The Secret is Out

News Flash ~ There are no secrets!
Well that shouldn't come as a surprise. With the influx of information that is flooding in for us, we should have some understanding that there are no secrets. We have inside each and everyone of us the potential and ability to achieve anything we desire. This is because we are the keepers of unfathomable, ancient and untouched knowledge. This knowledge allows us to be the creators of our own reality. Sound familiar? The information that we seek is locked away for 'safe keeping'. Fact is we have done such a good job of keeping it safe that we have forgot where the key is! Since coming to understand this we have begun to busy ourselves with trying to find the key that will unlock our true potential. Unfortunately there is not a 'one-key-fits-all'. Which is a good thing for to be able to understand and have complete access to this ancient knowledge we need to break through some barriers that we have set in place to 'protect us'. There are, however, many ways that this inner knowledge can be unlocked. It is just a matter of finding the right key that can do it. If you were to look back at the life that you have experienced so far and think of the Universal Laws in relation to this, you will probably see some times in your life were you have created events or circumstances that you did – or did not – want. Can you remember as a child of an object that you really, really wanted? Can you remember how you let everyone know how much you wanted this object? Can you remember what steps you took to ensure you got this object? That was a glimpse of your true potential. But as a child we do not see it as this because we have an innate understanding within us already that we will be provided for. It isn't until we learn that the world is 'different' that fear and unworthiness begins to set in. In other words, our ego gets in the way. You, as a child, knew that there was a greater force at play. The Universal Laws – the ones that we cannot ever escape no matter how hard we try – are with us always. What you perceive to be your reality you shall achieve. This is the Law of Attraction. If you think you are not worthy of something, well this is exactly what you will get – nothing. It doesn't take a magic lamp to give us all we want – it is us who does it with a little help from the Creator and the Universal Laws. Your wish is my command is the very basis of what happens when we think of things that we do or do not want in our lives. We are shown everyday just what we are capable of in our lives and yet we do not see it. We get a feeling that something is about to happen. We finally get the grades or job that we have been wanting. We get a wage rise, a new car, a new home, new clothes etc, etc. All of these little things are just glimpses of what we are fully capable of achieving.

But we do not see it. The reason we do not understand or see this is because of our ego. That little voice in your head that tries ever so hard to keep you in line. And it has done a very good job of it too! The ego tries to keep us safe, protected, secure. It ensures that we are constantly worrying about the next bill that comes in, or the next business meeting, or the visit by the in-laws, or whatever else it can come up with. We become busy with our own inner voice of ego that we do not see what we have been achieving without its help. How often have you ridiculed yourself believing you are not good enough? How often have you stopped yourself from doing/trying or even attempting something? How often have you blamed a failure on not being good enough? Or even on others? We all go through stages of not being enough, but for some it is so ingrained that it is a part of their state of mind. Their everyday life. They stop themselves from doing, thinking even saying anything because of what I like to refer as the 'cracked record' playing repeatedly in their head. You're not good enough... this is not you... you cannot do this... your too old... too young... too fat... too skinny... you're not smart enough... and so the record keeps playing. It is subliminal, you cannot hear it loudly but it is there all the same playing its incessant message over and over again so that you believe it. We become so bogged down with our cannot that we do not see our can! So how do we get to play out our own roles in life? How do we achieve the things that up to this point we thought were beyond our reach? We believe. We believe in ourselves and in our abilities. We do not allow ourselves to be molded by what we have been led to think of ourselves. We have faith that we will always, always, be provided for – regardless of what it is. We must understand that it is us who stand in our own way. We are the ones who put barriers before ourselves and stop going toward what we want in our lives. We are also the ones who listen to the nay-sayers and start to worry about what others will think of us as we journey toward our goals, our desires, our dreams. We are here to experience life. Not to learn from it or to just live it but to experience it! We do this by doing the best that we can making the choices we do all based on the knowledge we have at any given point in time. We are multifaceted beings who have a myriad of backgrounds (including past lives) and a multitude of futures available to us. We are divine beings, created from the divine spark, the one, the Great Spirit. We are all one. To be who we truly are it is to recognise who we are not and from that we begin to gain the things that we want in our lives. We cannot be who we truly are if we allow ourselves to be shaped and molded by another to be who they want us to be.

We go through life experiencing all that is put in front of us and from these experiences we come to understand ourselves and the world we currently reside in. We make choices based on our beliefs, our past experiences and our expectation. If the choices we make do not take us toward our ultimate goal then more events occur in our lives so that we can make new choices. Ones that we hope will lead us to our purpose in life. Have you ever had an event in your life recur over and over again? Have you ever wondered why this is so? Do you know how to break from this cycle? Or perhaps you have had events in your life come to you but because of past experiences you have become afraid and so the experiences pass you by. This happens to people who have been hurt and to prevent that sort of pain again they close themselves down. They do not allow themselves to feel the beauty and wonderment of love and joy. They do not allow their lives to be filled with blessings each and everyday. Each and everyone of us has a purpose to our lives. It is, of course, up to us as to whether we chose to follow our path of purpose or to sit on the side lines and watch our life pass us by. This is our power, this is our greatest gift to us from spirit. It is our ability to chose, our own innate desire to go in the direction that we so chose at any given point in time. We can chose to follow our inner calling and follow the path that will give us the ultimate joy and blessings, or, we can chose to ignore this yearning that pulls at us everyday. Our choice. Our freedom of will. Our greatest gift. Yet there are many who choose to not see this gift as their greatest treasure. They instead see it as a curse. “If I had a choice I would be doing.... If I could do the things I wanted I would not be.... I would only be happy when....” and so their story goes. On and on in a never ending stream of “if onlys” or “only when”. It doesn't have to be this way. What makes you happy? What is the one thing that you get great satisfaction from? Is this where you are heading in your life? Is this what you are doing? Or are you doing something that makes you feel stagnate, immovable, unmovable, impassive, angry, unsatisfied... the list goes on. We can all be doing the things that our soul, our heart yearns for and still live in a world that is sustainable to each and every living thing that resides with and besides us. It does not mean that we all become unemployed and hope that someone else picks up the slack. It does not mean that we all retreat to some where unattainable and hope that life will continue on without us. What it means is that we start to listen and realise what it is that we really want to do in our lives. Many life purposes all revolve around one thing – helping others. This help can be towards helping the environment, helping people, helping animals and most importantly helping ourselves. Was it not Gandhi who said “be the change you wish to see in the world” and he was right in this. To help others we must first help ourselves. To see change we must first be willing to change our view of ourselves for who we really are. We are not the person we were many years ago. We are not incapable of doing magnificent and miraculous

things. We are not incapable of loving and feeling love or emotion. Quite often I use to say to my teenage son when he was constantly angry and miserable “this is not who you are...” He would often turn around and say “yes it is!” “No,” I would say, “this is who you chose to be at the moment. But I see a beautiful person wanting to get from behind the dark cloud that you have before him and show the world who he really is.” It is now that my son tells me that I was right. He now understands what I was trying to say. All too often we focus on the negatives about ourselves. We do not see beauty when we look into a mirror. We do not feel wonderful when we are complimented on our beauty, our radiance, our beingness. All we see is a tainted picture before us and not the tapestry that has been painted by a talented and magnificent artist. We do not see the tapestry that we call life that we are involved in everyday and how our contribution in our life affects those around us, near us and far from us. We do not understand the simple cosmological fact that we are all one. What we do or do not do to ourselves does and will affect another. When can choose to be part of life or a part from it. We can choose to follow our path of purpose or stay away from it. We can choose joy and happiness in our lives or sadness and pain. We can choose to feel loved and loving or loneliness. All of these facets are for us to choose from and they are but a small sample of what is laying before us. We have a smörgåsbord of never ending choices. We have a lifetime of experiences behind us and before us. We have knowledge that can be kept to ourselves or shared with others so that they too can go forward and explore their own experiences. All we have to do is just simply choose...
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