Introducing HYRIZON® Aristech's Hybrid Foam Resin System
Aristech Acyrlics LLC Hyrizon® Hybrid Foam Resin System combines the strength and rigidity of unsaturated polyesters with the toughness and impact resistance of polyurethanes. Hyrizon is especially designed to reinforce laminated acrylic sheet used in the spa, marine and recreational vehicle markets. The system has a low styrene content, quick gel times and very low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, which, when combined with its physical properties, offers the fabricator a viable and economical spray applied solution to traditional reinforcing operations. What is Hyrizon? Hyrizon begins as two liquid polymer components — the iso-side (Hyrizon A Side) and the polyol-side (Hyrizon B Side). The iso-side contains diphenylmethane diisocyanate and additives. The polyol-side consists of a lowmolecular weight unsaturated polyester polyol with additives. A hybrid foam is created when the two liquid Hyrizon components react to develop a high molecular weight, linear polymer. The patented water-blown foaming process generates finely dispersed nucleation sites to produce a highly uniform, closed cell structure. Additionally, monomer in the polyol-side reacts with the unsaturated portion of the polyol to add strength and stiffness to the foam by creating a cross-linked network. PROPERTY General: Density Gel time @ 25° C Expansion factor "B"/"A" ratio, by vol. (filled) Styrene content, system (A + B) 27 - 32 20 - 30 3 to 1 2.7 : 1.0 8.9 pcf sec. — — % ASTM D-792 Aristech Method — — — TYPICAL UNITS TEST METHOD

Cured Hyrizon is a high-molecular weight thermoset polymer foam with an outstanding combination of toughness and flexibility. The polyurethane functionality of Hyrizon provides excellent substrate adhesion when used to rigidize .275" caliper Altair Plus and/or Quarite Plus surfaces, even when the resin system is highly filled. Its crosslinked network, because of the polyester functionality, provides structural integrity to Hyrizon backed Altair Plus and/or Quarite Plus parts and permits complete replacement of fiberglass reinforcement. This translates to significant savings in the time of manufacture and labor costs associated with rigidized fiberglass aplication and rollout. Typical mechanical properties for .275 inch caliper Altair Plus with Hyrizon are shown below. Mechanical: Tensile Strength Tensile Modulus Elongation Flexural Strength (Sheet in Tension) Flexural Modulus (Sheet in Tension) Notched Izod Impact Heat Distortion Temp. @ 264 psi Tensile Adhesion Water Absorption, 24 hrs. @ 25° C 2,000 326,000 0.8 2,100 178,000 1.1 186 850 0.9 psi psi % psi psi ft.lb./in. of notch °F psi % ASTM D-638 ASTM D-638 ASTM D-638 ASTM D-790 ASTM D-790 ASTM D-256 ASTM D-648 ASTM C-297 ASTM D-570

Hyrizon® is a registered trademark of Aristech Acrylics LLC and is covered by one or more United States and/or foreign patents. This information is supplied as a service only. It is taken from sources based upon data believed to be reliable; however, ARISTECH ACRYLICS LLC makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the absolute correctness or sufficiency of any of the foregoing or that additional or other measure may not be required under particular conditions or circumstances. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the system is appropriate for its intended use.

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avoid abrasives. These procedures. Aristech Acrylics LLC makes no warranty. or representation as to the absolute correctness or sufficiency of any of the foregoing. however. guarantee.aristechacrylics. check for local code approval and test for application suitability. ^ ARISTECH A C R Y L I C S llc Page 2 7350 Empire Drive • Florence. Experience with products of other manufacturers is specifically disclaimed. Avoid exposure to heat and aromatic solvents. techniques and suggested materials should only be used by personnel who are properly trained in the safe handling of the chemicals and the equipment with which they are working. or that additional or other measures may not be required under particular conditions or circumstances. please see the applicable material safety data sheet published by Aristech. These suggestions are based on information believed to be reliable. These instructions are based upon experience with Aristech Acrylic products only.For cautions and other information relating to handling of an exposure to this product. For most uses. however. it is combustible. clean with mild soap and water.com . Acrylic sheet is a versatile thermoplastic. KY 41042 (606) 283-1501 • Toll Free 800-354-9858 • www.

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