Curriculum Vitae MAAZ SULTAN – Civil Engineer Address: G.

5 AbulFazal Enclave 1, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi - 110025 Email: Mobile: +91-976 099 7913

OBJECTIVE: To secure a challenging position in a construction company where I can utilize my education and experience to improve the company’s operation as a Civil Engineer.

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: MS. Construction Management, University of Reading, UK B.Tech. Civil Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University, INDIA 2011 – 2012 2007 – 2011


 Working as a Site Engineer in the construction of a Police Post building (2 Basement floors + Ground + 4 floors).

AL-LATIFIA TRADING AND CONTRACTING CO. LTD., Dammam, K.S.A. Mar 2013 – Apr 2013 As a Trainee Civil Engineer, gained practical knowhow of construction management and civil engineering, studying relevant project documentation and drawings.  Document types like Contract Agreement, Construction Schedule, Quality Assurance Plan, Safety Plan, Project Specifications, Method Statements and Inspection and Test Plan, Material Submittals and Approvals, Deliverables, Drawings.  Quantity Estimation of concrete and structural components.

SULTANS APARTMENT, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

Jan 2010 – July 2011

 Responsible for overseeing the construction progress of own project in Aligarh, U.P.

D. Geoffrey Cook.:  Worked as an intern in a project titled “Study on 108 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant. INDIA June 2010 – July 2010 As part of Bachelors Degree program. Sustainability and Environmental Engineering. Project Management. PRIMAVERA – P6 MASTERS DEGREE CORE SUBJECTS: International Construction. STAAD PRO . Reader. University of Reading  My work was centered on studying the importance of Off-Site Construction (Precast) .  Investigating its current relevance in the industry of two countries i. India and the UK. Construction Economics.e. etc.  Gaining technical understanding of Offsite Manufacturing (Precast) and how the future of construction lies in this approach. Information and Communication Technology. TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited. Human Resource Management. EXPERIENCE DURING BACHELORS DEGREE: As a part of the degree. Construction Contract Law.a modern method of construction. .  Submitted a report to the faculty stating the tasks carried out and objectives fulfilled during the training period in the company. worked on site at a power plant in Rithala. preparing foundations. COMPUTER SKILLS / SOFTWARE: MS Office .”  Gained experience of how tenders. and BOQs are produced in office before execution on site and also worked with the engineering team on site understanding the drawings and supervising construction operations like surveying. design documents. PROJECT: Dissertation – “Off-Site Construction (Precast) in Major Economies – a case study of India and the United Kingdom” June 2012 – Sept. The last project was a 2 storey residential flats building. N. we had to survey an area in groups of five and map the features. New Delhi. 2012 Supervisor: Dr.

 Worked in a team of three under the supervision of the faculty and carried out the primary stages of construction i. etc) and have a practical understanding of surveying.: +91-971 700 9954 LANGUAGES: Fluent in English. Manager (CE & C). Analysis and Design of Residential Building May 2011 – June 2011  The aim of this project was to use the knowledge acquired during the program about construction in a practical manner. TATA Power DDL. Surveying. . INDIA. Concrete Technology. Conducted survey of a village. India. Urdu and Arabic (Beginner). which is situated 32 km off the city of Aligarh. analysis and design of a five storey residential building. Danish Sarwat. REFERENCES:  Prof.  Submitted the drawing on paper to the faculty supervising the survey. planning. PROJECT: Planning.e. UK.: +44 -11.  The emphasis of the project was to map the topographical features (i. Soil Mechanics.  Submitted a report of the project to faculty and was awarded the certificate for fulfillment of the objectives within a stipulated time. Tel. Design of Concrete Structures.e. Structural Analysis. Mob. University of Reading. Course Administrator. Civil Engineering Materials.  Worked in a group of five students to accomplish the project deliverables within stipulated time. roads. fields. Roger Flanagan. School of Construction Management and Engineering. New Delhi. lake.8931 3856  Engr. Hindi. Hydrology. Transportation Engineering. BACHELORS CORE SUBJECTS: Drawing and Estimating.