What is a human being

It is an enigma. Philosophical ferment couldn’t answer it, theologists differ in opinions, historians don’t go on the same path to describe it while others have given short term palliatives to address this question. The most Important being Aristotle who s aid that ‘Man is a social animal’. While this saying of the Greek philosopher has become an adage of sorts, there are still more conclusions and considerations. Since the famous Greek saying the outlook towards man and society has changed, considerably. Although the saying finds its relevance even today, a human being is seen from different perspectives too. According to some human beings determine the course of their destinies or settings in the society. This idea, however, seems an anathema to fatalists who believe that a human being is a product of circumstances and has no faculty of impression upon them. The debate between these two ideologies finds respective supporters. Technological advances provided dominance over some matters. It determined the modus vivendi. However, the relation between man and society as a system remained same. Society was still viewed as a kaleidoscope for perceiving human being. The social dominance in the understanding of human being was still challenged further by Frued. His outlook provided a different perspective of understanding. In fact, it became an avenue of appreciation of personal influence than the social shadow. Man is a product of his desires and actions. His latent aspirations determine the human being. The idea being foreign at the time generated curiosity only to be challenged by the Freudian protégé, Carl Jung. Jung still found relevance in the social environment and stressed its importance in the description of human being. This perspective leads us to believe in the critical external environment in defining a human being. A resource. Yes a resource too. In the modern world a human being is seen as an element of resource and contribution. Human resource views humans as both a derivative and sidekick to the modern technological

As a sidekick he is a contributor to these settings and the modern global world. He . These . His representation depends on him.world. for a person like me. determine his actions and thereby social settings. consequently. I personally believe that human being is neither a Freudian demon nor an absolute social product. . As a derivative his social settings are directly or indirectly influenced by the demands of the modern world. is a representation of God or what others may call greater good. Both his inner make up and external environment influence him.