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inspired by nature Greatness Design inspired by nature • Galaxy S III’s rounded and organic design fits comfortably into hand.4GHz Quad Core processor allows you to do more tasks at once fast and easily over previous dual core processor. Sharing • S Beam enables two phones to share the big contents easily just by getting closer to each other. • Nature-inspired UI and ringtones provide a natural relaxing interface.8” HD Super AMOLED with 1280x720 resolution provides more vivid and comfortable viewing experience when watching HD quality video or browsing website.The best-ever smartphone designed for humans. • Larger. • 8MP camera with Zero Shutter Lag enables sharper. clearer pictures of moving object and the Best Shot intelligently recommends the best picture among the 8 photos taken.. call log details or contact details by lifting the phone to ear. • Smart Stay lets you read an article without screen shut out by recognizing when you are looking at the screen. • Direct call enables you to call the phone number which you are looking at SMS. • Allshare Cast lets you share and see contents in the device in other places. chatting in the ChatOn. Ultimate Performance • 1. clearer 4. 2 . • Allshare Play lets you see the same screen as your phone on a big screen TV. Intelligence • S Voice allows you to drive safely or find a restaurant easily by activating many features with your voice.

0. S Voice. NFC. Direct Call. BT 3. Sound 4. 585 min.0.AMOLED Plus 800 x 480 Lager and High Resolution Display 8M w/LED Faster. *BIS: Backside illumination sensor Allshare. Social Tag etc. Enhanced GPS S Beam. Enhanced Sharing Features Samsung Voice Solution Intelligent Motion Recognition and New Voice Solution 3 .AMOLED 1280 x 720 8M w/LED. Allshare Cast Smart Stay. Zero Shutter Lag 4.8” HD S.2G Dual Core More Powerful but Lower Power Consumption Application Processor Longer Playback Time ( 80% display brightness ) 1.3” S. BT 4.4GHz Quad Core 465 min. High-Quality and Intelligent Camera 1. BIS. Allshare Play.Evolutionary Improvement Slim Design Nature-inspired Design in and out Slim and Organic Design Nature-themed UI. Wi-Fi. GPS Faster Connectivity Wi-Fi Channel Bonding. NFC. Wi-Fi Direct.

Marble White Pebble Blue Emotional Product Colors 4 .54mm slim.Organic Design Design inspired by nature The most comfortable grip and nature themed UI • The 8. • It also has a nature themed UI and ringtones to match the outer design. rounded design provides a perfect grip and lets you control all the features with one hand even with the phone’s large screen.

8” HD Super AMOLED (1280x720. which is as tough and scratch resistant as ever to withstand the unexpected situation of everyday life. Benefit of Super AMOLED • Crystal clear display even in the brightest environment due to high contrast. 306ppi) The best viewing experience with a large. more vivid screen. • No motion blur due to faster response speed (0. • Lower power consumption. 5 .01ms). 16% improvement compared with Galaxy S II. photos and text thru a bigger.Superior Display 4. • The display also has new Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2. stunning display • Experience movies.

• Capture a photo while recording Full-HD quality video. High-Quality Take a clear shot in the dark and the stabilized video recording • Take clearer photos even in dark places thanks to the BIS*. • Video stabilization feature enables you to record clearer and stable video.Intelligent Camera Lightening Fast Snap instantly and get the best photo recommendation • Wake up the camera instantly and shoot it fast without shutter lag. • Burst Shot enables you to continuously capture fast moving objects up to 20 photos and Best Photo automatically recommends the best photo among the 8 photos taken. Better image at low illumination Video Stabilization 6 * Backside Illumination Sensor .

Processor and Longer Battery Time 1. • Also. It performs much better processing capability and improves power efficiency than before. you get longer call times under same condition. • Experience 20% faster boot time. 17% faster app launches and 28% faster browsing speed than Galaxy S II ※ Quad core can be varied by regional situation Enjoy longer hours of playing time • The larger capacity battery and enhanced processor let you enjoy more playback time ( video playback rated 25% longer than previous model up to 9 hours* ). so you don’t need to worry too much about charging outside. • Improved graphic performance enables softer graphic experience. * 80% brightness condition and play time is subject to change according to test environment.4GHz Quad Core processor Seamless multi-tasking with super fast performance • Improved processor power lets you do more tasks at once. 7 .

0. so you can call or play more time. • Power consumption is reduced as 1/10 of Bluetooth 3.0 Share contents at further distances (up to 50m) • Bluetooth enables you to answer a phone call while your phone is away up to 50 m. ** Global Navigation Satellite System 8 . Improved GPS capability with GLONASS** Faster start-up and more accurate location tracking • The enhanced GPS shortens satellite signal detection by up to 20% and also it tracks your location more accurately than before with GLONASS. * Wi-Fi AP should support this feature.Fast Connectivity Double Speed Wi-Fi Experience double speed Wi-Fi with the same Wi-Fi* • Wi-Fi channel bonding technology enables you to experience double speed data connection with the same Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth 4.

9 . so you can do two things at once. the phone lets you play your video on a PIP (picture-in-picture) display.It lets you do more Pop Up Play Keep watching video even while doing other things • Watch videos while checking your email or sending an SMS for instance.

※ Transfer time : 1 music(5MB) per sec Allshare Play Watch movies. tablet. view pictures or listen to music remotely • Link wirelessly with a registered Samsung laptop. TV to play multimedia files. wherever S Beam Share large files quickly and easily • Share big files fast. music. • Access and manage contents between different devices regardless of physical proximity to your phone to play anywhere and share with everyone.It shares whenever. Transfer videos. 10 . pictures and even documents just by getting closer to others.

It shares whenever. 11 . Buddy Photo Share Shoot and Share photos with everyone instantly • Just turn on Buddy Photo Share to automatically recognize friends’ faces in photos and let you send them the picture with a simple touch. ※ TV dongle is required if TV does not support Allshare Cast. wherever Allshare Cast Play together on a big screen TV without the wires • See the exactly same screen as your phone on a big screen TV with ease or even use the phone as a presentation file controller.

It intuitively knows Social Tag Keep track of your loved ones • In the photo gallery. ※ Facebook app needs to be pre-installed to be linked 12 . once a friend’s face is recognized you can simply call. send message or e-mail or friend’s Facebook can be linked on the photos if their social network profile is saved on your contact list.

• You can see the weekly weather forecast. S Voice It responds to your words. the location of a nearby pizza place. • Simply tell it what to do. 13 . • When reading an article or browsing the web for instance.It intuitively knows Smart Stay Keep the phone screen on while you are watching. the contact number you are trying to find or even take a picture as you speak. the phone detect your face. eyes and the screen will not be off intelligently.

It intuitively knows Direct Call Call someone simply by putting the phone to your ear. • Be alerted of a missed call. chatting in ChatOn or viewing the call log detail or contact details. text message or calendar event with vibration when picking up the phone after being away. 14 . • Call the phone number automatically by lifting the phone to your ear while looking at text messages. Smart Alert Get notified of missed calls or messages.


video. location and even animated message has never been simpler or faster. 16 .ChatOn Message it. • Group chat lets you and several friends engage in spontaneous joint talks. Cross-platform messenger connecting all • A single cross-platform. web links. cross-brand messaging service with super-easy sign-in ( no ID or password required ) links all your friends and contacts via IM. • Sharing of content including contact info. animate it. voice. images.

play games and listen to millions of songs from the palm of your hand.Watch.500 Magazines and lots of famous books All Galaxy S III launching countries Video Hub 1000+ Movies & TV Shows 8 Countries (UK. South Africa. whenever . Spain. Germany. Canada. Listen and Read more Contain all the contents in your pocket • Wherever . More than 3. Readers Hub Over 2. • Watch movies. Italy. Brazil. Korea) Music Hub 18 Million Songs 30 Countries Game Hub Lots of best-in-class games with exclusively free for Samsung mobiles users 63 Countries 17 . Play. Samsung Hub services will enrich your life in a smart way. ※ Service coverage is being expanded. • The variety of books and articles in Readers Hub offer a chance to grow cultural awareness.000 Newspaper.

Chocolate Brown Chestnut Brown.1A) included ※ will be available from Sept. Yellow • Classic & Exclusive Design for Galaxy SIII • Premium Genuine Leather • Soft Grip • Color Variation (4) Dark Brown. Light Blue.09g for Battery • Charging time : 2. BT 3. Pink. • Samsung Resonance Technology • Free Positioning • Charging Time : up to 5hrs • Charging Pad/Cover/TA(12V. Orange. Navy • Battery Charging Stand with Battery • Battery Charging • Vertical & Horizontal View Stand • Portability 77.5hrs • 100W (2. 39. Mint • Slim Back Cover • With Ear Jack & Micro USB Cap • IPX2 • Material : TPU • Color Variation (4) Blue. Metallic Brown Yellow . Marble White Metallic Gray. • Slim Design with Perfect Fitting • Material : PU Leather + PC • Color Variation (9) Pebble Blue. Flip Cover Protective Cover Leather Pouch Extra Battery Kit ※ Design TBD Audio Dock (Vacuum Tube Amplifier) Wireless Charging Kit 18 .79g for Stand.Accessory_ Exclusive Items Product Image Spec.1ch). Orange.0 • Allshare & USB direct Play • Remote control • Detachable front cover • Interface : Micro-USB ※ will be available from Sept. Pink.

Accessory_ Common Items. In-Box Items Common Items Product Image Spec.5g Desktop Dock • Charging & Audio Line-out • Folding Design • Compatible with Flip Cover & Slim Cover In-Box Items Product Travel Adapter Headset Image ※ Battery (2.0~5. • Fit to 4.3” • Simple & Sleek Design Vehicle Dock Allshare Cast Dongle • Quick Pairing & Easy Sharing • Wi-Fi Display receiver • Full HD(1080p) • Real Time Mirroring • Weight : 46g ※ only for Wi-Fi Display enabled devices HDTV Adapter • Conversion : MHL→HDMI • Supports HD signal up to 1080P • HDMI A type • Weight : 36.100 mAh) and quick start guide are included 19 .