkable and well-aligned offerings by ensuring that those responsible are properly credited and offered a place within the New Earth Institute where they can advance their respective arts and share those advancements with the world through the Institutes platforms. Page 16 of 46

knowledge & technology transfer


New Earth Communities offer a dynamic and realistic path towards the most monumental reclamation project in the history of our species. The communities are purposefully designed as a transitional framework within which members of the human family may redefine the human condition - exploring new and enlightened expressions of mutual cooperation. The founding premise of each community is that each resident is free to spend their time doing what it is they love and what they are enthusiastic about. The observance of this premise is fundamental to their success - only when people are free to guide every aspect of their lives according to the resonance of their heart will a state of true inner and outer peace be realized. The communities will initially accommodate two primary categories of people; those who are ready to sever the energetic and physical cords which tie them to the old world to fully explore the limits of consciousness as full-time community residents; and those who wish to participate in this unfolding but wish to make their transition over a period of time. The Communities avail themselves at every level to existing surrounding communities, providing opportunities for the inhabitants of those surrounding communities to participate in all aspects of the New Earth Project.

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All residents necessarily possess or develop a skill which is crucial to the functioning of a successful community - everyone has such a skill; whether you are 80 years old and able to care for the next generation of New Earthers, or 20 years old with nothing but the enthusiasm to learn and practice permaculture, healing, food preparation, or whatever it is that you love the most - there is something for everyone. Initially, communities roughly provide a 2:1 ratio of permanent residents who provide the conscious foundation for each community, and transient residents who provide the constant flow of new energy, skills and ideas to maintain a flow of creativity. As all residents are merely custodians of the earth (and of the Project) and users of its fruit, they have the opportunity, if they so choose, to move freely between different communities without the notion of individual ownership tying them to any specific property. Permanent Residencies Permanent Residents are those people and families who live fulltime in one or more communities. They may either purchase or build a home in a New Earth Community, or the New Earth Trust may provide subsidies to enable potential permanent residents who could otherwise not afford to build a home in a New Earth Community to join the New Earth family - it is a cruel irony in the 'real-world' that all too often our most conscious and creative thinkers are disenfranchised from the mainstream because what they have to offer is not a recognized 'commodity'. And not being able Page 18 of 46

residency, food, financing & exchange

to monetize their specialization or talent can relegate them to poverty and ignominy. This is a dysfunctional appreciation of humanity which the New Earth Project needfully redresses. Transient Residencies Transient residents are people who, whilst not being ready to fully plug in permanently to a New Earth Community, have nonetheless chosen to live within a community, initially for 1 month of each year. They are able to absorb themselves in the philosophy and wisdom of the communities and share that wisdom with the greater world, whilst also providing a constant flow of new energy, skills and ideas to maintain a flow of creativity. Transient residents may, in their own time, choose to join the community on a more permanent basis. Benefits of Residency In addition to the obvious benefits of living in a conscious environment which supports a state of perpetual joy and abundance, all New Earth Residents benefit from:

full access to New Earth Institute resources

New Earth 'Personas' Personal identification with a 'legal persona' is a root cause of the illusion of separation and the sole foundation for the imposition of man-made laws upon the human family. It is therefore paramount, if sovereignty is to be preserved by conscious human beings in the New Earth, that no administrative organization including New Earth administration is ever vested with the power to create personas on behalf of the people nor to impose express or implied terms on, and extrapolate unfathomable presumptions from, their use. New Earth Residents are therefore able to create their own 'persona' within the New Earth, over which they maintain supreme executive authority, and which they may wish to use for: engaging with the New Earth services provided through the HumaniSphere, and supporting the freedom of choice to not engage with external agencies and authorities. These New Earth Personas are understood by all as nothing more than a vehicle for interaction and, whilst they may be used for the sake of simplicity as a means of personal identification, it is understood by all that such a persona can never truly identify the user the use of a New Earth Persona can never therefore grant jurisdiction over the user to any authority.

homes and communities designed and built in alignment with the principles of sacred geometry and crystal spiral dynamics all built environments facilitating a return of the body/mind/ spirit to its natural state full energy independence full access to new earth technologies zero-point economics modelling

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Food Each New Earth Community employs Q-Permaculture as the foundation of their food production programs. These New Earth Community Farms operate as Organic Permaculture Cooperatives, serving as nationwide exemplars of traditional and permaculture farming and husbandry methods. In addition to servicing the needs of the Communities, Institutes and Retreats, the Farms maintain regional Organic Farmers Markets where organic producers from across the region are able to trade their produce. This Cooperative approach invites the regions non-organic farm operators to join the organic farming revolution, and invites all farmers to embrace these New Earth farming methodologies as the next generation of organic farming. The projects team of world-leading permaculture and agricultural specialists provide advice and assistance in managing these transitions. Each Cooperative maintains an organic native variety seed bank which it makes available to the greater world, securing the future of native fruit, vegetable and plant species in all New Earth locations. Raw is understood as the most beneficial way to consume food, retaining more nutrients and enhancing health & longevity. Whilst each community itself determines what communal eating facilities it incorporates, raw food & juice cafes serve as both the main eating areas of the community and their primary social hubs. The idea that we each must prepare our food individually, eating alone or in small groups within a walled homestead, is an outdated notion whilst people and families are of course free to do so if they wish,

the fact is that not everyone obtains great joy from the preparation of their food. Environments where those who do love to prepare food are able to do so for others, with love, enthusiasm, care and attention are far more conducive to a healthful lifestyle. New Earth Communities represent an opportunity to explore these and many more alternative lifestyle choices as they question all outdated modalities to consciously evolve the human condition. Financing It is crucial we remember that money does not build communities, people do. The New Earth Project's innovative design solutions and suite of advanced technologies result in a lower use of resources and faster build times. Any capital which is required to develop the communities is therefore relatively low. Funds which are required to develop New Earth Communities, are obtained from three primary sources: by permanent residents who possess the financial capacity to do so; by the New Earth Trust on behalf of those permanent residents who do not possess the financial capacity to do so; and by transient residents, whose residencies arise out of their contribution to a community or the network of communities generally. Transient residencies are initially available for a flat-rate contribution of $10,000.00, regardless of location, which entitles the conPage 20 of 46

tributor (and their partner/family) to one month's use of a New Earth Community dome home every year for life. The residency is transferrable so should transient residents wish to join the community on a permanent basis, or should they wish to leave the community altogether, they are able to sell their interest back to the New Earth Trust at any time. Exchange The goal of the Communities is to transition, within a relatively short space of time, to a fully zero-point economy where no one charges their fellow human beings for their time or labour - everything is free. There is no impediment to this being implemented from the outset within each individual community. However until such time as the network of communities is sufficient in scope to allow this economic model to flourish in its entirety, it is necessary for the communities and their inhabitants to access some resources and services from the old world. New Earth Residents and the community as a whole are able to exchange their goods & services with New Earth Retreats and Institutes, in exchange for New Earth Sovereigns or in exchange for the old world resources and services which they require. Residents have free, unlimited access to the HumaniSpheres New Earth Banking and Auction House facilities, where they can gift and receive items and where their New Earth Sovereigns can be used to obtain any goods & services they require. The HumaniSphere includes a currency exchanger should the need arise to obtain other currencies for whatever reason.

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New Earth Learning Centers provide the foundational platform for the community educational environment. Whilst physically separate to the New Earth Institute, they are an integral part of it. The uniqueness of the New Earth Learning Center environment lies in its intimate setting and self-guidance ethos with only a small number of students per class, children and young adults are able to develop strong relationships with each other and with the outstanding network of world leading creative, intellectual and spiritual thinkers who teach at the centers. The centers are free platforms upon which a wealth of knowledge and insight can be presented, not bound to any specific direction or teachings. In addition to core teaching staff, teachers from all walks of life are invited to come and lecture at the centers for week long intervals and at the same time offer courses, retreats and lectures for the surrounding local community. Students spend a large portion of their time working on projects which contribute to the center and the community. Projects vary between locations depending upon the environmental factors which influence the needs of the various centers and communities. Concurrently students have the opportunity to use their own capacities and potentials to integrate, implement and manifest in the external world, the new insight and learning they have acquired through being exposed to the various fields of holistic wisdom, arts and sciences at the Learning Centers.


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Each New Earth Community contains such a Learning Center for the use of its inhabitants, although attendance is by no means compulsory. Additionally, each center contains a School of Light which operates an international visitor class where high school students from all over the world are able to relocate to a New Earth Community for one year to experience this alternative learning environment and community life. The New Earth Learning Center campus curriculum comprises introductions and orientations in a multitude of vital subject matters whilst also allowing time for reflections, practice, cooperation and socialization practices that are fundamental for a fulfilling life. Students are free to structure their own curricula to ensure continued enthusiasm in the learning environment. Subjects include but are in no way limited to:

New Earth Learning Center short courses and seminars are offered regularly at the campus. These short courses also benefit from the wealth of additional knowledge and wisdom brought to the center by the many prominent visiting teachers/lecturers/mentors/ facilitators who come to teach the one-year curriculum and permanent students.

Ecology Science & technology Language Mathematics Ethics Permaculture & ecological farming Eco-philosophy New-economics Healing & wellness Arts & crafts Meditation Natural design Indigenous wisdom Page 23 of 46

The New Earth Community environment supports the maintenance of peak health through proper diet & nutrition, movement & exercise, conscious intent and conducive living environments. Organic food grown with the same conscious intent to heal; seeds which have been stored in biological capacitors before planting; structured, vortex treated water for drinking and food production; New Earth Architecture homes; EMF elimination technologies; the support of a world-class network of experts in human wellbeing; the embodiment of a joyous and playful attitude - these factors, and many more, serve to create such an environment. Residents of New Earth Communities can also benefit from free use of the clinics and rejuvenation services provided by the network of New Earth Retreats.

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A seminal aspect of New Earth Communities is a conscious focus on the art of birthing and dying. It is critical that we begin to integrate these seminal gateways of the human journey into our reality framework. The New Earth Project explores and facilitates the art of living and dying and does so with a keen attitude. The conscious birthing and reception of souls into our world becomes our most urgent and focused art. Thus, in the communities: the months leading up to conception become consciously lived. community resources are expended on the wellbeing of pregnant women. every pregnant woman can eat well, feel joy and be inspired by beauty in an environment that supports them. babies are given superior conditions to grow robust and resilient organs thanks to the optimal biochemistry and nutrients flowing in their mothers blood. the unbridled use of technological intervention is recognized as counterproductive and abusive. peace and privacy are embraced as the primary facilitators of easy childbirth. the first fully conscious generation are birthed expanding creativity, empathy, flexibility, social intelligence and resilience into the marrow of the human family. students of all ages learn about natures plan for a fulfilling primal period. Page 25 of 46

conscious birthing and dying

Similarly, a dignified and peaceful death in an environment which is conducive to spiritual retreat and resonant with nature, supported by conscious loving carers, family and friends, - becomes the most aspirational tenet of society. Thus, in the communities: 'dying' becomes a conscious 'art'. 'death' is recognized as the mere transition which it is. these transitions are welcomed consciously, without fear. these transitions are marked by celebrations of life rather than undignified mourning. birthing and dying are recognized as the same joyous transition. Each community necessarily incorporates integrated environments for birthing and dying into the fabric of each community, and makes these facilities available to the wider local community.

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New Earth Communities include cutting-edge technologies spanning the five fundamental aspects of sustainable community development: (The list included here is not exhaustive) Energy Plasma and hydroxy power generators rotary and propane platforms converted to run on distilled water and plasma. Quantum Field Generators - non-mechanical devices which harness energy directly from the quantum field. Power Amplifiers - non-mechanical transformer based devices which deliver a ten-fold over unity power output which, when coupled with a power storage device, allows the device to become a selfpowering zero-point power generator. Waste Municipal waste & waste-water treatment system - a clean trash-to -energy-to-food system. MSW, or trash, is converted into a multitude of valuable commodities. includes separation for recyclables, bio-digestion, bio-composting, vermiculture, algae-culture, closed looped reduction of inorganics, clean generation of electric power, and capturing and cleaning gases and fuels. The products include three highly-productive, organic, fertile top- soil amendments, clean electricity, a superior fish food and livestock feed supplement, blue green algae (Spirulina and ChlorelIa), and distilled water. Page 27 of 46

energy & technology

Water Purification new earth technologies incorporate a range of purification technologies that range from state-of-the-art water desalination, sterilization, bacteria and virus elimination systems to naturally occurring effective microorganisms and vermicultures. Re-structuring - new earth architecture incorporates water collection facilities which employ geometry, vortices and charged crystals to restructure water. Vortex treatment - the imploder is a specially designed vortex nozzle, which energizes any water back to its natural state. Multiple experiments have shown vortex treated water to bring health and longevity to plant life, animals and humans alike. Food Q-Permaculture - food and other agricultural products are produced using a hybrid of quantum technologies and permaculture principles. Hydroponics and aquaponics - redesigns of existing hydroponic and aquaponic systems, establishing new systems as part of an integrated permaculture strategy to achieve truly organic and natural hydroponic and aquaponic operations.

Construction Geo-polymer - an indigenous and sustainable alternative to portland cement. Geo-polymers possess far greater compressive and tensile strengths than portland cement, are fire-proof, water-proof, pest-proof and become stronger over time as they sequester co2 from the atmosphere for decades. They are also crystalline in nature and so can be imbued with energetic frequencies and electrical charge to enhance the effect of the New Earth architectural principles Bamboo - this great traditional building material is being revived for modern construction requirements. It is the fastest growing wood on the planet, generates 35% more oxygen than any other tree and has a higher tensile strength by weight than any other wood. At the same time growing bamboo helps to create forests and retain rainwater, raising ground water levels. Binishells - using low air pressure to lift and shape thin reinforced shell structures, poured at ground level, binishells essentially use air as their form work. As well as being inherently green, binishells are fast, strong and flexible and can be made in an infinite variety of shapes. Local Building Methods - certain traditional building methods and techniques are themselves highly advanced. These local techniques are, where appropriate, incorporated into designs creating localized exemplars for the marriage of old and new.

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The New Earth Institute is the planetary touch-stone for integrated knowledge and wisdom. It is a virtual platform with a network of physical Institutes. Aside from serving as the focal point for the New Earth Retreats and Festivals, these physical Institutes are year-round venues for learning and creative expression. They facilitate international partners and partner organisations dedicated to ushering in the new earth and host international symposia, workshops, seminars, congresses and events. The Institutes house faculties which facilitate key disciplines across academic, spiritual and creative expression & enquiry. They are unique centres with the capacity for both live-web and terrestrial broadcast. The Institute is made available to the greater world through the HumaniSphere and works with nations and communities around the world by inviting political & spiritual leaders, educators & visionaries to embrace the principles of the New Earth Blueprint in the greater world.

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institute structure

earth faculty
ecological studies permaculture & husbandry biological architecture new earth economics

fire faculty

air faculty

zero-point studies hyper-dimensional physics advanced technology R & D

new earth council

social development conflict resolution studies new media & I.T. anthropology & anthroposophy

sacred arts & sciences consciousness studies bi-location studies exopolitics & ancient wisdom

healing & wellness healing R & D yoga & meditation ancient healing arts

ether faculty

water faculty
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New Earth Council The New Earth Council is made up of those individuals who operate Academy's and Clinics within the New Earth Institute framework as well as those whom, as conduits of infinite wisdom, have paved the way for the manifestation of the New Earth. These exemplary healers and wisdom keepers are responsible for maintaining the balance and integrity of the planet-wide knowledge transfer which the Institute delivers. Appointment to, and removal from, the New Earth Council is a selforganizing process which is driven by the HumaniSphere - where innovative technologies, inventions, healing modalities and teachings have been highlighted and exemplified by the greater world, New Earth Residents and participants are able to elect, to the New Earth Council, those responsible for the most well-aligned offerings. The Council plays no role in the governance of New Earth Communities, which are entirely free to self-determine, other than the provision of advice or guidance where it is explicitly requested. The Communities Learning Centres receive the benefit of the knowledge and wisdom of this evolving collective of innovators, healers and teachers.

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New Earth Retreats are the Projects primary commercial platform. They perform most commercial functions of the Project, allowing the Projects other components to function without a monetary focus. The profits which they generate are employed to benefit and support the greater Project. The New Earth Project unites the world's leading innovations and innovators in the areas of healing and wellness, and makes this planetary network available to humankind through the New Earth Institute and Wellness Clinics which form the foundation of New Earth Retreat facilities.

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Each New Earth Retreat incorporates: Luxury & budget rental accommodation Wellness Spas & Healing Clinics New Earth Institute Dedicated spaces for yoga and meditation Swimming pools and leisure spaces Juice bars Raw food restaurants Raw food internet Cafe's Luxury real-estate.

Retreat accommodation is provided through various configurations of sacred geometric domes, ranging in size from 25m2 to 98m2. With extremely low rates for luxury dormitory style domes and groups, New Earth Retreats are available to all. 'Real-estate' plots incorporated within the Retreats serve as a planetary exemplar for real-estate development, representing the first luxury real-estate developments ever constructed which guarantee purchasers zero running costs for life - providing a viable stepping stone for upwardly mobile individuals and families to transition to a sustainable lifestyle. The inclusion of 'real-estate' plots also reduces invested capital in Retreat developments, providing a stronger investment plan and increased revenues which can be expended on other aspects of the Project.

development model

All facilities and accommodations conform to New Earth Design principles. Page 33 of 46

The low resource requirements and fast build times of the Projects innovative design solutions allow New Earth Retreats to utilize a philanthropic profit sharing model whilst providing steady returns to Investors and Landowners from the ongoing operation of Retreat rental accommodation and facilities. This provides the realistic and grounded foundation to support the ongoing expansion of the Project and to support the network of New Earth Communities if and when required. New Earth Retreats enter into agreement with Investors and Landowners (where the land is not already in the possession of the New Earth Trust). Landowners transfer the Land to the development company in return for a profit sharing agreement in the completed Retreat. Once Investor capital has been returned, the land is transferred to the Earth Sanctuary Universal Trust where it remains, in perpetuity, for the benefit of mankind. Landowners forming part of the New Earth network and who have transferred land to the development company are required to transfer, free of charge, an equal sized land holding, in close proximity to the Retreat development, for the purpose of establishing a New Earth Community. This secondary piece of land is transferred directly to the Earth Sanctuary Universal Trust.

business strategy
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New Earth Retreats employ an holistic approach to wellness and healing. This holistic approach is no longer an abstract art - modern doctoring and science is increasingly re-learning to embrace such ancient and foundational wisdom. The Wellness Clinics within the Retreats serve to accelerate this shift in attitude towards healing and wellness. Practitioners treat the cause of illness and disease, not the symptoms, and focus their energy on the maintenance of healthy bodies, minds and spirits. Through right and proper education the Retreats empower individuals with the skills they need to ensure enhanced health and longevity. From musculo-skeletal exercises and nutritional information to psychological deprogramming and meditative inquiries these centres cover all necessary components of a healthful balanced existence. These cutting-edge Clinics are charged with the responsibility for advancing their respective art, allowing for New Earth Retreats to become the largest Research & Development project in healing and wellness ever conducted. Each Retreat includes a training Academy, operating as part of the New Earth Institute, where these advanced healing arts can be taught to others - creating a global training network for multidisciplinary advanced healing. In addition to providing healing and wellness services to those visiting the Retreats, these Wellness Clinics provide free treatments to New Earth Residents and members of other local communities who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Page 35 of 46

healing & wellness

The planetary transformation which the Project seeks to facilitate is the unification of humanity through the realization, by each member of the human family, of the truth that infinite consciousness is the source of All life - consigning the current illusory world viewpoint that each life-form is a separate being in a vast and hostile universe, to the annals of history. This subtle shift in perception will self-organize all other aspects of the pending planetary transformation. The primary purpose of the Retreats, and the Project generally, is to empower humanity in the recognition of this fundamental truth of existence and thereby alter the dominant paradigm to one where a sovereign humanity is no longer the victim of causality, but a vehicle through which consciousness itself is the architect of it. Operating from this core purpose, each New Earth Retreat runs continuous courses, seminars and events as permanent beacons of this altered world-view. Retreat participants and practitioners constantly evolve new and innovative expressions of this shift in perception, drawing a constant flow of visitors each aligned with the capacity to embrace it. With the core of each Retreat being designed to hold this pure and perfect space, the growing planetary network of New Earth Retreats & Communities creates a conscious grid of intent which empowers the greater world to rise towards the recognition of this fundamental truth en masse. Page 36 of 46


New Earth Retreats employ a philanthropic business model which utilizes operational profits to further the goals of the Project. Under this model: 25% of net profits generated by each New Earth Retreat are deposited into a dedicated Local Trust whose beneficiaries are the local people, and 25% percent of net profits generated by each New Earth Retreat are deposited into a dedicated New Earth Trust whose beneficiaries are humankind and planet earth in general. 50% of net profits generated by each New Earth Retreat are distributed to its stakeholders (until such time as these stakeholders (investors and landowners) are diluted from the profit sharing plan, at which point these profits will revert to the New Earth Trust). Once Investor capital has been returned and their profit sharing agreement comes to an end, Investor profit shares are received by the New Earth Trust. Where the New Earth Trust elects to serve as the Investor and/or land provider for the New Earth Retreats, the proportion of profits which would otherwise go to the relevant stakeholder are received by the New Earth Trust from the outset.

profit sharing
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Use of Trust Funds Funds held by both the Local Trust's and the New Earth Trust are employed at their respective local and global levels to: Develop additional New Earth Retreats to create a robust international network. Host New Earth Festivals as a unified global focus event from the selected New Earth locations. Establish and support New Earth Communities. Generate new vocational opportunities in new and enlightened practices across local regions. Create 'Earth Sanctuary' protectorates to provide a secure environment for the future development of additional New Earth Projects. Remediate depleted eco-systems

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The New Earth Festival is a series of coordinated five day annual festivals at select New Earth venues across the globe to serve as a unified global focus event where art, music, theatre, dance, food, ceremony, new-sciences, healing & wisdom are showcased to the world, becoming a worldwide beacon for people and communities across the globe. Each venue combines a Congress, Exposition and Festival. New Earth Retreats host visitors to the Festivals with zero-footprint tent and teepee campsites housing budget visitors and tourists. Revenues from the Festivals contribute towards the New Earth Institute as well as funding local community programs and initiatives. The Festivals realize many creative constructions and improvements to local infrastructure. The restaurants, stalls, cafes, pavilions, congress dome, lavatories, showers and creative lodgings serve conscious tourism and New Earth Institute students and guests throughout the year.

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The HumaniSphere is the world's most advanced integrated web platform for uniting humanity. Its back-end infrastructure can facilitate traffic of up to six billion users simultaneously. Available only to real people, and not to corporate profiteering, it provides a unique environment within which the human family can unite, beyond cultural and national boundaries, absent the influence of government, vested interests or intercessionaries, to collectively determine its own future. The HumaniSphere offers an enlightened experience in all the key areas which are increasingly important to people of the world. It includes: a real-time 24/7 citizen journalism based news media. an innovative online zero-point core 'banking' and financial exchange portal. a breakthrough interactive music and video sharing archive a dynamic real-time online e-democracy platform. a dedicated global telephone, chat and video linking communicator module. a community exchange and auction-house for rent, sale, swap and donate. a highly advanced fuzzy-logic search engine. A HumaniSphere passport (membership) enables people to collaborate, communicate and exchange with the whole world in a new immersive online environment which filters out the irritations of trivia and controlled media. The HumaniSphere is the entry point to the New Earth... Page 40 of 46

The New Earth Exchange is an innovative online core 'banking' and financial exchange portal which revolutionizes the concept of 'money' and eliminates usury and profiteering. The Exchange facilitates trade using the New Earth Sovereign, which is launching as an alternative currency for use within the New Earth. The Exchange provides the facility for New Earth Sovereigns to be changed into any other currency - allowing them to be withdrawn from an ATM anywhere in the world. All HumaniSphere passport holders are issued with a free account at the New Earth Exchange and ATM card upon request. The Exchange also incorporates an 'auction-house' where people may rent, sell, swap and donate anything and everything.

banking & exchange

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The Earthsong Portal is a breakthrough interactive music & video sharing archive and radio station streaming 'live' 24/7. Many of the best songwriters and musical artists never get a record deal. Those that do are bled dry, or forced to compromise their integrity, by a corporatized music industry. Hundreds of thousands of talented bands and artists remain unheard. The Earthsong Archive provides an opportunity to countless musicians, composers and songwriters who have devoted years into crafting unknown masterpieces, to usher them into the world, and it does so in a manner which removes the 'middle men' who have historically controlled the world of music. The Earthsong Archive will quickly become the biggest archive of unpublished world music. It is an online portal and repository for the many thousands of songs submitted by unsigned artists and bands from nations around the world. Visitors are able to enter the immersive online environment and walk through countless artists, cultures and musical styles, selecting and managing their own playlists for free, whilst having the opportunity to download their selections for a small down load fee. The Archive welcomes both unsigned and famous artists, who are invited to withdraw their 'intellectual property' from traditional music industry repositories and participate in a platform which respects their art. Revenues are equally divided between the down-loaded artists and the New Earth Fund. The Fund invests in the New Earth Project's diverse programs and initiatives and shares any profits generated for Earthsong deposits with the artists themselves. Page 42 of 46


The e-democracy portal is a dynamic web-platform designed to effect instantaneous online voting via SMS, email or real-time log-in participation for direct action against governmental bodies & rogue public servants, and for challenging the controlled media, education and healthcare systems-at-large. Operating a highly secure system, the portal permits a single registered vote per member and has a carrying capacity of six billion worldwide users at the same time. The HumaniSphere direct action e-democracy portal allows for millions of registered users within defined networks to apprehend decisions being made by governments, institutions, unions, public servants and corporate administrators, holding them personally accountable for the actions they take which adversely affect human and planetary wellbeing. The users themselves can alert the global community to injustices taking place, that require the attention and support of the e-democracy portal. The e-democracy portal incorporates: Citizen Jury live transmission of public-interest hearings and tribunals with selected juries of concerned citizens representing all world nations. a pioneering platform for 'people power' to be seen and heard in civil, criminal & commercial courtrooms around the world. Page 43 of 46

Open Trials

e-democracy portal


a real-time voting platform which alerts members via apps, emails & SMS, inviting them to vote on key issues, brought forward by the HumaniSphere community, and linking the results to parliaments of all nations, multilateral institutions and other keepers of power. opening up a global democratic highway for concerned citizens of the world, enabling them to directly block rogue government actions and apprehend publically elected officials.

Block Petitions

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The True News Network is a real-time 24/7 citizen journalism based news media for global coverage of impartial and accurate news which bypasses the controlled global media highway of disinformation, trivia and negative emphasis. The True News Network provides viewers around the world who are hungry for balance in local and global information, with daily, weekly and round the clock evidence of a sane world. News stories that de-demonize East to West and West to East, building bridges through a focus on the inherent similarities of all people of the world. The Network: forges a paradigm shift in global news coverage and distribution throughout all nations via web & TV. opens up a global highway for citizen journalism from across all nations & cultures. challenges the quality and integrity of existing sociopolitical information exchange. spotlights key mainstream as well as alternative voices in all areas of world affairs. cultivates a global network of individuals and institutions committed to ending the propagation of degradation and scarcity as over-arching themes in current global media.

media & citizen journalism

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The New Earth Portal is an entirely free platform to unite all New Earth Residents and participants into one extraterritorial New Earth Community. Whilst its immersive capabilities are for the exclusive use of residents and participants of the New Earth Project, it also invites the greater world to participate in the Project. For non-residents it presents information about the New Earth Project and showcases the many opportunities to get involved, and for residents it contains many of the same functions as the HumaniSphere itself, however they are altered to suit the needs of the community. The e-democracy platform is instead concerned with matters which affect the New Earth Community at its local and global levels - residents and participants even have the opportunity to collectively determine the evolution of the portal itself, and decide how they wish to organize themselves. The Citizen Journalism module is instead purposed to allow the sovereign participants of the Project to present their stories and experiences from within the New Earth Community, to the greater world. The banking module, whilst maintaining the function of the primary HumaniSphere banking module, shifts focus to supporting a fully zero-point economy. The New Earth Portal also houses the vast database of New Earth Institute Resources. Page 46 of 46

new earth portal

the new earth is upon us... join us in manifesting this new paradigm of prosperity, harmony and abundance.

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Guidelines for Opensource use of the New Earth Blueprint

The New Earth Blueprint avails itself to all peoples as a means by which they may mutually cooperate in manifesting the world of prosperity, harmony and abundance which the human family is beginning now to collectively envision at this critical juncture. Whilst all peoples are invited to participate in the New Earth Project by engaging with the many Communities, Retreats and Institutes which the New Earth Trust itself develops, all peoples are likewise invited to participate in the New Earth Project by cooperating independently, with each other, in manifesting their own New Earth Communities and/or Retreats. Where people do wish to develop their own Communities and/or Retreats and also wish to be an integral part of the New Earth family, certain guidelines needfully apply to the use of the New Earth Blueprint, and thus the structure and operation of those Communities and/or Retreats, in order to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the New Earth Project as the planetary touchstone for conscious evolution. The New Earth Blueprint is a benchmark, not a rigid structure - all participants of the Project are completely free to explore their creativity in advancing the Blueprint and creating infinite expressions of ideal conscious communities. The benchmark will be raised as this opensource Blueprint is advanced by the supranational New Earth Community, as the Community collectively determines its future, including the evolving form and function of the guidelines contained below. New Earth Communities By observing the following guidelines, developers of New Earth Communities may benefit from: advice and support from the New Earth Projects vast planetary network of world-leading experts in creating, maintaining and operating their Community. free access to detailed working drawings of New Earth Architecture homes and buildings.

access to New Earth Architects to design bespoke Community solutions. use of the New Earth Portal for the sale of Transient Residencies to raise development capital. use of New Earth Trust funds, where necessary, available and appropriate, to subsidise homes for those who cannot afford them. free membership to the HumaniSphere & New Earth Portal for all residents of the Community. access to the New Earth Projects suite of advanced technologies, including where possible free donations of technology or where not possible, the option to purchase available technologies at a cost price. entitlement for residents to acquire New Earth Resident status and thereby: - move freely between the network of New Earth Communities. - freely utilise the services of New Earth Retreats and the New Earth Institute. - freely utilize all of the services provided by the HumaniSphere, New Earth Portal and New Earth Project generally. any other benefit which New Earth Communities are capable and desirous of receiving, and which the New Earth Trust is capable and desirous of providing. Whilst everyone is free to utilize any part of the New Earth Blueprint to develop a community in any way they choose, anyone who wishes to do so and receive the aforementioned benefits, will needfully observe the following guidelines: New Earth Project admin is notified of the proposed Community ahead of actual development. The land on which the Community is situate is lawfully protected in a manner which accords to the New Earth Blueprint. The Earth Sanctuary Universal Trust can provide this service free of charge, holding the fee-simple (or equivalent) rights to the land upon trust for the benefit of those whom from time to time use the land or dwell thereon (this is a necessary provision to support the New Earth Project and its planetary network in ensuring the continuing autonomy of the Community). The Community makes provision for a New Earth Learning Centre within which a School of Light international visitor class may be operated by the New Earth Trust (providing a basic foundation for community life and practices to be shared with the greater world).

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The Community makes provision for an integrated birthing and dying facility. Where the Community is not in close proximity to an existing or proposed New Earth Institute, the Community makes provision for the New Earth Trust to develop, at its own expense, a New Earth Institute (which will be operated in accordance with the wishes of the New Earth Council as duly appointed by the global family of New Earth residents and participants) to serve as the foundation of its philanthropic endeavours in the local region. The Community makes provision for transient residencies as outlined in the New Earth Blueprint. The Community is developed, and endeavours to operate, in alignment with the true spirit of the New Earth Blueprint. New Earth Retreats By observing with the following guidelines, developers of New Earth Retreats may, subject to approval by the New Earth Trust, benefit from: use of the New Earth Retreat brand. advice and support of the New Earth Projects vast planetary network of world -leading experts in creating, maintaining and operating the Retreat. the fruits of New Earth Retreats central marketing operations. use of New Earth Retreats central bookings facilities. access to detailed working drawings of New Earth Architecture structures. access to New Earth Architects to design bespoke Retreat solutions. free membership to the HumaniSphere & New Earth Portal for all participants of the Retreat. free access to New Earth Institute resources. the appointment of one or more of the New Earth Projects world-leading healers and physicians to host a permanent clinic and/or academy at the Retreat, if desired. access to the New Earth Projects suite of advanced technologies with the option to purchase available technologies at a cost price. any other benefit which Retreat is capable and desirous of receiving, and which the New Earth Trust is capable and desirous of providing.

Whilst no one is expressly forbidden from utilizing any part of the New Earth Blueprint to develop a Retreat in any way they choose, anyone who does so will not be eligible to receive any of the aforementioned benefits, unless they observe the following guidelines: New Earth Project admin is notified of the proposed Retreat ahead of actual development. The irrevocable transfer of fee-simple (or equivalent) rights in the land upon which the Retreat is situate, is made to the Earth Sanctuary Universal Trust to be held for the benefit of those whom from time to time use the land or dwell thereon or, where the land is required to be used as security for the financing of the Retreat in question, a commitment that such transfer will take place within a time frame acceptable to the New Earth Trust (necessary to enable the New Earth Project and its planetary network to help ensure the continuing autonomy of the Retreat and those who work there). Designs and layouts are approved by New Earth Project design team (necessary to ensure integrity of the Retreat brand) Profits from the operation of the Retreat are distributed in accordance with the profit sharing model contained in the Blueprint - i.e. 25% of all profits to the New Earth Trust are directed as highlighted therein, 25% of all profits to a Local Trust, establish by the Retreat operator, are likewise directed as highlighted therein. 10% of gross revenues from the operation of the Retreat are distributed to New Earth Project administration to pay for all central functions and global marketing. The Retreat makes provision for the development of a New Earth Institute, to a design provided by the New Earth Trust, which is operated in accordance with the wishes of the New Earth Council (as duly appointed by the global family of New Earth residents and participants). The Retreat is developed, and maintains its operations, in alignment with the form, function and true spirit of the New Earth Project. These guidelines may be updated without notice - parties wishing to engage with the New Earth Project in the manner described herein should regularly check the latest version of the Blueprint at

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