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It is located in the southwest of Colombia to three hours by land from the pacific ocean, with temperatures ranging between 23 and 28 C by be set to the side of the Cordillera Occidental mind with waves of light wind. Has the following rivers ( Aguacatal, Cali, Jamund, Caaveralejo, Lili, Melendez, Pance and Cauca).

Templo San francisco It is located at calle 10 and carrera 6, and was built between the years 1803 and 1827, its decoration was carried out by the Italian Large ramell Mauritius in 1926, in a neoclassical style and is a work that contains several objects of art

Capilla y convento La Merced It is located in the carrera 3 # 6-40, is a colonial cloister was built 1545 at the site where the July 25 1536 Fray Santos of Anasco ex officio the first mass on the occasion of the foundation of the city, it was a piece that was restored by the Banco Popular.

Iglesia La Ermita It is located in race 1 with 13th street, was originally called as a hermitage of Our Lady of Solitude from the River, was built in 1678 and destroyed by an earthquake in 1925, and that its reconstruction was begun in 1930 and was completed in 1942, the plans were drawn up by the architect Pablo Emilio Paez, who was inspired by the gothic style of the cathedral of Cologne (Germany). It is now home to the image of the Lord of the cane that dates back to the eighteenth century and its origin is unknown.

Capilla San Antonio An authentic colonial relic. Next to the religious tradition of the site, the chapel is valuable for its main altar in baroque style, the authenticity of the era of their images and by their old bells. The whiteness of its facade contrasts with the green la loma, preserved intact, becoming to the draping in one of the places of greater concurrency and rest. Since its founding in 1744, as a homage to the saint of Padua, the chapel is maintained as the vantage point of the nearest city.

Teatro Municipal Is located in the carrera 5 # 6-64; it is a theater of french neoclassical style, was inaugurated in the year 1927. In the ceiling of the room was painted by the Italian artist Mauricio Ramelli, owns a triptych that interprets three moments in the novel Maria de Jorge Isaacs

Teatro Jorge Isaacs Race 3 #12-28 8890320 was built in the year 1931 by Herman Bohmer, in tribute to Jorge Isaacs author of the famous novel The Mary. Your architecture has Italian influence of romanticism. In its existence has been Cinema and Theater for artistic performances and live music. It was recently restored and conditioning. Declared a national monument in 1984, has one of the best acoustic of the country.

Monumento a Sebastin de Belalcazar This monument is a symbol of the city, offers an ample viewpoint from where it is possible to appreciate all the majesty of the sultana del Valle.

Monumento de las tres cruces These giant crosses at the top of the western mountains, are traditional for the pilgrimages of the faithful in Easter-time and ecological tours.

Monumento de cristo rey With 26 meters in height and has a weight of 464 tonnes, this spectacular monument was built in 1953 by the Italian sculptor Aideo Tazzioli has become silent witness of the rapid growth of the city .

Plaza de Caicedo One of the symbols of the city called until 1913 Plaza of the Constitution, in its surrounding areas grew and developed the city of Cali, traditional site between the draping of yesteryear.

Zoolgico de Cali Located in the old Municipal forest on the shores of the Cali River, has more than 250 animals of 270 different species, offers rides and other attractions for children and adults.

Parque de la caa de azcar One of the largest recreational centers and complete in southwestern Colombia. Offers a swimming pool with waves, water slides, tennis courts and other attractions.

Rio Pance Natural Spa located to the south-west of Cali, ideal to enjoy the countryside and nature . Works around a sports track.

Parque artesanal Loma de la cruz Located in the street 5, as its name indicates this park includes a large number of craftsmen dedicated to earn their daily bread by selling beautiful handicrafts.

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