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* FerƟlizaƟon occurs * 2 cell embryos are in the oviduct * The embryo is fairly resistant to external interference in development CHANGES IN THE BITCH * Possible morning sickness * Possible personality changes
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html CARE OF THE BITCH * Normal feeding * Normal exercise ‐‐ if she didn't normally get exercise before pregnancy. flea treatments) * No live vaccines TO DO LIST * Put together pedigree on liƩer * Write contract * Contact AKC for liƩer registraƟon applicaƟon * Start taking puppy reservaƟons Week Two (Days 8‐14) DEVELOPMENT OF THE PUPPIES * Embryo will be 4 cell at start of week and 64 cell by end of week * Embryo enters the uterus CHANGES IN THE BITCH 3 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM .soverenstaffords. she should start geƫng moderate exercise every day * Check any and all medicaƟons with vet prior to administering * No insecƟcides (i.

soverenstaffords. * Possible morning sickness CARE OF THE BITCH * ConƟnue as with Week One TO DO LIST * Nothing special this week Week Three (Days 15‐21) DEVELOPMENT OF THE PUPPIES * Day 19 ‐‐ ImplantaƟon of embryos in uterus CHANGES IN THE BITCH * See above 4 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM . CARE OF THE BITCH * See above TO DO LIST * Nothing special this week Week Four (Days 22‐28) 5 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM .

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palpitaƟon may be possible to diagnose pregnancy 7 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM ..http://www.e.html DEVELOPMENT OF THE PUPPIES * Development of eyes and spinal cords * Faces take shape * Fetuses grow from 5‐10 mm to 14‐15 mm * Organogenesis begins‐‐ Embryos are at their most suscepƟble to defects * Days 26 ‐ 32 are the best days to palpitate (i.soverenstaffords. feel for the puppies) CHANGES IN THE BITCH * Possible clear vaginal discharge * Mammary development begins * AŌer Day

long runs) * Add 1/4 cup coƩage cheese or a hard boiled egg to food on alternaƟng days TO DO LIST * Schedule ultrasound or palpitaƟon with vet if desired 8 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM . jumping.html CARE OF THE BITCH * Limit strenuous acƟvity (such as working.

http://www.soverenstaffords.html Week Five (Days 29‐35) DEVELOPMENT OF THE PUPPIES 9 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM .com/breeding.

add a small extra meal. * Add daily mulƟ‐vitamin for dogs * PalpitaƟon no longer possible due to fluids in uterus TO DO LIST * Nothing special this week Week Six (Days 36‐42) 10 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM .soverenstaffords.http://www. slightly increase one of the whisker buds. and claws * Fetuses look like dogs * Gender can be determined * Eyes (previously open) now close * Fetuses grow from 18 mm ‐ 30 mm * Organogenesis ends ‐‐ embryos are now fairly resistant to interference with development CHANGES IN THE BITCH * Swelling becomes noƟceable * Loss of "tuck‐up" * Weight will start to increase CARE OF THE BITCH * Slightly increase amount of food and switch to puppy kibble.html * Development of toes. If you feed twice a day. If you feed one meal a day.

html DEVELOPMENT OF THE PUPPIES * Development of skin pigment * Fetuses should weigh around 6 grams and be 45 mm long * Fetal heartbeats can be heard with stethoscope CHANGES IN THE BITCH * Nipples darken and enlarge * Abdomen conƟnues to enlarge CARE OF THE BITCH * Add coƩage cheese or hard boiled egg to food daily * Increase the amount of food in the extra meal * Bitch should start sleeping in whelping box TO DO LIST * Assemble whelping box * By this Ɵme you should be fairly sure that the bitch is NoƟfy the people on your puppy list. Let them know when you expect delivery. Week Seven (Days 43‐49) DEVELOPMENT OF THE PUPPIES * Growth and development conƟnues CHANGES IN THE BITCH * Abdomen hair will start shedding * The bitch will start to look pregnant at this point 11 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM .http://www.

html CARE OF THE BITCH * Slightly increase both meals TO DO LIST * Stop any roughhousing or jumping * Radiographs (X‐rays) possible to determine number and size of puppies Week Eight (Days 50‐57) DEVELOPMENT OF THE PUPPIES 12 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM . * Fetal movement can be detected when bitch is at rest * Puppies can safely be born from now on CHANGES IN THE BITCH * Milk may be squeezed from nipples * The bitch will be very large.http://www. 13 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM .

http://www. or aŌer whelping (like your office to let them know you won't be in!) * Make sure your car is gassed up and ready for a possible emergency trip to the vet's office.soverenstaffords. the number of any friends who will be offering support during whelping. and anyone else you might need to contact before. acƟng uncomfortable) * Temperature should be 14 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM . It should include your vet's phone number. pacing. during.html CARE OF THE BITCH * Add moderate lunch TO DO LIST * Gather whelping kit (see below) * Prepare phone list for help/ Week Nine (Days 58‐65) DEVELOPMENT OF THE PUPPIES * Growth and Development conƟnues CHANGES IN THE BITCH * NesƟng behavior may be seen * Bitch may become distressed (panƟng. the emergency clinic's phone number.

soverenstaffords. This is all normal and all an owner can do is see that the bitch has water available should she want it. uterine contracƟons begin. lasƟng 6‐12 hours and culminates with full dilaƟon of the cervix in preparaƟon to expel a puppy. shiver. or even vomit. The bitch will appear very restless and may pace.4 degrees Farenheit.http://www. THE SECOND AND THIRD STAGES OF LABOR 15 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM .2‐100. dig. This stage of labor is very long. puppies should be born within 24 hours * AppeƟte may disappear as whelping approaches CARE OF THE BITCH * Start taking temperature three Ɵmes a day TO DO LIST * NoƟfy vet or emergency clinic when temperature drops so that they will be ready if you have any problems * Keep detailed records on temperature and behavior of bitch * Double check that whelping supplies are ready THE FIRST STAGE OF LABOR During this stage.html around 100. degrees Farenheit * When temperature drops to around 98‐99.

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This is normal. The third stage refers to the expulsion of the placenta and aŌerbirth. the mother may pass two pups and then two placentas. 17 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM .soverenstaffords.html The second stage is the "hard labor" stage in which the puppy is expelled.http://www. Each pup may not be followed by aŌ 18 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM .http://www.

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it is best to clean away the placenta yourself. Expect one pup every 45‐60 minutes with 10‐30 minutes of hard straining.html Puppies are born covered in membranes which must be cleaned away or the pup will suffocate. If she is seen straining hard for over one hour or if she takes longer 20 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM .soverenstaffords. if she does not do it. The mother will bite and lick the membranes then you must clean the pup for her. Allow her a minute or two aŌer birth to do this. The mother may want to eat the placenta but this is probably not a good idea as vomiƟng it up later is common. Be careful not to pull on the umbilical cord as this can injure the puppy. The umbilical cord may be Ɵed in a knot about one inch from the pup and cut with scissors on the far side of the knot.http://www. It is normal for bitches to "take a rest" partway through delivery and she may not strain at all for up to four hours between pups. Simply remove the slippery covering and rub the puppy with a clean towel.

There is something you can do but you must be careful and gentle. Expect some puppies (probably half of them) to be born tail first. seek a veterinarian should be consulted.html than a four hour break. Then she is in trouble and may have a puppy stuck. With clean hands place your finger in the bitch and feel where the puppy is.http://www. or have other problems explained below. 21 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM . Some Ɵmes the puppy is very large and can have trouble to get out.soverenstaffords. This is not abnormal for dogs. if the puppy is head first then you can hook the puppy with you fingers like

again down and gentle.soverenstaffords.http://www. 22 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM .html Gently pull down and If they are feet first then this is how you pull them out.

Greater than 70 days of gestaƟon have passed. She is in obvious extreme pain. Greater than four hours pass between pups and you know there are more inside. This fever should not be accompanied by clinical signs of 23 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM . She fails to go into labor within 24 hours of her temperature CALL YOUR VETERINARIAN IF: 30‐60 minutes of strong contracƟons occur with no puppy being produced. It is normal for the bitch to spike a fever in the 24‐48 hours following birth.http://www.soverenstaffords.

.. METRITIS (INFLAMMATION OF THE UTERUS) Signs of this condiƟon are as follows: fever foul‐smelling vaginal discharge listlessness loss of appeƟte no interest in the puppies decreased milk producƟon If these signs are noted. She will likely need to be spayed.http://www. PROBLEMS TO WATCH FOR. ECLAMPSIA This condiƟon results when the bitch has trouble supporƟng the 24 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM .html illness. Animals who have required assistance with delivery are oŌen predisposed to metriƟs. dark red‐brown or bloody and may persist in small amounts for up to 8 weeks.soverenstaffords. usually in the first day or two postpartum. Normal vaginal discharge aŌer parturiƟon should be odorless and may be green. a veterinarian should be consulted. Your dog may have retained a placenta or have suffered some trauma during

Calcium supplementaƟon predisposes a bitch to this condiƟon. The bitch may be sore and discourage the pups from nursing. They demonstrate: nervousness and restlessness no interest in the pups sƟff. painful gait This progresses to: muscle spasms inability to stand fever seizures This condiƟon generally occurs in the first three weeks of lactaƟon and a veterinarian should be consulted immediately. This is not harmful to the puppies and helps flush out the infected material.html calcium demand of lactaƟon. and painful. MASTITIS (INFLAMMATION OF THE BREASTS) Normal nursing glands are soŌ and enlarged.soverenstaffords. hard. Hot packing may be helpful. it is important to keep the pups nursing the affected glands. Diseased glands are Usually affected animals are small dogs.http://www. the bitch does not act sick. however. the disease is confined to the mammary Ɵssue. 25 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM . In general.

* Lochia (vaginal discharge) should be reddish to reddish‐brown (green is okay on first day). If you see black discharge. take bitch and puppies to vet for check up. Colostrum is loaded with anƟbodies to protect the puppies from disease.html Post Partum * Make sure each puppy gets some of the bitch's colostrum (first thin milk) within first 24 hours.soverenstaffords. she could quickly develop a serious infecƟon which could prove deadly. The vet will ensure that the bitch hasn't retained any puppies or placentas and that the puppies are in good health. This vet visit is something that should not be skipped. Copyright 2000 ‐ Soverenstaff Staffordshire Bull Terriers ‐ all images are the property of Soverenstaff Staffordshire Bull Terriers ""> 26 of 27 2/23/2013 1:54 PM . If the bitch has retained a placenta or puppy.http://www. It also helps to condiƟon their tummies to accepƟng food. contact your vet immediately! * Within 5‐6 hours of last puppy's birth. Ask your vet to check the puppies for cleŌ palates and what opƟons are

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