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! The!Mammary!Fold!
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! ! ! The Mammary Fold is the only breast surgical trainee ! representative body by breast trainees for breast trainees within ! the United Kingdom. Membership includes Core Surgical Trainees ! and General Surgery Higher Surgical Trainees with a career ! interest in Breast Surgery, Plastic Surgery trainees and non-training ! grade Breast Surgeons. Membership shall be open to candidates who have a medical degree and are on a dedicated training ! pathway in the management of breast disease. ! ! ! ! The Mammary Fold functions across the whole of the United ! Kingdom and represents trainees from all regions and deaneries. ! ! ! The vision and aims of the Mammary Fold are as follows: ! ! a) To educate our members and to advance and promote ! standards and training in Breast Disease. ! ! b) To represent Breast Trainees on other appropriate bodies ! c) To advance the science of Breast Surgery and the art of Breast ! Reconstruction ! ! d) To enhance the attractiveness of the sub-specialty as a career ! choice and encourage interest in Breast Surgery amongst other ! surgical trainees ! e) To interact with colleagues outside the sub-specialty and foster greater awareness of the roles and tasks of the modern Breast ! Surgeon ! ! ! ! If!you!would!like!to!become!a!member!of!the!Mammary!Fold,! membership!is!free.!Register!today!!!! !

The Mammary Fold

! The!Mammary!Fold
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Membership of the Mammary Fold is free and provides breast trainees with: ! ! ! ! ! ! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Course and Conference information The Mammary Fold Newsletter Access to all of the resources on the Mammary Fold website Access to book deals and course fee reductions Up-to-date job information The Mammary Fold mentor/mentee scheme

For these reasons, membership is very beneficial to set you off on the right foot with regard to your breast surgery training. SO JOIN ! TODAY! ! GOOD OF BREAST TRAINEES! WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU!



Regional representatives of the Mammary Fold are sought to ! promote the work of the Mammary Fold to trainees within their region. ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Roles and Responsibilities

The role can be divided into responsibilities to council and responsibilities to local trainees.

Responsibilities to Committee

Promote both membership of and the work undertaken by the ! Mammary Fold on behalf of breast trainees. ! Provide feedback to the committee about the issues arising in their region with regard to training and development. ! Contribution to the Annual General Meeting by helping with ! exhibitions, meeting guests, judging abstracts, raising sponsorship. ! Availability to take on further roles within the organisation (website). ! Regional representatives will not attend the Committee meetings. ! ! ! If!you!would!like!to!register!your!interest!in!these!posts,!please!email! your!name!and!region!to!Dan!Cocker!! !

! The!Mammary!Fold!
Role Advertisement: Regional Representatives!!
Register!interest!before!!! 29 !July!2013! ! !

Responsibilities to Local Trainees

! The representatives will represent the Mammary Fold members with regards to all issues arising with their training either locally, ! regionally or nationally. ! Representatives will be expected to liaise with committee members and bring to their attention issues for resolution. ! ! In addition to the above responsibilities, there will be the offer of ! support for any local or regional teaching events or trainees meetings that are organised to: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! If you would like to be considered for these positions, and would like to register your interest/be sent an application form, please ! contact Dan Cocker via email, ! ! ! ! ! ! If!you!would!like!to!register!your!interest!in!these!posts,!please!email! your!name!and!region!to!Dan!Cocker!! ! 1. Eastern 2. East Midlands (including Trent) 3. London - North Thames 4. London - South Thames (including KSS) 5. Mersey 6. Northern 7. Northern Ireland 8. North West 9. Oxford 10. Scotland 11. Southwest (including Peninsula) 12. Wales 13. Wessex 14. West Midlands 15. Yorkshire (including Yorkshire deanery and South Yorkshire and Humber) a. Provide extra learning opportunities. b. Consolidate trainees training issues. c. Promote the work of the Mammary Fold.

The 15 regions seeking representation are: