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TLE Planning Retreat

M. Arsenault

President’s Message From the ED Desk Karen’s Office News Astronaut Roberta Bondar Roberta Bondar’s Speech New Volunteers Wanted Calling all Books! We Want Your Opinion! Family Literacy News Dates to Remember

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In April we held the Annual Planning Retreat at the Willows Inn in Hudson where the board of directors, staff, and every committee was represented and met to discuss plans for and up to the year 2011. We are now prepared and ready for ACTION. Join in and ‘Be Prepared’ to enjoy.

L to R: Karen Mockler, Jacklyn Freedman-Spector and Valerie Sauriol

Students Speaking Up and Speaking Out! M. Arsenault
Two of our TLE members were on the “Students Speaking Up and Speaking Out Project”. Congratulations to Michelle Telesford and ‘J’ Cucuzzella and everyone who helped and participated. All the Learners did their best and are now ready to go out and Speak about Literacy!

TLE Literacy Supporters

TLE students are GREAT! Come and join

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Our goal is awareness. You’re never too old to learn. Knowledge is the power for follow your dreams. ~ J Cucuzzella

w w w. T L E l i t e r a c y . c o m

Message from the President
Members, friends, associates, new and renewed acquaintances, I am honoured to have been a part of so many people’s lives. This year I have welcomed the opportunity to hear many people speak about themselves in public. After hearing all of these people tell me their life story, they have become part of my life and in doing so have grown to become my friends. Now, I’ve added all of you into my friendship bank and the interest is paying me back much more than any financial institution ever could.

TLE Board of Directors 2008/2009
President: Mona Arsenault Secretary: Christiane Dabbagh Treasurer: Valerie Sauriol Director: Susan Jakab Director: Lazar Jevremovic

Thank you all for being yourself and sharing with me. ~ Mona Arsenault

From the Executive Director’s Desk
TLE’s CELEBRATION 2009 Tuesday June 23rd 11:50 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Pizza lunch Everyone is welcome! It’s been another fabulous year, thanks to all of our volunteers, students, staff, community partners and donors! I’d like to send a HUGE thank you to all of the staff and administrators of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s CDC-Vimont Centre for their support and
assistance for TLE and its members throughout the year. Thank

I wish you all a safe and happy summer – see you in the fall!

Karen’s Office News
Please remember to hand in your volunteer/tutoring hours. With summer just around the corner it would be good to know if you plan on tutoring during the summer and if yes, where? We now have a date for our end of the year Celebration Event! Tuesday, June 23rd starting at 11:50 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. We welPage 2

come all staff, teachers, students, volunteers, tutors, family and friends to help make this event special! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING NO LATER THAN JUNE 18TH Thanks! Karen aka “Cat in the Hat”

THE NEW LEARNING LINKS WEBSITE The new and improved Learning Links is now online! Go to our website at and click on the Learning Links icon.


Astronaut Roberta Bondar
Armen, Kosal and I went to a lecture at Loyola High School where Dr. Roberta Bondar came to Montreal in March 2009 to receive a Loyola Medal; honouring distinguished Canadians. Her medal of honour was

M. Arsenault

for discovery. I had the opportunity in March to listen and briefly meet Roberta Bondar, Canada’s first woman astronaut. She spoke about doing what you want and said ‘How far do you want to go?’ I reply Space is not too far, ask Roberta-Honorary Girl Guide of the 100th year in Canada! I wouldn’t mind seeing those “Notulescant Clouds either, Roberta!” Other interesting facts from her lecture: She talked about the majesty of space! In space the stars don’t

twinkle! During her space career she went around the world 129 times. She now gives inspirational lecture workshops. Roberta says, “I’m here because I’ve had mountains to climb.” Like many people with obstacles in their life or difficulties, they have mountains to climb and that is what makes them succeed. She loves books and felt she learned so much from them. She has spent her whole life in Life-Long Learning. She has written several books: Passionate Vision; Canada Landscape of Dreams; The Arid Edge of Earth.

Roberta Bondar’s Speech
Hi members of TLE The speech that Roberta Bondar had discussed in March was fascinating; she described the beauty of so much about Earth. Many environmental global warming issues surround us, like different kinds of trees and flowers. She talked to us by pointing at a map and showing how the climate has changed, also towards looking at


the world populations and seeing what is happening today. One thing I truly loved in hearing Roberta’s wonderful discussion, was just simply how she mentioned her life and the time when she was a young girl. How she became a true inspirational Canadian Astronaut.

Anyhow, that's my newsletter comment about "Roberta Bondar" and I hope you like it! Take care, Kosal C. Student

Volunteer today to change someone’s life tomorrow!
We are looking for general volunteers for TLE and volunteer tutors to work one-on-one or in small groups with adult learners.

“I dwell in Possibility”
Emily Dickinson

Call today!!

The Learning Exchange
Tel: 450-688-2933 ext. 3126

C all Kar en for infor mat ion

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How to Contact Us


Dates to Remember
Go to TLE online under EVENTS to view our Google calendar for details of all dates/events

Darlene Brown Executive Director Karen Mockler Administrative Assistant Jacklyn Freedman-Spector Communications Director


2100 Blvd. des Laurentides Vimont, Laval, Quebec. H7M 2R5 Phone: 450-688-2933 ext. 3126 Skype: TLETLE1 Fax: 450-663-1290 Email: Website:


1st Wednesday of every month (* weather permitting) Book Club Meeting @ Raffin bookstore, Centrepolis Laval, 1820 Pierre Péladeau May 5: Family Literacy Storytime visit Terry Fox Elementary May 6: CDC ~ Pont Viau Blood Drive 1—7 pm May 7: QELA Website Advisory meeting ~ Granby QC May 8: QELA Meeting ~ Hotel du Fort May 13: TLE BOD meeting May 21: QELA meeting ~ Hull QC May 22:

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Errol Pinto
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Calling all Books!
Please return all books you have signed out during the course of the year that you will not be using in the summer. This EXCLUDES all students’ personal workbooks, LitStart training manuals (unless you will not be tutoring again) and other books needed/used on a regular basis. Thank you!

 PACTE report due  QLWG meeting ~ Hull QC     
May 23: QAAL AGM ~ Hull QC May 28: SWL Graduation ceremony June 4/5: QELA AGM ~ Novotel June 8: SWL Career Lab inauguration ceremony CDC ~ Pont Viau June 9: Governing Board meeting June 23: TLE Celebration 2009 11:50 to 3:00 June 24: St Jean Baptiste holiday June 26: TLE closed for summer holidays June 29: Last day of classes for students Vimont June 30: School closed for summer holidays July 1: Canada Day

We want your opinion!
What kind of workshops would you as a tutor, student, volunteer, board member or parent like to see in 2009/2010? Drop us a line to let us know what really matters to you!

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Thanks to our funding from Merck Frosst Employees’ Charity
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Trust Fund, parents and Cycle one children at Souvenir and Terry Fox participated in our Storytime Festivals in April and May. The evenings were a great success. Family fun was had by all!

Call Karen at: 450-688-2933 ext. 3126 or see our website for more details: www. TLE l i t e r a c y . c o m


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