St. JOSEPH’S COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS) TIRUCHIRAPPALLI – 620 002 MAXIMUM MARKS: 100 TITLE OF THE PAPER SALES AND DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT SECTION – A Answer all the questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 10 x 3 = 30

Explain ‘sales’ as an important function in management discipline. Define ‘prospecting’. What is meant by ‘Trial Close’? What is meant by ‘B2B’ sales and low it is different from ‘B2C’ sales. Write a brief note on “Test Marketing”. Explain “Clover leaf” methodology in Territory management. Briefly explain ‘Activity Quota’ in setting up ‘Sales Quotas’ for an organization. Write a brief note on “IN - TRAY” training excessive for sales professionals. Explain ‘Channel Conflict’ Write a brief note on ‘Supply Chain Management’ and its impact on profitability.

SECTION – B Answer all the questions: 11. a. 5 x 10 = 50

The linkage between ‘sales and distributions management’ is considered to be an important factor for a product selling company. Discuss the key factors that are considered to be critical and vital for an organization’s success for a ‘distribution’ point of view. OR Explain in detail the various ‘Personal Selling’ theories along with a brief introduction on ‘sales’ concept. Design and develop a ‘sales organization’ structure for a new “Life Insurance” company. Explain the model along with its “Key Resuslt Areas’s (KRA’s)”.

b. 12. a.

Last year. SECTION – C Answer the following questions: 16. What kind of ‘powers’ can be exercised by the organization. a. Case study: Snow White Paper Company Snow White Paper Company is located in an agricultural belt about 300 kilometers from a metro city. What factors would you keep in mind for developing channel strategy for ‘quartz watches’ (premium segment) manufacturing company? OR b. While preparing the business plan for the current year. Its primary raw material is wheat straw. What type of motivation should be given for a fresher in sales? OR b.000 tons of paper. They make a commission of about 2 per cent on all transactions. and note book makers. b. The agent arranges for the buyer to pay the company for its produce by advance demand draft. The company is into writing and printing paper. Explain the role and responsibilities of ‘distributors’ for an organization. The company sells about 23% of its paper directly to some government organizations. What are the various types of sales organizations and their relative merits? Discuss the various theories in ‘motivation’. Agents are not exclusive for Snow White and work for other paper mills also and normally play the mills against each other. Explain the linkage of logistics to supply chain management. They have a grip on the business and are 1 x 20 = 20 . Discuss its merit over “distribution logistics” management. the company had a turnover of ` 134 crore on a volume of 45. the top management was concerned with the following distribution issue that they want you to help resolve: Problem: Finished Goods Distribution The paper industry is dominated by selling agents who bring the manufacturer like Snow White and the buyer like printing / publishing companies. 13. a. Some other points: Snow White depends on about 110 agents to canvass business for it from the users.OR b. 15. a. 14. OR Efficient supply chain management is the key for organization success. Discuss the major factors affecting channel strategy. Define the term ‘Logistics’. together. It is expected that the agent provides the credit support to the buyer. Explain the various types of ‘Sales Quotas’ and the purpose of setting them.

There is always an uncertainty on the orders and the price.reluctant to put the mill directly in touch with the buyers. How can you help Snow White become less dependent on the selling agents and plan its sales and profitability better? How can they plan their customer service efforts? ************** . which would be obtained on the orders – the company cannot plan its profits properly nor offer the best service to the end users so that they always ask for Snow White.