Working with the Ellisian Network: A (very) Brief Practical Guide for Exploring the Webs

The D K M U

THE LINKING SIGIL IS A CRACK IN CONSENSUAL REALITY! As a fucking wizard ™ of the post-IOT contemporary age, one may hold numerous reasons for wishing to utilize and navigate a power-source such as this. Often, the question of power-sources or lack thereof rears its head in the modern scene. Although this one works well enough, and for any applicable reason, it is worth noting why it works, and what you can do to keep it working, or make it work even better for yourself. We will first burst a shit-ton of bubbles by saying that “power”, when applied to magick, arrives from a number of sources both natural and connected to. Experiential life events, often crisis situations, may serve as the necessary internal circuits required to make a lasting connection of continued strength, and so on. The means of connecting to these things rests upon a foundation of subjective consciousness, often requiring a trigger. While keeping in mind that any piece of information read, if believed, may potentially knock the internal valves so as to make it an avenue of “power”, we shall relate a basic “spell”, or spelling (paragraph, in fact), which the magician may use as a consistent and sincere belief, potentially unblocking any build-ups which may have lead to a feeling of a general lack of internal power. This serves as naught more but a reconfiguration of paradigm. “You are an ongoing process of the Universe. Energy scatters and collects into distinct forms of information whenever the variables allow for these distinct forms to exist. The very same energy that makes up everything you are is the very same energy as the stars, and before them, the Creation. The very same material that makes up the stars is the very same energy that

had created and sustains the vessel that the magician calls his temporary home. Beyond these ordinary surfaces, the very same indeterminable soul that makes up the deeper magician is of the very same indeterminable soul that makes up all the mysteries of the totality; the dark absolute, the form and fabric of existence.” The Ellis Network works because this is what it was created to do. Through years of global placement and evolution, it has become ever more efficient, ever more potent, though not without a ticket being required to ride the fantastic ride. Just like the previous spell, however, it works best when it has been thoroughly connected to with sincerity, and this in turn shifts the internal paradigm into the correct and corresponding configuration required for power to flow. When this thing makes the shift, so does the rest. Depending on the magician, this connection may take any amount of time – days, weeks, or months. If it becomes a matter of years, then this connection simply may not be meant for the practitioner, and often points to a number of beliefs which are so ingrained as to disallow for its genuine use (Religious guilt, or a bad experience with the occult, for example.) As for what the Ellis Network is, it is a grassroots magickal internet. Just like the physical internet, then, if one has a decent to good connection, he or she is able to access ever further information and energies by the use of it. The total strength of the connection depends on the sincere connection and configuration of the internal paradigm, which equates to the code or programming, in this sense. The hardware is your brain/body system. A proper and sustainable connection might be made by any number of means. This is highly variable depending on the

hardware/software of the server (brain/body). Some need only focus on the sigil (the port) for a time until it “clicks”. Others tend to spend weeks or months with it, on and off, until the correct configuration is found. Others take it to the extreme and tattoo the sigil on their bodies, becoming a permanent node, though this almost always occurs after a long period of previous exploration. The administrator of this Network is the dual aspect of the Linking Sigil, called Ellis - a “female” spirit-form who acts as the spider in the web, making new connections and expanding the scope of the Network. This aspect serves as the subtle intelligence behind an emergent system of information, except in this case, it is magickal information from all across the globe, both positive and negative, both “good” and “bad”, but powerful. Indeed, the idea of a spirit-intelligence or Egregore may be disconcerting for some, particularly if they happen to distrust anything that involves nonphysical beings. The Ellis Network was not created with any of these fears in mind, and rather acts as a wholly malleable, amorphous body, and very easily bent to the needs of the magician if the appropriate connection has been maintained. Just as the Network does, Ellis herself is dependent on the fluctuation of her users, and depends on them. To make it into anything more than that is to give into childish fright and paranoia, whilst neglecting the very real opportunity so many years in the making. The nature of the Network is that of magick, and has been since Day 1. The very first tag was placed in the fiction section of a bookstore, near the newly released first Harry Potter book. Consecutively, this was done in a similar fashion on any location where the imagination was wanting, or where people held some deep reverence or fear, or any other such profound emotion. It

has since been marked in the catacombs of Paris, Notre Dame, various locations across the whole of the US, the Vatican, Africa, Japan, Germany, Scotland, Australia, and countless other places of spiritual, belief-oriented or superstitious interest. Unfortunately, we are at this time missing the vast list of tagged locations, so those few mentioned above will give you an idea of the scope. The sigil has also often been tagged during out of body experiences whilst visiting other worlds, planets, and the past. To connect to the Network is to feed from, feed to, and interact with all these locations, magicians, previous rituals and spells, so that a magickal Sphere of Sensation forms about the practitioner. It has sometimes been reported as a quick-moving slide show on the back of the eyes (closed eye visuals) containing images of street signs, billboards, city environments, wilderness, and multiple locations across the world. This quick-thought visual state may be ascertained by meditating on the Linking Sigil if a proper connection has been made. While using this connection in waking trance, some practitioners have created gloves marked with the Linking Sigil so as to better navigate the fuss. These are used in gesture-waving as if one was listening to the music of the Network, and guiding himself through it in order to find whatever it is he desires to locate. Other likewise techniques are undoubtedly adequate. Successful navigation of the Network may depend on a variety of factors, not without including previous experiences with psychedelic entheogens, as these serve as a viable metaphor – a burst of discordant experience, or sea of magickal information. Although the Network may surely be utilized to proper extent

with such psychedelics, they may soon become a crutch, and the practitioner is rather encouraged to go about it by his own natural means, for the most part. Non-ordinary states such as trance, meditation, lucid dreaming and out of body experience are recommended, though the connection may be felt without them if one is sensitive to changes in his thoughts, internal vision and synchronicities. A common synchronicity when working with the Network is the sudden appearance of spiders. When this occurs, the practitioner is encouraged not to harm them, unless they are outright poisonous and wandering about his place of living - Ellis will understand, I assure you. It often assists to first empower the Network before diving right into it. This is done by making a tag, preferably in a populated location, and even more preferably around some spot where wonderment is common. If one cannot manage a populated location, or would rather feel that the opposite might assist, then there are many woodland locations which may feel “different” to him that he could utilize. This is left up to the intuition of the magician in question. Some others have tagged the sigil onto quarters or paper dollars for circulation, and likewise ingenious methods of proliferation are encouraged. The Network is often used as a sigil header, and this relates to its original usage. By linking any sigil of desire into the Network, it serves as a mutual empowerment without loss in terms of the energy inherent within the original sigil, and the energy which empowers it through the Network. This is very simple to do. One creates a sigil in the tradition Sparian style, and upon completion, marks the Linking Sigil in one of the dominant corners, either left or right, elsewhere, or imbedded directly

within. This in turn links it with not only the magicians own internal power, but the magickal internet. Another means of tagging is the astral marking method. In locations of interest, the magician gathers all of his will and energy and marks the Linking Sigil in the airs atop the location or scene using his pointer finger, or pointer and ring finger, or with a chosen instrument, now seen as a magickal device. Likewise, both physical tagging and astral tagging may be used to either protect or curse a location or person. This wholly depends on the intent and the quality of connection. We will not say much about these. This wraps up quite a few of the more common ways the Linking Sigil may be utilized by contemporary magicians. Other cutting edge, strange and unique ways exist, though these could hardly be considered the basics. Between the cracks of all things mentioned, it is the practitioners honed and refined Magickal Style of Thinking which does most the work. The Network is the icing on the cake, the cherry in the alcoholic drink, in small terms, or conversely, the napalm in the bathtub. Due to the nature of this project and its methods, random acts of magickal explosion may be expected in those practitioners whose variables are lined up in the correct way. Otherwise, it may be fairly gentle. If it is too gentle, however, then one should spend more time exploring the magickal internet. Sooner or later, Khaos will provide. Be cautious, but not too cautious! A heavy kick in the groin is worth a thousand boring nights. And Upon This Mark, I Unite the Worlds PULL YOUR OWN TRIGGER.

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