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Sophie Nutt Music Video Introduction Task 1 What do you think are the major elements of an album marketing

campaign (the different ways in which a band/artists identity is mediated to an audience?) Elements of surprise album launches become more powerful when fans dont see them coming. Having marketing moves unannounced, they counter internationally conventional marketing. Amongst this, while many believe that heavy press coverage is key to generating interest in an album, some counterconventional marketing is better designed to keep fans guessing. This provides ongoing surprise and generosity. The allure of secrecy delivering an appropriate climax for the months of fan anticipation. Digital CD Pack. Advertisement. Music video. Where have you encountered these elements in your daily life? Television, gigs. What factors make you like a band and therefore download their music, buy their albums or attend their concerts? How do you decide which band is cool and which is not? Their music, image, reputation, popularity, and reviews written about them. Where and when do you watch music videos? On the internet, on my smartphone, and occasionally on television. I watch music videos at anytime, especially once a single Im interested in is first released. However if the video is good, there is no specific time as to when I would watch it. Task 2 In the space below list as many features/conventions of music videos that you can think of. Camera shots Music videos tend to include many long shots, close ups, and mid shots. This is to create emphasis on the artist, location and emotions. Close ups are used not only to show emotions but to reflect the words of the song with the movement of the lips of the artist. Camera movement The movement of the camera is used to follow and trace the artist or band. Camera movements include tilts, pans, tracking, and crane shots. Mise-en-scene This puts importance on the representation of something. (Symbolic techniques). Editing Jump cuts are the predominant editing technique used in music videos. This is because this allows a sudden change from one scene to another. Lighting/Colour Some music videos are black and white which help to emphasis a particular mood and some videos have artificial lighting which put the artist/s in an enhanced look. Notions of looking stereotyping.

Sophie Nutt The style Performance, narrative, mixture, cameo, illustrative, amplification, conceptual, disjuncture. Task 3 Textual analysis of music videos. Name of track: Navy Artist: Kilo Kish Features Genre characteristics Observations The genre of the song is alternative. Characteristics of this are shown in the video through the abstract and blurred shots portrayed. Examples Numerous shots are overlaid at one time. A galaxy pattern is frequently featured in the background. Colours are unusual. The stars, they dont just shine for you (Chorus) and the connection to the faded galaxy pattern. The beat is particularly noticeable in the intro, where the shots change at each beat (mainly shots of the traffic of cars). Close-ups:

Relationship between lyrics and visuals?

There is no real relationship between the lyrics and the visuals, except for the faded galaxy pattern in the background. Relationship between The shots change in music and visuals? relation to the beat of the song. The movement of the artist also becomes more relaxed and open as the song progresses. Are there close-ups of the There are close ups of the artist and star image artist throughout the motifs? video, however these shots are only for a short period of time, and the main shots of the artist are mid-shots. As Kilo Kish is a relatively new and unorthodox artist, as of yet there are no star image motifs that can be recognized throughout the video. Is there reference to the The audience is made to notion of looking? feel like they are looking onto the story in the introduction, as the artist does not make much direct eye contact with

When singing the lyrics, Kilo Kish frequently glances up to the camera as if she is communicating to the audience. This happens

Sophie Nutt the camera. However, Kilo Kish does look up to glance at the camera frequently throughout the song, making the audience feel to be a part of the story Goodwins notions of looking. Throughout the video, famous paintings, drawings, and symbols are projected for shorter than one second at a time, that can be recognized by the audience at a glance. Kilo Kish directed the video herself with Ben Rayner. The video is that of amplification with the smallest bit of disjuncture. The Navy video is very abstract, however it still has a correlation to the song, even though some ideas portrayed in the video are completely irrelevant. the most during the verses, as the chorus uses quick changes of shots and so not leaving time for much reference to the notion of looking. Mainly used in the chorus, and appear for a short time, changing with each beat.

Are there intertextual references?

Is the video category, illustration, disjuncture, or amplification? How much of each?

Although the visuals are irrelevant to the lyrics and the editing of the video is abstract, there is a correlation between the song and the video through the beats of the track and the transition of shots.

Name of track: Yonkers Artist: Tyler the Creator Features Genre characteristics Observations The genre is rap/hiphop. The conventions of this genre are the violent and controversial visuals that are in the music video. Tyler the Creator makes actions and uses body language to create a relationship between the Examples Tyler is shown eating a cockroach, throwing up, having eyes that are completely black, having a nose bleed, and hanging himself at the end of the video. Threesomes with a fucking triceratops Reptar Tyler makes the hand reference to

Relationship between lyrics and visuals?

Sophie Nutt lyrics and the visuals in the video. However, some visuals in the video are not linked to the lyrics in any way. There is a small relationship between the music and the visuals. Reptar. The cockroach used in the video is irrelevant to the lyrics that Tyler is saying. The focus moves in and out throughout the video and it regularly changes according to the beat that is consistent throughout the whole song. Close ups:

Relationship between music and visuals?

Are there close-ups of the artist and star image motifs?

Is there reference to the notion of looking?

Are there intertextual references?

There are numerous close ups to the artist as the video revolves around the artist simply rapping with a white background. This allows the camera to move into different angles easily, which Tyler takes advantage of when directing the video. Star motifs that are used include the famous Goblin logo used at the beginning of the video to promote the album that was to be released after this single. Also, the Odd Future cross on Tylers finger as well as the word Kill (part of the saying Kill them all linked to OFWGKTA) on his hand are star image motifs. Tyler the Creator makes frequent direct eye contact with the camera, involving the audience with his narrative. The song is a conversation between himself and Wolf Haley, and the audience is made to feel apart of this conversation through Tylers notion of looking. Tyler makes numerous comments referring to

Star image motifs:

Examples of this can be seen throughout the song at any time.

Tyler disses B.o.B, Hayley Williams, and their song

Sophie Nutt other artists and songs. The title of the song Yonkers also has intertexuality. Airplanes. He also disses Bruno Mars. At the end of Goblin, Dr. TC says So you told me you went to New York.. and then Yonkers starts. Yonkers is a city in NY. Rapper Lil Zane was born in Yonkers, NY and was also a re-occurrence in Tylers tweets, with him acting like or shouting out Zane in his tweets. Elements of disjuncture include the use of a cockroach in the video, and the black eyes that Tyler has. The hanging at the end of the video appears to be an element of disjuncture, however the lyrics in this section of the song are related to death and Tyler speaks the word Dead on its own at the end of the track. The changing of focus is edited carefully, and changes in time with the beat.

Is the video category illustration, disjuncture, or amplification? How much of each?

The video is predominantly disjuncture, however there are subtle connections between the visuals and the references to different topics hidden within the lyrics. However, the way the video is edited gives the category a hint of amplification.

Name of track: Novacane Artist: Frank Ocean Features Genre characteristics Relationship between lyrics and visuals? Observations Frank Ocean talks about sex, drugs, love, and sex with someone you love whilst on drugs. This is portrayed through the visuals and editing in the music video. Examples The video is in slow motion, representing the effects that the drugs are having on the singer. Girls are also used in the video to represent the element of sex in the lyrics, however are mainly made up of the

Sophie Nutt smoke produced by the drugs. Illusions are also layered on top of the main shot to create the feeling of hallucination that the singer is experiencing, described by him in the lyrics. There is little The slow beat and voice relationship between the over the song is reflected song and the visuals, through the slow however the song itself is panning of the camera slow and this is reflected around the room and the in the music video. slow movements made by the singer. There are close ups of Close ups: the artist, making it look as though the singer is looking at himself in the mirror at times. There is a star image motif of the infamous panda face at the end of Star image motifs: the video, very faintly created by smoke. This is also repeated in videos such as Swim Good by Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean makes a lot of direct eye contact into the camera during the last half of the video. This eye contact makes the camera seem as though it is a mirror for the singer as he is looking deeply into it, and that the audience is looking on to the situation. His eyes are not open fully all the time and he looks deluded at most, however this adds to the effects of the drugs. Not any of note. The video category is From around 1:16 in the video, this notion of looking can be seen.

Relationship between music and visuals?

Are there close-ups of the artist and star image motifs?

Is there reference to the notion of looking?

Are there intertextual references? Is the video category

The singer is telling a

Sophie Nutt illustration, disjuncture, or amplification? How much of each? both illustration and amplification. story in this video about falling in love with a porn actress that wants to be a dentist. For the majority of the video he is sat and simply singing these lyrics to the audience, creating a narrative. However, there is an element of amplification as the director amplifies this story with creative interpretation, unusual ideas and surrealistic approaches such as the images being produced by the smoke.

Task 4 (Questions are answered based on Tyler the Creator Yonkers music video) 1. Why did you choose the text you are analysing? Its an unusual video that portrays things that most artists wouldnt usually include in their videos due to fear of offending or causing controversy. I wanted to learn more about the video and the reasons behind some of the visuals that it includes. Also, I find the lyrics to the song clever and this is something I wanted to analyse further with the help of the video. 2. In what context did you encounter it? Kanye West posted the link to this YouTube video on his Twitter account and praised the video, the song, and the artist Tyler the Creator. 3. What influence do you think this context might have had on your interpretation of the text? This would have made me believe that the song was good before even listening to it for the first time because of Kanye Wests reputation as a highly regarded rapper. 4. Which conventions of the genre do you recognize in the text? The genre is rap/hip-hop. The conventions of this genre are the violent and controversial visuals that are in the music video. Tyler is shown eating a cockroach, throwing up, having eyes that are completely black, having a nosebleed, and hanging himself at the end of the video. 5. To what extent does this text stretch the conventions of its genre? Hip-hop and rap have recently been seen in a softer light with popular rappers that have made hits featured in the charts. However, Tyler the Creator brought rap back to being blunt and dark, breaking the conventions of the popular rap music that most people were used to listening to.

Sophie Nutt 6. Where and why does the text depart from the conventions of the genre? The text departs from the conventions of the genre of hip-hop/rap that has recently been seen in a softer light, as artists have made hip-hop into a more chart-topping genre made to be popular. This text is not something that would be aired on TV regularly due to the context and therefore departs from the more recent expectations of it to be popular and be a hit. Tyler the Creator brought rap back to being blunt and dark, breaking the conventions of the popular rap music that most people were used to listening to. For example, eating a cockroach, throwing up, having eyes that are completely black, having a nosebleed, and hanging himself at the end of the video. This was done to generate shock from the audience. 7. What sort of audience did you feel that the video was aimed at (and how typical was this of the genre/style of music)? The video would have been aimed at teenagers that listen to this genre of music and can easily witness some of the violent images portrayed. This is typical of the genre/style of music due to the explicit nature of the music itself something that young children should not really be listening to/watching. 8. What sort of person do it assume you are? That I am a person from the younger generation that is used to the explicit nature of rap and hip-hop, and someone that listens to this music regularly. 9. What assumptions seem to be made about your class, age, gender, and ethnicity? The assumptions made about my class are that I am of a middle/upper class that has facilities to access the internet and YouTube on a regular basis, as this video was not shown on TV. My age was assumed to be around 15-19 years old due to the language and violence in the video. There is no real assumptions made about my gender, however stereotypically this is something a male would watch/listen to due to the lyrics and the genre of the music. There are no assumptions made about ethnicity, however, due to the references made within the lyrics this is something that would not be listened to regularly by someone with a strong religion, e.g. a strong Christian. 10. What interests does it assume you have? There are no assumptions as to the interests that I have, except for the interest in music that I have being rap. 11. What relevance does the text actually have for you? There is little relevance to me as most of the ideas included in the video are unusual and surrealistic. Also, as it is supposedly a conversation between Tyler the Creator and Wolf Haley, this makes it even more the irrelevant. 12. What knowledge does it take for granted? The audience is expected to know the story behind the song and the artist (as well as his alter-egos), however without doing the research this is forbidden knowledge to most of the audience.

Sophie Nutt 13. To what extent do you resemble the ideal reader that the video seeks you to position you as? I dont think I am stereotypically the ideal reader for this text, as I do not appear to be someone that listens to this music at first glance. However, I do listen to music that falls under the rap/hip-hop genre regularly and so, in that sense, I am an ideal reader for this video. 14. Are there any notable shifts in the videos style (and if so, what do they involve)? There are no shifts in the videos style it is consistent throughout. 15. What responses does the video seem to expect from you? It expects a sense of shock from the reader due to the controversial and dark images that are portrayed; subjects that are usually ignored/lightly skimmed over in music videos, e.g. suicide. 16. How open to negotiation is your response (are you invited, instructed, or coerced to respond in particular ways)? There is no instruction to respond in any way from the video itself. The audience may be influenced to respond in certain ways via external factors such as responses from other people on Twitter etc. 17. Is there any penalty for not responding in the expected ways? There are none. 18. To what extent for you find yourself reading against the grain of the text and the genre? I rarely find myself reading against the grain for this video and genre because of the mostly positive reviews that this video receives. I think this is an interesting, daring video and I listen to mostly music from this genre. Therefore, the reviews that I disagree with are mainly those of negative ones, which are rare when concerning this video. 19. How typical do you think this video is of music videos? This video is not typical due to the violent and controversial images that it portrays. Also, the simplicity of the video is not typical when concerning the standard of modern videos that appear to make full use of every editing technique something that this video does not do.