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DR. JOSE RIZAL Calamba, Laguna Philippines Personal Information

Name: Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda Address: Calle Real, Calamba, Laguna. Philippines Date of Birth: June 19, 1861 Place of Birth: Calamba, Laguna Date of Baptismal: June 22, 1861 Parents: Father: Francisco Rizal Mercado y Alejandro Mother: Teodora Alonza y Quintos Siblings: SATURNINA RIZAL (1850-1913) Eldest PACIANO RIZAL (1851-1930) -Only brother; Studied at San Jose College in Manila; became a farmer and later a general of the Philippine Revolution. NARCISA RIZAL (1852-1939) - Teacher and musician. OLYMPIA RIZAL (1855-1887)- Died from child birth

LUCIA RIZAL (1857-1919)- Fifth child. MARIA RIZAL (1859-1945)- Married Daniel Faustino Cruz of Bian, Laguna. CONCEPCION RIZAL (1862-1865) Died at the age of three JOSEFA RIZAL (1865-1945) - Rpileptic, died a spinster. TRINIDAD RIZAL (1868-1951)- Died a spinster SOLEDAD RIZAL (1870-1929)- The youngest child married Pantaleon Quintero Educational Background

Universidad Central de Madrid Doctorate in Medicine 1884 1885 Universidad Central de Madrid Philosophy and Letters November 1882 June 1885 Universidad Central de Madrid Medicine November 1882 June 1884 University of Santo Tomas Medicine June1878 March 1882 University of Santo Tomas Philosophy and Letters June 1877 March 1878 Ateneo Municipal Surveying Course June1877 March 1878 Ateneo Municipal Bachelor of Arts June 1872 March 1877 Maestro Justiniano Aquino Cruzs school Basic education including Spanish and Latin June1870 December 1871 Licentiate in Medicine Universidad Central de Madrid Employment

Assistant to Dr. Louis Weckert on Nov. 1885 Self-employed in Calamba (established own clinic--1887-1888

November 20 1891 to June 1892 in Hong Kong- Joined the clinic of Dr. Lorenzo Marques a Portuguese physician and was also able to enhanced his mastery of Ophthalmology Language/Dialect (Spoken)

Tagalog, Ilocano, Bisayan, Subanun, Spanish, Latin, Greek, English, French, German, Arabic, Malayan, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Dutch, Catalan, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian..

Published Works 1887: NOLI ME TANGERE -a satirical novel exposing the arrogance and despotism of the Spanish clergy (Published in Berlin) 1890: (Morgas) SUCCESSOS DE LAS ISLAS FILIPINAS- annotations to prove that the Filipinos had a civilization worthy to be proud of even long before the Spaniards set foot on Philippine soil. (Printed in Paris) 1891: EL FILIBUSTERISMO - second novel and a sequel to the NOLI and more revolutionary and tragic than the latter (Printed in Ghent)

Awards Masonic writing : Science Virtue and Labor Bachelor of Arts with highest honors Agricultural Expert and Surveyor ( he passed exam in the surveying course) Received gold medals in agriculture and photography Title as expert surveor was issued November 25, 1881 First prize Al Juventud Filipina To the Filipino Youth won -Liceo Artistico-Literario (Artistic Literary Museum) of Manila First prize Consejo de los dioses Composed Alin Mang Lahi Satirical works: Por Telefono (La vision del Fray Rodriguez) Articles published in La Solidaridad, p. 168 Advocated the Filipinization Professional Associations or Memberships Affiliations

Became president of the Academy of Spanish Literature Chief of a secret society, Companerismo (Comradership)- Companions of Jehu Masonic lodge called acacie-became master mason on Nov. 15, 1890 Secretary of the Academy of Natural Science Member of propaganda movement Secretary of Marian Congregation Became president of Associacion La Solidaridad (La Solidaridad Los Agricultores Filipinos-March 25,1889) Formed Kidlat Club(during exposition) Formed RDLM (Redencion delos Malayos)-1889 Secretary of Inernational Association of Filipinologists (1889) Stablished La Liga Filipina constitution Interest/Skills/Other Personality

Actor- Acted as a character in one of Juan Lunas paintings and acted in school dramas. Agriculturist- Planted lanzones, coconuts and other fruit-bearing trees. Anthropologist- Made researches on the physical and social make up of man. Archeologist- Studied monuments and antique currency. Botanist- Maintained a garden in Dapitan. Planted and experimented on plants of all kinds

Business man- Abaca business (1892-1896) Cartographer- Drew maps of Dapitan and The Philippines and other places visited. Commentator- Always expresses and published his personal opinion. Educator- Taught in his special school in Dapitan. Fencer- Fenced with Europeans and Juan Luna. Freemason abroad- Member of La Solidaridad Lodge in Spain. Horticulture and farmer- Experimented on and cultivated plants in Dapitan. Historian- Annotated Antonio de Morgas Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas

Journalist- Authored and published many articles in Spanish and English and London. Laboratory worker- Employed in the clinic of Dr. L. Wecker in Paris.\ Linguist- Can speak 22 foreign languages. Musicians- Plays the flute and compose pieces of music and cultivated music appreciation. Nationalist- Gives full expression of the native spirit strengthened by world civilization and loves and defending everything Filipino. Newspaperman- Wrote and published articles in many publications and was one of the organizers of the La Solidaridad Ophthalmologist- Graduated in an ophthalmologic college in Spain. Orientalist- Admires the special characteristic and beauties of Oriental countries peoples. Pharmacologist- Treasured and popularized the usefulness and preparation of cures for treatment of his patients. Physical culturist- Maintains a good health by exercising all parts of his body and eating proper foods Physician- Treated several patients afflicted not only with eye diseases. Poet- Wrote over 35 poems Politician- Exposed the evils of the political activities of the Spaniards in the Philippines through writings. Polyglot- Can speak and write in 22 languages. Proofreader- Worked as a part-time proofreader in Germany Propagandist- Encourages the recommendation of improving the government entities and discourages abuses publishing articles Public relation man- Worked for better cooperation of rulers and subjects in the country. Reformer- Published the modern methods of government administration, so changes could be made.

Researcher- Compared the old and new practices in life. Revolutionist- Encouraged reforms, discouraged old, impractical usage, and desired new and useful laws to benefit his countrymen. Rhetorician- Practices the art of persuasive and impressive speaking and writing. Sharp shooter- Could hit a target 20 meters away. Sociologist- Encourages and introduced solutions to Philippines social problems

Sodalist- Joined fraternities, associations and brotherhood, for self-improvemen. Sportsman- Engaged from a surveying class at the Ateneo after passing A. B. Traveler- Traveled around Europe, Middle East and Asia Youth leader- Considers youth as "the hope of his Fatherland."

POEMS/ESSAYS A Fragment Alianza Intima Entre La Religin Y La Education Al Nio Jess A La Juventud Filipina A Las Flores de Heidelberg A Tribute to My Town Canto de Maria Clara Canto del Viajero Dalit sa Paggawa Felictacin Flower Among Flowers Goodbye to Leonor Hymn to Talisay Kundiman Me Piden Versos Mi Primera Inspiracion Me Piden Versos Mi Retiro Mi Ultimo Adios Sa aking mga kabata To My Muse

To the Philippines To the Virgin Mary Un Recuerdo A Mi Pueblo Water and Fire

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