Name: Noeline Margaret Ikin (nee Gross) Family: Married, 3 grown daughters Address: 91 St George Street, Georgetown Qld 4871 Date of Birth: 18/05/1969 Place of Birth: Mareeba, Qld Connection to Kennedy: My grandparents were graziers, small miners, and small business owners in the Kennedy electorate. My father was a mechanic in Mareeba for all of his life and my mother a nurse.

PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS  Uranium Implementation Committee, 2012 - 2013 Appointed by Campbell Newman, review Qld, NT, SA and WA legislation and practice with respect to uranium mining and advise government on legislation, benefits, risks and management of reimplementation of uranium mining in Qld. State Rural Leasehold Land Ministerial Advisory Committee 2010 – 2013 Provide technical advice and represent community issues regarding the renewal of leasehold land. Worked hard and helped landholders to make lease renewal practical and sensible for grazing enterprises and ensure that the State’s land asset increases in value. National Environment Research Program, North Australian Hub Steering Committee – 2013 Overseeing expenditure and public benefit of a significant Australian Government Science Investment. Councillor, Etheridge Shire Council 2008 - 2012 Roads, bridges, and other key infrastructure experience. Didn’t re-stand to focus energy on LNP, but husband did and was elected in 2012. Director, Savannah Guides Ltd (1998 - 2001) While secretary we won the prestigious International British Airways 'World’s Best Tourism Organisation' as well as many national and state awards. Ministerial Advisory Committee for Crocodile Management, Qld 1995 Represented the Nth Queensland tourism industry for the safe removal and management of crocodiles.

EDUCATION    Bachelor of Science from JCU, (March 1995) High School: Mareeba High School Primary School: Mareeba, Mt Molloy and Biboohra State Schools

MEDIA AND PUBLICATIONS Have done numerous TV, Radio and Newspaper interviews. Provided evidence at senate enquiries and co-wrote a paper regarding Wild River legislation and Indigenous Economic Development. Have been a speaker at national Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics conference regarding development of Northern Australia and regular speaker at regional conferences. Sample Media:

Sample Papers: mmittees?url=economics/wildrivers/subs.htm (submission 17) Hansard: 1. Where Bob Katter Notes: “Noelene Gross [Ikin], a tenacious little fighter who has earned the great admiration 2. Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Reference Committee; witness, 13th November 2009.
of everybody who has come into contact with her”

COMMUNITY ADVOCACY Have developed strong skills in advocacy for community issues and have had significant successes across both legislative and bureaucratic spheres of influence. This is primarily achieved through hard work in providing sound logic and facts, persistence and perseverance, understanding the perspective of the government or bureaucracy and what makes them 'shift', being relevant and working the media. Some of the advocacy work I have driven for community are: Wild Rivers - worked with communities when this legislation first came out to make huge changes to the regulations, codes and guidelines. The government and bureaucrats were not helpful in fixing the perversities of this law, regulations and codes at first but with our persistence, good science and media profile we finally achieved change. Continued to advocate changes and helped get a provision for property development plans that allow approval of development for up to 10 years. Also advocated and worked on issues associated with limitations imposed by this law on Indigenous Economic Development. Continuing to work with community to now develop land use plans from the farmer up to support a later push for statutory recognition of best fit conservation and development based on local knowledge and aspiration. This will put farmers on the front foot of future green laws or programs, or major developments. Natural Disaster Response and Recovery Arrangements, Exceptional Circumstances - was the key driver in successfully attaining the historic decision to provide exceptional circumstances to communities affected by the 2009 flood event. This created and national shift in this policy area and saved the livelihoods of many farmers. Farm Management Deposits - strong advocacy to make changes to farm management deposit scheme that now allow easier access of these funds for farmers impacted by natural disasters. Am continuing to advocate changes in this area to potentially set up a 'farm insurance scheme' based on the FMD model. Business Improvement Package - worked with local industry and all banks with debt exposure in Nth West to develop a business improvement package to assist recovery of industry post the Live Export Ban. This is a very comprehensive and widely supported package developed by the industry based on their practical needs. Getting recognition and support was a very hard up-hill battle and had little help from Local Member Bob Katter and only arrogance shown by Minister Joe Ludwig. We raised the issues of debt and finance with both Katter and Ludwig in 2011 and we worked hard to get early action on this to avoid rural debt and industry crisis – the lack of action was main reason I have stood with the coalition to run for the seat of Kennedy. Rural Debt Reduction - many farmers are now in a tight position financially given that they are largely 'price takers' combined with the constant increase in input costs. The Live Export ban crashed equity or property values. We have worked hard with with banks to find a model where banks, governments and farmers (or any other business) can collectively stop an equity crash. We have been successful in gaining support for this model with the coalition and continue to advocate and cooperate in getting this accepted by the ATO.

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 2012 –Current Small Business – Stock Feed Depot, Georgetown

Own small business with husband providing feed, veterinary and animal husbandry supplies. 2001 – 2013 Northern Gulf Company Alliance Chief Executive Officer

CEO for three companies in an alliance being the Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, Gulf Horizons Foundation and Grassroots Innovation. The Northern Gulf group has a high recognition for it’s success as an action orientated organisation. The companies do not talk and tread water but rather make community aspirations real often through creative problem solving and innovation. As CEO I was proud to be associated with a company culture, leadership, innovation and vision, that is based on sound engagement and logic, transpiring many dreams into reality for local people. The Northern Gulf Group employed ‘localism’ principals to achieve National and International goals. The role of the three companies covers all tiers of sustainability – healthy environment, healthy commerce and healthy people. 1. Northern Gulf Resource Management Group which is a stand-alone not for profit company whose objectives are primarily improving environmental wellbeing and the viability of natural resource use including improved farm productivity and profit. Projects managed from this company have won numerous National and State awards and international awards for outcomes achieved. 2. Gulf Horizons Foundation is a stand-alone Public Benevolent Institution working with the communities of the Northern Gulf region towards humanitarian benefits determined by on-going local consultation and needs analysis. The objectives of Gulf Horizons Foundation are primarily associated with improving the social wellbeing of the region’s communities (youth, health, elderly). 3. Grassroots Innovations is a subsidiary owned by Gulf Horizons Foundation whose purpose is to develop commercial income opportunities in order to raise revenue for projects implemented by both Gulf Horizons Foundation and the Northern Gulf Resource Management Group. Key Skills:  Engagementand Advocacy –I have a strong bottom up ethic and many successes in empowering local people. I have established long lasting and effective networks in North Queensland and beyond. Maintain wide networks incorporating key stakeholders inclusive of political relationships, commercial relationships, industry relationships, science relationships, Traditional Owners, Local Government, State Government agencies, Commonwealth Government agencies and general community bodies. Recently my advocacy has been critical in assisting the gulf region with natural disaster events including the historic exceptional circumstance declaration in 2010. Ensure gulf community voice is incorporated into policy so that perverse outcomes are avoided and

have advocated through senate/ cabinet enquiries as well as meetings and written submissions. Governance – Very good understanding of decision making processes, accountability, budgets, conflict of interest, legal issues such as defamation and professional liability, meeting protocols etc. Local Government Councillor for one term from which I did not re-run in order to focus on other political arenas, namely policy development. Oversaw all governance, risk and financial management of three companies.

1996 – 2000  

Mareeba Wetland Foundation, Mareeba, Qld Savannah Guide/Environmental Officer Savannah Guide at the Mareeba Wetlands – tourism operations, guide and environmental training of staff. Involved in implementing this innovative project which was to channel irrigation water to cane farms via a series of wetlands. The wetlands were designed and developed for nature tourism. Responsible for liaison with indigenous peoples, graziers and other community members who held interests in the Savannah and Wetland Reserve.

1996 – 2000 

FNQ Tropical Institute TAFE Cairns, Qld Heritage and Interpretive Tourism Lecturer in the basics of, and interpretation to tourism cliental, of the units in Environmental Science, the Land, Animals and Plants. I also partook in the tutoring of Tourism and the Environment, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and Communication. Mossman Veterinary Clinic Mossman, Qld Veterinary Nurse The Rainforest Habitat Port Douglas, Qld Zoo Keeper Kuranda Wildlife Noctarium Kuranda, Qld Zoo Curator Gorge Wildlife Park Cudlee Creek, S.A. Zookeeper James Cook University Cairns, Qld Research Assistant Kuranda Wildlife Noctarium Kuranda, Qld Zoo Curator Peverell’s Pathology Cairns, Qld

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