This semester we will be working to prepare you for a very successful transition into high school.

You, Gridley Grizzlies, will be ready to take on 9th grade and thrive! Our semester will consist of the following units:

Classroom Procedures and 8th Grade English Expectations

Language Expectations: Arts

Poetry: From Pop Lyrics to Lyrical Poems that Pop!


Spring Always Bring Semester All Necessary Materials!

Be Respectful!

Welcome back to 8th grade ELA!
Dear Parents,

Always Be Ready to Learn!

Late Work Policy: Work needs to be turned in on time. I am excited to introduce myself as your student’s You are given clear deadlines for all assignments, and teacher for the spring semester. My name is Ms. “An investment in you are responsible for keeping these hard deadlines. If Freedman, and I have been working with Mrs. Quijada all knowledge pays the for some reason you are unable to complete your work, year as part of the Teach Arizona program. I am currently best interest.” it may be turned in late for a penalty. Late work will be well on my way to earning my Secondary English ~ Benjamin Franklin accepted with a loss of 10% of the total point value per teaching certification and my Masters degree in Teaching day late. That means if you turn in a 100-point and Teacher Education through the University of Arizona. assignment one day late the highest possible grade you I am a Tucson native received my Bachelors can receive is a 90%. The and exception to this is using an Positive Consequences degree in English/Creative Writing and Anthropology in NQA pass. 1. Complimentary Call or December of 2010 from the U of A. Go Cats! I was, and No Questions Asked Passes (NQAs): This semester, you Email Home continue to be, active in UA leadership programs. will be given two NQA passes. These “no questions Additionally, I was part of the 2011 Teach for America 2. Extra Credit Points asked” passes allow you to turn in one late assignment corps. I have a strong background in literature, writing, per pass. These should be used carefully! These are to journalism, and theatre arts that I am eager to share in 3. Extra NQA Pass be utilized for unforeseen issues. Put them to proper my teaching! use. 4. Extra Beat the Bell I cannot express how excited I am to be teaching at Tickets Howthe To Reach Teacher: Beat Bell Your Tickets: Each day, we start class with Gridley Middle School this year! I intend to get your 8th bellwork. I encourage each of you to get to class early Negative Consequences grader Email ready and excited for the start of their high school and get started on the bellwork. If I see you in class, career. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Quijada 1. VerbalMeetings/conferences Warning may be setup school hours or in the evenings! the bell rings seated, andbefore doing your bellwork BEFORE or myself with any questions or concerns! You will find our then I may give you a Beat the Bell ticket. These can be 2. Move Seats contact information in the following expectancy sheet. You may also contact Mrs. Quijada at treats, NQA passes, and other __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ traded __ __ __ in __ for __ __ __ __ extra __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Best regards, 3. Email or Call Home privileges. You can redeem 10 tickets for 3 extra credit I have read and understand the classroom expectations, rules, and procedures outlined in this expectation sheet. I points on any assignment or 20 tickets for an extra NQA. Freedman 4. Lossthat of a Privilege (extra understand student actions may result or negative consequences. This signed sheet is due for 10 You positive can also lose these as a negative consequence!
points credit during points, our nextNQA, class.Beat the

Absences: If you are absent, check the back box for any assignments you missed. You may use 2nd period to 5. Referral and Removal make up any tests or quizzes. You will have the number Student Signature_________________________ Date:______________ *Severity Clause: You may be of days absent plus one to turn in any work you missed. immediately moved up the
Parent Signature_________________________ Date:______________


and Form! Building Vocab & Being Testwise: Rocking the AIMS. KING 3 .• The Diary of Anne Frank: A Look at History through Literature Informational Texts: Making Sense of the World We Live In The Essay: Every Way. PSATs. Shape.” B. and Beyond! • • • The Semester at a Glance “THE BEAUTIFUL THING ABOUT LEARNING IS THAT NO ONE CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU.B.