SERIES L Low pressure polyurethane system

Front and back view of the series L gun for the directors board viewing.
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foaming button washing button

• • • • display with numbers buttons for increase/decrease programs (memory cells) air release button emergency button .

used for the opening of the "dosing drawers" with no gaskets. • • • . Moreover they are characterized by being manageable and easy to use. Another important characteristic of these systems is that of being silent during foaming processes also. An oil-dynamic system. The wishing of the mixing cartridge is both manual and automatic and set by a timer. have been studied to assure and offer to its users the top of quality and liability. assures the maximum liability during time and avoids annoying stops of the machine caused by the blocking of the same drawers.SYSTEM SERIES L • The new compact and well-shaped low pressure polyurethane foaming machines of Series L. furthermore it can be done with a warm-water system or with ecological solvents. suitable for the dosing and mixing of polyurethane foams. This is a problem that may occur above all after medium/long periods of idleness of the machine.

new programming or simple checks via internet-modem (optional) display on the foaming-head possible interaction with automated systems .Control panel for setting and/or viewing of: • • • • • • • temperature of components pressure effectively foamed component ratio A:B amount of product delivered in Kg program number (memory cell) alarms and instructions on how and where to act flow rate desidered The system can operate in: • • • • • • • • manual mode automatic mode: pre-set amount of product required for each cell number of memory programs upon request flow rate control possibility of installing a data printer (optional) possibility of technical assistance.

.Overall dimensions Technical Data The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the information without prior notice.

• Standard chemical lines length is of 5 metres. . CEI EN 61000-6-4 (2002). EN 292-2/A1 (1995). 93/97/CEE. 89/336/CE and subsequent modifications 91/263/CEE. 98/37/CE. Bigger flow rates upon request also. CEI EN 61000-6-2 (2002). 92/31/CEE. Different lenghts are available upon request and customer's need. CEI EN 60204-1 (1998). • Change of flow rate and mixing ratio between the two components are ruled by an electronic system. Electrical requirements and absorbed power vary according to the model chosen. • All the machiney in question have been manufactured in conformity with the regulations of the machinery directives CE: EN 292-1 (1992).• Low pressure polyurethane foaming machines of Series L are available in a wide range of flow rates (capacities) which go from 10 to 100 Kgs per minute. 93/68/CEE. 73/23/CE and subsequent modification 93/68/CEE. EN 292-2 (1992). The system needs compressed air and water and/or solvent.