Logging to R/ 3 SYSTEM : Client/User/Password/ Language Max 6 simultaneous sessions.

Multiple logon monitoring: Terminate current/ existing / continue both/

R/3 Screen layout:

Menu Bar Standard tool bar Command box / Options Title bar Application tool bar on/ Check box / tabstrip /input field /radio button Radio Butt Status bar Maximum 6 sessions Extras : Set start transaction SEARCH_SAP_MENU

User specific Settings: Role based user menu

Division Plant Storage Location Shipping point .Region or subdivision in international market Distribution Channel: Means through which goods/ services reach customer.Organisation Structure: Enterprise -> Set of organisation structure -> set of organisation elements Company Code : Legal Entity and independent Accounting Unit / Balance sheet / Profit and loss statements Sales Area: Sales organization: Distribution of Goods and services / Negotiating sales conditions / product liability and rights of recourse.

Processes: Pre Sales Activities:     Mailing Campaigns Contacts Inquiries Quotations Sale order processing:     Customer and Material Prices and conditions Schedule line Info for billing Inventory sourcing     Availability check From stock External procurement In house production Shipping       Billing:    Invoice Credit and Debit Memo Transfer to Financial Accounting Outbound delivery Picking Packing Transportation Shipping document Goods Issue Payment(FI):   Posting incoming Payment Review of differences .

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