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For more than fifty years. a core business of W. fireproofing and masonry products strengthen and protect the world’s most important structures. Grace Construction Products has improved the quality of concrete by developing concrete admixtures recognized for their workability. Grace uses its technical expertise and market knowledge in the development of value-added product solutions for the construction industry. Grace customers credit the assistance of their Grace sales representative as the single most important service the company offers.Profile Grace Construction Products. With more than 140 plants and sales offices around the world. . strength and durability enhancement and the chloride resistance they impart to concrete. cement additives. Grace & Co. To meet these requirements. Grace Construction Products also delivers a level of service and support for its products that is unique in the industry. Grace offers extensive field and laboratory technical service to assist customers in producing consistently high quality concrete. providing support throughout all phases of a project. Grace is committed to raising the standards for the industry through the development of innovative new products and practices to meet the needs and demands of its customers. waterproofing systems. Designers constantly demand improved structural integrity with lower long-term maintenance costs. R. Grace’s concrete admixtures. is a worldwide leader in the construction products industry.

Contents Concrete Admixtures Water Reducers/Plasticisers Mid-Range Water Reducers/Plasticisers/Superplasticisers High Range Water Reducers/Superplasticisers Air Entraining Agents Accelerators Fibres Corrosion Inhibitors Set Retarders Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures Flowable Fill Additive Permeability Reducers/Dampproofers Environmental Aid Mortar Admixtures Surface Treatments Mould Release Agents Curing Membranes Specialty Materials Bonding Agents Masonry Products Block Admixtures 2 .

Use to delay and control the setting time of concrete resulting in improved hardened properties 3 . Limited set retardation. piers. Suitable for use with blast furnace slag concretes and those containing PFA.3000 ml per 100 kg cement BS 5075: Part 1 BS 5075: Part 3 ASTM C 494. 200 ml . Types D and G An aqueous solution of modified organic polymer compounds with excellent dispersing properties to improve cement hydration. Ideal high performance water reducer and strength improver over a wide range of cement contents. etc.2000 ml per 100 kg cement Daracem® SP5 Daracem® SP6 Precast. High performance plasticiser based on synthetic polymers and lignosulphonate blends. 1000 ml . Provides greater impact and abrasion resistance. Types A. 200 ml . Superplasticiser for universal applications. Concrete which requires improved durability. BBA Agrément Certificate No. High Range Water Reducers/Superplasticisers Daracem® SP1 500 ml .500 ml per 100 kg cement ASTM C 494. which chemically inhibits the corrosive action of chlorides on reinforcing steel and prestressing tendons in concrete. sea defences. Type A 300 ml . Types A and D BS 5075: Part 1 ASTM C 494. Chloride content: nil. Concrete in contact with chlorides from deicing salts or a marine environment.5%.360 ml per 100 kg cement High performance. Dark brown. D and G Superplasticiser. Dark brown liquid.5%. Types A and D BS 5075: Part 1 120 ml . D and F BS 5075: Part 3 ASTM C 494. Chloride content: nil. All concrete mortar blocks. Superplasticiser based on melamine sulphonate polymer. 96/3232 Liquid-based corrosion inhibitor for concrete or mortar. precast. especially in cooler temperatures. Type C Air entraining agent based on synthetic materials. allowing for the ultimate control of the concrete placing and finishing properties while maintaining near neutral set properties. To be used wherever a delay in the 130 . Chloride content: nil. bricks.10 litres .500 ml .360 ml per 100 kg cement Modified lignosulphonate based water reducing plasticisers. non-chloride accelerating admixture. Universal applications in ready mix concrete and structural civil works. Concrete where plastic shrinkage cracking may be a problem. Cement range: 250-550 kg/m3. Air Entraining Agents Darex® AE3P Accelerators 140 ml . Air entrainment: 0. Mid-Range Water Reducers/Plasticisers/Superplasticisers Daracem® 55 WRDA® 90 Mid-range concrete plasticiser formulated to produce concretes with dramatically enhanced finishing characteristics.30 litres forcement. Dark brown liquid. 600 g/m3 1 bag/m3 Fibres Grace® MicroFiber® ASTM C1116 Reduces plastic shrinkage cracking. based on polymeric sulphonate.2000 ml per 100 kg cement 400 ml . ready mix. blocks. Air entrainment: 0. Pale orange liquid. Obtains high slump and workability retention in high temperature conditions. Excellent slump retention properties. Chloride content: nil. low viscosity liquid. Early and ultimate strengths improved when used as a water reducer.520 ml/ setting time is required to ensure 100 kg cement sufficient placement. An aqueous solution of complex compounds including patented dispersing and patented finishibility agents that provide superior performance. liquid plasticiser/water reducer. post tensioned concrete. Precast. Structural. ready mix. excellent slump retention. Effective at all cement levels. civil works. Chloride content: nil. or compaction time. bridge decks. High workability concrete with high early strength. Types A. All structural concretes. grouts. Chloride content: nil Polarset® Non-corrosive. Combines water reduction benefits of normal and high range water reducers. Set Retarders Daratard® 17 ASTM C 494 Type B & D AASHTO M 194 Type B & D Offsets effects of hot weather or extended haul times. ready mix.800 ml per 100 kg cement BS 5075 ASTM C 494. blocks. Can be used in concrete containing embedded metals. Type F BS 5075: Parts 1 and 3 ASTM C 494. Parking structures. Air entrainment: 1%-2%.840 ml per 100 kg cement BS 5075: Part 1 ASTM C 494.800 ml per 100 kg cement ASTM C 494. 200 ml . All structural concretes. Chloride content: nil. based on a blend of both synthetic and naturally derived raw materials.Concrete Admixtures Product Applications Addition Rates Standards Description Water Reducers/Plasticisers WRDA® P4 WRDA® P7 WRDA® P10 All structural concretes. high-early strength concrete. vibration. High performance superplasticiser which provides excellent slump retention. Effective over a wide range of mix designs from low to high cement contents. Non-corrosive.2000 ml per 100 kg cement ating admixture for concrete. Corrosion Inhibitor DCI® S All concretes containing steel rein. precast. Accelerates cement hydration resulting in shortened setting times and increased early age strengths. blocks. and mixtures including PFA. Excellent slump retention in high temperature conditions. Chloride content: nil. Air entrainment: nil. Chloride content: nil. microsilica concrete. per m3 concrete prestressed concrete. non-chloride acceler. ready mix. Dark brown liquid. Chloride content: nil. precast. etc.

etc. generate up to 15% .325 ml per 100 kg cement 4 . Chloride content: nil. pavers. 200 ml . Typically 90 ml/m3 Used in the production of engineered Flowable Fill or Controlled 1 egg/m3 Low Strength Material (CLSM) that is highly flowable. Stable under wet alkaline conditions. for accelerating strength gain. 18% anhydrous calcium chloride.Concrete Admixtures Product Applications Addition Rates Standards Description Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures Eclipse™ 2. vibration intensive.400 ml per 100 kg cement Liquid based product for use in semi-dry concrete. Type 1 Wax in water emulsion curing compound. Environmental Aid Recover® C 1. For use with low slump.1000 ml per 100 kg cement Dark amber liquid. Concrete blocks.0m2 per litre Mould release agent based on low hazard. Chloride content: nil. tiles. waterproof tanking renders. tiles.3 litres per truck BBA Agrément Certificate No. Flowable Fill DaraFill® DaraFill is a viscous solution of organic compounds used in cementitious backfill mixtures.5 . Liquid based product. Pigmented versions available. Minimum bleeding and segregation. Flash point: 140°C. Chloride content: nil.5m2 per litre Speciality Materials Product Bonding Agents Applications Addition Rates Standards Description Daraweld® BA9 Cementitious repairs. Non flammable. 5-25 litres per 50 kg cement Styrene butadiene resin (SBR) bonding agent. ASTM C 309. Used with cement/lime/sand or cement/sand mixes Air entrainer/plasticiser specific for retarded mortars 1000 . by design. volume stable. Masonry Products Product Applications Addition Rates Standards Description Block Admixtures DBM® A DBM® E DBM® S Concrete blocks. pavers. it will. Chloride content: nil. Not suitable for mixes/products containing embedded metals. Green coloured liquid. 5. Minimal air loss on standing. rapid demoulding mixes. brick tiles. highly refined blend of oils selected for their desirable safety properties.5 to 10 litres Concrete members or structures where drying shrinkage results in per m2 cracking or unacceptable prestress losses. White liquid. 93/2910 Wash water system for the elimination of truck wash out of cementitious materials. and excavatable in the future. 800 ml . Chloride content: nil. Chloride content: approx. 200 ml . 4. Semi-dry mixes where enhanced color and reduced incidence of efflorescence are required. Permeability reducing liquid admixture for use in concrete. Accelerating water reducing plasticiser for semi-dry mixes.250 ml per 100 kg cement Surface Treatments Product Applications Coverage Standards Description Mould Release Agents Darakote® SS Suitable for all types of formwork. bricks. Chloride content: nil. Mortar Admixtures Mortard® 79/5 Mortair® D Retarded mortar systems. Liquid mortar retarder for use in ready mixed mortars. Curing Membranes Darakote® 90WX All types of structural concrete. that reduces permeability absorption (e. etc. bricks. Optimum retention of workability. precast. Plasticising admixture for semi-dry mixes. Permeability Reducers/Dampproofers Darapel® A stearate-based liquid admixture. Highly stable air entrainer for use in retarded mortars. Contains selected materials which dramatically reduce the incidence of efflorescence. Ready mix. Darapel forms an internal barrier against water transmission in mixes used for ready mix or precast concrete. tiles and mortar.1000 ml per 100 kg Dramatically reduced drying shrinkage for concrete of all varieties. all concrete/mortar production facilities. Semi-dry mixes blocks. Cement injection. Packaged in wax green capsules. etc. grouts.g. 125 ml .30% air.3000 ml/ 100 kg cement 50 ml . floor screeds. per ASTM C 642) and efflorescence. bonding concrete. pavers.5-5.

R. 34-3-635.37. Victoria 3060 Tel. Please read all statements. Devon House. recommendations and suggestions in conjunction with our Conditions of Sale which apply to all goods supplied by us. It is based on data and knowledge considered to be true and accurate and is offered for the user’s consideration. MA 02140 Tel. 27.O. Box 2256 Kempton Park 1620 South Africa Tel. P.52. be we do not warrant the results to be obtained.189. 64 Rigger Road. 65-2-65-3033 Fax 65-2-65-9232 AUSTRALIA Southeastern Region 1200 N.) Ltd. S.O.10.(11). Grace (Ire) Ltd. IL 60638 Tel. Daracem. Spartan.2.310. Ontario L1S 3C6 Tel. Daraweld. Argentina Tel.37. 33.A.R. Kempton Park 1620.2. R.724 Fax 33.(11).9332. 62 Whittemore Avenue Cambridge.216. 61-3-358-2244 Fax 61-3-357-2193 Southwestern Region 4323 Crites Street Houston.A. 44-1925-824824 Fax 44-1925-824033 MIDDLE EAST Argentina Grace Argentina S. S. Grace Africa (Pty.342. Grace Australia Ltd. Grace Limited Printed in U. Buenos Aires. MA 02140 Tel.394.) Ltd. © 1997 W. 12 08830 Sant Boi Del Llobregat (Barcelona) Tel.A. Grace Africa (Pty. Spartan P. FL 33069 Tel. recommendation or suggestion is intended for any use which would infringe any patent or copyright.R. Riera Fonollar.P. DaraFill. ve. Kempton Park.87 Fax 90. P. investigation and verification. Recover. 905-683-8561 Fax 905-683-5947 LATIN AMERICA W. Grace & Co. Grace Africa (Pty. Darex.-Conn. W.2. R.189.00 Fax 34-3-635. N°15 A Blok K1 81130-Altunizade-Uskudar Istanbul-Turkey Tel.2. Darakote.4. Construction Products 53 rue Saint-Denis B.4. 1126 Sydney Road Fawkner. 971. 353-1-4569600 Fax 353-1-4569604 Eastern Region 62 Whittemore Avenue Cambridge. Grace (Singapore) Pte.516 Central Region 6051 W 65th Street Bedford Park.) Ltd.A. WA3 7QZ Cheshire Tel.KEY CONCRETE PRODUCTS SALES LOCATIONS WORLDWIDE HEADQUARTERS Turkey Grace Yapi Kimyasallari San. Via Trento. R.374484 Fax 971. R. 852-2-590-2828 Fax 852-2-856-0709 Ireland W. 25 Tanjong Penjuru Singapore 609024 Tel. Tic.99 Western Region 6960 Koll Center Parkway Pleasanton. 708-458-9700 Fax 708-458-6165 Spain Grace.216. 39.703 United Arab Emirates Emirates Chemicals L.W.A. R. Warrington.S.p.L. 7 1-20017-Passirana di Rho (Milan) Tel.33 W. Ajax. 20th Floor 979 King’s Road Quarry Bay Tel. Polarset. Daratard. 954-974-6700 Fax 954-968-5586 Italy Grace Italiana S. Mortair.347104 NORTH AMERICA Hong Kong W. 617-498-4359 Fax 617-498-4411 Singapore W.K.1186 EUROPE United Kingdom Grace Construction Products Ltd. 713-223-8353 Fax 713-237-0847 W. These products may be covered by patents pending. Spartan. 9/97 SAPG-1 .21. 54-1-229-0146 Fax 54-1-229-0193 ASIA PACIFIC France Grace.E. Primera Junta 550 1878 Quilmes Prov. Ltd. 9 28231 Epernon Cedex Tel.C.4631 Fax 27. Unit 200 Holly Road Western Industrial Estate Dublin 12 Tel. 64 Rigger Road. South Africa WRDA. 510-462-9620 Fax 510-462-9632 W. We hope the information here will be helpful. Box 5006 Dubai-U. South Africa. R.9332. A. Grace (Hong Kong) Ltd. Mahir lz Cad. R.532-291 Fax 39. Darapel. DCI. TX 77003 Tel. 617-876-1400 Fax 617-498-4311 AFRICA Canada 294 Clements Road W.10. 15th Avenue Pompano Beach.923. Box 2256. No statement. Tel. Grace & Co. 90.-Conn. 852 Birchwood Boulevard Birchwood. CA 94566 Tel. and DBM are registered trademarks of W. O. Mortard.

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